Prophet Muhammad Story / As-Safi. Sod. Detection

Photo by Donatello (As-Safi Octalogy. Sod. Выявление)
Photo by Donatello (As-Safi Octalogy. Sod. Detection)

The largest poetry work of the world written by one person: As-Safi Octalogy and 186,000 lines of Shukur Tebuev, Karachai poet from Russia

Book 20 “Detection” of As-Safi Octalogy is based on the works of Sheikh-Islam and Mufti Mecca of the late 19th century, Sheikh Ahmad al-Dahlan, transcribed by the pre-revolutionary Dagestan scholar Sheikh Shu’aib al-Bagini (Sheikh Shamuili). A lecture course on the life of the Prophet, delivered by the Supreme Mufti of Syria by Sheikh Ahmad Kaftaru in the early 80s of the last century in Mujammagye Abu n-Nur, was also used.

Book 20 “Detection” of As-Safi Octalogy in Russian State Library:

Sod is the Decathlon. In modern terms, this is a meeting of masters for superiority in the absolute championship of athletes. Where all the components, striving to achieve only one goal and implying the necessary level in many disciplines, should be honed. The biography of the Prophet of Muslims is a kind of decathlon of the Spirit, where the final result, consisting of many aspects of the general mosaic, is taken into account. The different directions and the most important highways gathered together should create a single universal plan for achieving the main goal — the creation of the Perfect Man, capable of achieving maximum success-happiness anywhere in Space-Time and possessing all the necessary knowledge, wisdom and ability for this. Such was the Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم) at one time…

Tan Heavenly First. 17th Legion (stanzas 4,945 — 5,253). Completion

Prologue and al-Bab 1. Greeting

Prologue. 2 sheikhs and a crushed Scorpion

Continuation of the Prologue

Al-Bab 1. Greeting

Shamuili: Imam Shamil’s Man

The Light of the Prophet and the creation of the world

Al-Bab 2. Elephant Mahmud

Contemporaries of Abd al-Muttalib and their wars among themselves

The campaign of Abraha and his army to destroy the Kaaba

Snow. 18th Legion (stanzas 5,254 — 5,562)

Al-Bab 3. Birth of the Prophet

Parents of the Prophet. Abdullah’s marriage to Amina

Waiting for the Prophet — the world has quieted down



Miracles after birth

Al-Bab 4. Identification of the Essence


Missed excuses

Inheritance and heirs

In the world of transliterations and errors

Al-Bab 5. Childhood and early life

Who will become the dairy mother of the orphan?..

Al-Muhim 001. Important

Halimat, the Prophet’s Dairy Mother

Halimatu s-Sa’diyyah

Years in the Banu Sa’d tribe

Al-Muhim 002. Important

Return to Mecca

Under the tutelage of his uncle Abu Talib

1st trip to Sham. Bahira scientist

A trip to Yemen and a 2nd trip to Sham

Al-Bab 6. Marrying Khadija

3rd trip to Sham. Monk Nestor

Khadija, mother of the faithful

Al-Bab 7. Clan of the Prophet

Children of the Prophet


Love for the inhabitants of the House of the Prophet

Alu Muhammadin Kullu Taqi

He — and what his…

Al-Bab 8. Recovery of the Kaaba after mudflows

Al-Bab 9. Preparation for the Prophecy

They want to teach us …

Two types of knowledge

«Success» of modern civilization …

Al-Bab 10. School of Hira

The school we lost …

The mission of the Prophet is the production of the Perfect Man

From first grade to Academy

How to read Sira? Kaftaru’s approach

Years at Hira Cave

Al-Bab 11. Beginning of the Prophecy: 1st year

The first namaz after the Prophet — Khadija

Salam from Allah and from Jabrail to Khadija

Khadija — Vizier of the Prophet

Said: you are Rasulu Lláh

Revelation — what and how?

Different types of wahi-revelation

True Islam is success always and in everything

Al-Bab 12. What is the Prophecy?

What is the Nubuwwa-Prophecy?

Iqra’ — Nubuwwa (Nabi)

Nabi is the Prophet

Al-Bab 13. The Messenger of Allah

Ya aiyyahal Muddáththir — Risála (Rasúl)

Rasul is the Messenger

Flawless Perfection

Do not want to believe the Prophet? ..

