As-Safi. Book 24. Opening / Ас-Сафи. Книга 24. Открытие

Imam Shamil qaddasa Llahu sirrahul jalil
(1212 — 1287)

Abyat / Бейты

43 403 – 47 955

Накъшбандийские Святые

Al-Bab 105. Awliya-Saints of Naqshbandi

Первая Сильсиля Накъшбанди («золотая цепь» преемственности): 1. Пророк Мухаммад

1st «Gold» Silsila of Naqshbandi. 1. Prophet Muhammad (died at AH 11)

2. Халиф Али

2. Caliph ‘Ali (died at AH 40)

3. Хусейн (внук Пророка)

3. Al-Husain ibn ‘Ali (died at AH 61)

4. Али-Áсгъар (Зéйнуль-Гъáбидúн)

4. ‘Ali-Asgar Zayn al-‘Abidin (died at AH 94)

5. Мухаммад аль-Бáкъир

5. Muhammad al-Baqir (died at AH 117)

6. Джáгъфар ас-Сáдикъ

6. Ja’far al-Sadiq (died at AH 148)

7. Муса аль-Кáзым

7. Musa al-Kadhim (died at AH 183)

8. Али Ридá

8. ‘Ali al-Rida (died at AH 202)

9. Магърýф аль-Кархи

9. Ma’ruf al-Karkhi (died at AH 201)

One Hundred Seventy Thousand Lines. Increasing All Turbulence …

10. Ас-Сúрри (Сари) ас-Сакъти

10. Sari al-Saqati (died at AH 251)

10 maqam-degrees of murid

2 khysol-qualities that have completely departed from God and 4 khysol-qualities that have reached Allah

Claiming to hidden knowledge and violating explicit regulations — wrong

11. Аль-Джунéйд

11. Al-Junayd (died at AH 298)

Sheikh Junayd’s admonition on tawhid and yaqin

Sheikh Junayd: all paths are closed to the created, except following the Prophet and his Sunna. About ma’rifa

Sheikh Junayd: Allah has slaves abiding in the mortal world by bodies and internally removed from him by faith

Sheikh Junayd about the advantage of the hidden zikr-remembrance of God over the external 70 times

Sheikh Junayd about the three estates of an intelligent man

Conversation of Sheikh Junid with his teacher Sheikh Sari al-Saqati about the meaning, condition, essence of repentance and the acceptance of man by God

Who can be considered a reasonable person? The answer of Sheikh Junayd

12. Абу Али ар-Рýзбари

12. Abu ‘Ali al-Ruzbari (died at AH ?)

13. Абу Али аль-Кáтиб

13. Abu ‘Ali al-Katib (died at AH 342)

14. Абу Усман аль-Мáгъриби

14. Abu ‘Uthman al-Maghribi (died at AH ?)

15. Абуль-Къáсим аль-Гургáни (Джурджани)

15. Abu al-Qasim al-Gurgani (died at AH 450)

16. Абу Али аль-Фáрмади (8-й Шейх 3-й Сильсили, на котором сходятся все линии, берущие начало от Халифов Али и Абу Бакра, имея потом уже общее для всех продолжение)

16. Abu ‘Ali al-Farmadi (died at AH 477)

In Sheikh Abu ‘Ali al-Farmadi, all the succession lines of the Naqshbandi Tariqat — the First, Second and Third Silsilas — then having a common continuation for all, were united

A meeting with Sheikh Abu al-Qasim al-Gurgani and uweisiyya from Sheikh Abu al-Hasan al-Kharkani

Imam Ghazali about his personal meeting with Sheikh Farmadi and about the utterance of Sheikh Abu al-Qasim al-Gurgani about Usul heard from him

Вторая Сильсиля Накъшбанди: 1. Пророк Мухаммад

2nd Silsila of Naqshbandi. 1. Prophet Muhammad

2. Халиф Али

2. Caliph ‘Ali

3. Аль-Хасан аль-Басри

3. Al-Hasan al-Basri (died at AH 111)

The luminary of the Ummah in tafsir and hadith, as in any other religious knowledge, at the end of the 1st Century after the Hijra is the light of the Path of attaining God and His knowledge

The meeting of Sheikh al-Hasan with Caliph ‘Ali, when he put things in order in Basra. Transfer of the 2nd Silsila of the Naqshbandi Tariqat to Sheikh al-Hasan al-Basri

We are conducting a simplified, abridged account of the saints

Again about the stress in words. And about «al». And again about «Gain / ‘Ain» and «Ghoin»

One of the last 8 Zahids of the Tabi’un era …

For — Four Lunar Years — we were able to get here …

Drowned in sorrow. Dream about Ibn Sirin

Sheikh al-Hassan about the real faqihs — true connoisseurs of the Islamic religion and its essence

4 things to protect from Hell

Sheikh al-Hassan about iman-faith

Sheikh al-Hasan: the Jews worshiped idols after they worship Allah — because of their love for the worldly

