As-Safi. Book 23. Statement / Ас-Сафи. Книга 23. Утверждение

Имам Шамиль (къаддаса Ллаху сиррахуль джалиль)

Abyat / Бейты

40 001 – 43 402

Книга 23 «Утверждение» окталогии «Ас-Сафи» написана на базе сочинения муфтия Имамата Мухаммада Тахира аль-Карахи «Барикъату с-суюфиль джабалийя фи багъдиль гъазауати ш-Шамилийя», написанного под диктовку самого Имама Шамиля (قدس الله سره الجليل) и переведённого автором на арабский язык

Фи б-тигъóи Уáджхи Ллях начинаем – Бисми Ллях…

Al-Bab 104. When we reach the Face of the Creator we begin with His Name

When we reach the Face of the Creator we begin with His Name

… And I a f f i r m by taking up the Verve of Divine Assistance:

Mountains of Southern Pakistan

The secret of the highlanders. Pride of the highlanders

Reflections before a difficult road

Проникновение Ислама на Кавказ

Penetration of Islam in the Caucasus

Turkic people from the North, Persians and Romans from the South: centuries-old political picture — vector sum in the Caucasus before the arrival of the Arabs

Arabs erase Persia from the world map and pinch Byzantium between Saifa and Shatyia until the era of Harun Rashid and after it

Caliphate and Kaganat: Arabs and Turks — the battle for the Caucasus

300 years of war — the complete destruction of the Kaganat

Babul-Abuab (Door of Doors) — the Dagestan city of Derbent, built by Thu-l-Qarnayan more than 5,000 years ago

22nd year after the Hijra: Suraqa peacefully takes the Bab from Shahrubaraz

Abdurrahman — Caliph’s ‘Amil in the Caucasus and a decade of wars against Khazaria until his death in AH 32

Wars for Derbent

Arab Khazar Wars — 1st Century after the Hijra

Arab Khazar Wars — 2nd Century after the Hijra

Arab Khazar Wars — 3d Century after the Hijra

Islam is entrenched in Dagestan and, as a result of wars and trade, penetrates far to the North right up to the Aces-Bulgars of Karachai in Kuban-river and the Aces-Bulgars of Tatarstan in Volga-river

Between centuries

The end of the 8th Century after the Hijra: the Empire of Turan of Iron Timur in the Caucasus is fighting with Genghisids

The 9th Century after the Hijra: the dominant of the Ottoman Turks and the 2nd wave of Islam in the Caucasus, which is finally fixed as the main religion of almost the entire indigenous population of the North Caucasus — from Karachai in the North to Derbent in Dagestan in the South

Sunni madhhabs: Hanafi and Shafi’i law schools

External and internal / Shari’a and Tariqa: Hanafi-Shafi’i — Naqshbandi-Qadiri-Shazili

AH 1225: a supernova outbreak — Khalid-shah returns the Naqshbandi Tariqat from India to Damascus and receives the exclusive right (idhn khass) to the 3d rabita for the last 500 years from the AH 8th Century

Naqshbandi in the Caucasus

World Geography: Tariqat Naqshbandi from the Prophet through the Arabs Caliphs ‘Ali and Abu Bakr, through the sheikhs of the Arabs and Persians of the former Persia, through the sheikhs of Samarkand-Bukhara of Asia, through the sheikhs of the Mughal Empire of India, through the sheikhs of the Ottoman Empire, the sheikhs of this Spiritual Path to the Caucasus

1 180-й Год Хиджры – последняя Отсечка Времени

AH 1180 — last cutoff of time

What year is the solar calendar? — 1778 year. Why is As-Safi based on this date? ..

The Last Cutoff of Time — Before What? ..

After the departure of our Prophet to God, the affairs of this world again went downhill — as was originally conceived by Allah

Entropy in the world

The purpose of this God-damned world for testing people with its regime of absolute self-destruction to the End of the World

Countdown in the last Three Centuries before the arrival of Imam Mahdi, a descendant of the Prophet, and the return from heaven of the living Prophet Jesus — to destroy Dajjal-Antichrist

Change in the vector sum in the Caucasus — the emergence of the Russian Empire, a powerful superpower towards the End of the World

Ruriks and Romanovs: more than a thousand years of history and the beginning of the expansion and conquest of the new geopolitical dominant of the world

The battle of Russians and Ottoman Turks for complete hegemony throughout the Caucasus

Why is Ulyanov-Lenin in his telegram to the Caucasus dated April 20, 1920, at the height of the civil war, being the head of the USSR and the assignee of Russia, “once again asks to act carefully and be sure to show maximum goodwill towards Muslims, especially when entering Dagestan … About the case report more accurately and more often» ?

Why do Muslims throughout the Caucasus need to stay with Russia?

