Rashidun Caliphs Story / As-Safi. Sod. Clearing

Caliph ‘Ali karrama Llahu wajhahu

The largest poetry work of the world written by one person: As-Safi Octalogy and 186,000 lines of Shukur Tebuev, Karachai poet from Russia

Book 22 «Clearing» of As-Safi Octalogy was written on the basis of the work of the 14th century “Al-Bidaya wa n-Nihaya». Its author — ‘Imaduddin Abul-Fida Isma’il ibn ‘Umar ibn Kathir ad-Dimashqi — is better known to the world as the prince of Abul-Fida or the historian Ibn Kathir.

Thirty years after the Prophet, the Rashidun Caliphate was on earth, as the Messenger of Allah himself spoke about this. Abu Bakr, ‘Umar, ‘Uthman and Ali did more than they could so that over time, the people of the world in Spanish Seville, Dagestan Derbent, Samarkand beyond the Amu Darya, Multan on the Indus at the foot of the Himalayas, faraway Indonesia and in the depths of the heart of Africa could read one Qur’an and live in one value system. A quartet of great ascetics and hermits in God, for whom worldly life was worth less than ashes in the wind, and death seemed easier than drinking a glass of water, continued the mission of the Prophet Muhammad. The previously unknown new geopolitical dominant crushed the darkness of unbelief and polytheism, leaving people with the right to choose the Light of Faith. Indeed, Allah never called anyone to His Paradise by force …

Al-Bab 72. Geopolitics of the world — Arabs dominate …

87 days

The basic «claim» of the Octalogy: As-Safi is the light from the Light of the Prophet …

The 11th year after the Hijra, the 3rd Month — the end of the Diamond Age in the history of the world

The middle of the 2nd century after the Hijra — the end of the Golden Age in the history of the world?

Is the Ijtihad Locked Door the end of the Silver Age in world history?

How to recalculate the years of the Hijra on the solar cycle? 100 solar years — 103 lunar years: 622 + year of Hijra = year of solar reckoning

6 world empires: colonies from West to East

Rome and its remnants



Empire of the Huns and its remnants



What is the approximate territory of the state and religious influence of the Arabs?

Dynamic displacement of boundaries up to temporary absorption

Final. 23rd Legion (stanzas 6,799 — 7,107)

Legion Completions

The 7th Dominant Appears

The global alignment of forces before the unconditionally inevitable global expansion of the Arabs

The dilemma of ascetics and laity: choose Paradise or Dunya?

Muslim Arabs who have chosen God …

The desire of the Oriental-Mustashriqs to distort the history based on the “second-rate” Arabs?

Ashab and Tabi’in: people — not afraid of anything, not reckoning with anything, forcing the whole world to respect themselves, not seeking respect

God-selected caste of Light

Mission?.. To lead the world out of worship of creation so that it worships only the Creator

What other conquerors carried and what the Arabs gave to the whole world

If the world took faith from the Jewish Prophet Jesus through the Greeks or Romans — then why can’t I take faith from the Prophet-Arab Muhammad through Arabs or Turks?..

Great asceticism and detachment from the world of the first 4 Righteous-Rashidun Caliphs of the Prophet

While the Arabs were fair — the conquered had nothing to fear …

World colonies replaced suzerain?

Carrying the «light» to please your pocket or narcissistic ego paranoia?

Why did the Prophet at one time refuse to be a King-Prophet by choosing the degree of a Prophet-slave? ..

Talkhis of Hasan-afandi: just one du’a of the Prophet, not accepted by God. Why?..

Is the choice between accepting Islam, tax, or death not cruel?

The historians who defended the colonialists would just as easily sell them — if the vector of power and money changes

Why the same cities were not lamented, but were taken by the Arabs many times — the policy of the Prophet

The conquests of the Prophet and his Righteous-Rashidun Caliphs from the 1st to the 40th year after the Hijra

Sham, Tabaristan, Maverannahr-Sogdiana, Bactria, Sidzhistan, Khorasan, Balochistan, Sind and others — where is all this and why? ..