4. Хабúб аль-Гъáджами

4. Habib al-‘Ajami (died at AH ?)

Returned to God with the speeches of Sheikh al-Hasan

Redeemed his soul from Allah for 40,000 — 4 times 10

5. Дауд ат-Тáи

5. Daud al-Tai (died at AH 166)

Sheikh Daud, who was previously talkative, treated the nafs through samt-silence: for a whole year of visiting the lessons of Imam Abu Hanifa, he did not say a word

A breathtaking ascetic in an era of unheard-of luxury of rulers and wealth of a people: live your life as one day of fasting — breaking the fast with death

Sheikh Daud: zahid — who can, but left

6. Магърýф аль-Кархи (9-й Шейх 1-й Сильсили, на котором сходятся Обе Сильсили, идущие от Халифа Али)

6. Ma’ruf al-Karkhi (died at AH 201)

Третья Сильсиля Накъшбанди: 1. Пророк Мухаммад

3d Silsila of Naqshbandi. 1. Prophet Muhammad

2. Халиф Абу Бакр

2. Caliph Abu Bakr (died at AH 13)

About the sources of the book Tabaqat of Sheikh Shamuli

The spiritual initiation of Caliph Abu Bakr in the cave of Sawr at the beginning of the 1st Year after the Hijra

2 Hadith of the Prophet: «Close all the doors of my mosque, except the door of Abu Bakr» and «Close all the doors of my mosque, except the door of Ali». Is this news of their Caliphate in the real world? Or — about their hidden Caliphate in Tariqat? ..

3. Салмáн аль-Фáриси

3. Salman al-Farisi (died at AH 33)

«Salman minna, Ahlul-Bayt»

4. Къáсим (внук Абу Бакра)

4. Qasim (died at AH 106)

Seven faqihs of Medina

“It is better to live in ignorance after you have learned the Truth of Allah, than to say something you don’t know.”

5. Джáгъфар ас-Сáдикъ

5. Ja’far al-Sadiq (died at AH 148)

6. Абу Язúд аль-Бастáми

6. Abu Yazid al-Bastami (died at AH 261)

The story of the adoption of Islam by 500 Christian clergy and monks in the Samighan monastery after a dispute with Sheikh Abu Yazid al-Bastami

4 errors in the beginning

Sheikh Abu Yazid about Khawas — the chosen slaves of Allah

From tawhid to tafrid — what is it?

The three heaviest curtains from Allah: the curtain of the ‘abid-pilgrim, the curtain of the zahid-hermit and the curtain of the ‘alim-scientist

He who knows Allah becomes a hermit of all that distracts from God

Sheikh Abu Yazid about mablaghu-r-rijal (spiritual maturation)

The main benefit of ‘Arif is the very existence of his Lord

Sheikh Abu Yazid: “I have known Allah through Allah Himself and have known everything else through the Light of Allah”

Sheikh Abu Yazid: “The knowledge of God was achieved by leaving what was with them and stopping on what was with Him”

Sheikh Abdurrahman al-Jami about the level of Sheikh Abu Yazid — Wasyl Waqif (attained and remaining). Its difference from the level of those who have reached and returned


7. Абуль-Хасан аль-Харкъáни

7. Abu al-Hasan al-Kharqani (died at AH 425)

Общее продолжение Накъшбандúйского Тарикъáта для всех Трёх линий преемственности-Сильсиля: 8. Абу Али аль-Фáрмади

Common to all Three Silsilas continuation of Naqshbandi. 8. Abu ‘Ali al-Farmadi (died at AH 477)

9. Юсуф аль-Хамадáни

9. Yusuf al-Hamadani (died at AH 535)

Sheikh Yusuf al-Hamadani and 3 of his visitors from Autad. Hundred-Pyramid 3, Bayts 4,470 — 4,569

Sheikh Ibn ‘Arabi: real murud is able to attract her sheikh — thanks to sincerity

Atá — “father”, the title of great saints among the Turkic peoples. And about the name Said

The four caliph-heir to Sheikh Yusuf Al-Hamadani

1st caliph — Sheikh Abdullah al-Barraqi

2nd caliph — Sheikh Hasan al-Indaqi

3rd caliph — Atá-Yasawi (Sheikh Ahmad al-Yasawi): the head of most of the Sheikh Turks of Central Asia

Mansur-atá, Sa’id-atá, Sulayman-atá and Hakim-atá — 4 caliphs of Sheikh Ahmad al-Yasawi

Zinji-atá (great-grandson of Mansur-atá) — the main caliph of Hakim-atá

Uzun Hasan-atá, Said-atá, Sadr-atá and Badr-atá — 4 caliphs of Sheikh Zinji-atá

10. Абдуль-Хáликъ аль-Гуждувáни

10. ‘Abd al-Khaliq al-Guzhduwani (died at AH 575)

Farsakh and its 3 varieties. Central Asian farsakh about 8.5 km

4th caliph of Sheikh Yusuf al-Hamadani — Sheikh Abdul-Khaliq al-Guzhduwani: a descendant of Imam Malik and Byzantine kings

