Fantasy. Book 4. Growling (by Khazrat Tebu)

Fantasy. Monster and άλφα-2 (by Khazrat Tebu)

Book 4. Growling

Khazrat Tebu. Monster and άλφα-2 (fantasy)

Real events, real characters. A story from life. The reality of which no one will ever believe. That’s why it’s a fantasy. All right, let’s make it fantasy… The book may seem uninteresting and non-dynamic at first. This was the case with my friends until they learned the real names of some of the characters. Then they reread the book again under a completely different impression. Can you guess — who is who — in this book? You’ll be amazed. And you won’t believe it. That’s why this book is in the fantasy genre, smiley. Enjoy your reading.
Respectfully, the author

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Monster and άλφα

Monster and άλφα-2

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Monster and άλφα-2


This creature is currently unparalleled. Even in the long history of the world, there have been few like it.
It walks the Earth in human form. And it can appear anywhere in the universe in less than a second. Staying in many places at once. If necessary.
Having passed all the stages of polishing required for certification in the visible world, the creature was granted the right to incarnate destinies.
Pleased to meet you. I am the beast. The Killer.
The recent history of the world in recent years, in the strategic and tactical highways, takes place with my participation and directly with my sanction…


Monster and άλφα-2

Book 4

Chapter 105. Debate? No. And not a debate on the sidelines
Chapter 106. The battles of the beast, physical and spiritual
Soccerman has killed 132 thousand heroes in 40 years alone
Inborn ability or level of training?
Experts are needed, real experts. Experts who know their business, not clowns
My story
Falling from Everest
A broken compass
World countries, regions, cities in Monster and άλφα
The rings of the beast
Of the essence of the beast. enfj-t
Representations of the beast
In 86 days — a fantasy for almost 4 hours of reading
Why did God spin this whole affair?
People are not interested in justice
Tastes of movie buffs
Every thing has its place
The purpose of exceptions
Pointing out people’s faults
I’m having a hard time getting into Book 4
Some people need order in this land, others are busy making a mess
The last week before the vernal equinox
The reasons for the rage of the beast (visible reasons…)
Why do I believe in God?
Bad people and good people
Chapter 107. The Desert of Death (DD)
Chapter 108. The demon world united by choosing an emperor
Episode 1. Unexpected. Planned?
Episode 2. Emperor Jer seeks new allies
Episode 3. Was it a mistake for emperor Jer to enter into a vassal alliance with the orientals?
Chapter 109. Is the beast a little tough?
Conflict of interest
Jinns meeting the same evening
Three causes of all misfortunes
The story of Umar ibn Abdul-G’aziz and the jinn, one of the first Muslim jinns
Jer lost both worlds, the mortal and the eternal
The losses of the demon world in just a month, or less than a month
Jinns: how many of them are there?
Until the month of Ramadan AH 1443
Chapter 110. A History of the World (Plain and Simple). Part I
Episode 1
Allah is the One and Only, alone
What does the Prophet Muhammad have to do with it?
Episode 2
Where am I getting all this from?
So how was the whole world created from the Light of the Prophet Muhammad? (The basic version to understand — and perhaps the simplest — as told by Shaykhul-Islam and Mufti of Mecca Ahmad al-Dahlan, who lived in the nineteenth century solar chronology)
Episode 3
In Search of Superposition. A different view of the same thing
About the light of the Prophet again
Nuance in the distinction of souls and bodies
Episode 4
More nuances about the souls and their relation to the Prophet
Approximate time periods?
Episode 5
Before there were humans
About the reckoning of time
Jann, the forefather of the jinns
Episode 6
Where did the devil come from?
The wrong reasons for the devil’s unnecessary pride
Episode 7
The Creation of Man, Viceroy of the Earth
Episode 8
What are we talking about?
Religion is not loved today
The Benefits of Religion Ignored by Modern Man
Episode 9
Allah created Adam, the first man
Adam’s Qualities
The bowing of angels to man and the disobedience of the devil
Episode 10
Adam dwelt in Paradise
Why are the Prophets sinless?
Episode 11
Prophet Adam (ع) on Earth
The devil was also sent to Earth
So why is the deed of the devil considered sinful?
Here is another explanation
Episode 12
Adam lived on Earth for a thousand years
The devil fell to earth in Iraq, the serpent in Isfahan (province of Iran), the peacock in Antakya (province of Turkey)
Episode 13
Kaaba, the first building
Adam’s Choice: One of the Three
Adam and Haua lived in India and went on the hajj 40 times
Episode 14
Qabil kills Habil
The birth of Sheeth, Adam’s heir, without a twin
Episode 15
The Prophet Sheeth (ع), son of Adam and Viceroy of the Earth
Sheeth heirs all the way up to Idris
Episode 16
The Prophet Idris (ع), the First Tailor
Idris receives 30 scrolls from Allah
Idris goes straight to Paradise

Episode 17
The Trial of the Angel Tribe: Harut and Marut
The angels Harut and Marut receive from Allah the knowledge of magic and witchcraft in order to test people
Episode 18
The Prophet Nuh (ع) and the Great Flood
The ranks of the Prophets of God
Don’t look around at the people
Episode 19
950 years of entreaties: only 40 people left with God
The end of entreaties
Nuh’s family
The first 42 centuries of man’s sojourn on earth ended in total extermination
Episode 20
Beginning the construction of the Ark
Nuh went on the hajj to Mecca
The Flood
Episode 21
The human race is reborn again from Nuh’s three sons: Sam, Ham, and Yafet
Episode 22
The Prophet Muhammad is the 47th in the line of Adam
An aside: the Sharia is the Divine law regulating all spheres of life of beings on Earth
Episode 23
The Prophet Hud (ع) and the G’ad tribe
Episode 24
The Prophet Salih (ع) and the tribe of Thamud
Episode 25
Prophet Zulqarnay (ع), ruler of the whole world
Episode 26
The story of Zulqarnay’s conquest of the world at the end of chapter 18 of the Koran al-Kahfi (The Cave)
The blocking of the tribes of Ya’djuj and Ma’djuj in one of the gorges before the second coming of Jesus at the End of the World
Episode 27
Prophet Khizir (ع), the fighting general of Zulqarnay and gaining immortality
Zulqarnay sets out on a quest for the Living Water to become immortal
Episode 28
The Prophet Ibrahim (ع), a friend of Allah
Nimrud, an enemy of Ibrahim
The prophecy of the birth of Ibrahim, who would end despotism
Chapter 111. There is enough sun in the sky for everyone. But people don’t understand
The prediction of the beast, terrible and fulfilled
Terrible news for the enemies of the beast, the greedy and corrupt, needing the beast and waiting for him to misfire
More bad news for the enemies of the beast
And more bad news for the beast’s enemies
Chapter 112. Actions
People’s dreams
Once upon a time there was a beast… (one man’s dream)
Another dream
The beast was 565 years old
Is there no end to the battle?
When will they find the Golden Mountain?
Are mood swings in the narrative inevitable?
The beast doesn’t know what to talk about?
Truth is too strong a wine
Chapter 113. Prehistory
What’s next…?
The beast is preparing for something
When time passes and the past no longer matters
Old-fashioned Asian
Sketches from nature?
Necessary screening
Chapter 114. The Stuff
A strained smile on your face doesn’t mean anything. Neither does joy signify
Why are some books and movies successful and others not?
Is the running endless? Is it unstoppable?
I have to think about it
What do people strive for?
People will believe what they want to believe
Are people intoxicated by the mundane and don’t understand anything?
The beast walks the earth’s graveyard…
The beast knows no questions. Much less answers
The sorcerers are concerned
Having no content can’t hold the attention for long
Chapter 115. Don’t do it
When you know exactly what not to do
You should be hindered if you’re on the right track. The whole world must get in the way
How the beast became viceroy
Chapter 116. Battles lost beforehand
Either because of pride, or textbook
Snorri Sturluson and his «Younger Edda» shatters the foundations of Western history: Odin and his Ases are Turks, descended from Homer’s Troy
«The Younger Edda» about Odin
The ancestors of Odin and their assumed Turkic etymology
The 6 sons of Odin became rulers of Western Europe
Odin came to Europe from the shores of Tanais-Tanais and the Sea of Azov
Chapter 117. Predestination
Predestination helps you live
East Eurasia and the Ases. Mysteries of history?
The genus Dulu, one of the main Ases clans in the West
Why are the Ases called Bulgarians or Bulgars?
Chapter 118. Useful
Knowledge, Acts, Intentions

February 25, 2022

Monster and άλφα-2. Book 4. Growling

Chapter 105. Debate? No. And not a debate on the sidelines

The beast is gone. Gone for a long time. The mundane world no longer interested him. He wanted to die…
He didn’t expect gratitude. He was constantly accused of lying, or hinted at. That didn’t interest him much either. The world was boring him. And even Meter Ninety was no longer in it, the demons had found and killed her on the eve of his accession to the rank of Viceroy. They found her before he did, and he never got to meet her. Yu-ri’s love line ended without beginning.
On the eve of Jesus’ return and the appearance of Mahdi, the world might have needed a new viceroy. Was the beast weak and morally unprepared? Perhaps. I liked the backing vocals better, but I was assigned the solo. Why? I don’t know.
Living in the shadows had its advantages. You didn’t have to make an appearance, be somewhere and with someone. Living online 24/7 didn’t stress the beast not much. And the glitz of the world and the abundance of cheesy mice was depressing.
You can’t blame people. They chose. Let them choose the wrong thing. And I need to be here. On duty. Not resting in eternal peace. Though rest in eternal peace is not guaranteed for me.
The beast had a guarantee of fear and hatred from humans. There is nothing to be done.
The beast worked for no one, obeyed no one, possessing a power unparalleled at this time. This could not please the beast’s enemies. And he had almost no supporters. Obeying only Allah and the Prophet, the beast was a threat to Dajjal (aka Antichrist) and his crowd. What was the mission of the beast on the earth was not clear even to him, for he thought that he had never had and never will have any mission at all. He had no doubts about it and couldn’t understand how he found himself in the epicenter of these events on the Earth, where he got due to a strange coincidence of circumstances.
Further events unfolded around Dajjal or his future appearance.
This clown was born the same year as the Prophet and had already languished for a millennium and a half waiting. His appearance is the worst thing that has happened on earth since God’s creation. And that worst must meet the worst of all creations-the beast. Not that clown the church calls the Beast (or Dajjal, aka Antichrist). But a real beast, obedient to Allah and the Prophet…

Chapter 106. The battles of the beast, physical and spiritual

They know how to be on the winning side. I don’t. And I don’t have to. Not because I am a winner. It’s because I don’t have to. You have to be where you’re supposed to be. Have I ever met anyone like that? I ask myself when I look in the mirror. Not knowing the answer…
Have I written a masterpiece? I don’t know. I don’t like it much myself. Maybe someone else will like it. Allah knows better than that…
People know what to write about. What people will like. I can’t do that. I tell the diagnosis the way it is. Not the way the sick want to hear it. There are few who want to know the truth. Fewer still have a chance to make a difference.
Fate has long been out of our hands. From the moment our souls are chosen in the eternal world, until they acquire physical bodies. Beautiful words in beautiful movies and books for the box office mean nothing to anyone anymore. Especially to someone who is already dead. And brought back to life in a world of nothingness. Becoming one of the few who came to life at all. And for real. Unfortunately for the chatterboxes and the blabbermouths. Not nerds and physicists.
They tell me about gradualism, as a necessary precondition for progress in general and spiritual progress in particular. So it is. That is why I do not call anyone to follow me.

  • Soccerman has killed 132 thousand heroes in 40 years alone

And he fell by the hand of the beast. As he was foretold. He killed over 100,000 giant ifrites alone. And they were very tough fellows, a hundred and fifty meters tall. Although Soccerman was 500 meters tall. Only Allah knows how many saints and great righteous men were killed.
Absolute champion of the world of magic. He would have killed Dedok, too, but he bought the agronomist’s PR.

  • Inborn ability or level of training?

God is not alone. Though He is One. Where are His slaves, fascinated by the perishable or the eternal, but not — by Him? Paradise, once created, will no longer fade away and is considered eternal. Though it has a beginning. Worldly life has a beginning and an end. But neither has anything to do with Allah. Not even indirectly.
The ore will not become a saber without the smith. Even the best ore that is destined to become Damascus Bulat. The best diamond will not turn into a diamond. Without a jeweler. There is innate ability. But the level of training is just as important. You can’t make a cobble stone into a ring on the hand of a king. But I am ready to be a stone on the sidewalk under the foot of a righteous man.

  • Experts are needed, real experts. Experts who know their business, not clowns

The beast’s words about there being only 2 real sorcerers in the world at the moment didn’t please anyone. And both were stronger than Dedok. And there were seven second-level warlocks, plus three on the way. The rest of the wizards who pretend to be wizards are just propagandistic clowns. Who’s going to like that? Unfortunately, the beast is not an expert, but an executioner.
I don’t mean that strong wizards who know their job are needed, in case anyone doesn’t understand.
My job is to guard the border, not to kill warlocks and demons. But those jerks were always hanging around. So they died at the hand of the beast.

  • My story

I don’t make up the story. I’m fixing what’s going on. So far, nothing much is happening. And of what is happening so far, not much can be mentioned at this point in the book.
The beast’s promises come true. Even when he has completely forgotten about them. They come true for his enemies. And for friends, of whom there are few. Or rather, there are almost none. And almost no acquaintances. Everything is simplified to the extreme.
Perhaps the reader wants the storyline to develop. But that’s what happens in fictional novels. Or those that are written after the fact. Our book is online. Not so much with plots and deadlines. But there is something in common, nonetheless.

