As-Safi. Book 13. Nuh / Ас-Сафи. Книга 13. Унух

Abyat / Бейты

17 296 – 18 695

Часть 1. Продолжение боя

Chapter 1. Continuation of the battle

School of perseverance and patience

Ihia. 2 out of 5 distorted concepts. ‘Ilm-knowledge

Advantages of knowledge

What does Allah say about this in the Qur’an

What the Prophet in Hadith says about this

What is said in Athar

The virtue of acquiring knowledge

Following the knowledge that there was a matter

The virtue of learning

Knowledge: fard ‘ain and fard kifaya

The New Legion: Business Moves Successfully

About other knowledge

About sciences that are considered meritorious, but are not really so

First reason. Magic and witchcraft

The second reason. Astrology

The third reason. Philosophers and theologians of dogmatics


Часть 2. Ноев Ковчег

Chapter 2. Ark of Noah

How much time has passed?

‘Abdul-Ghaffar — Noah or Nuh

Noah is 500 years old

King Darmashil — the head of the descendants of Kabil

News from Allah — no one else will believe

Beginning of the Ark

Beginning of the Flood

Mount Judi

Following the Flood, Noah asked the devil who was in the Ark

On Earth, life begins anew

Son of Nuh — Sam

Son of Nuh — Ham

Son of Nuh — Yafith (Yafet)

Spring water source

Часть 3. Пророк Худ и племя Ад (Гъад)

Chapter 3. Prophet Hud and ‘Ad tribe

Часть 4. Пророк Сáлих и племя Самýд

Chapter 4. Prophet Salih and Thamud tribe

Часть 5. Зулкъарнáй – властелин мира

Chapter 5. Thu-l-Qarnain — Lord of the world

Living at the same time as Ibrahim

One of 4 kings

Thu-l-Qarnain is Iskander, but not Alexander the Great

Golden egg

The fate of traitors

Again about the ruler of China from Autad

Campaign to the West and Yemen

Campaign to the East

Ya’juj-Gog and Ma’juj-Magog tribal lock

Faatba’a Sababa

Living Water Campaign

Meeting with the angel Israfil

Choosing zuhd — hermitage from the world

Lord of the whole world dies at 36

Часть 6. Хызыр, обретший бессмертие…

Chapter 6. Al-Khadir, immortal

Часть 7. Исчисление времени

Chapter 7. Timing

Names of 12 lunar months

Our countdown begins after the Hijra

Часть 8. 4 Основы этого мира

Chapter 8. The foundations of this world

And again the book Ihia

Agriculture, weaving, construction and politics

What awaits us ahead …

As-Safi Octalogy. Book 14. Prophet Ibrahim

Ас-Сафи. Книга 14. Ибрахим

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