About ideals

About the «finder» errors

Al-Bab 14. The first Muslims

Khadija, Abu Bakr, ‘Ali

First 20

21st — Abu Dhar

Uweisiyya — Uweis (Wais) al-Qarani

Al-Bab 15. First three years

Reflected Light

Ice. 19th Legion (stanzas 5,563 — 5,871)


Tasbih — two prayers of 2 raka’at (morning and evening)

Two sheikhs

Allah and the Prophet

Abu Bakr and ‘Ali

Al-Muhim 003. Important


Uthman strangled with smoke

Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas and his brother ‘Amir

Talha — qarin of Abu Bakr

Cohort first

20th — Abdullah ibn Mas’ud

Al-Muhim 004. Important

Angel Israfil comes to the Prophet

Assemblies at Arqam’s House

Al-Bab 16. The fighter of the spirit. Combat techniques

One Enemy — One Direction of Impact

Nafs and the devil — two ways to fight

Pros — no strangers …

Features of the attitude to the pagans of Mecca

Features of the attitude to the hypocrites of Medina

Features of the attitude towards the Jews of Medina

Wrestling techniques — Mecca pagans

Percussion techniques — the hypocrites of Medina

Battle conditions

Octagon enclosed space

Open platform at high altitude

Who are the Jews of Medina then? ..

Combining Opposite Conditions

Double M — al-Mustahlak al-Mutlaq

Absolute Battle with the ego — the main task of Sira (Prophet Muhammad Story)

The Ultimate Spirit Fighter




Al-Bab 17. 4th year: open call

The time of Sod has come, Fiqh while we have put off …

Knowledge of the path to God and knowledge of God


The order to call relatives

Prophet gathers his clan

The Prophet collects Mecca Quraysh

Family tree of the Prophet Muhammad

Threats of the Qurayshites

λ and 1st Gazelle of Hafez

1st Gazelle

My λ

Four causes of disbelief-denial

1st reason. Power

2nd reason. Money

3rd reason. Position in society

4th reason. Envy

Trick of the Qurayshites — ‘Imara ibn al-Waleed

Al-Bab 18. 13 years of torture in Mecca

From verbal skirmishes to physical extermination

Reasons for gentile discontent

Story of ‘Abbas

Abu Lahab and his wife Umm Jamil

The marriage of Abul-‘As to Zaynab

Termination of the engagement of two sons of Abu Lahab with the daughters of the Prophet. ‘Uteiba curse and his death

Punishment: Mecca Seven and Quraysh

«I was sent to destroy you …»

The first open call after the Prophet — Abu Bakr

First reading of the Quran to the infidel after the Prophet — Abdullah ibn Mas’ud

Tricks of the Quraysh

Trades of Quraysh with the Prophet: money, power and reign

Questions for the Supporters and Opponents of the Prophet

Four levels of incarnation of Sira from Kaftaru

Quraysh: continued trading. Sending Al-Kafirun Surah (Unfaithful)

Questions and claims of the gentiles to the Prophet and the Quran. Divine Glossary of Terms

Why do unbelievers demand miracles from the Prophets all the time?


‘Uqba and Ubay

Waleed’s trick in the Hajj season. «Sadaqal Waleed»

Abu Lahab and the Sunnah of Saints after the Prophet

5 + 1: Angel Jabrail will kill five and blind one of the torturers

Abu Jahl, Waleed, and the Banu Makhzum clan are about to kill the Prophet

«Ma» and «man»


Habbab Question

Asiya and Iskandra

Why all this suffering?

The invincibility of the Ashab in the transfer of suffering

Al-Bab 19. 5th year: 1st migration to Abyssinia

Hijra of Abu Bakr

In Ethiopia

‘Amr ibn al-‘As and ‘Imara ibn al-Waleed are asked to return the Muhajirs

Ja’far’s answer. Najashi hears the Quran and cries

Al-Bab 20. 6th year: Hamza and ‘Umar accept Islam

Arrow in Abu Jahl

Al-Muhim 005. Important

And from this Quraysh runs a cruel run?..

How ‘Umar resolved issues

‘Umar al-Faruq — distinguishing between truth and falsehood

Equatorial. 20th Legion (stanzas 5,872 — 6,180)

Al-Bab 21. 7th year: trial of people of the Abu Talib clan

Tolerance of paganism?..