  • Falling from Everest

I thought that my reflections would make the reader long for adventure and the new battles of the beast. The beast-super being, demolishing everything in its path at Allah’s command. As it turns out, these reflections can be gratifying. I didn’t see that coming. Apparently, it’s a matter of experience. The personal experience of having fallen from Everest…

  • A broken compass

A compass doesn’t break from a fall. Mine did. Smashed to pieces. And thank God. Wandering without hope, forgotten by all, forgotten everything. That’s how you get a chance. You can, doesn’t mean you will. But I got lucky. Maximum…

  • World countries, regions, cities in Monster and άλφα

Shores of the Soft Land
Land of Mu
Meteodependent Latitudes
New Kipchakiya
Stolny Grad
Ulus of the Great Khan

Despite the fact that all these territories are located on the 3rd planet of the solar system, I suggest that the reader himself determine the localization of places. And to be specific about the key characters. It’s more interesting that way. And it’s not like Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. That’s the way it goes. And let it go.
If someone can succeed and understand the basic storyline, maybe the world will see the ring of the beast…

  • The rings of the beast

There were five in all. The first ring (Symbol of Vengeance) was given to a sick man, which resulted in the accidental killing of Dedok, the roof of the entire world of magic for at least half a century. The second ring (Symbol of Disposition) is at the bottom of the Black Sea and regulates the affairs of the world’s oceans. The third ring (Symbol of Loyalty) is in Robot’s possession.
The fourth ring, the ring of the beast itself (Symbol of Power) has found a new owner. The beast was transferred from the military department of the Heavenly Service to the oversight department a few years ago. He was military and became a prosecutor. He was transferred from the military to the oversight division of the Heavenly Services, and had to beg to be sent back to his homeland. As a result, the beast was given the Fifth Ring (Symbol of War), which he wore as his Viceroy on his ring finger instead of his little finger. He has unleashed an all-out war on the world of mages and demons. He received this ring not long after the war began, as a sign of God’s approval of his actions.
Khalif Ali was once asked why he was always at war. After all, in the epoch of the Prophet himself wars were not frequent, and losses of Arabs on both sides during all operations were not more than 500 people. Ali replied, «In the time of the Prophet, most were like me. And now the majority is like you. That is why I fight…»
After Ali’s death, Muawiya (Khalif Ali’s main opponent) cried. When asked by his wife the reason for his tears, he replied that they had lost the most knowledgeable and the gentlest (khalim) among them. This is what Ibn Kathir writes in al-Bidaya wa n-Nihaya.
There it is also given that Ali persuaded his opponents on Syffin for nine months before defeating them.
Gentleness is when one who has power does not use his God-given power except as a last resort.
Ali was always the idol of the beast, after the Prophet. Having no special softness or power, the beast, when he started all-out war, got his Fifth Ring… The last one, insha Allah.

  • Of the essence of the beast. enfj-t

Thou, pious ascetic, shalt not wash away the stains of wine,
No matter how many times you boil your shirt in seven cauldrons of boiling water.


I have not seen my own self and know little. The beast I have seen several times, and each time I have fainted with fear. The beast that brings terror has fainted from fear each time. He says I’m a fool, not even aware of anything. So said my mother, extremely intelligent and endowed with a rare and peculiar intelligence derived from my grandfather, her father. Something went wrong with me. A rare dullard.
The beast is the image for the eternal world, so interesting to all the righteous. Writing fantasy and doing obscure things is an image given to the mortal world. But who am I to — out-of-time-space? The master knows. God knows.
I don’t know.
Somehow Test-16 decided that I was a coach or a teacher. I wonder why?

  • Representations of the beast

Mahabba, Yaqeen, and Tawakkul. Love for God, perfect faith in the One God, and trust in God. The three basic parameters of the beast, taken from the teachings of Sufi Sheikh Juneid, who lived 1200 years ago.
Let’s take a look at them.
Production and producer, this is important to the product. If you appeared in this world-who is the cause of your appearance? What was in the beginning, what will be after death, who controls it and how, how is creation different from the Creator? What is the Creator himself? How is the eternal (without beginning) different from having a beginning? Who goes through the nurturing process here and why?
The created is weaker than the Creator. Therefore, the creation will be able to worship and serve the Creator. Then the creation realizes the call and fully recognizes its slavery by submitting to God and serving God. Whoever, being a creature, does not know his Master — will not honor His authority, which is mandatory for all monads. So that — the monads can achieve unity with their Creator and become slaves.
Your knowledge of this is called — Tawheed (or conviction). But this knowledge of the heart is expressed by saying that there is but One Allah — He is the Ruler of the universe. He was in the beginning of all things, having no beginning. There is no second god and there is none like Him in action. Expressed in absolutes: there is no likeness to Allah. Only God provides benefit, only God does harm. And no one will give us anything but Him. And no one can deprive us — only God deprives us. Allah sends us sicknesses, He gives us cures. All the downs and ups of the world come only from Allah. And there is no other process of creation — except the creation of Allah, there is no other creator except Allah. And He alone endows us with everything — water, food, children, and the rest. There is no animation or mortification except by His command. So it was and so it will be until the Day of Judgment. And the cause of our rest or movement is Allah alone.
The scholars were asked: What is Tawheed? They answered that Tawheed is Yaqeen. And this requires — Mag’rifat (knowledge). Mag’rifat is a certain knowledge, namely when one understands that all the deeds of slaves are deeds of Allah alone. This is His law. If you have done this, then you have accepted God. You have accepted the One God and you know the One God. Which is interpreted this way: there is only one actor — it is the One God, the Lord of the universe.
And Yaqeen is the name of Tawheed when it becomes complete (tamma) and pure (khalas). And as soon as Tawheed becomes so, love — Mahabba — appears and becomes complete. Which is also deepened by complete Tawakkul (trust) and becomes love in the full sense. That is, Tawheed, brought to perfection, is called — Yaqeen. Tawakkul is a matter of the heart, and Tawheed must be expressed by the servant through the word. When the heart recognizes Tawheed and expresses it with knowledge, Tawheed becomes complete.
Tawakkul is the nizam (order) for Tawheed.
If a person does what he recognizes, he will receive this trio: Yaqeen, Mahabba, Tawakkul. Then the faith becomes complete and gets the name — Iman.
If there is not enough knowledge of the heart — Tawheed will be defective (naqis). If fitna (zon, or thought) covers the heart — Tawheed will not be what is needed. Fitna (zon, or thought) is when one believes that there is another actor besides God. This fitna is called soft polytheism (shirk latif). This fitna is not a matter of the heart and destroys the heart itself by assuming that — every created thing is its own master, choosing its own works and performing them at its own discretion. Whereas all deeds are done by God alone.
Thus Sheikh Juneid described those who have known God as follows: for such, the worship of God is more precious than the crown of an emperor.
In this form Sheikh Juneid’s instructions are given in the book of Khilya, which was written a thousand years ago.

  • In 86 days — a fantasy for almost 4 hours of reading

Weird and fast. Don’t you think? 20/80?

  • Why did God spin this whole affair?

With the superpowers of the beast. What was it for?
I don’t know exactly.
Didn’t ask. I’m not interested. God does His work, as He wills. And usually He explains it to people in a language they understand. Understandable — in a given era in a given context and for a given community of people. He knows best.
People today are desperate. Today is, in fact, just after the end of World War II. They were hopeful. They waited. They have been deceived. The strong and the rich all over the world are settling their own issues. They unceremoniously trample on the weak and poor, not giving interviews and ignoring journalists.
The beast doesn’t give interviews either. He silently kills such. Not that he likes the poor and weak, who have no interest in God any more than the strong and rich do. This life is like the illusion of a dream. And people think the dream scenario is an injustice. What does it matter after awakening in the form of death, when the soul will find itself in eternal life? None.
Allah, who forbade injustice to Himself, forbade it to His slaves as well. Although revenge is usually served cold. That is the peculiarity of this dish.
That’s why people like superheroes. Who can punish even the presidents of superpowers and all the powers that be by ignoring orders and paying off their venality. Hollywood in particular and the movie industry in general have correctly picked up on the commercial call of the mob. The crowd is out for blood. Tired of political correctness. The pantheon of superheroes is constantly growing. Anime and horror are not poor, amid the general decline of literature. Demand breeds supply. And people are told another grand story about restoring justice to the world, or another story about saving the world from who knows what. The story is another lie. Commercially profitable and elaborate.
They make up entire universes and worlds to get richer. They are the initiators and main ideological idols of the modern world, waiting for the Antichrist.
The beast is waiting for Jesus, who will work with Mahdi to bring order to the earth.
In the meantime, the order on Earth will be as I see fit to establish it. That’s why I got God’s sanction for the instant annihilation of 4 billion people, if necessary. Even though I only asked God for 3 billion.
The skills of the beast have gradually been honed. There used to be a lot of convention, it took a lot of time. Now time and place no longer mattered. The rank of the beast was changing. He was being promoted, shall we say. It aspires to absolute values. When the values themselves disappear. But they no longer exist now… And even «now» itself no longer exists.

  • People are not interested in justice

Tamerlan was interested. He said: «Justice is in strength, strength is in justice.» That is why he single-handedly conquered almost as much land as the entire Roman Empire in all the years of its more than a thousand years of existence. He may have conquered more, but the Orientalists could have «clamped» the land for Sultan Tamerlan. To please Alexander, the Caesars, Napoleon and other idols of the Western world.
He defeated the descendants of Genghis Khan, defeated the Ottoman Turks, and only his death preserved the Celestial Empire from imminent crushing by the formidable Sultan of Samarkand.
In the USSR, Stalin did not show proper respect for the brilliant commander and ruler. He used Tamerlan in the hope of shortening the official duration of the Tatar-Mongol yoke in Russia by defeating the troops of Tokhtamysh Khan in the Caucasus for 100 years. The tomb of the Iron Lame was opened. In some hours war with Germany began. As the inscription on the tombstone foretold. Respect those who are worthy of respect. Until life bends you to such by making you kneel.

  • Tastes of movie buffs

If Disney’s «Mulan» was not liked in the West and the East (maybe I’m wrong, but I read that somewhere) — then people are worse off. Worse than the beast thought. Worse than the beast thought.
Saw a movie today. Great movie, my respect to both the Chinese and Americans for their work.

  • Every thing has its place

The problem with people is that they consciously or unconsciously try to change the places of things. But — they won’t change. People who are imperfect want change to bring order. And that means — that they are far from understanding the point. Very far from it.
It’s the same with those clever people who claim there are contradictions in the Qur’an. It doesn’t matter if they are atheists or supposedly Muslim scholars. The Master of the house (Allah) placed things inside the house in a certain order long ago. Only strangers or fools keep asking indignantly — why is this located here? — stumbling at every step and brazenly claiming that they are masters of their own destiny and masters of this world. Know this. And know who these people really are.
The beast is satisfied with everything in this world. And nothing surprises him in the structure of this world. Except one question. What is he, the beast, doing here? Because his presence has no effect on anything. And his absence won’t change anything. It is this question that lies between the beast and true perfection…

  • The purpose of exceptions

People misunderstand exceptions. They are designed to reinforce the rule. God created the rules. And exceptions are also a manifestation of His will. Both rules and exceptions take place for a reason known to Allah and to accomplish some task known to Allah. Do not generalize exceptions to your rules, otherwise you will go astray from the right path. Which is what is observed all over the world.

  • Pointing out people’s faults

Makes sense only when dealing with a wise person. Who will thank you if he was not aware of the presence of that particular flaw in his nature, and will take up to correct it.
Other people will be offended. Depriving themselves of a chance to change for the better.
But that’s not the point.
When one finger points at the other, accusing him of something, the three fingers below point — at the accuser. The brave one sees bravery in the other, the insolent one sees insolence. For he himself also has it. But only — three times more.
But the beast is not concerned. He is not a journalist, improvising as he goes along, conducting an investigation. The beast is an announcer who reads the papers he brings in.

  • I’m having a hard time getting into Book 4

It happens. It’s been that way too. I write what comes in. Not having a plan in advance. Not everything comes to mind right away. Not everything is immediately realized. Things happen as they should. They were supposed to be according to the will of Allah. The beast is an ordinary guide to His will…
The pearl diver, according to the ancient parable of the Sages, wanted to look at his pearls on the shore. He was told he had already seen the pearl when he fished it. But he had not. He had not seen it. That is why he looks at the treasure on the shore with the others…

  • Some people need order in this land, others are busy making a mess

Strangers will not become kin. No matter how much you want them to. And they won’t try. Why should they? They know you’re a stranger to them.
That’s why I don’t call anyone to the right path. The right way will be for those who need it. Why call strangers there, they won’t come anyway. Even if you bring them in, they’ll run away the first chance they get. Why should I call such to Heaven? They don’t need God, and they don’t care about God. Why would God call them to His Paradise? He doesn’t. But He calls them anyway. So that tomorrow in Hell, where they will spend eternity, they won’t complain or blame anyone. No one but themselves.

  • The last week before the vernal equinox

The beast killed 300 million demons this week. Persuasion didn’t work. Even the one-time extermination of 3 million demons not so long ago didn’t make the right impression.
Jinns decided to prove to the beast that they were in charge. They were here long before humans. Created great civilizations. Flying UFOs now. And they do what they want.
They forgot one detail. I’m the beast. The Killer. When this world has a new viceroy, there will be new rules. In the meantime, they will live by my rules, insha Allah.

