As-Safi. Book 15. Musa / Ас-Сафи. Книга 15. Муса

Abyat / Бейты

20 096 – 21 495

Часть 1. Волшебный посох

Chapter 1. Magic staff

The special attraction

From book at-Tuhfatul-Mardya: text of the first scroll of Moses

Ka’b al-Ahbar: passage of the Torah with the words of the Almighty

Ka’b al-Ahbar: Caliph ‘Umar story

Ihia. 4 out of 5 distorted concepts. Zikr-remembrance

30 months ago we started writing Autad

Часть 2. Малгъýн – проклятый Аллахом

Chapter 2. Mal’un — damned by Allah

Moses: «… and I have put love for you in the hearts of creations …»

2,500 years after Ibrahim

In Egypt after Yusuf

Mal’un — Pharaoh

5th day of the month Thu-l-Hijja — Musa’s birth

Musa in the palace of the Pharaoh

Часть 3. Муса у Шугъайыба

Chapter 3. Musa visiting Shu’aib

Walk to Madyan — saved

Explanation from Salm ibn Dinar

Musa’s marriage to Shu’aib’s daughter: the first of two women’s councils in world history that has benefited

Часть 4. Возвращение в Миср (Египет)

Chapter 4. Return to Misr (Egypt)

Sacred Valley — Tua

Meeting brother Harun, also received the Prophecy

Mission start

70 of the best 70,000

The title of the largest poetic work of the world written by one person passes from the Persian Shah-name Firdousi to Russian poetry

3,000 Stans

Ruined tower and many signs

Часть 5. Мученическая смерть Асият и Машитáт с детьми

Chapter 5. Martyrdom deaths of Asiyah and Mashitah with her children

The atrocities of Pharaoh

The «tolerance» of paganism? People were killed only for faith in God

Часть 6. Время расплаты

Chapter 6. Reckoning time

The signing of the death penalty

The story of the body of the Prophet Yusuf

Clay-filled mouth

Ali’s answer to a Jew after 25 years

Chapter 7. Way to Sham

Часть 7. Путь в Шам

Chapter 7. Way to Sham


40 years of wandering

The Jews angered Allah: God, until the Day of Judgment, dooms the Jews to constant humiliation, contempt, poverty and poverty (despite visible prosperity) — an increase in their wealth does not lead to the desired satiation

1,000 rows in 8 hours

There is no fear — fearless. And that courage was appreciated

Часть 8. Таўрáт – Тора Моисея

Chapter 8. Tawrah — Torah of Moses

It is said that only 4 people knew the Torah by heart

Tur Saina — mount Sinai

Why did God choose Mount Zabir?


«… leave this world loving Muhammad»: «As I am great compared to My creations, so the Ummah of Muhammad is more dear to Me than all other communities of people in the world»

The story of the taurus


The Prophets Musa and Harun leave this world

1,000 rows in less than 10 hours

Часть 9. Пророк Йýшагъ – Иисус Навин

Chapter 9. Prophet Yusha’ — Jesus Naveen

Accompanied Musa, according to the Qur’an, to meet with Al-Khadir at the Two Seas

27 years of the reign of Prophet Yusha’ over the Israelites after the Prophet Musa

Часть 10. Хизкил – 3-й Пророк исраилитов вслед Мусе

Chapter 10. Hezkil — 3d Prophet of Israels after Musa

Revived a whole nation

Descendants from the people of Hezkil have an unpleasant odor to this day

Along the way, we told

There was a rags of wool and I will set fire to it

Will it be as I wanted?

As-Safi Octalogy. Book 16. Prophet Daud

Ас-Сафи. Книга 16. Дауд

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