Banu Muttalib and Banu Hashim

Reasons for escalation

Covered gorge

Withered hand

2nd Hijra to Ethiopia

Complete blockade of the gorge

Al-Bab 22. 8th year: Ansar from Medina

First seven years

Quraysh and their Light

1st meeting of the Prophet with the Ansar: 8th Year

2nd meeting of the Prophet with the Ansar: 9th Year

Mus’ab and Ibn Umm Maktum sent by the Prophet to Medina

3rd meeting of the Prophet with the Ansar: 10th Year

20 Christians from Najran accept Islam

Al-Bab 23. 10th year: Year of Sorrow

Abu Talib…


Al-Bab 24. Visiting Taif


Leaders of the Thaqif Tribe in Taif

‘Addas is a Christian from Nineveh

Angel of mountains

Du’a-prayer to God

Al-Bab 25. The first muslim genies from Qamishli

Al-Bab 26. Return to Mecca

Difficulties in entering Mecca and the customs of the Arabs

Abdullah ibn Ureyqidh

First. Al-Akhnas

Second. Suhayl ibn ‘Amr

Third. Mut’im ibn ‘Adi

Fiqh-understanding of the story of Mut’im

Closed-up ears: Tufayl ibn ‘Amir at-Tawsi — Thu-n-Nur

Marriage of the Prophet to Sauda bint Zum’a and engagement to ‘Aisha

Al-Bab 27. 11th year: Mi’raj-Ascension


Isra’-Moving the Prophet from Mecca to Jerusalem at night

Mi’raj-Ascension of the Prophet from Jerusalem beyond the entire universe to God Himself, where no one has ever been

Quraysh reaction

Lion and bone taken from a dog

I take from Hafez

Al-Bab 28. 13th year: Hijra-emigration

Brotherhood in Mecca

The First Muhajir — Abu Salama

The first Muhajirs

Suhayl al-Rumi

The meeting of the «parliament» of the devil

Prophet, Abu Bakr and ‘Ali

In the oasis at Umm Mi’bad

Miracle Tree: Prophet, Ali and al-Husain

Suraqa ibn Malik al-Mudliji

Burayda ibn Aslam of the Sahm tribe

The Prophet begins to build the mosque in Quba

Ali with weak Muslims performs Hijra

Friday prayer of the Prophet in the mosque of Salim ibn ‘Auf

House of Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari

King of Yemen Tubba’ I, his gifts and message to the Prophet Muhammad

How the Aus and Khazraj tribes settled around the Medina

In a new place

Hijra calculus

In the world — everything turned upside down

Swift. 21st Legion (stanzas 6,181 — 6,489)

He swiftly took

Way Direction

Al-Bab 29. 1st year after the Hijra of the Prophet (AH 1). Step one: construction of the Mosque of the Prophet

Construction start

‘Ali and Mu’awiya at Siffin

Qibla Mosque of the Prophet — still to Jerusalem

Al-Bab 30. Step 2: Fatima, Umm Kulthum, Usama ibn Zaid, Umm Aiman and Sauda come to Medina

Al-Bab 31. Step 3: brotherhood between Muhajirun and Ansar

Al-Bab 32. Step 4: Jewish call and contract with them

Al-Bab 33. Azan

Al-Bab 34. Abdullah ibn Salam accept Islam

How the Jews appeared around the Medina

Question of Abdullah ibn Salam to the Prophet

Malik ibn Sold

89th Ayat of the 2nd Chapter of the Quran

Fitna of Shas ibn Qays

Jewish questions to the Prophet

Two great Jewish scholars accept Islam

Another definition of wisdom

Speculation on the wives of the Prophet. Answer

Hulagu in Baghdad

In twelve hours

Al-Bab 35. Munafiqun-hypocrites

Al-Bab 36. Ghazawat and Saroya. Economic war

Al-Bab 37. AH 2. Qibla change: facing Mecca rather than Jerusalem during prayer

Al-Bab 38. The Prophet’s marriage to ‘Aisha

Al-Bab 39. Prescription of Saum-abstinence in Ramadan month

Al-Bab 40. Battle of Badr

Three permissions

Reasons for the battles of the Prophets

50,000 dinars in gold

Domdom al-Ghifari

The dream of ‘Atika, aunt of the Prophet

Camping Meccans

Or this caravan — or Victory

Alignment of forces

Habbab ibn Mundhir council

We lost the fight for the wells

Intelligence of Qurayshites

‘Utba and Abu Jahl

Tent for the Prophet and his protection

Mubáraza — a duel before the battle


Abbas, uncle of the Prophet

Captured of Badr

1st council: Abu Bakr, ‘Umar, ‘Ali

2nd council: general opinion of the Ashab

God’s decision

The son-in-law of the Prophet — Abul-‘As

Mecca orator — Suhayl ibn ‘Amr

Good attitude towards prisoners

Jubayr ibn Mut’im ibn ‘Adi

‘Umayr ibn Wahb accepts Islam

Abul-‘Azza al-Sha’ir

Qubab and other

The answer to the Orientalists

«… do what you want, you are in Paradise …»