  • The reasons for the rage of the beast (visible reasons…)

This is the way Allah (جل و على) intended. Only Allah and His Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) have the right to give orders to the beast. The Prophet by right master of the beast, Allah by right God of the beast.
A few years ago, I was taken out of the jurisdiction of Imam Shamil (قدس الله سره الجليل), my spiritual master for over 40 years, alhamdu lillah. Before that and he was able to give me orders. So could Imam Ali (كرم الله وجهه).
When someone tries to force me to do his will, the beast has a spontaneous burst of rage. The stronger the rage, the more the person wants to hide his intention to control the beast.
That is, he has already decided instead of me what I should do as he should. And I have no choice not to do it. If it’s women — I warn them once and I drain them off the second time, insha Allah. If it’s men — I warn them and flush them out. I kill the strong ones who don’t want to understand anything and keep insisting on my bending to their will without my consent. Alhamdu lillah.
Jinns who decide to play such games, I kill them. Alhamdu lillah.
The details of this process have already been described in the chapter «Darth Vader Syndrome» earlier. Here it became necessary to remind you briefly.

  • Why do I believe in God?

You have to believe in either an eternal, infinite universe. I don’t know where it came from. And it is unclear why from dead matter gave birth to life.
Or in the Eternal, Infinite God. Who was never born and from Whom no one was born and no one was equal to Him. In Allah — Who is the cause of everything, needing no one, and in Whom all need.
That’s why I chose to believe in God. In simpler terms, I just know He exists. I know, alhamdu lillah.

  • Bad people and good people

Yes, the former will go to Hell. The latter will be in Heaven. To put it as simply and vividly as possible.
But that’s not even the point.
There are right decisions and wrong decisions. And it’s not that these decisions are about bad people or good people. The right decision is the one that must be made now here and in this setting. It is the decision that Allah wants in regard to this or that creature or deed.
I don’t care about reasons or motives. I do not know the hidden reasons for what is happening, as the Prophet al-Khadyr, who possesses this knowledge — g’ilm ladunni (علم لدني), knows them. Therefore, Allah rules my heart and organs, pouring His will into me and making decisions in my place, enforcing them in my place…
The way there for the beast was a very long one. Until he went through all 4 deaths, completely dissolving not in the Attributes of God, but in Himself, alhamdu lillah.
From then on, the devil cannot take the form of the beast in any manifestation in or out of any of the dimensions of time and space.
Few people have seen the real appearance of the beast, though.

Chapter 107. The Desert of Death (DD)

I was born there. And died there. I was resurrected there. So I cannot die again. The beast became immortal among those who had a beginning…

Those who speak of death, speak. By being alive.
Those who speak speak by being dead.
I speak by being resurrected. And not from there. And not from here. Not from the world of the living. Not from the world of the dead. For the first time in 1,000 years…
Angels don’t love me. Djinn don’t love me. Men don’t love me. The Prophet loves me. Allah loves me…

People like to talk about death. When they’re well-fed. Or getting well drunk. And everyone wants to live. Even those who dream of death. After all, if their worldly affairs get better, they’ll change their minds. So they didn’t even want to die.
Death is feared by those who know nothing. Death is feared by those who know too much. Death is feared by those who live righteously or live in sin. And that is right. Although everyone’s motives are different. We should fear death, for we shall stand before Him…
Death, in fact, is only the beginning. It is the awakening from the dream of worldly life. A dream so real that even the great believers (mu’mines) fall under its spell and only through tremendous effort and the mercy of God do they not finally succumb to it.
And only these believers will be awakened from their slumber. Those who have not believed in God and who have not believed in Allah before the agony of death will regret that they were created at all. For an eternity of Hell awaits them.
Unfortunately, these are the ones who most like to talk about death, not very much imagining the subject of the conversation and the consequences of its incarnation…

Chapter 108. The demon world united by choosing an emperor

  • Episode 1. Unexpected. Planned?

The beast has killed 300 million jinns in the last few days. 200 million he’s killed in person. And another 100 million through prayer. I don’t really know what it was for. He spent three years making inquiries and persuading. Although persuasion isn’t really his way of doing things. But 300 million is a tangible figure even for a large Jinn world. A very large one.
In order to avoid unnecessary offenses, it is necessary to act correctly. The beast has no personal accounts or grudges. All his actions are derived from the direct will of Allah. Therefore, there is no personal interest of the beast in any of the events. Just in case anyone thinks that the beast has personal displeasure.
The jinn world couldn’t have reacted any further. It’s not that I didn’t expect them to unite. They have the same problem as humans — constant strife and a desire to separate. But while humans are capable of uniting in the face of global danger, according to Marvel’s version of superheroes (which I personally don’t believe), jinns haven’t seen that trend in the last few thousand years.
In the end, they chose an emperor and swore an oath to him. His name is Jer.

Episode 2. Emperor Jer seeks new allies


A little distraction.
Having personally killed over 200 million demons, the beast has clarified the accents. Namely. If Soccerman, the great champion and hero of the demonic world, was able to kill 100,000 jinns (not a weak one, I suppose), then the beast closed all questions with this mass slaughter. He was obliged to inspire a show of at least outward deference to the Viceroy of the Earth. And humans, like jinns, for the most part, understand only the language of force. Which is elementary in the first three years of the beast’s rule.
Personally killing 32,000 demons in one second, the beast established the status quo until the appearance of Jesus with Mahdi and the end of the age of believers on earth, insha Allah.
They were told. They were warned. Now the demon world is in mourning, cursing the beast. Why do they not curse their ancestors? They did not bring them into this world deaf or feeble-minded. Why did their murdered descendants choose the way of pride? The way of pride, the way of wickedness, the way of illusion, the way of denial of Truth.


I wonder…

As a result, emperor Jer made an alliance with three Buddhist monks as a vassal yesterday.
This is a common practice among Buddhists. When they attracted bloodthirsty demons who spilled rivers of blood defending Shakyamuni’s teachings against foreigners. The beast is not surprised. He was aware of this long-standing technology, which the Buddhists themselves prefer not to voice, trying to give the whole world the impression of peace-loving and far from warlike people. But this is not the case.
As for Shakyamuni himself, the beast was in contemplation for a long time. In the end, he came to a sad conclusion. The essence of his teachings, in brief, is that there is no God. There is a chain of rebirths in the world that causes suffering. To get rid of them, you have to behave well. Then you will not be reborn again. This is nirvana, eternal sleep outside of the mortal world.
In short, pure atheism. Which for some reason is considered a religion. Might as well consider the teachings of Darwin a religion. And biology professors in the field of evolution can be considered cult servants.
In general, the beast has a very strained relationship with almost all ministers of all religions without exception. Especially Islam. Where people were obliged to keep the teachings of the Prophet unchanged (which they managed to do) and adhere to them (which almost no one does). The reason is simple: the love of the worldly (in simpler terms, money).
It is no longer about the ministers of religions or cults.
Any doctrine without exception. Any group of people united by something. The main reason for their interaction is to benefit from worldly life. In other words, most (the vast majority) of people are completely indifferent to what their religion or polity is called-as long as they have money and power.
They use words of allegiance to religion, country, duty, or whatever as a pretext or excuse. To achieve a goal, a worldly goal.
Apparently, this is why Hafez said in his day:

«I preach love. My teachings.
Nothing can crush it: It is stronger than rocks…»

In other words. It is easy for me to find common ground with someone who really believes what he says. Without any worldly gain. In the form of power, money, respect.
Moreover, even if he is deluded. But he believes it himself. How few of them I have seen. Among the hordes of cheese mice — talking about God, justice, equality, honor.
In other words. Most ministers of religions and cults are just busy looking for the mundane in this way. I hate people like that.
But there are pleasant exceptions in the person of John Paul II and Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Kaftaru. Of those I have seen in one way or another.
Regarding the religions themselves. I consider Islam to be correct. I consider the rest to be delusion. That’s why I became a Muslim myself. Having made a conscious choice as an adult, having read a bunch of stuff to get a general idea of the essence of the matter.
Going back to those three Buddhist monks. They had been trying to kill the beast for a long time. Starting when he was 2 years old. Until that time, the Master of the beast had direct custody of the child, and his Light made the monks sick, one of them died. He was replaced by another. And in all that time they made 400 attempts to kill the beast. Acting, in fact, in a very sneaky and practical way. They struck only when the magic of the other sorcerers (at least that of Clown) was causing the most damage. Following them, secretly.
300 years before the birth of the beast, the Buddhists were aware of its imminent appearance. And had to do whatever it took to destroy the creature. For this there were, as always, prayers and demons.
Now, with emperor Jer’s oath, the war took visible shape. The beast would kill those three monks and their immediate entourage of 19,000 adepts, insha Allah.
I will not touch emperor Jar and his brothers yet.


A little clarification along the way.
Emperor Jer is a jinn the size of a 10-story house, which in his world is not considered very big compared to the 150-meter-tall giant ifrites.
I purposely call him Emperor without any irony, as a sign of respect. After all, he managed to do what no one has been able to do for several thousand years. Respect.
So, why was Jer chosen as emperor, and unanimously?
If power decided everything, as the beast says (although the beast said no such thing and was again trivially misunderstood), then why wasn’t Jer the strongest demon-experienced in the demon world to become emperor? Every creature has its own peculiarity, if you will, advantage. The feature of Emperor Jer that contributed to his ascension to the throne, which had been empty since the time of Prophet Sulayman ibn Daud (عليهما السلام), was wisdom. He appointed his paternal cousins to lead three parts of the world: Africa, Eurasia, and the Americas. The eldest among them, Ser (a genie 50 meters in size, like the other two brothers), was in charge of Africa. The middle Mer got Eurasia, the youngest Gher got the Americas North and South. Jer himself was in charge of Antarctica, where he lived, and Australia.
The hallmark of these four brothers was loyalty. That is why they did not really take root in the demon world in the age of Dedok. They were all Majusites (fire-worshippers) by creed. The older Jer, Ser, and Mer were Gebras, and the younger Gher was Pars.
But they were all united by a common descent from their grandfather named Mahr, a legendary genie-bogatyr, an invincible warrior, whose fame overshadowed many and hindered many. There is a separate story to be told about him…


Bogatyr Mahr was descended from the ancient genus of the jinn Mar, which was directly related to all the dynasties of the Persian emperors, until the state disappeared under the blows of Khalif Umar in AH 23.
The Mar clan was associated with the Persian power itself, for it took part in all battles against the enemy’s jinn armies. Especially genus Mar distinguished itself in the era of Anushirvan the Just, who stopped the onslaught of the Great Türkic Kaganate troops from the North. A direct participant in those battles was Mahr I (who later was nicknamed Great). In honor of him was called Mahr VII Invincible, who didn’t know defeat for 200 years. Which gave no rest to Soccerman… That’s the nickname that genie got from the beast. His real name was Ber (Beri to be exact).

A digression from the narrative. Jinns were simply stunned by the beast’s awareness of their history, their heroes, their traditions. What they didn’t know was that the jerk’s main hobby was chronicles and cartography. Nothing kept him more occupied in this world than reading the ancient narratives of eyewitnesses and contemporaries, along with the study of ancient handmade maps. And then the jinns wondered — was the beast so bad? Emperor Jer realized that he had made a mistake by going to bow to the arrogant Buddhist monks he hated so much. What happened just yesterday, and already today the monks had struck their blow as suzerains of the demon world. Monks who didn’t give a damn about Emperor Jer. Nor did they honor his ancestors. What the lord of jinns will do next we shall soon find out, insha Allah.

