As-Safi. Book 12. Adam / Ас-Сафи. Книга 12. Адам

Abyat / Бейты

16 001 – 17 295

Часть 1. Прародитель человечества

Chapter 1. Ancestor of mankind

Not like we thought

What is Fiqh? 5 distorted concepts

Ihia. 1 out of 5 distorted concepts. Fiqh-understanding

What is an isotope?

‘Ali about the mind

Why do we need the stories of the Prophets? Battle of the Spirit

The battle with the ego and the complete destruction of nafs — the quintessence and main goal of As-Safi

Часть 2. 92 Дня

Chapter 2. 92 days

Eight Days — for one Legion

Haybar lessons: Bashashat ul-Iman

Часть 3. Предыстория и создание человека

Chapter 3. The background and creation of man

Angels are in Heaven, genies are on Earth

Jann and his offspring — the first 60,000 years before Adam

Allah decided to create a Caliph for the Earth

Who was Ghazazil who became the devil

Question of angels to God and their pride

God’s creation of the first man Adam

The bow of angels to Adam and the devil’s refusal to bow

Adam riding on Maimun flies all over Heaven and he is shown all the creations of God

Adam and Haua in Paradise

Family and its foundations

The tricks of the devil

Where the beginning of the Thracian Legion, there will be the end of the Italian Legion

Часть 4. Адам прибывает на Землю

Chapter 4. Adam arrives on Earth

Deviation from the rhythm?

Between India and the Red Sea

Adam and the rites of the Hajj


Three pearls

Tailed Star: Kabil kills Habil

Часть 5. Пророк Шис, сын Адама

Chapter 5. Prophet Shith, son of Adam

Tabut, scrolls, seal, sword and staff

Shith avenges his murdered brother Habil

First lost

50 scrolls sent to Shith

Birth of Anush, heir of Shith

Часть 6. Пророк Идрúс

Chapter 6. Prophet Idris

Nur of the Prophet Muhammad passed to Idris

Idris and the descendants of Kabil

30 scrolls sent to Idris

Idris and the angel Azrael

The story of Harut and Marut

The knowledge and skills of the Prophet Idris

Часть 7. Почему Ас-Сафú не испытывает «почтения» к ариям и арийской тематике?

Chapter 7. Why does As-Safi Octalogy have no respect for the «Aryan» theme?

But — we honor Ahl al-Bait

The story that happened in Samarkand

Часть 8. Почему мусульманам можно писать стихи?

Chapter 8. Why can Muslims write poetry?

Muslim poets

100 bates from Umeyya ibn Abi s-Salt poetry

On the value of the works of Sheikh Ibn Arabi

Reasons for poetry

2,000 Stan Stanzas

As-Safi Octalogy. Book 13. Prophet Nuh

Ас-Сафи. Книга 13. Унух

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