But: the history of the war of Imam Shamil with Russia — you need to know, and not be afraid — so that there are no speculation

Мировой резонанс 25-летней войны Имама

World resonance of the Imam’s 25 year war

Freedom-loving Europe, tired of the oppression of monarchies and fragmentation, incredibly revered the Caucasian hero Shamil

The unfulfilled hopes of Europe, collapsed with the dictates of Napoleon

The Arab world and the remnants of its commitment to Islam are very respectful of Imam Shamil

Ottoman Turks bowed before the Imam of the Caucasus

Muslims all over the world remember and honor Sheikh Shamil

The Romanov dynasty was subsequently loyal to the participants in that brutal bloody war

The hatred of Soviet atheism for any mention of Imam Shamil

Photo by Imam Shamil with my sons at my father-in-law, Qadi of Stavropol Territory, at the very height of the era of stagnation in the USSR

The end of the power of the CPSU general secretaries and the beginning of transformations in the world superpower at the end of the 20th century

Где был Карачай на той войне Имама?

Where was Karachay in that war of the Imam?

Thermopylaids of the Caucasus: the conquest of Karachai by Russia in 1828 after the battle of Hasauka and the defeat of the Karachai militia from the forces of Emmanuel

Jamaluddin, the son of Imam, taken as a hostage by a child, after his return by adults from Russian captivity, was in Karachai and was buried in the Malokarachaevsky district, where the murids came to visit his grave even during the years of the totalitarian regime of the USSR

Нечисти – нужен поводырь до Ада

Evil spirits need a guide to Hell

Attacks on Imam Shamil, Sufism and more

Россия на Кавказе

Russia in the Caucasus

Russia: the rise and rise of an empire

Caucasus — the door to the Iranian and Arabic-speaking worlds of the East

1814: the world recognized the Russian state as a geopolitically dominant force after the defeat of Napoleon’s army and the capture of Paris by the Russian capital of France

At the time of the beginning of the war against Imam Shamil in 1834, the Russian Empire was at the zenith of military-political power in the world



The past

There are a lot of judgments about the era of Sheikh Shamil and about himself. What is As-Safi based on? ..

Muhammad Tahir al-Karakhi — secretary of Sheikh Shamil, Mufti Imamat and his book “Bariqatu s-suyufil jabaliyya fi ba’dil ghazawati sh-Shamiliyya”, written under the dictation of the Imam himself and translated by the author into Arabic

About the name of the Imam — Shámil, Shamíl, Shamuil

The words of the great sheikh Sayfulla-Qadi that, if not for the two Imams of Ghazi-Muhammad and Shamil — Dagestan would not even have felt the smell of Shari’a and Tariqa — are more than sufficient in determining the role of these giants in history

Dagestan — as a pillar of Islam in the Caucasus

Sheikh Shamil: for all of Russia, the entire Caucasus, the entire Islamic world and the world as a whole

“If the one who knows about Me forgets Me — I will put on him the one who does not know Me”

The true reason for the defeat and conquest of the Caucasus by tsarist Russia, and later the country of Soviet atheism, is the Muslims abandoning their religion

An example of Sheikh Ghazi-Muhammad’s exceptional commitment to the cause for which he sacrificed his life without hesitation

The Prophet Muhammad and his Four Righteous-Rashidun Caliphs appeared in the Dagestan village of Gimri to Ghazi-Muhammad, Hamza-bek and Shamil to conclude an agreement with them and appoint Sheikh Ghazi-Muhammad Imam — an amazing story known to the whole world to this day. Clarifications of the Naqshbandi Sheikh Muhammad al-Yaraghy on this subject

1 242-й Год Хиджры

Year 1242 after the Hijra of the Prophet

The beginning of the Ghazawats of a part of the highlanders of Dagestan against the Russian Empire led by the 1st Imam — Ghazi-Muhammad

The Risala-message of Sheikh Ghazi-Muhammad, known among scholars as the “Explanatory Composition on the Apostasy of the Elders of Dagestan”

1 243-й Год Хиджры

Year 1243 after the Hijra of the Prophet

Imam Ghazi-Muhammad goes to Chirkey, urging all its inhabitants to accept the Shari’a

1 244-й Год Хиджры

Year 1244 after the Hijra of the Prophet

Imam Ghazi-Muhammad visits the Tarki ruler Mahdi-Shamhal II, demanding that the Shari’a be established in his wilayat

Strengthening the distribution of the Naqshbandi Tariqat by Sheikh Muhammad al-Yaragy and the descendant of our Prophet Sheikh Jamaluddin al-Kazikumukhy

The new message of Imam Ghazi-Muhammad in all directions and districts

1 245-й Год Хиджры

Year 1245 after the Hijra of the Prophet

Imam Ghazi-Muhammad gathers troops

The first battle in Hunzah — the birthplace of the worst enemies and the most loyal murids of the Imams

