The largest poetry work of the world written by one person: Octalogy «As-Safi» and 186,000 lines of Shukur Tebuev from Russia

1th and 7th najibs of Octalogy «As-Safi»
(about 46 000 lines)

Shukur Tebuev was born during the deportation of Karachai people from the North Caucasus to Central Asia (1943-1957) in 1944 in Kazakhstan.

Shukur Tebuev, poet from Karachai in the USSR

He graduated from the Shota Rustaveli state theatre Institute in Tbilisi in 1972.

Shukur Tebuev, actor of drama theatre

Tebuev worked on state television in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic as a Regisseur, editor, and journalist.

Shukur Tebuev, Regisseur

In October 2019, Karatchai poet completed the first third of the work, beating Firdowsi’s Shah-nama (120,000) and India’s Mahabharata (180,000).

Shukur Tebuev in the Karachai mountains

The work tells the Story of the World from its creation to its intended end in the context of the history of the Prophets of all Abrahamic religions.

Shukur Tebuev

Let’s hope that soon we will see a poetic battle between As-Safi and the Kyrgyz Manas, the largest poetic work in the world.

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