Al-Bab 41. Wars against Banu Sulaima and Banu Qaynuqa

Al-Bab 42. ‘Ali’s marriage to Fatima

Why? The heterosis power of first-generation hybrids

Council of Abu Bakr and ‘Umar

Batul, like Maryam

Al-Bab 43. AH 3. Between Badr and Uhud

Fitna of Ka’b ibn Ashraf

Ghazawat against the Ghatafan tribe

Ghazawat against Banu Salim

‘Uthman’s marriage to the daughter of the Prophet Umm Kulthum

The marriage of the Prophet to Hafsa, daughter of ‘Umar

Sariya-campaign of Zayd to take the caravan of Abu Sufyan

Al-Bab 44. Battle of Uhud

Quraysh meeting in Daru n-Nadua

Notice from ‘Abbas

Leader of the hypocrites Abdullah ibn Ubay ibn Abi Salul

Council with Ashab

Prophet’s dream on that Friday morning

The worst moment of Islam

The Most Important Battle

Abdurrahman on Poitiers in France — a century after Uhud

Forge of the Spirit

Seventy helmet hits

Ali: obedience to Allah and His Messenger and their contentment

Return to Friday day

Conversion of Sa’d ibn Mu’adh, Ansar’s leader

The Prophet puts on chain mail

Before the battle

Army of Mecca

Muslims’ preparation

Saber of Abu Dujana

The departure of the hypocrites before the battle

60 Ayat from Áli ‘Imran

The abandoned banner of the meccans

The advance of the Ashab

The hardest moment of History

Mockery of pagans over dead Muslims

Safiyya, sister of Hamza

The execution of Abu al-‘Azza al-Sha’ir

The story of the Prophet Yahya, uncle Jesus

Hamra ul-Ásad — continuation of Uhud

Defeat or not?

Three times a Thousand a Week

Al-Bab 45. Prohibition of alcohol. Saria of Abu Salama

Al-Bab 46. Stick of the Prophet

Al-Bab 47. AH 4. The story of ar-Rajia

Al-Bab 48. Bi’ru Ma’una and 70 killed Muslims

Al-Bab 49. War against Banu Nadir

Al-Bab 50. War Dhati-r-Riqa’

As-Samh al-Shaybáni — to Lyon, Abdurrahman — to Poitiers

Al-Bab 51. Battle of Badr Small

The trick of Abu Sufyan

Prophet’s decision

Al-Bab 52. AH 5. Prophet campaign towards Damascus

Al-Bab 53. War against Banu Mustaliq (al-Muraysi’)

Jiwayriyya’s dream

Ayat’s message about Tayammum

Troubles of the leader of the hypocrites

Dig a moat — we are ready

Tan Heavenly Second. 22nd Legion (stanzas 6,490 — 6,798)

Thank God — it turned out

From Shah-Nama to the Fifth Veda

Al-Bab 54. Battle of Khandaq (Moat)

Who is right?

Ahzab — tribal coalition against Medina

Salman al-Fárisi council

Salman minna, Ahlul-Bayt

Keys from Sham, Persia, Yemen

Treats of Jabir and Bishr

The moat is dug up


Vise: Quraysh, Ghatafán and Banu Qurayza

Bishara — the promise of victory, entry into Mecca and the capture of Byzantium with Persia