Due to the insidiousness of khana Bahu-bike, the actual ruler of the accident, on the night of Qurban Bayram of the month of Thu-l-Hijja, Russian troops oppose the Imam

The adoption by Sheikh Ghazi-Muhammad of the decision to build the Agach fortress near the village of Kazanishche

1 246-й Год Хиджры

Year 1246 after the Hijra of the Prophet

Hamza’s fall offensive in Jar-Talá

The construction of the Agach fortress began this spring and the first battle there

Sheikh Ghazi-Muhammad defeats the Russians in Atlybuyun, near Makhachkala, and takes away the treasures of shamkhal and nobility in the village of Paraul

Battle of Tarki

1 247-й Год Хиджры

Year 1247 after the Hijra of the Prophet

Birth of Jamaluddin — the son of Imam Shamil

8,000 stanzas

A L F   IX

‘Uthman. 27th Legion (stanzas 8,035 — 8,343)

This is a special story. Legion of the Twenty-Seventh …

The siege of Endirey and his fortress

Russians take Ahdash-auh and burn it

The retreat of the Russian troops under the onslaught of the mountaineers to Endirey and the gun they lost in the retreat

Imam Ghazi-Muhammad besieges Derbent

Sheikh Ghazi-Muhammad takes Kizlyar

Offensive of the Chief of Staff of the Caucasian Corps Pankratiev on Chirkey

The offensive of Imam Ghazi-Muhammad on the Burav fortress — modern Vladikavkaz

Sheikh Ghazi-Muhammad advances in Chechnya and reaches Gudermes

1 248-й Год Хиджры

Year 1248 after the Hijra of the Prophet

The second battle for the fortress of Agach

3rd day of the month Jumadal-Ukhra — the martyrdom of Imam Ghazi-Muhammad

Hassiyats of Sheikh Ghazi-Muhammad

The heroic salvation of Shamil in that battle

At the beginning of the month, Ramadan Shamil goes to the village of Gimri

Birth in the month of Thu-l-Qi’da Ghazi-Muhammad — the son of Imam Shamil

The election of Hamza as the 2nd Imam after Sheikh Ghazi-Muhammad and one and a half years of his reign

Imam Hamza settles in the village of Riguni, before that having killed all the hypocrites who lived there

Imam Hamza and Shamil go to Untsukul

1 249-й Год Хиджры

Year 1249 after the Hijra of the Prophet

Imam Hamza restores order in Muschuli, Orota, Hindalal region, Gherghebil, Koroda, Gogotl, Teletl

Residents of Karakh, Kulla, Batsada and Keleb themselves come with obedience to Imam Hamza

Strengthening the power of murids

The capture of Ruguj, the pacification of the ghydatlins and bagvalals

By order of the Imam, Shamil collects a militia among the hindalals and speaks on the Hunzah with the requirement to comply with the Shari’a and fulfill his instructions

Reconciliation with Bahu-bike with an obligation to promote compliance with Shari’a standards in her wilayat

The conversation of the elder Akhberdi and Shamil

The treachery of the hunzahites and the attempt to kill the Imam

The execution of Bahu-bike and the leaders of Hunzah is the end of the whole family of oppressive khans

1 250-й Год Хиджры – Шамиль становится Имамом

AH 1250 — Shamil becomes Imam

Imam Hamza through Salty, and Shamil through Kuppa advance to Tsudahar

Murids retreat from Salty, having suffered a partial defeat

Imam Hamza chose to be treacherously killed …

Sheikh Shamil: 3rd Imam after the great predecessors — Ghazi-Muhammad and Hamza

Sheikh Shamil speaks on the Hunzah, the Russians at this time take Gimri, the Imam returns and puts them to flight

Another betrayal of untsukulites

Lieutenant General of the russian army Kluki von Klugenau calls for qadi from Gimri

1 251-й Год Хиджры

Year 1251 after the Hijra of the Prophet

Tricks of the Mahdi-Shamhal

General Kluki demands from the gimrints to send him vines

Three times burnt Gimri — and the Imam’s never burned house …

1 252-й Год Хиджры

Year 1252 after the Hijra of the Prophet

Sheikh Shamil with his family moves to Ashilta — the mother’s native village

Untsukulites gather troops three times and go out a war against Imam Shamil

The pacification of the Imam of the Chirkata, Inho, Orota, Harahi and the first capture of Untsukul

The battle of the murids in Gotsatl with the andalals and the hunzahites (Avars)

The response of Imam Shamil to the letter of General Kluki during the battle

The hunzahites are asking the Russian command in the Caucasus to appoint Ahmad-khan Mehtulinsky to them as ruler

Ahmad-khan, with the consent of the Avars themselves, asks to send Russian troops in the Hunzah