Arabs and Rome


(7,000 stanzas)

Sham: Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine


North Africa, Spain, Portugal, Southern France and Italy, Sicily and Cyprus

Arabs and Persia

Derbent, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan





The vast expanses of Central Asia embrace Islam

Arabs and Turks

Khazaria — the western fragment of the Kaganat

The eastern part of the Tyurkyuts’ Kaganat

Huns and Turkic-Mongols of Genghis Khan — conquering crushers of the world

North Caucasus

Central Asia and Kazakhstan

Arabs and India

Kerala: 7th year after the Hijra mosque built by Malik Dinar

Hadith from Abu Hurayra

Delhi Sultanate and Mughal Timurids on the Subcontinent

Arabs and China

Arabs in Kashgar and Kahistan. End of Tang expansion

The results of the global expansion of the Arabs by the end of the 1st Century after the Hijra

Our basic primary sources are ibn Kathir, ibn Jarir, ibn Ishaq

Fulminant. 24th Legion (stanzas 7,108 — 7,416)

Did lightning bring him?

Al-Bab 73. 11th year after the Hijra (AH) of the Prophet. Caliph Abu Bakr

2 Years, 3 Months and 10 Days

12th day of the month Rabi’ul-Awwal

Prophet, Siddiq and martyrs

Khassiyats of Abu Bakr

First affairs of the Viceroy of the earth

Usama’s strike on Byzantium in Sham

The guarantor of centripetalism: again to the question of «fingers not clenched»

Tulayha, Qurra and ‘Uyayna

Musaylima the liar — damned-mal’un

Khalid ibn al-Waleed — Mushir-Marshal of the combined group of Arab forces Abu Bakr against Byzantium and Persia

Al-Bab 74. AH 12. Caliph Abu Bakr

Khalid’s invasion of Persia: the modern interfluve of Iraq

Capture of the city of Anbar — Ghazawat Zatil-‘Uyun

The Battle of ‘Ainu-t-Tamr

News from Dumatul-Jandal

The Battle of Firad

Al-Bab 75. 13th year after the Hijra of the Prophet. Caliph ‘Umar

Relocation of the theater of major hostilities from Iraq to Sham: Syria and Palestine

The capture of the 1st city in Sham — Busra (by the sulh-peace, not by force)

Battles: Yarmuk — a geopolitical battle for the right to exist of the state of the Arabs

Events in Iraq

Longing for the Prophet — the death of Abu Bakr

22nd day of the month Jumadal-Akhir (the last 8 days of the month remained)

10 Years, 10 Months without One Day

«Lock of the Troubles»: the life of ‘Umar is a guarantee against troubles

Khassiyats of ‘Umar

Caliph’s all-devastating justice: the story of the son of Umar named Abu Shahma


“… take care of the lives of soldiers” — 100,000 gold dinars

Capture of Damascus: half power, half peace

Battles: Fihl — Shurahbil conquers Jordan by force

The resumption of military activity in Iraq, using the additional reserves of the Arabs of Medina and the tribes of Arabia

Battles: al-Namariq

Battles: al-Jisr (Bridge)

Battles: al-Buwayt — analogue of Yarmuk in Sham

The union of the Persians around Yazdajird

Al-Bab 76. AH 14. Caliph ‘Umar

‘Umar wants to personally lead the campaign in Persia

Sa’d ibn Malik (Abi Waqqas) az-Zuhri — commander of the group of forces in the Persian direction

The remark of the military leader Rustum: Arabs are not afraid of the huge armies of the enemy …

Rustum’s questions and his surprise

Battles: Qadisiyya — the largest battle in Iraq

The verses read about this victory by the genies in San’a and Yamama are heard throughout Arabia …

‘Umar’s response to the claims of India in the Iraqi Basra — ‘Utba ibn Ghuzwan: Caliph’s ‘Amil in the Indian direction

Naval expedition to India of the governor of Bahrain Uthman ibn Abil-‘As: Sind (Debal), Gujarat (Bharukh) and Mumbai (Tanah) on the Malabar coast

‘Umar orders all Muslim cities to gather for tarawih in Ramadan month

The Caliphate is expanding: Abu ‘Ubayda in Sham, Sa’d in Iraq, Uthman in Bahrain, Huzayfa in Oman

Al-Bab 77. AH 15. Caliph ‘Umar

The capture of Homs, the residence of Heraclius in Sham, by the peace

Battles: Qinnasrayn

Heraclius moves his residence to Byzantium Rum: Constantinople

Description of the Arabs by the Byzantine Heraclius and his prediction of the fall of Constantinople