Arrows — a means of battle

An attempt to split the coalition. Sa’d’s decision

Duel ‘Ali and ‘Amr

Zubayr and Naufal

Wound Sa’d ibn Mu’adh

4 missed prayers

20 camels

Du’a of the Prophet

Al-Harbu — khud’atun / khad’atun

Wind, cold, darkness

Al-Bab 55. War against Banu Qurayza

Al-Bab 56. AH 6. Saroya

Samama ibn Usal

Ghazawat against Banu Lihyan

Abu Dhar

200 camels of ‘Ukasha and the killed Ashabs of ibn Maslama

Abul-‘As is captured and accepts Islam

Sariya of Abdurrahman ibn ‘Auf to Dumatul-Jandal near Damascus

Sariya of ‘Ali to Banu Bakr and Banu Sa’d

Umm Qirfa

Abu Rafiq Sallam ibn Huqayq

Usayr ibn Rizam

‘Uqal and ‘Urayna

Abu Sufyan and ‘Amr ubn Umaiyya

Al-Bab 57. As-Sulh — Truce of Hudaybiyya

The Prophet’s dream

Forbidden months

The miracle of water: arrow and arm

Burayd ibn Warqá, leader of Banu Khuzá’a

‘Urwa ibn Mas’ud Thaqafi, leader of Taif-city

‘Urwa’s story to the Meccans

Khulays ibn ‘Alqama, leader of the Ahabish tribe

Mikras ibn Hafs, the first negotiator

Suhayl ibn ‘Amr, speaker and poet of Mecca

The Prophet sends Uthman to Mecca

Bay’atu r-Ridwan — the oath of death

Abdullah ibn Ubay, leader of the hypocrites of Medina, receives permission from the Meccans for ‘Umra

Armistice takes effect

‘Ali writes the text of the contract

Great victory not immediately understood

Council of Umm Salama, the wife of the Prophet

Badr and Hudaybiyya

Umm Kulthum, daughter of ‘Uqba

Abu Busoyr

Al-Bab 58. AH 7. Battle of Haybar

Betrayal of Ibn Ubay

Poems of Salm ibn Ákwa’

Before Haybar

Habbab ibn Mundhir

7 days of battles

Man — loving Allah and the Prophet and loved by them

‘Ali takes Haybar

Treasure of the leader Banu Nadir ibn Ákhtab and his daughter Safiyya

Poisoned food for the Prophet

Arrival of Ja’far, brother Ali, from Ethiopia

Merchant Hajjaj ibn ‘Ilad

Al-Bab 59. Refund of a missed ‘Umra

Military expeditions (Saroya) before and after ‘Umra

‘Umra (Small Hajj) of the Prophet

Khalid, ‘Amr and Uthman

Al-Bab 60. AH 8. Battle of Mu’ta

Al-Bab 61. Conquest of Mecca

Three Sariya — until

Banu Bakr (allies of the Quraysh) violate the truce

Banu Khuza’a by the Prophet in Medina

Abu Sufyan in Medina

Camping preparations

Army exit from Medina

Before Mecca

Abu Sufyan at the Prophet’s camp

The return of Abu Sufyan to Mecca

The entry of the Prophet’s troops into Mecca

Idols of the Kaaba

Prophet and ‘Ali

Abu Quhafa, father of Abu Bakr

List of 15

18 days in Mecca

Al-Bab 62. Battle of Hunayn

Malik ibn ‘Auf, leader of the Khawazin tribe

On the courage of the Prophet and the Arabs in general

Al-Bab 63. Campaign against Taif

Al-Bab 64. AH 9. Prophet’s campaign against Byzantium (Battle of Tabuk)

80 days

The Byzantine Emperor comes out against the Prophet

Muslim army preparations

Al-tabur al-khamis

Way to Tabuk

20 days in Tabuk

The conspiracy of hypocrites

Return to Medina

The Prophet sends Abu Bakr at the head of the pilgrims to the Hajj

Prophet sends Mu’adh and Abu Musa to Yemen

Al-Bab 65. Masjid al-Dirar

The death of the head of the hypocrites

Al-Bab 66. Tribal delegations to the Prophet

Al-Bab 67. Ambassadors of the Prophet to the Heads of State

Al-Bab 68. AH 10. Farewell Hajj of the Prophet

Ramadan month: Ali goes to Yemen

End of the 11th month: the Prophet goes to Hajj from Medina and performs all its rites with about 200 thousand pilgrims from all over ‘Arabia

Humá place: the Prophet bequeaths to Ashab to hold on to the Quran and his Ahlul-Bayt

Al-Bab 69. Campaign of Usama ibn Zaid against Byzantium in Syria

Al-Bab 70. Return…

Sod is a kind of quintessence-squeeze of all achievements in all the most important areas of human knowledge. Any layer of society is able to find in it an answer to the current central question of the day at the level of understanding that it considers acceptable for itself in this. Panacea exists not only for those who believe in it. Although it is he who will ultimately receive the maximum benefit not from faith, but from its rational use. The success criterion is considered to be the level of influence of a person on the world around, taking into account the future transformation for the better. Unbiased researchers, like computer programs, put the Prophet Muhammad in first place on this list in the history of mankind. And, if Jesus revived people after death, then Muslims consider their nations to revive whole nations. In Sod, the emphasis is on the fact that the Master of the Universe, who did not know how to read and write, was the best healer of souls and hearts. He passed this baton to his heirs, the best of which were able to embody the explicit and secret knowledge that he brought from God.