As-Safi. Book 16. Daud / Ас-Сафи. Книга 16. Дауд

Abyat / Бейты

21 496 – 22 895

Часть 1. Плавящий железо

Chapter 1. Melting iron

What are we talking about

Ihia. 5 out of 5 distorted concepts. Hikma-wisdom

Часть 2. Пророк Ильяс (Илья)

Chapter 2. Prophet Ilyas

Loud voice holder

The call of people to faith

Al-Yasa’ (Elisha) becomes an associate of Ilyas and his Caliph over the Israelites after him

The Prophet Ilyas lives by the will of God to this day

Ilyas and al-Khadir still hold a post in al-Quds (Jerusalem) and meet every year at the Hajj

Часть 3. Пророк Шамъуúль (Шамгъýн) – Самуил

Chapter 3. Prophet Shamuil (Sham’un) — Samuel

10 years after the death of al-Yasa’, Kahin ibn ‘Aila becomes the Caliph of the Israelites

Kahin ibn ‘Aila from the clan of the Prophet Harun rules 40 years, renewing the religion of Musa

Kahin dies about 500 years after the death of the Prophet Musa

Birth of the Prophets Daud and Shamuil in the era of the 40-year reign of Kahin ibn ‘Aila

Imam Shamil (Shamuil), who was named Ali at birth, was later named Shamuil because of his illness

Shamuil wants Tabut to return to the people of the Israelites from the hands of the ‘Amalik

Aquifer Talut becomes king of the Jews

Talut with an 80,000th army goes against Jalut (Goliath), without taking 4 types of people into the army

We talked about Tabut earlier

Of the huge army for the battle with Jalut, only 313 soldiers remain

The prophet Shamuil chooses for a full-time duel with Jalut Daud, the youngest of 13 sons of a warrior named Aisha

3 stones ask Daud to take them with him to the duel

Daud kills Jalut and brings his head to Talut

Forgotten Promises of Talut: the king decides to kill Daud, so as not to give him his daughter in wife and half the kingdom

A repentant Talut at the grave of the Prophet Shamuil asks him for advice on how to atone for sins before Daud

Часть 4. Забýр Дауда – Псалтырь Давида

Chapter 4. Zabur of Daud — Psalter after David

Heavenly Book of 150 Chapters

It was said in Zabur-Psalter that the Prophet Muhammad is the last of all the Prophets, and his ummah will be the most revered of all communities of people in the world

Allah makes Daud a Prophet and king over the Israelites after the death of Talut

Daud conquers Sham, Palestine, Jordan, Oman and other lands, defeating Jabbarins

Meeting with angel Jabrail

The first blacksmith to whom Allah subjugated the iron

The story of a miracle chain and a scammer

Daud oversight history — not the sin of the Prophet, but the test of us sinners

Caliph Ali’s decision: 160 sticks for defaming the Prophet Daud that he allegedly sinned

Qadi ‘Iyyad forbade the use of stories of people of Scripture who are unworthy of the level of the Prophets and distort the essence

How father and son made a decision

Daud appoints son instead of himself king

Allah orders Daud to have his son answer 13 questions about how Suleiman will become Caliph

13 questions: who said the number 13 is bad?

Daud’s meeting with all the revered descendants of the Prophet Ya’qub: whose staff will turn green?

1,000 lines again

The instructions of the Prophet Daud to the son

Death of the Prophet Daud

Часть 5. Пророк Сулейман ибн Дауд и его мощь

Chapter 5. Prophet Suleiman ibn Daud and his power

Strengthening the Caliphate Suleiman: Prophet’s advancement to the West and East

The Prophet Suleiman in Medina and Mecca

Was the battle against nafs-ego tired?

Here is the Victory. And Allah will lead her after us

The Prophet Suleiman and the ant from the valley Wadi-n-Naml

10 animals that will go to Paradise

Hadith from Abu Hureira about the cause of the Suleiman trial

Suleiman’s ring begins to fall off his hand

The lies and slander of the Jews against Suleiman

Suleiman and Queen of Sheba Bilkis: we call her Balkyz

Construction of a mosque in Jerusalem by Daud and Suleiman

The death of the Prophet Suleiman

Часть 6. Мудрец Лукъмáн

Chapter 6. Sage Luqman

Luqman abandoned the Caliphate, the Prophet Daud agreed to be a Caliph

Black slave wisdom

Truthfulness, justification of trust and swelling from excess

Ocean of wisdom

Часть 7. Пророк Шагъйáгъ

Chapter 7. Prophet Sha’ya’

The ruler of Babylon Sanjarib with a huge army surrounds Jerusalem

Allah destroys all this army except Sanjarib and 5 people, among whom was Bukhtanasar

The Israelites kill the Prophet Sha’ya’

Часть 8. Пророк Армийáгъ

Chapter 8. Prophet Armia’

Revelation of Bukhtanasar — israeli fighter

Bukhtanasar goes to war with the Jews

The promises of Allah and His rules

Angel demands from the Prophet Armia’ fatwa

Ruler of Babylon Bukhtanasar takes Jerusalem and destroys the Holy Mosque

Jews scattered around the world

The lost Torah and only one remaining instance found later

According to Ibn Kathir, Bukhtanasar allows Arabs to settle in the interfluve of Iraq

Caliph Umar rebuild Holy Mosque in Jerusalem

Часть 9. Пророк Даниял

Chapter 9. Prophet Daniyal

Bukhtanasar and Daniyal

The death of Daniyal and his grave

Tamerlan will transport the sarcophagus with the body of the Prophet Daniyal in Samarkand

Часть 10. Пророк Гъузéйр

Chapter 10. Prophet ‘Uzeyir

Little ‘Uzeyir held captive by Bukhtanasar

‘Uzeyir’s 100-year-old dream

‘Uzeyir receives in his heart the text of the present Torah of the Prophet Musa

Jews deify ‘Uzeiyr to the «son» of God

Часть 11. Пророк Балукъия

Chapter 11. Prophet Balukia

Часть 12. Люди субботы, превращённые в обезьян и свиней

Chapter 12. People of saturday which were turned into monkeys and pigs

Ailat on the Red Sea

By the command of God, the Prophet Daoud makes Friday a festive day for them — the Jews are unhappy

There are many fidelity to one

In the eternal darkness the face shines that eternity was

God makes things easier for us

As-Safi Octalogy. Book 17. Prophet ‘Isa

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