1 253-й Год Хиджры

Year 1253 after the Hijra of the Prophet

The Imam gathers an army to forestall the entry of the Russians into the Hunsah on tight roads until they rise to the Hunzah Plateau, but the inhabitants of Assab defeat the murids

The recent request of Ahmad-khan and the Avars is being fulfilled — General Feze takes Hunsah and builds a citadel for the garrison

The environment of the Imam’s troops in Teletl, the conclusion of a ceasefire with the issuance of hostages

Russian troops enter Ashilta and burn the entire village, except for the house of the Imam — who could not be set on fire

The Russians rise to Ahulgo and burn all the houses there, except for the house of the Imam — who again failed to set fire

Sheikh Shamil in the village of Chirkata

This fall, Russian Emperor Nicholas I, through General Kluki von Klugenau, tries to meet with the Imam, promising to show mercy and exalt him by appointing the ruler of all Muslims in Dagestan

The refusal of Imam Shamil to meet with the emperor of Russia because “he has repeatedly seen from the Russians treasons”

But only 7 years have passed since Sheikh Ghazi-Muhammad started the war and all the incredible power of Imam Shamil with his military-theocratic state in front of the whole world is just ahead …

The Russians are gaining a foothold on the Hunzah plateau, strategically controlling the entire Sulak basin by building fortresses in Akhalchi, Moksoh, Tsatanih, Gotsatl, Zirani, Gherghebil, Balakhani and Gimri

Imam offered to leave Avaristan and move to Chechnya — but he refuses

1 254-й Год Хиджры

Year 1254 after the Hijra of the Prophet

Murids begin to strengthen Ahulgo to continue fighting in their homeland

Imam’s сampaign in Igali

Sheikh Shamil defeats the Russians in Tarada-Inhelo and stops wearing his saber on his right side, being a left-handed person — the participation of the Angels of God in this and other battles of the Imam

How to read and what the names of people mean in Avar language for ease of presentation

The death of Sheikh Muhammad al-Yaragy

1 255-й Год Хиджры – Битва при Áхуль-гóх

AH 1255 — Battle of Ahulgo

For 3 months of fighting on Ahulgo, not a single resident of Dagestan came to the aid of the Imam. No one.

Murids defeat in Argwani, on the outskirts of Ahulgo fortress

The dream of General Panteleev from Temir-Khan-Shura

Uhud of Dagestan — a legendary battle in world history

More than 100-fold superiority in the manpower of the besieged Russian troops over 500 murids, not counting the elderly, women and children

The Battle of Ahulgo: 4 months of fighting is one of the most important and most brutal battles in the entire long history of Imamat Sheikh Shamil

Armistice and extradition of 8-year-old Jamaluddin, son of Imam, as a Russian hostage

The meeting of Sheikh Shamil with Major General Pullo, besieging Ahulgo, with the prospect of a possible meeting already with Count Grabbe for a report to the Russian Tsar

Yunus from Chirkey — escort of the son of Imam captured by Chalandar, who is authorized over all Russian diplomatic affairs

Meeting of Yunus with Count Grabbe, lieutenant general of the Russian army, who commanded the siege of Ahulgo

Grabbe breaks all 3 promises given to them

Yunus’s response on behalf of the Imam to the Russian proposal to Sheikh Shamil to go to them: “… we no longer believe you. You are treacherous, deceitful and treacherous people. ”

The order of the Russian emperor: at all costs to capture the Imam

The incredible respect of ordinary Russian soldiers to Yunus and their sincere joy of a truce, along with gloomy faces and tears from the tightened hearts of the hypocrites of Dagestanis

Chalandar’s diplomatic trick to lure all murids from Ahulgo, promising all of them great salaries and endless benefits from the Russian Tsar — so that Sheikh Shamil would remain in the fortress alone

Yunus leaves little Jamaluddin in the care of Murtazali, a Russian captive, and returns to the Imam for the last battle

After completing 3-day negotiations, the Russians break the truce by starting a battle

The betrayal of the hypocrites of Dagestanis, who came from General Grabbe under the guise of peace mediators and informed the Russians about weak spots in the defense and the large number of wounded and sick

The fiercest battles during the week and the competition of murids with each other in the pursuit of death

‘Ali. 28th [Last] Legion (stanzas 8,344 — 10,000)

Amazing stories about the miracles of the Ahulgo martyrs and the heroism and steadfastness of the Imam’s murids who died there

The monstrous losses of the Russian army near Khulgo — 33,001 soldiers killed: 5 thousand were killed in one day, General Pullo returned with only two soldiers

Over 300 murids killed and about 700 men, women and children captured — losses of Ahulgo defenders

An incredible increase in respect and respect for the Imam after this battle and the prayers of the Muslim world for Sheikh Shamil and his murids — from Balkh in Afghanistan, Bukhara in Central Asia and to Mecca with Medina in Arabia