Beri’s origins also gave him a great advantage in the demon world. He belonged to the genus Sar (more correctly — Sary, as we will call from now on). The clan Sary was connected with the Huns and the eastern Ases. Remaining in the East, and not following the Huns to the West, this clan became famous as a personal guard for the leaders of the Kuralas tribe, one of the clans of the eastern Ases. It was from this tribe that Genghis Khan’s mother, Alan-Goa, was born. Representatives of the genus Sary were present at the Kurultai, where Genghis Khan was elected supreme kagan. This clan faithfully served Genghis Khan’s son Ugedei and his descendants, and the entire dynasty up to Hubilai. In a word, the Sary clan was not poor and enjoyed great prestige among the Eastern Türks for the mentioned reasons.
The enmity between Persians and Turks was a front line between the clans of Jinns of Sary and Mar. Their rivalry came from the depths of centuries. Until Soccerman (aka Beri) killed the aged Mahr for his unflattering remarks about Beri’s dishonor. Beri had no restraint and killed the old man, incurring the condemnation of the entire jinn world. Though no one dared tell him openly for fear of death. For Beri had no equal in power for a very long time.
I, not being a jinn and nominally related to humans by origin, can briefly say the following about the beast, as a dessert to the story.
The beast is an Iranian-Turkic mestizo. His father has roots going back to the Persian world. The haplogroup of his lineage is found in a concentrated cluster in a region of India. In which his ancestors must have lived since the time of the Prophet Adam (عليه السلام). And where they partially returned after the end of the flood in the time of Prophet Nuh (عليه السلام). Apparently, Allah did not give the beast this «trump card» in the understanding of some modern «historians» for nothing — the beast does not put or honor the Aryans and all the history associated with them. Honoring only the Prophet and his clan (Ahlul-Bayt).
The mother of the beast belongs to the clan of the Western Ases, having a clan branch known as — Basian. Or Basianus, in the Greek manner. Having major ties with the Byzantine emperors, this clan participated with Attila the Hun in conquering the world. Later having founded 3 Bulgarian (or Ases) states — on Danube, Kuban and Volga (Edil). Part of the same race about 200 years before the birth of Jesus left his native land with Odun-Bilindi, better known in the West as Odin-Bivlindi (read «The Elder Edda»). His settlement in Western Europe and Scandinavia cannot be told better than Snorri Sturluson and his «Younger Edda».
It was his maternal grandfather’s genes that formed the basis of the beast’s genealogy. His grandfather was a fantastic individual who managed to take all his secrets without publicity into the eternal world. Leaving the mortal world on the 12th day of the month of Rabig’-ul-Awwal (the day of the Prophet’s birth, hijra and death), Friday, during the azaan for juma namaz (صلاة الجمعة)…
Yes, the Western world will not accept the beast. The world of Alexander, the Roman Caesars and Napoleon. But this Western world doesn’t really need the beast either. It needs only its most valuable grain in this era: Rummana Greek. The bride of the beast who loves him. And, as it turns out, still alive, alhamdu lillah…


So, the Jinn world has come to relative order and predictability. Perhaps emperor Jer got the vectors of force a little wrong. In the deep echelons of the East, defensive redoubts are forming in the form of something like a cluster of heavy tanks. Apparently, the largest possible jinns are assembled there for the purpose of protecting shrines. Which the beast did not intend to encroach upon.
The reason of mass extermination of jinns was first of all their assistance to unscrupulous people who fomented enmity and sowed the seeds of evil all over the world in the form of conflicts and military confrontations (you want wars — wait for the return of Jesus). They are mostly businessmen and politicians. From Hemingway’s cellophane bag theory, pardon me. Second, magical interference in the human world with the help of demons has crossed all boundaries and is not going to stop.
Emperor Jer, if your subjects are more consistent in these two matters, there will be no reason for disagreement. If they want to continue their movement in the same direction — the beast will personally kill 1 billion jinns before, during and after the month of Ramadan, insha Allah… (The rest of the nominal Muslim jinns have sworn an oath to the emperor Jer. They and may be subjected to destruction in the month of Ramadan.)
Do you and your subjects need such a thing? It is not my task to exterminate all jinns. The task is to bring things to a more or less stable state. And anything that gets in the way of this will be destroyed, insha Allah.
End of direct speech. Restrictions on the movement of demons on Earth within their prefectures are maintained. Exceptions are made for emperor Jer himself (ب-level of access, second in importance) and his three brothers (ج-level of access, third in importance), and for the jinns who accompany them. It is possible to pass through the recited prayers of the beast. At the cost of one’s life. That’s why they have the necessary access.
A separate story.
Amir Suhayl, the leader of the 100,000 Muslim jinns, refused to take the oath of allegiance to emperor Jer. Remaining, therefore, loyal to the beast, the co-religionist. Respect. Thus, amir Suhayl himself received the highest ا-level access to move around the planet, and all of his subordinates received the ب-level access, the second highest.


In the second half of the month of Shag’ban, the 5th year of the reign of the beast began. Many things happened in the world of men as well. The beast’s enemies got what they deserved here and there. The one who suffered the most, of course, was Scull. Not less, but at his level, Z lost. But Beaver-2-digital also lost a lot because of his shortsightedness and being in constant euphoria, just as the beast predicted.
The human world was temporarily sidelined. Even though the beast had just as much work to do there. The cunning and greedy mice had no idea what to do after they had made a mess of it.

  • Episode 3. Was it a mistake for emperor Jer to enter into a vassal alliance with the orientals?

It’s hard to say. It was his decision. Without figuring it out, he was caught in a vise. The vice of cunning. Behind all this were, as many have probably already guessed, the same agronomists. They could not do it themselves. They lacked the resources and the courage. Fear paralyzed them after the death of Dedok, alhamdu lillah. It was they who dreamed of pushing the stubborn orientals against the beast. Not knowing that they themselves, that is, the agronomists, were on the beast’s list of tasks at number one.

Chapter 109. Is the beast a little tough?

Apparently. And necessary. There are reasons visible and invisible. Primary and secondary. But they are there. Let’s try to get to the bottom of them.

  • Conflict of interest

This expression has appeared in my vocabulary relatively recently. I heard it somewhere. It is not that I am hopelessly old-fashioned, speaking in the language of the time of the Declaration of Independence (in the reign of Tsar Gorokh).
Sometimes my narrative language changes, becoming atypical and unlike my usual style. Such was the case with the chapter above. Nevertheless, the ship is on its way to its destination. Alhamdu lillah.
And it’s not that I have fans who are already used to anything. Rather, I myself am already used to a lot of things.
Back to the conflict of interest (to be continued…)

  • Jinns meeting the same evening

In the end, emperor Jer refused. The beast had no doubt about it. The head of jinns decided to continue the war with me. Keeping the treaty with the Buddhist monks in force. I knew this beforehand. That’s why I was gentle and courteous. That alone would have been enough for a clever man to understand. But I called Jer wise. Was I mistaken?
No, oddly enough.
Wisdom does not mean purification of the heart from worldly attachments. The least that Allah has promised the wise man who is unable to renounce worldly things is to deprive him of the sweetness of the remembrance of God.
Grandiose power broke Jer in just one day. He challenged the vicarage of the beast and opposed it.

  • Three causes of all misfortunes

The hadith of the Prophet says, by implication, that there are 3 causes of all misfortunes: following the passions of ego, greed and narcissism. In other words, all of man’s vices are rooted in these 3 faults.
In Jer’s case tonight, all three have been awakened at once. Whether or not he can handle the onslaught is up to him.
But now I want to tell the story of another jinn, kneeling before a companion of the Prophet.

  • The story of Umar ibn Abdul-G’aziz and the jinn, one of the first Muslim jinns

The story I want to tell is given in the book Al-Bidaya wa n-Nihaya by the Arab historian and jurist Ibn Kathir.
Umar ibn Abdul-G’aziz was an Umayyad ruler. This dynasty expanded the power of the Arabs to fantastic proportions: 27 kilometers short of reaching Paris in the West, invading Khazaria for 1200 km in the north, invading Kashgar in China and India in the East.
There were legends about the righteousness and asceticism of Umar ibn Abdul-G’aziz. One of the ancient authors wrote that when he sees Umar ibn Abdul-G’aziz and Hasan al-Basri moaning and wailing before Hell because of their special high rank before God, an uninformed person gets the impression that Hell was created only for these two…
Now to the story itself.
Umar went on a Hajj. On his way he saw the body of a dead snake. No entreaties helped, and the ruler buried the huge snake himself. As suddenly he heard a voice from nowhere that said: «Yarhamuka Llah — may Allah have mercy on you.» Umar asked to whom the voice belonged. To what he heard was such an answer. That a jinn was talking to him. The last of the 9 jinns who first swore an oath personally to the Prophet and were mentioned by Allah in the Koran. And the serpent he buried was the penultimate of them. To whom the Prophet himself said that he would be buried the best man in the community of the Prophet, — khoyru ummati. And Umar cried…

  • Jer lost both worlds, the mortal and the eternal

Apparently, the power had completely driven him mad. Plus special signs of attention from the beast. Who killed the great jinn champion of recent times, Soccerman, or Beri.
Allah knows best what He is doing. The beast has no regrets about anything. The worldly life is like the smoke from a fire, but far less meaningful. Much less.

  • The losses of the demon world in just a month, or less than a month

They all could have been destroyed a long time ago. There was a reason for that. They had a lot on their plate, and they felt no remorse for what they’d done. Sealed hearts. Who couldn’t accept the light because they didn’t need it. And they didn’t need it.
In the end, the beast personally killed 1.2 billion jinns, in addition to the 300 million.

  • Jinns: how many of them are there?

The population of jinns, according to the data available to the beast, was about 27 billion (now less) on the surface of the Earth and in near-Earth space. About 14 billion lived directly on Earth.

  • Until the month of Ramadan AH 1443

Five days to go. In the next 3 days the beast will personally kill 5 billion more jinns, insha Allah.
No conclusions have been drawn. Not Jer. Not his subordinates.

Imam Shamil (قدس الله سره العزيز) on the screen of the beast’s phone

Chapter 110. A History of the World (Plain and Simple). Part I

Episode 1

  • Allah is the One and Only, alone

Allah was. Always. He was not born. He simply was.
Little is known about a time when even time did not exist. After all, time is also Allah’s creation. And then Allah was One, and there was no one.
Naturally, there was no space either. After all, space is also a creation of God. And then, when «then» itself did not exist, Allah was Alone, alone.
But there was not even loneliness. For God was One.

  • Changes

For a reason known only to God, change began.
Officially and simplistically it sounds like this:

(كنت كنزا مخفيا فاردت ان اعرف فخلقت الخلق فبي عرفوني)

[Kuntu Kanzan Makhfiyyan, Faaradtu an Ughraf, Fakhalaqtul Khalqa, Fabi G’arafooni]
«I was the Hidden Treasure — and I wanted to be recognized, and I created all the creatures, and through Me they learned about Me.»

This is exactly what I heard in the hadith-kiudsi, a saying of God Himself, not quoted in any of the 4 Books of Allah (Taurat-Torah, Zabur-Psalter, Injil-Gospel and Koran), but transmitted by the meaning of Prophet Muhammad.

  • What does the Prophet Muhammad have to do with it?

The first thing God did to change the status quo that existed without existence (for Allah was One then) was to create the light of Prophet Muhammad. Who was in worship of Allah for many thousands of years. Though both time and space did not yet exist (apparently, already for convenience and greater understanding in the creatures).
And the first thing the light of the Prophet said after his creation was: Alhamdu lillah — «all glory belongs to Allah alone.»
[It is this phrase that opens the first chapter of the Koran. Therefore, and for the first reason, the beast uses this zikr — the remembrance of God — so often].

Episode 2

  • Where am I getting all this from?

Their book As-Safi Octalogy, written at the end of the first half of the 15th century Hijra in the Caucasus. And approved by religious officials. So, you can read it without question. Smile.

  • So how was the whole world created from the Light of the Prophet Muhammad? (The basic version to understand — and perhaps the simplest — as told by Shaykhul-Islam and Mufti of Mecca Ahmad al-Dahlan, who lived in the nineteenth century solar chronology)

Allah called the Prophet Muhammad — haqiqatul haqa’iq — namely, the essence of all entities, or the mystery of existence.
So, without time or place, the light of the Prophet praised God. Then Allah decided to create the whole world: all Heaven and Earth, Paradise and Hell, all angels, all jinns and men, and all other creations…
For this purpose, God divided the light of the Prophet into four parts.
From the first part, Allah created Qalam, the Heavenly Pen, with which the fate of the world and the fate of all creations are written in every detail.
From the second part, Allah created al-Laukh ul-Makhfuz, the Stored Tablet, on which is written the fate of the world and the fate of all of God’s creations in minute detail.
From the third part, Allah created the G’arsh, the largest of all creations, within which God placed the entire universe.
Allah again divided the fourth part into four parts.
From the first part of the second stream Allah created the angels holding the G’arsh (there are four of them, and there will be eight on the Day of Judgment).
From the second part of the second stream Allah created the Kurs, the second largest creation of Allah, within which are all the Heavens and the Earth.
From the third part of the second stream Allah created all the angels.
And the fourth part of the second stream Allah again divided into four parts.
From the first part of the third stream Allah created all the Heavens — there are 7 of them in total, and each of them is inside the other like a small ring inside an endless desert. That is, the First Heaven is in this form inside the Second, and the Second is inside the Third, and so on up to the Course. And the Kurs itself is inside the G’arsh, like a little ring inside an endless desert.
[Pardon. As a digression from the subject. Now I get it — why is the density of interstellar matter in the part of the universe observed by scientists (read fragment of the First Heaven) the same, which contradicts the Big Bang theory?]
Of the other parts, without going into detail, Allah created — all the Earths, Paradise and Hell, all the other creations.
God then commanded Qalam to write. Qalam asked what exactly he needed to write. To which Allah replied that Qalam should write the Divine Tawheed (monotheism):

(لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله)

[La ilaha illa Llah, Muhammad rasulu Llah]
La ilaha illa Llah, Muhammad rasulu Llah.

That is, the Divine Tawheed, as the universal quintessence of faith and truth, as such, in the meaning — «there is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.»
The Qalam also recorded what was due to the congregations. That the righteous will be rewarded with Paradise by the grace of Allah. And the sinners will be sent to Hell by the justice of Allah.
Then Allah lifted the light of the Prophet to G’arsh, where he remembered Allah for 70,000 years. After that, the light of the Prophet remembered God for another 50 thousand years on Sidratul-Muntaha, the Lotus of the Extreme Frontier. Another 40 thousand years the light of the Prophet praised the Creator in the Seventh Heaven, 30 thousand in the Sixth, 20 thousand in the Fifth, 15 thousand in the Fourth, 10 thousand in the Third, 5 thousand in the Second, for some time — in the First.

Episode 3

  • In Search of Superposition. A different view of the same thing

It’s okay that the versions may differ slightly. Or even seem to contradict each other. He who has seen only an elephant’s leg will not believe the description of he who has seen only an elephant’s trunk. But he who has seen an elephant will believe both narrators entirely and understand both. No one will understand him, though, except someone like him.

