As-Safi. Book 14. Ibrahim / Ас-Сафи. Книга 14. Ибрахим

Abyat / Бейты

18 696 – 20 095

Часть 1. Избранный род

Chapter 1. Chosen clan

Khalil of Allah — Ibrahim

Ihia. 3 out of 5 distorted concepts. Tawhid-monotheism

Часть 2. Кангъан, сын Кýша

Chapter 2. Kangan, son of Kush

How did the whole thing begin

Why are mules barren?

Marriage to Sarah and the death of Nimrud

Часть 3. Пророк Улýт – племянник Ибрахима

Chapter 3. Prophet Lut — Ibrahim’s nephew

Special circumstances

Everybody dreams of being invincible

Часть 4. Пророк Исмаил – первенец Ибрахима

Chapter 4. Prophet Isma’il — Ibrahim’s firstborn

Ancestor of the Arabs

Fulfillment of the vow

Recovery of the Kaaba after the Flood

Часть 5. Пророк Исхáкъ – второй сын Ибрахима

Chapter 5. Prophet Ishaq — second son of Ibrahim

Часть 6. Пророк Якъýб – внук Ибрахима

Chapter 6. Prophet Ya’qub — grandson of Ibrahim

Часть 7. Пророк Юсуф – правнук Ибрахима

Chapter 7. Prophet Yusuf — great grandson of Ibrahim

He is Yusuf


In Misr (Egypt)

Zuleikha, choosing God

Meeting with brothers

First Prophet of Banu Israel

Часть 8. Пророк Аюб – ангельское терпение

Chapter 8. Prophet Ayyub — angelic patience

‘Ais’s descendant

Al-mubtala as-Sabir — knowing grief and showing patience

Paradise quince and two sources of water

Часть 9. Пророк Зу-ль-Кифль – кто он?

Chapter 9. Prophet Thu-l-Kifl — who is he?


Al-Yasa’ and three conditions

Bashir ibn Ayyub

Version of Ka’b al-Ahbar

‘Amalik — descendants of ‘Amlik, son of Sam and grandson of Noah

Часть 10. Пророк Шугъайыб – тесть Моисея

Chapter 10. Propet Shu’aib — Musa’s father-in-law

Yatrun (in the language of siryan) and his genealogy from Ibrahim

Madyan, son of Ibrahim

Allahumma barik li fi shu’aibi

The first ichtikar

Receiving orders to instruct people

Denial of Truth

Disaster onset

The destruction of wickedness

Часть 11. Мýттакъи – богобоязненный

Chapter 11. Muttaqi — devout

Muttaqun — pious people

World divided into 2 parts. Part two: fajir-wicked

Часть 12. Злое слово

Chapter 12. Evil word

Worse than adultery

The truth about an unscrupulous person

Without distinguishing ‘Ain and Ghain

Even the Best Steel …

Ihia about philosophy

To complete the Legion

Faithful in faith, just faithful — coincidences in words?

The deal is done in 3 months

Simplifying the score, moving forward

As-Safi Octalogy. Book 15. Prophet Musa

Ас-Сафи. Книга 15. Муса

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