Beginning of the month Rajab — Sheikh Shamil and three dozen murids break out of the Ahulgo

The 21st day of the month of Rajab is the birth of Muhammad-Shafi’, the son of Imam

In extreme old age, Imam Shamil was asked what he cannot forget about. “He could not forget his murids, who remained in the mountains of Dagestan, each of which could fight alone with an army …”

The last third of the month of Ramadan is the beginning of the revival of the former power of the Imam …

1 256-й Год Хиджры

Year 1256 after the Hijra of the Prophet

Sheikh Shamil begins to gather troops in Shatoy on the territory of Chechnya

Residents of Chirkey showed humility and obedience to Imam Shamil

The power of Sheikh Shamil extends throughout the country from the Argun gorge to Alkhan-yurt in Malaya Chechnya and to all the villages of Bolshoi Chechnya to the auhovites and kachkadikites — General Pullo’s complaints about the inability to resist the Imam

The military-administrative structure of the Imamat: mudir is the head of the idara-administration, which included from 4 to 8 qura-districts led by naibs-governors

Akhberdil Muhammad al-Hunzahy — naib Gekhi-qura, Shu’aib Tsentoroy — naib Michik-qura, Javadhan Dargo — naib Shali-Kirmichik-qura, Tashav Endirey — naib Auh-qura

Imam Shamil drives away tindins and bagvalals, as well as residents of Vedeno

The Murids advance towards Ossetia to the village of Chuwumiikli

The wounded Sheikh Shamil at the insistence of the Chirkey murids goes on a campaign and takes Zubutl and Chirkey

The Imam takes strategically important points — the villages of Ishkarty, Erpeli and Karanay, having defeated and fled the Russian troops of General Kluki von Klugenau, Shamhal Abu Muslim-khan and Ahmad-khan

Sheikh Shamil subordinates the cheberloites, destroys the crops of Ahmad-khan in the village of Tlayluh in Hunzah and takes Igali

The murids take Ghelbah and Yangi-yurt and burn both villages

Imam Shamil takes the villages of Gimri, Muhita and Upper Ashilta

Russians enter Said-yurt, the murids go there and defeat the enemy

The daughter of the Armenian Christian merchant Anna Ullukhanova is captured, accepts Islam and becomes the wife of Imam Shamil named Shuanat

Imam Shamil makes a roundabout tour of all lands, introducing control among people, and returns to his family in Old Dargo

Murids take Ghelbah for the 3rd time

Imam’s troops go to Nasirin (Nazran)

Russians enter Chirkey and build a fortress there

Unsuccessful attack of Russian troops on Auh

Murids under the command of Qadi Abu Bakr Argwani take Untsukul, Balahani and Gimri

1 257-й Год Хиджры

Year 1257 after the Hijra of the Prophet

Javadhan conquers Kuyad

1 258-й Год Хиджры

Year 1258 after the Hijra of the Prophet

Sheikh Shamil smashes the Russians near the village of Choh and takes Sogratl

Imam takes Kazikumukh for the 1st time

Murids beat Russians in the village of Golotl

The second battle in Kazikumukh

Russian troops are advancing on Dargo in order to capture the family of Sheikh Shamil

Naib Shu’aib secretly sends the Imam’s family to Andi and meets enemies

The murids defeat and take to flight 12 infantry battalions and 350 cossacks with the support of 24 guns and a company of sappers of Lieutenant General Grabbe at the villages of Belgatoy and Gordali, and then surround them

The answer of Naib Shu’aib to the stinging message of Count Grabbe

Warriors of the Imam again defeat and put to flight General Grabbe, who attacked Igali

1 259-й Год Хиджры

Year 1259 after the Hijra of the Prophet

Imam Shamil sends the messenger Amirhan from Chirkey to the Turks

The prediction of the former Russian captive, taken from their books during their 10-year captivity, that a state will be created in 7 months that will crush Russian power

In the Imamate, guns begin to pour …

Residents of Cheberloy, following the residents of Kazikumukh and Untsukul, refuse Shari’a — the answer of the murids

The conquest of Untsukul for the 3rd time, as predicted by Sheikh Ghazi-Muhammad

Tradition of Sultan Mahmud and his capture of Afghan Ghazna

Warriors of the Imam take Russian fortresses in the villages of Balahani, Moksoh, Tsatanih, Ahalchi and Gotsatl

The tomb dome of Abu Muslim is the only remaining building in Hunzah

Argut (Lieutenant General Argutinsky-Dolgorukov) with the troops goes to the aid of the Hunzah citadel

The advice of one of the Hunzah leaders of Tin-Muhammad Gatsaluhi to Imam is — to destroy all homes in Hunzah and resettle all people until the Russians are expelled from this land