  • About the light of the Prophet again

How was the light of the Prophet created?
Allah looked upon the Safa Bayad (some particularly precious part of the light of Allah Himself) and from it He created the light of the Prophet.
Allah extracted a part of His Light from Safa Bayad and divided it into three parts.
From the first part he created the Prophet and his clan, from the second part he created all the companions of the Prophet, and from the third part he created all those who will love the Prophet. On the Day of Judgment, Allah will return all this Light to Himself and bring them all into Paradise.
This is what Khalif Ali told us about it.

  • Nuance in the distinction of souls and bodies

From the light of the Prophet the whole world and all creations were created. But the Prophet himself got a body and appeared in a material shell in this world very late — only fifteen hundred years before the supposed End of the World.
And all this time the whole universe was waiting for his appearance. For everyone knew about him from many sources: from the world of souls to the scriptures.
After the creation of Adam, Allah put the light of the Prophet Muhammad into him. Which was then passed on to the descendants of the forefather of men. Through Adam’s son Sheeth, this light reached through Nuh to Ibrahim and his son Ismail, the ancestor of the Arabs. And from him it reached the Prophet’s grandfather Abdul-Muttalib and father Abdullah.

Episode 4

  • More nuances about the souls and their relation to the Prophet

One version of the creation of the world cites the following points.
Allah wanted to create the deeds of men in the mortal world. To do this, He ordered the souls to look into the light of the Prophet.
The Prophet’s head was seen by caliphs and sultans, forehead by just rulers, eyes by those who know the Koran by heart, ears by those who say righteous things, cheeks by wise men, lips by viziers and ministers, nose by officials and doctors, mouth by fasting men, throat by preachers and those who call the faithful to prayer, beard by soldiers for faith, neck by merchants, shoulders by beaters with cold weapons and horsemen, right shoulder by bloodletters, shoulder left — other healers, right palm — treasure keepers, left palm — misers, both palms — generous, back of right hand — cooks, finger tips of left hand — clerks, fingers of right hand — tailors, fingers of left hand — smiths, chest — the greatest religious scholars, stomach — hermits, knees — godly men, legs — hunters, feet — cattlemen, shadow — singers and so on.
The polytheists and atheists did not look at the Prophet at all.

  • Approximate time periods?

The Prophet once asked the angel Jabrail — how old was he? Jabrail replied that he had seen one green star rise in the Fourth Heaven (or Fourth Veil) 72,000 times. And that star appears there once every 70 thousand years.
What kind of years we are talking about is not very clear. Earth years or whatever.
Scientists originally determined the age of the universe they observe to be 18 billion years old, based on the structure of old stars. Then 12 billion, based on the velocity of the cepheids. Now they think it’s about 14 billion.

Episode 5

  • Before there were humans

Angels were already there. And they had seen both Heaven and Hell. And when Allah created the jinn and men (meaning, gave them the corporeal material shells of the mortal world), the angels rejoiced. Why? There had been no other creatures before, so they thought that Hell with its horrors was meant for them. And here was the hope that the torments of Hell would pass over the angelic race.
But humans didn’t appear right away.
Allah had created the jinns sixty thousand years before humans came into existence.

  • About the reckoning of time

When the Koran speaks about the time in years, using the expression «as you reckon» it means the earthly years which we are used to.
In other cases, the counting of time may be something else.
To clarify, one day with Allah is a thousand earthly years. Now calculate how many earthly years the Day of Judgment will last for 50,000 years.

  • Jann, the forefather of the jinns

Allah created Jann, and from him all the genus of the jinns descended. For 40 thousand years they lived in peace and harmony. Apparently, that’s why they made such progress in civilization. Just imagine what would have happened on Earth if people had trivialized warfare for only a thousand years…
In other words, they had no external enemy in the form of the devil. Their ego had been contained for a full 40,000 years. There may have been other reasons for their prosperity.
Over the next 20,000 years of strife and turmoil, jinns achieved almost total extermination. Allah sent angels to exterminate jinns, and few of them survived.

Episode 6

  • Where did the devil come from?

Kana minal jinni. This is what Koran says about him. That is to say, by origin the devil was a descendant of jinns and was himself a jinn. But he lived with the angels in Heaven, surpassing them in worship and knowledge. G’azazil, as he was called before the fall, was the imam of the angels, preaching and instructing them. When the angels became aware from the writings on al-Laukh ul-Makhfuz (the Guarded Tablet) that one of their community would become unfaithful, he paid no heed. Considering himself untouchable.

  • The wrong reasons for the devil’s unnecessary pride

Worshiping God is the primary task of His servants. After all, He created them by giving them everything they need to exist. Requiring nothing in return. Not needing anyone. Although everything needs Him.
Allah gains and loses nothing from the worship of slaves. Nevertheless, this is His custom. It is the worshippers who benefit from the worship of Allah, not God.
The difficulties associated with worship lie not only in the struggle with ego, but also on the plane of a three-dimensional system of coordinates: the higher heaven, the easier it is to pray. And vice versa. It is most difficult to pray on Earth. And angels, after the extermination of jinn and their settling on the Earth, began to sag in worship.
G’azazil, who had previously led the angels in the Seventh Heaven, became the vicar of Earth and the First Heaven. The hardest part. Logically, this was proof of his special superior status before God.
[Now is it clear why the beast does not like logic and philosophy? And why does he constantly forget, without giving it much thought, that he is the Viceroy of the Earth…?]

Episode 7

  • The Creation of Man, Viceroy of the Earth

And then G’azazil’s problems began… God decided to create a vicar of the earth, man. A new kind of living being. Hitherto unknown to angels or jinn.
Allah put in man a special quality — the ability to perceive. What angels and jinn did not have. Apparently, that’s why they couldn’t cope with life on Earth.
At first glance, it may seem that humans did not succeed in earthly existence either.
They got a sworn enemy in the form of the devil. A great scientist, initiated into the sea of knowledge. With the vast experience of thousands of years. Which the jinn and the angels didn’t have.
Secondly. The entropy of the system will inevitably increase closer to Judgment Day. So it will be hardest for the Muslims of the Prophet’s community, which will appear closer to the End of the World. And, as a major bonus, they will have as their leader the super being for whom Allah created the entire universe — Prophet Muhammad.
Third, it was from the lineage of men that the great prophets, saints and righteous men came. The mere fact that Allah’s best creation, Prophet Muhammad, is also human is enough…

Episode 8

  • What are we talking about?

What does the history of the world and the fantasy of the beast have to do with it? The Beast was not the first viceroy of Earth. But has every chance of being the last among them. Allah knows better than that.
Mercantile society has little familiarity with this information. And certainly presented in this manner. The romantic stratum of modern people hovers somewhere between romcoms and Thor. Incomprehensible. Those who are looking will find it. I have no task in helping them. I am fulfilling my tasks. And how the fruits, if any, will be used, I do not know.

  • Religion is not loved today

The ministers of cults, in pursuit of the mundane, have discredited the faith. Especially those who pretended to be decent and got burned. What will happen to those who are later and fully burned, I am afraid to imagine.

  • The Benefits of Religion Ignored by Modern Man

The real religion is the manufacturer’s instruction manual. One of the most important problems is the inability to distinguish between knowledge and assumption. Assumption can be wrong. Knowledge is never wrong. Knowledge that comes from God and is preserved in its original form is just that. And there is simply no other source of knowledge besides God. All knowledge that is available comes from Allah and no one else. They are like — a system of coordinates. In rejecting it, people plunge into the abyss of darkness and are doomed. How many palaces have collapsed because they were built on barchans of assumptions.

Episode 9

Allah created Adam, the first man

God ordered the angel G’azrail, the future angel of death, to bring clay from the earth. The angel brought earth of different colors, which was the reason for the different colors of people’s skin. Then this earth was brewed with sweet, bitter, and salty water. That caused the different appearance and character of people.
After Adam was created, his body did not immediately receive a soul and was at the gate of Paradise for 40 years. Angels flocked to look at him. And the future devil already felt threatened here.

  • Adam’s Qualities

Adam knew 700,000 languages and a thousand trades. He knew the name of things the angels did not know. So Allah showed the angels the superiority of man over them in knowledge. For it is difficult to surpass the angels in worship. But Allah elevates some of His servants above others because of knowledge. As Khalif Ali said, it is enough that even a fool says he knows in order to assert the status of knowledge.

  • The bowing of angels to man and the disobedience of the devil

Allah commanded the angels to worship man. And they all worshipped him except the devil. Who became an infidel and received a reprieve from punishment until the Day of Judgment to lead people astray from the path of truth. But Allah said that the devil cannot lead anyone by force. He will be followed only by those who want this delusion themselves.

Episode 10

  • Adam dwelt in Paradise

Adam lived in Paradise. Whereas the angels lived in Heaven. Another privilege of man. Allah forbade him to eat from the same tree and gave him a companion in life named Haua, the first woman. Who he created out of Adam’s rib while he slept. The devil entered Paradise in the body of a serpent and persuaded people to eat the fruit of that tree.
But it was not disobedience to Allah as such. It was to fulfill the hidden will of God, Who wanted the Prophet Muhammad to appear in the mortal world. To do so, Adam and Haua had to leave Heaven and come to Earth. And so it happened.

  • Why are the Prophets sinless?

The Prophets were created pure from the beginning. They do not have the urge and craving of egah for bad and sin. But they do make mistakes. Not because they wanted to, but because by their example, God wants to teach us how to get out of this situation. That we get into because of our egos, which have a tendency to bad and sin. And the prophets don’t have that. Just as the common man has no craving to eat rebar or concrete, and it doesn’t occur to him. So it does not occur to the Prophets to disobey God.

Episode 11

Prophet Adam (ع) on Earth

The Prophet Adam (g’alayhi s-salam, peace be upon him) came to Earth in the region of India. And his wife Haua in the region of the Red Sea in Arabia. They could not meet for a long time. It is said that Adam asked Allah’s forgiveness for 300 years before he was forgiven and was able to meet his wife on his first hajj pilgrimage to the Kaaba in Mecca. Thus, the Kaaba was the first structure on earth after human settlement. And it happened less than eight thousand lunar years ago.

  • The devil was also sent to Earth

From the moment he refused to worship man, the devil’s main goal was to argue with God: who is right? The devil, who considered himself superior to man. Or God, who elevated man above angels and jinn. That is why the devil tried to misbehave in every possible way and made people look bad in front of Allah. He produced his offspring, and so his first children were born. Who will die with him before the Day of Judgment. They cannot be killed. The rest of the creatures, humans and jinn, who have gone into the devil’s service, are called demons. They themselves are deluded and, knowing this, deliberately mislead others. They can be killed.

  • So why is the deed of the devil considered sinful?

After all, if all matters were predetermined and Allah knew that the shaytan (aka the devil) would not obey the order — what is the devil’s fault?
This was the answer given to the shaytan.
Shaytan was asked: when did he know that he would disobey a command — before or after he disobeyed? He replied that he found out after he refused to worship Adam. In that case, it is a sin because the reason for the act was the slave’s desire to disobey. But if he had found out beforehand, then his action would have been regarded as fulfilling God’s will with a desire to obey Allah’s will and carry out what was ordained, without being a sin.

  • Here is another explanation

The devil was told that if he was created for God Himself to fulfill the desires of the devil — there is no guilt there. But if Allah created the devil to do God’s bidding — then the devil is guilty.

Episode 12

  • Adam lived on Earth for a thousand years

Adam was almost ten stories tall. The first men were giants. So were the fruits of the trees, and the grains of wheat, and the rest of the produce. Then, because of sins, people got smaller, and so did the fruit. On earth, before accepting repentance, Adam spoke pure Arabic, and he simply forgot the other languages. The same Arabic that is called fuskha, in which the Koran was later sent down. And in Paradise he also spoke Arabic, for that is the language of Paradise.
There is also the language of the angels, which is called Surian. It is remembered by children up to the age of two, making sounds in this language, seeing and communicating with angels. After all, angels take care of children and communicate with them at an early age, until they are fully adapted to the human world. Of all earthly languages, the Surian language is most like the Indian language, so it is said.

  • The devil fell to earth in Iraq, the serpent in Isfahan (province of Iran), the peacock in Antakya (province of Turkey)

The peacock advised the devil to turn to the serpent for help in entering Paradise and tempting Adam. And the serpent allowed the devil to get inside him and enter Paradise by a hidden way. So Allah banished them all to the earth.
Antakya is mentioned in the Koran because of the greed of its inhabitants, who did not even give a glass of water to Moses and Khizir. Seventy thousand people would come out of Isfahan to help the Antichrist-Dajjal, who would appear in Khorasan. And Iraq has been a land of turmoil ever since.

Episode 13

  • Kaaba, the first building

The Kaaba, where Adam came on the hajj pilgrimage, was made of red jahontite of Paradise and stood until the Flood in the time of Nuh. Then it was taken to Heaven, where it is now called Beit Mag’moor. It was in the Fourth Heaven. And every day 70,000 angels go into it, and they do not come out until the Day of Judgment.
The second building of the Kaaba comes from the time of Abraham, who rebuilt it after the Deluge with his eldest son Ismail.

  • Adam’s Choice: One of the Three

The angel Jabrail brought three pearls for Adam to choose from: mind, faith, and conscience. Adam chose the mind. When Jabrail wanted to depart with the others, faith said that Allah had commanded it to be where the mind was. And later conscience said it was commanded to be where faith was. As a result, Adam received all three pearls.