The Capture of Qaysariyya

Battles: Ajnadayn — Artabun Romanian and Artabun Arabic

The difference in the spelling of the names ‘Amr and ‘Umar: 4 letters and 3 letters

Al-Quds: the capture of Jerusalem

‘Umar sends Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas to take the Iraqi city of Madain, the capital of the Persian state

Battles: Babylon — the remnants of the Persian army after Qadisiyya

Kawsi — the place of imprisonment of the Prophet Ibrahim

Hadith from ‘Amr ibn Yazid ibn ‘Auf al-Ansari al-Mazini — evidence of the existence of the complete scroll of the Quran in the era of the Prophet

Al-Bab 78. AH 16. Caliph ‘Umar

Strengthening Global Expansion

The capture of Nahr-Shir

The capture of Madain — promised by Allah to the Prophet

The flight of the Persians, surrendered without a fight to the city and the miracle of crossing the Tiger during the spill

Over 1.5 Billion Gold Dinars and other untold treasures of Madain

Battles: Jalula — huge trophies of Muslims, the same as in Madain

Capture of Halwan

Iraq: the capture of Tikrit and Mosul

Iraq: the capture of Masbazan

Capture of Qarqysiyya and Hayt

Introduction of a record of the history and chronology of Muslims, beginning after the Hijra of the Prophet

Al-Bab 79. AH 17. Caliph ‘Umar

Sa’d moves from Madain and founds the new city of Kufa

Abu ‘Ubayda and Byzantium

The entire Interfluve of Iraq (Jazeera) to Nasybin on the border of Syria and Turkey passes under the control of the Arabs

Uthman ibn Abil-‘As: first battles and victories in Armenia

The marriage of ‘Umar to the granddaughter of the Prophet

The capture of Ahuaz, Manazir and Nahr-Tir

Capture Tastur without a fight

Capture Tastur for the 2nd time

The council of al-Ahnaf ibn Qays и and the beginning of strategic advancement eastward into Persia down to India, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, starting from the 18th year after the Hijra

The capture of Sus, supposedly the oldest city in the world

The grave of Daniel and Umar’s orders on this subject

The 300 closest associates of Yazdajird, led by Siyah, accept Islam, their firmness in faith and gifts of ‘Umar

Al-Bab 80. AH 18. Caliph ‘Umar

The plague epidemic in Sham and Iraq

‘Amu r-Ramada — 9 months of famine in Medina

25 thousand Muslims died of the plague only in Ghamuas — between al-Quds and Ramla

Al-Bab 81. AH 19. Caliph ‘Umar

Muslim losses

Features of al-Bidaya wa n-Nihaya

Possible discrepancies in the dating of events and their interpretation by different Arab authors

Abu Bakr. 25th Legion (stanzas 7,417 — 7,725)

The Legion of Abu Bakr …

Al-Bab 82. AH 20. Caliph ‘Umar

The capture of Misr (Egypt)

Advancing to Nubia — taking Sudan

Egyptian Nile — ending a wild custom

Abdullah ibn Qays al-‘Abdi — invasion of Byzantium-Rum and the first battles

New appointments in the Caliphate

Eviction of Jews from Haybar and Najran

‘Alqama al-Mudliji: an unsuccessful naval expedition to Ethiopia

Al-Bab 83. AH 21. Caliph ‘Umar

Yazdajird gathers a large army for a decisive battle with Muslims

Messenger Qarib ibn Zafar — zafarun qarib

Tips of the great Ashab to ‘Umar: Uthman, Talha, Zubayr, Abdurrahman

Opinion of Ali-Haydar

The last admonition of ‘Abbas, whom ‘Umar revered in the rank of the father of the Prophet and could not make decisions without his advice

An-Nu’man ibn Muqrin — Commander-in-Chief of the United Group of Muslim Forces in the Persian Direction

Battles: Nahawand — Victory of all Victories and a new countdown

Persia strategically broken — final countdown of an ancient Empire

Umar is a genius of politics and military affairs

The capture of Hamadan, Isfahan and Kerman — northern, central and southern provinces