Shu’aib campaign against the inhabitants of the plain

Murids stormed the fortress in Gherghebil and kill all its defenders

Imam Shamil besieges Temir-Khan-Shura

Russians leave the Hunzah

Murids besiege Zirani fortress

The inhabitants of the plain up to Tarki are submissive to the Imam

Imam Shamil sends murids to Tarki to transfer the body of Sheikh Ghazi-Muhammad to Gimri and rebury there

Warriors of the Imam take the fortresses of Yangi-yurt, Zubutl, Miatly and Ghelbah

1 260-й Год Хиджры

Year 1260 after the Hijra of the Prophet

Murids subjugate Kaitag and Tabasaran

By the order of Sheikh Shamil, Amirhan from Chirkei subordinates Erpely and Karanai

General Kluki von Klugenau captures the Chirkey and burns it

The Imam defeats Russian troops and puts them to flight in the village of Koroda

1 261-й Год Хиджры

AH 1261 — the defeat of Field Marshal Vorontsov, Viceroy of the Caucasus

By the order of Sheikh Shamil, the Daniyal-sultan takes Choh and burns it

The 19th year of the draft, the 16th year of the war — the Russian emperor is going to take and destroy Andy and Dargo (the capital of Imamat)

Field Marshal Prince Vorontsov, hero of the Patriotic War of 1812, governor of the Caucasus and former commander of the Russian occupation corps in France, is going to quickly conquer Dagestan and Chechnya

Warriors of the Imam attack Vorontsov’s army, forcing them to retreat towards Dargo

The battle in Belgatoy

The 43-thousand-strong group of Russian troops is defeated and flees from Dargo — Ilya Georgian carries an iron chest with Vorontsov on his back, saving the prince

Murids surround Russians in Shamhal-Berdi

13 thousand killed Russian soldiers and officers — the loss of Field Marshal Vorontsov

The story of 5 misfortunes brought to people by Vorontsov

Argut (Lieutenant General Argutinsky-Dolgorukov) also retreats after learning about the failure of Prince Vorontsov’s mission

Imam settles in New Dargo

The marriage of Imam Shamil to Zahida, the daughter of Sheikh Jamaluddin al-Kazikumukhi, in the month of Thu-l-Hijja

1 262-й Год Хиджры

Year 1262 after the Hijra of the Prophet

Campaign of Sheikh Shamil to Circassia

The battle in Kutisha during a trip to the wilayats of Daniyal-sultan

1 263-й Год Хиджры

Year 1263 after the Hijra of the Prophet

3-month siege of Salty fortress — 16 assaults and 17 thousand killed Russian soldiers from the besieging army of Prince Vorontsov

1 264-й Год Хиджры

Year 1264 after the Hijra of the Prophet

The battle in the fortress of Gherghebil

Murids retreat from Akhty under the onslaught of troops of General Argut

1 265-й Год Хиджры

Year 1265 after the Hijra of the Prophet

20 years have passed since Sheikh Ghazi-Muhammad started the war …

Unsuccessful 2-month siege by Russian troops of General Argut of the Choh fortress

1 266-й Год Хиджры

Year 1266 after the Hijra of the Prophet

Russian troops, suffering huge losses, cut logs in Shali

Murids build gunpowder plant

The author of the book, Muhammad Tahir, settles to live with the Imam in Dargo

The 18-year-old Ghazi-Muhammad, the son of Sheikh Shamil, binds the yellow turban of Naib in Karata and is remarkable for its amazing gentleness to people

1 267-й Год Хиджры

Year 1267 after the Hijra of the Prophet

The Russians continue to cut glades in Shali, suffering huge losses in a very cold winter

Murid campaign in Kaitag and Tabasaran

The amazing courage of Naib Ghazi-Muhammad, the son of Imam Shamil

Sheikh Shamil punishes Haji-Murad for arbitrariness and arbitrariness

Former naib Haji-Murad incites the residents of Hunzah to disobey Imam Shamil and goes over to the Russian side

1 268-й Год Хиджры

Year 1268 after the Hijra of the Prophet

New battles with Russians in Shali during logging

The campaign of Naib Sheikh Shamil Buk-Muhammad Kazikumukhi to Kaitag and Tabasaran — the capture and death of all members of the expedition

1 269-й Год Хиджры

Year 1269 after the Hijra of the Prophet

Continuation of battles with Russians in Shali during felling of new forest clearings

Imam Shamil advocates war on Azerbaijan

The battle with the Russians in Zakataly and their retreat under the onslaught of the murids

Local nobility takes the side of Russian

1 270-й Год Хиджры

Year 1270 after the Hijra of the Prophet

Imam Shamil advocates war against Georgia

Russians return to Sheikh Shamil his son Jamaluddin

Here the story is interrupted, recorded by Muhammad Tahir dictated by Imam Shamil