  • Adam and Haua lived in India and went on the hajj 40 times

That’s how it’s written in the books. Apparently, that’s why they keep trying to drag us in there with the «Aryan» theory. It’s much simpler and clearer though. If anyone needs that clarity.

Episode 14

  • Qabil kills Habil

Adam’s children were born as opposite-sex twins, so that they could be so married from different pairs to each other.
But Qabil liked his sister Iqlima, who was to be Habil’s wife. Not Layusa, Habil’s sister, who was to be Qabil’s wife. In the end, Qabil and Iqlima fled together and lived apart from everyone else. From them came the first infidels on earth.
But before that, Qabil killed Habil because he was jealous that his brother’s sacrifice was accepted by God. Whereas his sacrifice to God was rejected. Then he carried his brother’s corpse on his back for a year. Until he saw one crow bury the corpse of another crow in the ground.
Since that killing, thorns appeared on trees, wolves began to eat sheep, and the fresh water of the seas became salty.
I wonder if the fresh water of the rivers has flowed into the seas for so many thousands of years, and the water there is still salty. Why?

  • The birth of Sheeth, Adam’s heir, without a twin

After the creation of Adam, Allah put the light of the Prophet Muhammad in his back. This light was then passed on to his son Sheeth. Out of respect for this light, Sheeth was born without a twin and became Adam’s heir. Adam ordered him to look after the world by giving him the following things: a tabbat (a chest with pictures of the Prophets), scrolls (received from God), a seal, a saber, and a staff (from Paradise). Later, Adam died. Then Haua died. They are buried on Mount Abu Qubais near Mecca.

Episode 15

  • The Prophet Sheeth (ع), son of Adam and Viceroy of the Earth

The Prophet Sheeth (g’alayhi s-salam, peace be upon him) became the Khalif of the Earth. That is, the viceroy of God on Earth. He received a hair from his father’s beard, by virtue of which he had power over his enemies. He killed Qabil and avenged his brother as his father had ordered.
The devil did not allow Qabil to be buried by his descendants. They embalmed him, seated him on a golden throne, and began to make him three earthly bows each. Thus came the first of the lost. Shaytan, hiding in a niche carved in the stone where the throne stood, answered people’s questions and misled them even more.
Sheeth was unaware of this, continuing to adhere to monotheism. He received fifty more scrolls from Allah, in addition to his father’s ten.

  • Sheeth heirs all the way up to Idris

Sheeth had an heir, Anush, when he was 900 years old. The hair of Adam’s father began to turn gray, and Sheeth realized that he would soon leave this world. He handed over all his affairs to his son, and with them the light of the Prophet Muhammad. Which then went from son to son: Sheeth — Anush — Qaynan — Mahlael — Yard — Idris. Thus the Khalif of Allah on earth became Idris, the 7th in the line of Adam.

Episode 16

  • The Prophet Idris (ع), the First Tailor

The Prophet Idris (g’alayhi s-salam, peace be upon him), who became the viceroy of the earth, had many virtues.
Idris acquired knowledge of arithmetic, astronomy and astrology. Later, Allah forbade astrology when people stopped understanding the difference between cause (God) and sign (the position of the celestial luminaries) in determining the fate of the world and people. Therefore, astrology (or rather, its remnants from the knowledge of Idris) works. But for us it is already forbidden.
Idris was the first to write with a pencil. He lived in the world on the income from the tailor’s trade, which he mastered to perfection.
Allah ordered him to bring the descendants of Qabil back to monotheism. But they rejected it, succumbing to the instigation of the devil.

  • Idris receives 30 scrolls from Allah

His forefather Adam got 10, his ancestor Sheeth got 50, and Idris himself got another 30 scrolls. A total of 90 scrolls of Allah were already on Earth before any of the 4 great Books were sent down to humans.

  • Idris goes straight to Paradise

When he was 365 years old, this story happened. Now Idris can be in Paradise and in the Fourth Heaven at the same time. Alhamdu lillah.
Idris asked Allah to put him to death, then revive him, show him Hell, and bring him into Paradise. Allah knew the true reason for this request and sent the angel of death, G’azrail, to do so. When, in the end, Idris entered Paradise, he refused to leave it. For Allah’s promise had come true that all his slaves would die and be revived, then see Hell, those who entered Paradise would remain in it forever. And Allah allowed Idris to remain in Paradise.

Episode 17

  • The Trial of the Angel Tribe: Harut and Marut

When that story happened with the angels and their failure to understand the reasons for the creation of man as vicar of the earth, it had a sequel.
Allah put the angels to the test. They chose two tribesmen named Harut and Marut for this test.
Allah placed these two angels on the earth, putting into their nature everything that is put into the nature of men.
Allah commanded them to judge people on Earth according to Allah’s Justice, not to worship idols, not to drink alcohol, not to kill, not to commit adultery. But they only had enough for one month.
Then they drank wine with one beautiful woman and committed all other sins.
So Allah knows better what he does and why he does it. And we don’t.
In the time of Idris, when the angels’ doubts about the behavior of humans on earth increased again, this story happened.

  • The angels Harut and Marut receive from Allah the knowledge of magic and witchcraft in order to test people

The Koran tells us that Allah sent the two angels Harut and Marut in Babylon knowledge of witchcraft. They taught people how to separate husband and wife and other things. But they warned beforehand that all sorcerers would be unfaithful and go to Hell. Thus, witchcraft became one of the 7 great sins for which a person must surely go to Hell. Unless Allah Himself forgives them for it.
The beast hates magic and witchcraft. He read in the Koran about the sorcerers of Moses who repented, were forgiven by God, and fell as martyrs. But he has never met any other repentant sorcerers in his long life…

Episode 18

  • The Prophet Nuh (ع) and the Great Flood

The son of Idris was named Mutaushalah, the grandson was named Lamak, and the great-grandson Nuh (g’alayhi s-salam, peace be upon him). Although his real name was Abdul-Ghaffar, the nickname Nuh stuck to him. Or Noah, in European parlance. He became the 10th Caliph of Allah on Earth, starting from Adam, and one of the greatest Prophets of God, Ulul-G’azm, the Possessor of the Special Toughness. They received this rank because of the great trials they endured.

  • The ranks of the Prophets of God

First Rank. Nabi, or Prophet. There were 124,000 of them.
Second rank. Rasul, or Messenger. There were only 313 of them.
Third rank. Ulul-G’azm, or Possessors of Special Toughness. According to different versions, there were five, six, or seven of them.
Fourth, highest, rank. Khatamu n-Nabiyin, or the Seal of Prophecy. Only one person is the Prophet Muhammad.

  • Don’t look around at the people

The world sparkles. And it is worthless. People will die and they don’t know when. Some live in luxury, arousing the envy of the foolish. They are not successful, as they themselves often like to say they are. Allah just gave them. Perhaps they will trivially go to Hell and stay there. Jealous of the animals that will be returned to the earth and not suffer. Most of Paradise is poor. If you find the normal rich, shake their hand on my behalf. If they will agree to extend theirs to you.

Episode 19

  • 950 years of entreaties: only 40 people left with God

Yes, the bitter truth.
Only a few thousand years have passed since humans settled on earth. But only 40 (it is also said that there were 70) people responded to Nuh’s call to stay with the Creator. Did the rest betray the Creator? Or succumbed to the spell of the mortal world?
The rest were destroyed. At Nuh’s request. Allah knows best what to do with His slaves….
If you meet Nuh of your era today, you had better listen to him and get on the new ark before the events begin. When the events begin there will be no salvation outside the ark. Just as there was then.

  • The end of entreaties

People have fallen into paganism and sin. The earth was covered with wickedness and groaning (really, just like now…?). Allah informed Nuh that no one else would believe, and ordered the building of the Ark, a huge ship, the remains of which are now on Mount Ararat. God forbid anyone should see it and return to God, so strenuously hides this fact.
In short (in the style of Nuh).
The people had finished playing, and Nuh asked to destroy them, for they would breed their own kind. Allah accepted Nuh’s plea.

  • Nuh’s family

He married a believing Imrat, who bore him three sons (Sam, Ham, Yafet) and three daughters (Buheivirat, Sarah, Hasuat). The second wife, Valghab, who gave birth to Kang’an and Walus, returned to disbelief.

  • The first 42 centuries of man’s sojourn on earth ended in total extermination

Adam lived a thousand years. Between him and Nuh was 2242 years, as one has seen in the books. And another 950 years of Nuh’s battle as told in the Koran. Apparently we are talking about lunar years, for that was the initial custom of mankind — the month, month. It was counted by the moon. It was easily observed visually and did not need observatories to calculate time.

Episode 20

  • Beginning the construction of the Ark

Nuh was beaten so often for preaching that they thought he was dead. In spite of this, he asked for good things from God for a long time and tolerated it. This is why he was given the rank of Ulyul-G’azm.
Nuh planted a forest in Kufa, which grew in 40 years. In another 40 years he finished building it. The Ark was 1,000 cubits long and 600 cubits wide. He boarded it with all the men of faith, also taking all kinds of animals a couple at a time. Supplies were taken for six months, as God had commanded.

  • Nuh went on the hajj to Mecca

He performed all the rites of pilgrimage and made dua prayers there. He also took the black stone of the Kaaba with him on the Ark.
At this time his fellow tribesmen wanted to burn the Ark, but God prevented them from doing so by lifting the vessel into the air. But even this did not touch the hearts of the lost. The devil, too, was able to get on the Ark with the people and animals.

  • The Flood

Water flowed out of the Ark’s furnace. It rained without clouds. The earth began to spew out water.
As soon as the water came out of the furnace, Nuh immediately gathered everyone into the ship — he knew about this sign of the beginning of the Flood. Kang’an ran to the mountain, instead of answering his father’s call, and drowned with the others.
The Kaaba was taken to Heaven. All life on Earth was destroyed. 90,000 angels accompanied the Ark, which made 7 circles around the place where the Kaaba stood, visited Quds (Jerusalem) and set off.
For six months the earth was boiling like a cauldron.
And on the day of G’ashura (the 10th day of the first lunar month of Muharram) Allah nailed the Ark to Mount Judi.
The earth soaked up all the water. The flood was over.

Episode 21

  • The human race is reborn again from Nuh’s three sons: Sam, Ham, and Yafet

It is said that the other men of the forty soon died. And these three sons gave rise to all the peoples of the modern world: Sam — the Arabs, the Persians, the European peoples; Ham — the population of Africa, Yafet — the Turks and the Chinese. Very briefly and in general.
There is also the Iranian theory about the three sons of the 6th ruler of the world Afridun (after Kayumars, Khushang, Tahmuras, Jamshid and Zahhak) and the origin of Iranians, Turks and Europeans from them.
The Iranian mubad priests had a great turnover of the sun when it returned to the constellation of Aries in 1461. It is said that Afridun came to power by killing Zahhak, if I am not mistaken, in the 160th year after the completion of the second great turnover of the sun. That is, about 30 centuries later.
And the Great Flood happened 42 centuries after humans appeared on Earth. Even taking into account the correction for every 9 lunar years out of 300 solar years (309 lunar years equals 300 solar years) — these are very different numbers.
Therefore, I do not share this opinion. It may have taken place in some capacity as a fragment of the story we described above.
The Ark sailed all over the earth for six months and could not find a harbor. Therefore, the entire subsequent population of the world descended from these three sons of Nuh. Apparently, the study of haplogroups in the future will prove this empirically. Unless, of course, there are methodological failures and trivial falsifications to please Darwinism and the hundreds of scientific degrees of the coryphaei of modern biology.

Episode 22

  • The Prophet Muhammad is the 47th in the line of Adam

Yes, you can find all the names of this genealogy in ancient books. People remember. Whoever is interested can read it there.
We are going selectively and very briefly, so as not to bore the reader and finally not to make enemies in the world of history, smiley.
Therefore, for the convenience of future narration about the family of Ibrahim, we moved the story of Zulqarnay (Arabic — Zu-l-Qarnein) here, ahead of the course of events. After all, it is said that the father of the ruler of the whole world adhered to the Sharia (Divine Law) of Ibrahim. Preceding this account with episodes from the lives of two other Prophets.

  • An aside: the Sharia is the Divine law regulating all spheres of life of beings on Earth

All the Prophets had a single creed. In other words, the fundamentals of faith did not change in any way from the time of Adam to the Prophet Muhammad. Everything is the same for everyone everywhere.
But Allah changed the norms of Sharia depending on the people, the era, and the place. Abolishing some prohibitions, introducing new ones.
Examples to understand the question.
The Jews could be married to two of their own sisters at the same time. We no longer can. The Jews could not use clothing that had become unclean — either cut off a piece or throw it away. We were allowed to wash it and use it again. People from the former congregations saw the name of their sin and the punishment for it on the door of the house in the morning. We were allowed to repent without punishment in this world. Previously the war trophy was forbidden. We were allowed to have it. Previously people could only pray in certain places, even Moses had a G’arish, a building for worship. We are allowed to pray anywhere on earth. Astrology was permitted in the time of Idris, but is forbidden now. And so on.

Episode 23

  • The Prophet Hud (ع) and the G’ad tribe

The Prophet Hud (g’alayhi s-salam, peace be upon him) lived with his tribe G’ad in Yemen. They were descendants of Sam. The height of the people of this nation was 60 cubits, and the king was 100. Only one person died in a hundred years, such was their longevity. Drowning in paganism and wickedness, this nation was destroyed by Allah. Nothing helped them, neither strength nor wealth.
Much grief and suffering was borne of them by Hud, calling them to God. But the people were deaf to the truth. And they waited for the reckoning.
Allah sent a hurricane that stoned them to death, but they did not die immediately, long suffering and anguish. Only the believers who followed Hud were not affected.
It is said that Hud lived for a century and a half and is buried in Ahqaf.