The invasion of Libya: the capture of Barqa-Tarabuls

Hike deep into Libya: ‘Uqba ibn Nafi’ al-Fahri — taking the city of Zuila

Al-Bab 84. AH 22. Caliph ‘Umar

Battles: Waju r-Ruz — the combined forces of Byzantium Rum, Daylem, Ray and Azerbaijan. Invasion of Na’im ibn Muqrin

Capture Ray. Trophies — as in Madain …

Capture the Qums

The invasion of Tabaristan and the capture of Dzhurdzhan

‘Utba ibn Farqad: governor of all Azerbaijan

Suraqa ibn ‘Amr: Arabs invade Dagestan and capture Babul-Abuab — Derbent

The invasion of Bakir ibn Abdullah, Habib ibn Maslama and Huzayfa ibn Usayd to the mountains of Al-Lan (Alanya), Tiflis and Muqan

Abdurrahman ibn Rabi’a: invasion of Khazaria and the first battles with the Turks — advance in the direction of Belenjer into the depths of the Kaganat by 200 farsakhs (about 600 — 1,100 km)

As-Sad of Thu-l-Qarnayan: the legendary Quranic barrier separating the world from Yajuj-Majuj (Gog-Magog)

Mu’awiya campaign in Saifa up to ‘Umuriyya in Rum-Byzantium

The dream of Yazdajird, son of Shahriyar

Al-Ahnaf ibn Qays in Khorasan: capture of Herat, Merv, Nisabur, Balkh and other cities to the Amu Darya river — invasion of Turkmenistan and Afghanistan

Al-Bab 85. AH 23. Caliph ‘Umar

The capture of Fasá and Darul-Abjard: yá Sariya — al-Jabal …

Suhayl ibn ‘Adi conquers Kerman

‘Asym ibn ‘Amr conquers Sijistan from Sind in the south to the Balkh river in the north — the battle for Kandahar in Afghanistan

On the threshold of India: al-Haqam ibn ‘Amr invades Sindh (now Pakistan) and conquers Mekran to the Indus River

The message of the Prophet torn by ibn Hurmuz to shreds — after 15 years, the power of the Persians was erased from the world map by the prayer of the Messenger of Allah

Al-Bab 86. 24th year after the Hijra of the Prophet. Caliph ‘Uthman

Murder of ‘Umar by a lone killer is yet another true prediction of the Prophet Muhammad

Twelve Years Without One Day

Fighting on the seas …

Khassiyats of ‘Uthman

Uthman’s military policy: entrenched in the East — strikes in the North and West

Wars in Azerbaijan and Armenia

Campaign to Byzantium. Question to the Orientalists: if the Arabs are still “wilder” than the Türks, then why did the Türks resist their onslaught? And if not, then why did the Turks fail to conquer Persia, swept away by the Arabs?..

Al-Bab 87. AH 25. Caliph ‘Uthman

Egyptian Alexandria, instigated by the Byzantine emperor, violates the treaty. Muslim retaliation

Beginning of the West Offensive in Africa

The onset of Muslims in Byzantium

Al-Bab 88. AH 26. Caliph ‘Uthman

Capture Sabur

Al-Bab 89. AH 27. Caliph ‘Uthman

Wars in North Africa

Invasion of Spain from the sea: Abdullah ibn Nafi’ ibn ‘Abdi Qays and Abdullah ibn Nafi’ ibn al-Husoyn

Tunisia: the battle with the Berbers in 2 days from Qayrawan — the defeat of the army of Jardir in Sabitl

Istahar and Qinnasrayn

Al-Bab 90. AH 28. Caliph ‘Uthman

Qubrus: the capture of Cyprus — a prophecy of the Prophet

Wars in Suriyya, on the territory of Byzantium

Al-Bab 91. AH 29. Caliph ‘Uthman

Extension of the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina

Al-Bab 92. AH 30. Caliph ‘Uthman

Wars in Tabaristan on the southern coast of the Caspian

Uthman drops the Signet of the Prophet into the well

Dispute of Abu Dhar with Mu’awiya. Where do the hermits live? .. The righteous Caliphs ate bread, vinegar and olives — following them, desiring death, they did not want life. The emperors of antiquity drowned in luxury — following them, not afraid of death, they wanted life

Adding 3rd call for Friday Prayer (2nd azan)