The Russians are returning Hamza, the son of the sister of Sheikh Shamil, taken hostage after the Battle of Teletl

The death of Jamaluddin and Hamza from a temporary poison given to them by the Russians

1 271 – 1 273 Годы Хиджры – закат Имамата…

AH 1271-1273 — sunset of the Imamate

Rich trophies in Georgia awakened the greed of people …

The increase of oppression by the Mudirs and Naibs, their departure from obedience to the Imam

As a result: “… Allah Almighty did not add to the troops of the Imam after this battle [in Georgia], no matter where they went, nothing but humiliation and defeat, leaving without support and retreat …”

“… the Mudirs and Naibs had nothing but a removal [from justice and observance of Shari’a] and pride …”

“… [there was nothing] with the Imam — except for omitting the reins of government and recognition”

Again about the Mecca’s Forge of the Spirit and reaching the point of Bashashat ul-Iman …

The words of the author of the book that the Imam himself, during his stay in Ichichali, interpreted this battle as ill-fated …

Not all the murids that inhabited the Imamat and were considered as such by virtue of the terminology of the book of Muhammad Tahir were wars of the battle against nafs (salik)

The words of the treasurer Sheikh Shamil Hajiyav Orotinsky about the instructions of the Imam to all his household and to him personally

«… [there was] the common people [nothing] — except for discontent with the rulers and disapproval of all this …»

Highlanders lost the war not to the Russian army, with all its unimaginable power, but to secular gold

«… And this is because Allah does any work that must be done …»

Only the Thoughts of God are embodied

The peoples of the Caucasus were destined to live with Russia according to the Divine Plan

But — despite the fact that Russia was destined for many centuries to be under the Tatar-Mongol yoke — the war against the invaders went …

1 274-й Год Хиджры

Year 1274 after the Hijra of the Prophet

Russians and their Dagestan assistants rise to Burtunai and build a fortress there

Destruction of wilayat Nahbak (Salatavia) — residents go to the plain, their Naib goes to the side of the Russians

Life of wilayat Batlulal (Gumbet) is in a mess

Wilayat Gekhi departs to the Russians, and their Naib Sa’adullah Gekhinsky, Naib Gekhi-qura and the Mudir of Small Chechnya, moves to Imam Shamil

The Shatoi are leaving for the Russians — their Naib, Batuka Shatoisky, under the onslaught of the troops of General Evdokimov, and due to the massive transfer of chechens to the enemy’s side, surrenders as a wounded

Warriors of the Imam make efforts to strengthen the wilderness of Ramadan Andi

Great hunger in all the wilayats of the Imam

1 275-й Год Хиджры

Year 1275 after the Hijra of the Prophet

The Battle of New Dargo

All wilayats in Chechnya go to the Russians

Russian troops begin to move towards Maaruh in Avaria

1 276-й Год Хиджры – Гуниб…

AH 1276 — Battle of Gunib

Russians descend from the Andi mountains to the Tando plain

“… Each Russian boss came out of his land with his followers. And there were loads of “red and white” with them, that is, gold and silver, which captured the hearts of the masses of the people and made slaves free … ”

Gumbet and Andi men deliver Imam Shamil and his people to Karata

Former naibs and Imam’s entourage rush to the Russians with obedience and obedience

Way to Gunib …

Imam Shamil’s come true prediction to his treasurer is not to hold these treasures

Daniyal-sultan surrenders the fortress Irib to Russians

«… And there was no fortress left, except for those that surrendered to the Russians, and not a single naib, except for those who bowed their heads and bowed to the Russians …»

Russians surround Mount Gunib — the last stronghold of Imam Shamil …

The words of the scientist Galbats al-Karati: “Our fathers said: verily, you Russians are pleasant with speeches, rich in money, easy at first, hard after and we do not want peace with you”

The Three Imams fought for the Muslims of the Caucasus to live according to God’s instructions, which turned out to be unnecessary for people who would soon have to taste the power of atheism and all its torment …

Gunib, 2nd month Safar AH 1276 — a point in the fierce and fantastic 25-year war of Imam Dagestan and Chechnya Sheikh Shamil against the greatest empire of that era in the world

«… their [Russian] regular army was in all wilayats …»

«… Most ordinary people began to dance to their tune …»

“… and noble people began to look Russian in their mouths when carrying out and fulfilling the rules of Islam and crouch in front of the Russians in order to be made heads and for the sake of gifts …”

“… And the Russians until these days rule in this country with a policy that does not offend the feelings of Muslims, giving them the opportunity to profess Islam and make decisions in accordance with their religion …”

«… They also govern, treating gently and expanding on what was painful and cramped for them …»

«… Almighty Allah improves the present and future»

Words of Prince Chavchavadze to Muhammad from Endirei: “Now in Russia there is a widespread opinion about the perfection of Shamil’s mind and his courage. And how could it be otherwise, because he suffered the struggle against tsarism for 25 years, and the Russian tsar did not tolerate this for such a time and went to the world ”