Episode 24

  • The Prophet Salih (ع) and the tribe of Thamud

The name of Prophet Salih (g’alayhi s-salam, peace be upon him) is also mentioned in the Koran, among the 28 names of the Prophets.
His people were very rich, turned away from God, and drowned in wickedness. Knowing the fate of the G’ad tribe, they cut down their dwellings in the rocks, hoping to escape punishment. And were utterly destroyed, as they were. Except for the believers who followed Salih.
For seventy years he persuaded the people, but they would not listen. The women became barren, the trees withered away. Allah put Salih to sleep in a cave for forty years and then awakened him.
The Thamudites demanded a sign as an amazing camel to believe in God. They were warned of severe punishment if they broke their promise or betrayed him. They agreed and Salih pleaded with Allah. And the camel came out of the rock with the camel, as they had asked, as a sign.
The king and part of the tribe accepted the faith. The camel’s milk was enough for everyone. The camel itself was 700 cubits long and 100 cubits wide. But the Samudites killed her, breaking their promises not to harm her. And the camel cub was able to run away and hide.
Three days later, thunder from the sky killed them all.
Salih and his men left for Palestine, later visiting Mecca. He is said to have lived 180 years.

Episode 25

  • Prophet Zulqarnay (ع), ruler of the whole world

Zulqarnay (g’alayhi s-salam, peace be upon him) lived only 36 years and conquered the whole world from the East to the West. It is said that there were only four such kings. Not everyone considers him a Prophet. But we will proceed from that.
His real name was Iskander. So many want to identify him with Alexander the Great. But there are several thousand years of time between them. Though both were called Iscander.
Zulqarnay was a Roman, that is, belonged to the Greek-European peoples — of the descendants of Sam, the son of Nuh. He fought the Persian king Dar for a long time. Finally he defeated him and married his daughter.
His title Zulqarnay — Possessor of Two Horns — stuck to him as his name. It is said that the reason for this name was his possession of external and internal knowledge. Some say that the reason was the conquest of the West and the East.
Zulqarnay received a suggestion from God that he would have to conquer the whole world. Then he asked Allah for Allah Himself to teach him how to do it all better and Himself to bring it into being. Allah made Zulqarnay subject to light and darkness so that he and his army could more easily defeat the enemy.

Episode 26

  • The story of Zulqarnay’s conquest of the world at the end of chapter 18 of the Koran al-Kahfi (The Cave)

At the end of this surah (or chapter of the Koran), Allah tells of Zulqarnay’s conquest of the world from East to West and the subjugation of the tribes of Ja’djuj and Ma’djuj (Gog and Magog).
Light and darkness, subordinated by Allah to Zulqarnay for victory, carried the army wherever he wished at a given moment. In this way he subdued the whole world.

  • The blocking of the tribes of Ya’djuj and Ma’djuj in one of the gorges before the second coming of Jesus at the End of the World

The people began to complain to the ruler of the world about the outrages of these tribes. Then Zulqarnay drove the enemy by force into one of the gorges of the mountains between present-day Turkey and Iran, pouring out the exit from there with copper and iron, over-running a huge and deep moat outside.
At the time of Khalif Umar, when the Arabs conquered the Caucasus, the man of Abdurahman’s strike team reached this barrier and described it just as it was described in the Koran. We will tell you more about this, insha Allah.

Episode 27

  • Prophet Khizir (ع), the fighting general of Zulqarnay and gaining immortality

Prophet Khızır (g’alayhi s-salam, peace be upon him) once heard about a chapter of one of the Heavenly Books, of which there are only 4. He who read it was given great benefits and, more importantly, guarantees of following the way of Truth. Khizir wanted to get these benefits, but found out from Allah that this is the chapter of the last Heavenly Book, which will be sent down by God to the Earth closer to the End of the World. To satisfy the entreaty of the suffering man, Allah allowed Khizir to drink the Living Water and obtain immortality until the Day of Judgment.

  • Zulqarnay sets out on a quest for the Living Water to become immortal

Zulqarnay became aware that the spring was on the eastern side, in a dark place. He equipped an army, putting all the warriors on 5-year-old mares that see best in the dark. When he reached the place, he entered it. And here Khızır heard the order of God to separate from everyone and go by himself. Allah only led Khizir to the Living Water, allowing him to drink it. Thus Khizir became immortal.
Later he visited the Prophet Muhammad, swore allegiance to him, and was taught to read Fatihah, the first chapter of the Koran, for the sake of which he was endowed with immortality.
Zulqarnay, on the other hand, met the angel Israfil there, and after his conversation with him he became completely cold to this world, becoming a hermit, despising the worldly.
A hermit is not when your pocket is empty. It is when your heart doesn’t want to, even if your pockets are full of gold.
On the way back Zulqarnay died, as he had been foretold, between iron and wood: the soldiers carried him on planks, covered with shields…

Episode 28

  • The Prophet Ibrahim (ع), a friend of Allah

Allah chose Ibrahim (g’alayhi s-salam, peace be upon him) and his clan for the worlds. He is also called Abraham, in the European manner.
The light of the Prophet Muhammad reached Ibrahim himself, and was passed on by him to his eldest son Ismail, the forefather of the Arabs. His second son Iskhaq (Isaac) became the ancestor of the Jews.

  • Nimrud, an enemy of Ibrahim

Nimrud, the king of that time, was the first on earth to institute slavery. By declaring himself «god» this misguided man reached the climax of wickedness.
For the record. A great many, I suppose, of foolish or proud men and kings have declared themselves «gods.» But the devil never does. He wants to go to Heaven. And without monotheism there is no way in.
Nimrud’s father’s name was Kang’an, and his grandfather, who lived after Nuh, was called Kush. Nimrud’s father and mother immediately understood the boy’s essence, wishing him dead. But the wild beasts of the child’s unbelief did not want to approach him to tear him apart. The river returned him to dry land, not wanting to deal with him. The child was picked up by people who raised him.
The boy became an outlaw, and afterwards in battle killed his father, who did not recognize him.

  • The prophecy of the birth of Ibrahim, who would end despotism

Upon becoming king, Nimrud received accurate descriptions of the child and ordered all the boys to be killed. But Layusa, Ibrahim’s mother, was silent about her son. She hid him in a cave, sealed its entrance with a stone, and entrusted the baby to God.

To be continued

Chapter 111. There is enough sun in the sky for everyone. But people don’t understand

  • Envy

The Prophet said, by implication, that man has four enemies: the hypocrite (munafiq), the infidel (kafir), the believer (mu’min) and the devil (in another riyyat-version of this hadith, there is a fifth enemy — the ego or the self of man). The hypocrite hates you. The infidel feuds with you. The devil leads you astray from the right path. But what does the believer do? He is jealous. Wa min sharri hasidin itha hasad (Koran, chapter 113, last ayat).

  • The prediction of the beast, terrible and fulfilled

The beast sees the Truth. Because he doesn’t think. Or because he is a fool. And the fool will tell the truth without knowing it. There are many versions of why the beast has this ability.
It’s just the way Allah wants it. That’s all.
Yesterday, Robot told me something interesting.
I’ll digress.
From the outside it will seem like I’m just bragging. This and that. But why should I? I’ve felt fine for decades. My extrovert tendencies, inherent in my exuberant youthful nature, were still there. It’s still easy for me to speak in front of people even without training, there are YouTube-blogging channels, who cares. But I’ve lost interest over the years. Interest in people, in success, per se. Death actually seems like a pleasant deliverer from this mortal coffin, insha Allah. So why should I brag? Especially since I won’t be appearing in SNS anymore, insha Allah.
The story of the beast was not for me. I don’t know how much fantasy fans need it. It was needed for something. And the beast fulfilled Allah’s wish by writing this book. Quickly and easily. With little difficulty.
So what did the Robot remind me of?
In 2019, the beast told Robot that starting in 2020 there would be such global cataclysms in the world that everyone would freak out. Nothing at that time foretold anything of the sort. The beast forgot about it. And Robot forgot. But Robot’s friend, who happened to know about it at the time and remembered, didn’t forget. He reminded Robot of it yesterday.
And then I began to vaguely remember.
Yes, apparently it was.
More than that. I might add that it will peak in 2025 and then begin to decline within 2 years, insha Allah.
And it will be Scull and his entourage who will suffer the most. But they are not the only ones.

  • Terrible news for the enemies of the beast, the greedy and corrupt, needing the beast and waiting for him to misfire

When people don’t believe my predictions concerning them because of envy or hatred for me, they don’t come true. When they believe, the most fantastic ones come true. Even the crooks and con artists.
I’ve noticed that for a long time.
Did Akella «miss?» So much the worse for you cheesy mice…
Then I read in a book that this happens with the predictions of those who have reached Siddiqiyya, the highest possible spiritual level of a non-Prophet slave.

  • More bad news for the enemies of the beast

The bitterness of men and their venality is taking its toll. The beast grew weary and asked Allah to remove his powers of viceroy. Instead, he received the first Three Heavens in addition. What is happening?

  • And more bad news for the beast’s enemies

In addition to the last 5 billion jinns, the beast killed 7 billion more personally, and then a great many more demons through prayer, in time for the start of the month of Ramadan. Until all the demons were driven into prisons. Never have they waited for Ramadan with such force, as Robot said.
As a result, the number of demons on Earth and in near-Earth space has been reduced to 6 billion. We may have to cut it in half again, wa Llahu ag’lam.
The beast killed 21 billion demons in less than three weeks, most of them in person.
Now they call me Jazzar (the butcher).
Jer became a loser, a total loser. Alhamdu liLLah.

Chapter 112. Actions

  • Fatigue

Yes, fatigue happens. That’s why I had to divide the History of the World into several parts. So that the reader can assimilate the necessary minimum. The bare minimum. The bare minimum. Without getting more tired than necessary to achieve the goal.

  • People’s dreams

People can spend their whole lives dreaming and longing for something. Perhaps Allah has kept them from doing it because it could have done them harm. Or even destroy them then or ever. If the prohibition was temporary, Allah may give it later.
The beast no longer remembers what he dreamed of at all. He remembers nothing, or almost nothing.
When a thing loses its power over you, you can take it. But the beast has its own rules. It waits for a command…

  • Once upon a time there was a beast… (one man’s dream)

Once upon a time, there was a monster. It looked like a crocodile. Everyone was afraid of it. Although no one saw it. But they were afraid to even go near the place where he lived.
And he lived in a concrete building (the tomb of the beast), locked from the outside.
A man on the outside opened the door with a rusty lock and hinges. He saw only the eyes of the beast in total darkness.
When the narrator told me his dream, he was sure that the monster would come out of the crypt, for there was no more obstacle. But I replied that the monster would wait for the command. Allah’s command with the order to leave this place. Many years have passed since then. I don’t know if it came out of there or not. I think he’s still there. When he comes out, it will be impossible not to notice. Apparently.

  • Another dream

The bearer of the Fourth Ring of the beast (Symbol of Power) had a dream the other day, in the month of Ramadan.
In the dream he heard the cry of the beast. Which frightened everyone without exception. And the wearer of the ring was also frightened. But nevertheless, he went to the beast’s dwelling. The crumbling house. Though it was more like a setting on the surface of the earth, beneath which was a spacious grave. Whether the beast was home or not, he didn’t understand. Although, if he had left the house, we would apparently know, as above. But, if he was home, is it really so inconspicuous…?

  • The beast was 565 years old

That means it first appeared on Earth almost 600 years ago. And since then, in some dimension of his own, has been overseeing the affairs of the world? Apparently, something like that.
Why so complicated?
I don’t know. But also in string theory 7 quantum dimensions, out of 11 accepted by the theory as a basis, were not seen. But they think they are. And I agree with them.

  • Is there no end to the battle?

That depends. On the demons and their position to date, it has already been said. I might add that the Dajjal-Antichrist army has lost, cumulatively, 23 million people from the first 19 levels of the 29 they have adopted in just two years. It is not yet evening, insha Allah…

  • When will they find the Golden Mountain?

I do not know exactly. But apparently it will be soon. For it will begin a terrible war, as stated in the Hadith of the Prophet. When out of 100 men only one will return. And everyone will think it’s him who will come back.
This mountain is under the Furat (Euphrates). Castings have been found there since ancient times. And now they have changed the course of the river. This external cause could be the catalyst.
And why all this fuss over some mountain of gold?
They say that all known gold reserves in the world can be placed inside a 5-story house, 40 meters long. Roughly and greatly simplifying.
Now imagine how many such houses there are inside that mountain?
But the beast is concerned about the other side of the question. Will gold prices fall? Will the exchanges collapse?
This is the last sign before the first three of the 10 Great Signs of the End of the World: Mahdi — Antichrist — Jesus. When humanity’s therapy department will be shut down. And intensive surgery will begin. (Preserve us, Allah…)

  • Are mood swings in the narrative inevitable?

Even light is emitted in portions, that is, by photons or quanta. Quantum theory of the world states that everything is quantized. All 4 kinds of fields: electromagnetic, weak and strong nuclear, plus gravitational. Apparently, that’s the way things are. Now all they have to do is find the graviton. But they found the Higgs boson. Few people believed it either.