Khizir (al-Khadir) — became his sheikh in talqin, Yusuf al-Hamadani — his sheikh in suhba (companionship)

Excerpts from the testament of Sheikh Abdul-Khaliq

8 and 3, total 11. The basic rules of the Naqshbandi fraternity: Khush dar-dam, Nazar dar-qadam, Safar dar-watan, Khalwa dar-anjaman, Yad-card, Baz-gasht, Nigah-dasht, Yad-dasht and al-Wuquf al-zamani, al-Wuquf al-‘adadi, al-Wuquf al-qalbi

Warning to all who wish to engage in this [and any other] spiritual practice without spiritual initiation and without the supervision of a Perfect Mentor (Murshid Kamil)

The difference between knowledge of yaqin and knowledge of ladunni

1st caliph of Sheikh Abdul-Khaliq — Sheikh Ahmad as-Siddiqi

2nd caliph of Sheikh Abdul-Khaliq — Sheikh Awliya Kabir

3rd caliph of Sheikh Abdul-Khaliq — Sheikh Sulayman al-Karmini

11. Гъáриф ар-Рéвгари

11. ‘Arif al-Rawgari (died at AH 616)

The 4th caliph of Sheikh Abdul-Khaliq al-Guzhduwani will bring Tariqat to Shah Naqshband

12. Махмуд Инджúр аль-Фáгънави

12. Mahmud Injir al-Faghnawi (died at AH 717)

The introduction of a clear zikr just before the death of Sheikh ‘Arif ar-Rawgari and the continuation of this practice after

13. Али ар-Рáмитани

13. ‘Ali al-Ramitani (died at AH 715)

3 questions of Sheikh al-Simnani to Sheikh ‘Azizan ‘Ali al-Ramitani

Sheikh Sayfuddin’s question about an explicit zikr

The question of Sheikh al-Midani is what is “remember Allah much”?

Sheikh ‘Azizan on the completion of the missed and on repentance

Why didn’t Khizir eat a cake from Sheikh Abdul-Khaliq?

Murshid Kamil must educate the murids — like birds

Sheikh ‘Azizan about the rank of spiritual children of Sheikh Abdul-Khaliq in the issue of Husein ibn Mansur al-Khallaj and his execution

Either a good character or a khidma to sheikh — 2 of the surest and fastest ways to achieve success on the Path

Sheikh ‘Azizan: for ‘ashiq-lover, not two holidays, but three

Question of Sheikh Nuruddin al-Nuri

The story of Sheikh Said-atá and his son

The story of a devoted murud Sheikh ‘Azizan

Sheikh ‘Azizan in Khorezm: the ruler and the majority of the inhabitants become murids and companions of the great saint

Having lived 130 years and left behind 6 caliphs

1st caliph — the eldest son of Sheikh ‘Azizan Muhammad Khurd

2nd caliph — the youngest son of Sheikh ‘Azizan Ibrahim

3rd caliph — Sheikh Muhammad Kalazur

4th caliph — Sheikh Muhammad Khallaj al-Balkhi

5th caliph — Sheikh Muhammad al-Bawardi

14. Мухаммад-Бабá ас-Саммáси

14. Muhammad Baba al-Sammasi (died at AH 755)

6th caliph of Sheikh ‘Azizan ‘Ali al-Ramitani — Sheikh Muhammad-Babá al-Sammasi

Hinduvan fortress will become ‘Arifan fortress — Knowers of God

Waiting for Shah Naqshband …

Testament to his successor Sheikh Said Amur Kulal to educate Shah Naqshband in the best way

Garden of Sheikh Muhammad-Babá al-Sammasi and his caliphs

1st caliph — Sheikh Sufi al-Sukhari

2nd caliph — the son of Sheikh Muhammad-Babá al-Sammási Muhammad

3rd caliph — Sheikh Danshamdir ‘Ali

15. Саид Амúр Кулáл

15. Said Amir Kulal (died at AH 772)

4th caliph of Sheikh Muhammad-Babá al-Sammási — Sheikh Said Amur Kulal

Wrestler and strongman, despite his noble origin

A dream that looked outward

Each of the 4 caliphs of Sheikh was engaged in the education of one of the 4 sons of Sheikh Said Amir Kulal

16. Шах Накъшбáнд

16. Shah Naqshband (died at AH 791)

Subtotals: Naqshbandi in Asia and the world

The spiritual son of Sheikh Abdul-Khaliq Al-Guzhduwani

The turbulence of the Fifth Veda here we are apparently leaving / One Hundred and Eighty Thousand Lines /

Admission to the “absolute weights of the poetic octagon” received — 04/27/2019

For the final battle with Manas As-Safi, we will have to double the fee to 360 Thousand Lines …

The last Centuria of Tumen …


Everything comes from Allah … 10,000 Stanzas — 28th Legion is completed

A L F   XI

As-Safi or — Bustan …

As-Safi Octalogy. Book 25. City and night

Ас-Сафи. Книга 25. Город и ночь

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