About the conversation of Emperor Nicholas I with the son of a shi’a Shah in AH 1253

About the conversation of Sheikh Shamil with the bishop

1 277 – 1 285 Годы Хиджры – 10 лет в плену

AH 1277-1285 — 10 years in captivity

Fragments of the book “Khulasat ut-tafsyl ‘an ahuali Imam Shamuil”, written by the son of Sheikh Jamaluddin Abdurrahman during his stay with the Imam in Kaluga

In captivity by the Russian emperor

Abdurrahman says, “that the envious of Shamil, when they saw the honor shown to Shamil, were filled with anger from the anger that lurked in their souls from the power of hostility towards him”

Gifts of the Emperor Sheikh Shamil and his family

The Russian emperor personally gives the Imam a golden saber from hand to hand

The meeting of the Imam with the Russian Tsar in the city of Chuguev, near Kharkov

The meeting of the Imam with the empress, the mother of the Russian emperor

The settlement of Imam Shamil in Kaluga

20,000 rubles for the maintenance of all who are with Sheikh Shamil annually — an astronomical amount for those times

The Imam refuses the silverware donated by the tsar, but takes an expensive stroller and horses

The words of the guests sent by the tsar to the Imam: “We love you for the good qualities of character and your meritorious qualities with which you became famous among the human race and in the countries of the world among all the sons of the people”

The trip of Imam Shamil to St. Petersburg to the Russian emperor (AH 1277)

Meeting with Baryatinsky and visiting Peterhof

The second meeting of Sheikh Shamil with the emperor

Healing Imam’s daughter Najaba from illness

Letter from Sheikh Jamaluddin al-Kazikumukhi to Imam Shamil (AH 1278)

Sheikh Jamaluddin al-Kazikumukhi, who, by order of the tsar, lived in high esteem, moves with his family to Istanbul and returns to Allah in AH 1283

1 286-й Год Хиджры

Year 1286 after the Hijra of the Prophet

Safar month, exactly 10 years after Gunib — Sheikh Shamil with his family goes to Hajj

On a ship from Anapa, the Imam reaches Istanbul

Sheikh Shamil visits the Sultan ‘Abdul-‘Aziz

Holy Caucasian elder reconciles Turkish Sultan and rebel ruler of Egypt

The Egyptian ruler leaves his throne and places Sheikh Shamil on him

Stopped storm in the sea …

May we not count all the wonders of the Imam …

The Turkish sultan kisses the hand of the Imam — as the Russian told us to know that such a thing has not happened before and will not happen in the future

1 287-й Год Хиджры – Имам возвращается к Аллаху…

AH 1287 — Imam returns to Allah

The Russian emperor, who left with him the son of Sheikh Shamil Ghazi-Muhammad because of doubts about his loyalty, allows the mountaineer to visit his father during Hajj

The Russian emperor gives Ghazi-Muhammad to serve 4 young men and 4 girls to serve his wife, and also gives him 300,000 as a gift and 300,000 to his father, Imam Shamil

Ghazi-Muhammad, the son of the Imam, will leave this world in Medina in AH 1321

Imam Shamil in Radiant Medina

Temporary permission: after Hajj, Imam Shamil was to return to the Russian tsar

Allah left the Imam in Medina forever …

The Prophet Muhammad from the grave holds out his hand to the Imam as a sign of contentment with the fulfillment by the Sheikh of the vow made in Gimri in AH 1242 …

The night of the 10th day of Thu-l-Hijja — Allah returns His slave to Him …

He was buried next to the Prophet himself in the Baqi’ Ashab cemetery in Medina (near the grave of uncle Prophet ‘Abbas, whom Caliph ‘Umar revered in the rank of father Rasulullah) by personal order of the Messenger of Allah after 12 centuries — the main miracle of the Imam …

The inhabitants of Medina lie down under the feet of the body of Sheikh Shamil, to at least touch him …



Murids and naibs, who came to the Imam because of power and money, switched to the Russian side because of power and money, when the wind of worldly luck changed

Murids and Naibs, standing next to him for the sake of Allah and the Prophet — remained with the Imam in both worlds

Allah the Great bowed the whole world to the Imam: the Russian emperor personally gives him a golden saber, the Egyptian ruler places him on his throne, the Turkish sultan kisses his blessed hand, Mecca’s sharif lifts him up to the minbar so that all people can see the great Sheikh Shamil …

The story of Sheikh Salahuddin al-Ayyubi, who recaptured al-Quds (Jerusalem) from the crusaders, and about his conversation with the old Christian …

The words of Imam Shafi’i: “For one who studies History, the mind increases and errors decrease”


As-Safi. Book 24. Opening

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