Al-Bab 93. AH 31. Caliph ‘Uthman

Saifa — annual summer wars with Byzantium

The Byzantine fleet of 500 ships goes to the rescue against Muslims fighting in Spain with the Franks and North Africa with the Berbers

The death of Yazdajird

Al-Bab 94. AH 32. Caliph ‘Uthman

Fear of the Turks before the “immortal” Arabs: the death of Abdurrahman, Caliph’s ‘Amil in the Caucasus

Muslims reach the Bosphorus

The capture of Tokharistan — the land between Samarkand and Kabul

Al-Bab 95. AH 33. Caliph ‘Uthman

Second phase of the war in the West: North Africa breaks the treaty

Al-Bab 96. AH 34. Caliph ‘Uthman

Discontent of people with Uthman’s appointments

Al-Bab 97. AH 35. Caliph ‘Uthman

On the eve of the storm: the beginning of unrest before Judgment Day

Offensive on the Berbers in Africa and increased military activity in Andalusia

Allah drowns 1,000 ships of the flotilla of Emperor Constantine, son of Heraclius

Al-Bab 98. 36th year after the Hijra of the Prophet. Caliph ‘Ali

‘Uthman’s assassination by hypocrites during the time of troubles — a come true prediction of the Prophet Muhammad

The sword carried over our Ummah after the treacherous assassination of Caliph Uthman

A Quarter Century after the Prophet: Haydar Ali’s response to a Jewish comment

The remaining Four of the Ten: ‘Ali, Sa’d, Talha, Zubayr

Most of the Guard of the Prophet has already left this mortal world …

Generational change and the beginning of unrest before Judgment Day

Why? .. Because most are already different …

Oath to Caliph ‘Ali

The returned sun …

Khassiyats of ‘Ali

The beginning of the rebellion and disobedience of the governors of Caliph ‘Ali

Ali is going to war in Sham against the rebellious governor of Mu’awiya

The background of the battle of al-Jamal — the army of ‘Ali and ‘Aisha with the army

The dogs of al-Hawab — a warning from the Prophet himself

The first false oath in Islam

Reader, beware of condemning and criticizing the Companions of the Prophet for their oversights

Fight and huge losses

Talha ibn ‘Ubaydullah

Az-Zubayr ibn al-‘Awwam

Background to the Battle of Siffin — Caliph ‘Ali and Viceroy of Sham Mu’awiya

The Story of a Monk and Predictions from a Book Written by Companions of Jesus

Al-Bab 99. AH 37. Caliph ‘Ali

Battle of Siffin: a year of battles and negotiations

Prediction of the Prophet: ‘Ammar ibn Yasir in the army of ‘Ali

A Quarter of a Million Muslims in internecine confrontation — the strongest army in the world at that time in history

The incredible physical strength of Haydar-‘Ali even in old age

Ali’s victory in the battle and the scrolls of the Quran raised above their heads

‘Umar. 26th Legion (stanzas 7,726 — 8,034)

He is what — and such a system

Unexpected outcome of the final negotiations

‘Ali gathered in the war in Sham, rejecting the decisions of Abu Musa and ‘Amr

‘Ali breaks up the kharijits and finds evidence that they are astray — a man with female breast

Al-Bab 100. AH 38. Caliph ‘Ali

Hadith from the Sira of the Prophet from Sheikh Kaftaru about the peculiarities of the attitude of people to Haidar-Ali, as in his time to the Prophet Jesus …

Al-Bab 101. AH 39. Caliph ‘Ali

Continuation of the dispute between Mu’awiya and ‘Ali

Al-Bab 102. 40th year after the Hijra of the Prophet: end of the Rashidun Caliphate on Earth

The killing of ‘Ali by kharijit is yet another true prediction of the Prophet Muhammad

For six months, power passes to Hasan, the grandson of the Prophet, so that, exactly thirty years later, at the end of the Righteous Caliphate, he will be transferred to the Banu Umayya family …

Al-Bab 103. Grandchildren of the Prophet al-Hasan and al-Husain. Imam Mahdi

Al-Hasan — Saeed, Amin, Mediator

Al-Husain — a handful of land from Jabrail

Husain’s journey to Kufa

How was Husain killed

The death of Yazid and ‘Ubaydullah ibn Ziyad

Lost hope in His mercy

Imam al-Mahdi and his appearance before Judgment Day