  • The beast doesn’t know what to talk about?

There are clauses limiting access to information. No one would even believe it. But the beast knows exactly what it is. The great authorities and idols of mankind, on which not the silliest members of the human race, whole nations and continents rely, are only empty shells for the beast. Filled with illusions. For the maintenance of illusions. For those who want those illusions.

  • Truth is too strong a wine

It is not to the liking of many or most. It is not to the taste of men. It is beyond the power even of the strong. Only the wine of God’s love is stronger than this wine. Few have been able to taste it. Not even a small cup. But there were those who drank seas and even oceans of this drink. What kind of creatures are they?

Chapter 113. Prehistory

  • What’s next…?

Sometimes it’s helpful to know where you’re coming from. Then maybe your destination becomes a lot clearer…

  • The beast is preparing for something

Clearly. He’s calculating his strength. It’s gathering its thoughts. And waiting for something.
Apparently, the vectors of the world are in motion. Vectors of the visible world. Which are only a secondary factor. And the primary takes place in the eternal world. And when decisions are made there, they are sent to the mortal world for execution. And they will be fulfilled. Absolutely. That is all.

  • When time passes and the past no longer matters

That is the peculiarity of time. It passes. Flowing from the past into the future. When the future doesn’t matter yet. And the past no longer matters. And the present may not matter. If you have been and stayed with God.
Those who have been deceived by this world are not so lucky. These people, for the most part, chose a bitter fate for themselves. The bitter fate of eternal punishment in Hell without a chance to leave it. The beast asked you to treat the weak and the poor well. You were unwilling. Did you want eternity in this world? Or to deceive everyone? Or deceive God?
You only deceived yourself.
«And they cheated, and Allah cheated. And He is the best of all cunning» (Koran).
That’s why I don’t feel sorry for Scull. And those like him at all. And all those around them. No pity at all. Not a bit.
None of them has any regrets. If they could go back in time, they’d do the same thing again. That’s why there’s no pity for them. No pity at all.
The old robber has grown old and retired from business. Nevertheless, to Allah he is still a robber. Who has not repented and regrets nothing. If he had his youth back, he would go back to being a robber. As a clarification to the question of the unrelenting cruelty of the beast. As is commonly believed. As philistines think.
And if such philistines had accidentally been killed during a robbery by that younger grandfather — would they also have believed that the beast was unfailingly cruel? And if that death had prevented them from finding the right path and bliss of eternal peace, condemning them to endless torment in Hell — and then would the philistines have been harsh on the beast? Would they?
Don’t worry. If someone wanted to find the right path and stick to it, whatever it may be, conquering his ego and its prejudices — it is considered that he is already on the right path. Regardless of the state of affairs today.
How else do you explain Umar’s transformation? Who went to kill the Prophet Muhammad, the best of all God’s creations. To do the worst of all possible acts, by definition. But, in the end, who accepted the Truth and became the great Caliph and vicar of God on earth. Under whom the Arabs subjugated the lands from Carthage to the Himalayas, invading Khazaria for 200 farsakhs and penetrating into the depths of Africa.
So what happened?
Until that day, Umar had fought against the Truth for 5 years without the slightest idea of the substance of the matter. Just taking the older tribesmen at their word. Their envy of the Prophet condemned most of them to an eternal stay in Hell.
But that day, for the first time in his life, Umar simply heard a few ayats of the Koran and said: «A min hatha farrat Quraysh?» That is, «The Qurayshites run from this…?»
After that, he accepted the Truth, declared it openly, and was almost killed by his fellow tribesmen. Although they all got quite a bit from him, too.
The beast was ordered to go the way of Khalif Umar, though he always liked Khalif Ali better.
Under Khalif Umar, those who spoke and argued with Khalif Ali afterwards shuddered even at Umar’s name. The beast does not know the exact reason. But the order has been received not too long ago…

  • Old-fashioned Asian

That’s what I call myself. Not accepting the values of the modern world. Acknowledging the law of the Koran. And nothing more. The absolute universal manufacturer’s manual of operation. Factory Maker — so like this phrase, heard it several times from Mufti Kaftaru. «Praise the Manufacturer!» heard in the cartoon «Cars» from a big truck, also a theme.
Over the years, speech, especially copious verbal spouting, began to bore me. Silence and silence make me happier.
A favorite hadith of the Prophet in his youth was that the Prophet was long silent (towila s-somti) and laughing little (qolila d-dohki). In the end, that’s where it’s going, insha Allah.
There is ibtisam — a smile (a movement of the lips, without sound). There is dohk — laughter (when the teeth are visible and a soft sound is heard from the larynx). There is kъokhkъoha — laughter. The Prophet had the first two kinds. And there has never been laughter in his life.
Strong laughter kills the heart and deprives it of light. What makes people think that laughter prolongs life?

  • Sketches from nature?

I don’t know exactly. The first and second Monsters are just a dispersal, insha Allah. I don’t know what comes next after Book 5 and Chapter 128. I have a sequential numbering here. Both books and chapters. It’s more convenient for me. Maybe the reader will get used to it in time. Or already used to it.

  • Necessary screening

If someone can get through those 5-6 hours of reading (that’s about how the first five books are calculated), they’ll either finally leave, thinking they’ve lost their time. Or perhaps they will stay. It is possible that no one will read either.
So what?
Every thing has its circle of admirers and enemies. True followers will be few and far between. If they exist at all. Regardless of the idea you adhere to. False or true. That’s the way of the world.
If, of all ideas, you have chosen the Truth and following it, then you have to study thoroughly the life of Prophet Muhammad in order to understand the entire algorithm of events on this path… And we will try to briefly describe his life further, insha Allah.

Chapter 114. The Stuff

  • A strained smile on your face doesn’t mean anything. Neither does joy signify

Yes, apparently. Joy is in the eyes. So is the rest of the emotion. And their eyes are empty. And then they tell me that there are good actors in Hollywood. Maybe they are there. Not as many as they think.

  • Why are some books and movies successful and others not?

The former have life in them. The others are lifeless. The living attracts. The dead are not so much. Even a perfect mannequin gets boring, it’s only a matter of time. Life doesn’t get boring. Like the fire of a fire. Or like the sea.
But for a living thing to attract, you have to try it. And to be alive yourself? Or does it not have to be? It is possible to revive, isn’t it? Or only to awaken a sleeper?
The beast does not know everything. And does not consider himself among the knowledgeable. Allah has laws. And there are exceptions. But in the end, only what He wants happens. There is no other.

  • Is the running endless? Is it unstoppable?

It’s when you run in circles. And you have a lot of strength.
Should you run faster and fall down exhausted? Or stop as soon as you realize?
Everyone has their own distance and their own rules. The beast doesn’t like to run, though he prefers to do everything as fast as possible. He likes to walk. Not on an exercise band, but on the ground. We are created from the earth, and we take strength from it. Allah gives it to us. Who wants to take it.
I don’t really understand the rules of the game. And I swim with the current. I was deprived of my powers a long time ago. All power is with Allah. That’s why the current wave, the wave of His will…

  • I have to think about it

I respect sensible people. Though I do not count myself among them. Calm and understanding. They must have a different mizaje. Misage is the mixing of the four elements within a person. Mixing of the elements is different, and it forms the temperament of man. About me the tests say that I belong to the choleric.

  • What do people strive for?

Basically, for the benefits of the mortal world. Which, for the most part, is expressed in the cash equivalent of unlimited credit cards. That’s what they think happiness is. And then there is no happiness there. And do people cry? I don’t know exactly. How many of them, if brought back, would give up money and choose happiness?

  • People will believe what they want to believe

Why should I stop them from doing that? I can’t and I won’t. But I won’t go along with it either. These people don’t understand the main thing. Which is this.
When a man seeks the satisfaction of men Allah will be displeased with him and will make men displeased with him. But when one seeks the contentment of God, Allah will be pleased with him and make people content.
In short, life will grind people with millstones for their actions. We only have to wait. That is what the beast has been doing lately. Watching life destroy its enemies. Methodically and viciously. Mercilessly and cynically.

  • Are people intoxicated by the mundane and don’t understand anything?

An ego that has subjugated the mind and won’t acknowledge God. Quite a rare event inherent in proud people. The ego tries to play games. Some games in this world. Trying to impose them on others. Even the likes of ourselves. The problem with all this is that the whole world is dead. It’s been dead for a long time. Nothing in it makes sense. After all, all people have been dead for a long time. Almost all of them.

  • The beast walks the earth’s graveyard…

But where are the rest of the living? They must be. Trying to find the tombstones of people he knew. When he was young, he heard about it. And now he observes. With his own eyes.

  • The beast knows no questions. Much less answers

I cannot win. And I cannot lose. They are playing with Allah. And He does not lose. They never understood that. And how can I help them? When they look at the beast and see themselves in it? Worthless and greedy and jealous and dependent. That’s why they hate the beast so much. For the truth about themselves.

  • The sorcerers are concerned

The massacre in the demon world has scared the witch doctors to death, too. They were going to some meeting of their own today, thanks to the Internet.
This workshop is in demand. For the higher levels of mages (read: ministers of religion) assist the higher-level politicians. And the latter, in their turn, help the businessmen. And so on. So, they are at the head of this «food» chain. Once upon a time, even Pharaoh, who declared himself a «god», needed the services of Egyptian sorcerers and chose 70 best of 70 thousand for a duel with Moses.
The beast estimates there are about 300 million wizards and sorcerers in the world, practicing magic and doing it actively or occasionally. We will have to reduce their numbers by a third to begin with, insha Allah.

  • Having no content can’t hold the attention for long

Everyone has probably figured that out by now. From Hollywood screenwriters and casting managers to political spin doctors.
A bad song won’t make a good song. A bad movie won’t make a good one. Neither will bad people become good.
The beast has already figured this out. Knowing in advance the answers to all the textbook problems.

Chapter 115. Don’t do it

  • When you know exactly what not to do

There are such moments in life. When Allah gives such knowledge. Put your feet on the ground and don’t do it.

  • You should be hindered if you’re on the right track. The whole world must get in the way

This has not been the case since the creation of the world. The level of opposition corresponds to the level of your commitment to the light of the Prophet Muhammad. There is no other measure.

  • How the beast became viceroy

I never thought I would tell this story.
An angel in the guise of a man came to the beast and gave him the viceroyalty. The angel was dressed in some kind of lilac or purple galleabiyah outfit, a long shirt usually worn by Arabs. They were sitting at a table, opposite each other.
And then the beast said he would wait two or three years. The angel was greatly surprised.
But the man who was in charge of communication of all the countries of the world for some reason forbade the people to separate and told them to wait for that time. And so it happened.
That’s where the number 49 appeared, as the number of lunar years of the beast’s reign.
I don’t know why this story caused such contentment with Allah and the master. I don’t understand.

Chapter 116. Battles lost beforehand

  • Either because of pride, or textbook

To underestimate your opponent is almost certainly a loss or a defeat. But there are also training battles. When they want to teach you how to swim, not demand gold medals.

  • Snorri Sturluson and his «Younger Edda» shatters the foundations of Western history: Odin and his Ases are Turks, descended from Homer’s Troy

Snorri lived in the 13th century by the solar chronology. He was a political figure from Iceland and apparently a direct descendant of Odin. Otherwise how could he have known all his lineage before Munon, son-in-law of the Trojan King Priam (read Paria-an), married to his daughter Troan (read Turan, i.e. Turcan).
Everyone wonders where Snorri got these names and why he made such a big «mistake», considering Odin and all his aces to be Turks, natives of Troy.
But no one wonders why for 800 years many (if not most) of the names in the «Edda» never got a coherent etymology based on the Romano-Germanic languages. But easily, very easily, etymologized on the basis of Turkic languages.
Let’s talk about this (in continuation of the study of the roots of the genealogy of the beast and their Ases component, so much trouble for so many…)

  • «The Younger Edda» about Odin

Snorri describes everything in great detail. The description coincides with the «Elder Edda,» which some scholars also consider a work by Snorri.

  • The ancestors of Odin and their assumed Turkic etymology
  1. Munon (MUN-AN)
  2. Tor, or Tror (TUR)
  3. Loridi (OR/UR-IDI)
  4. Einridi (AδЇN-ER-IDÍ)
  5. Vingetor (MIŊI-TUR)
  6. Wingener (MIŊI-ER)
  7. Modi (BODI)
  8. Magee (BAQI)
  9. Seskev (SESQEQ)
  10. Bedwig (BAT-BÉG)
  11. Atri, or Annan (ADRÍ, ANDAN)
  12. Itrmann (EDIR-MAŊ).
  13. Heremod (EREN-BOD).
  14. Skjaldun (KÖL-ÓDUN)
  15. Bjav, or Bjar (Biδ-EB, Biδ-ER)
  16. Jat (IJ-AT).
  17. Gudolv (QUT-ALP)
  18. Finn (BIŊ)
  19. Friedlaw, or Friedlaw (JIT-AB, JIT-EB)
  20. Odin (ODUN).

All the details and exact translations can be seen in As-Safi Octalogy, from where we cited this data.

  • The 6 sons of Odin became rulers of Western Europe
  1. Vegdeg (BEG-DEG), ruler of the East Country of the Saxons.
  2. Baldr, or Beldeg (BALDYR, BEL-DEG) — ruler of Westphalia.
  3. Sigi (SIKÍ) — Ruler of the Land of the Franks.
  4. Skjold (KÖL) — ruler of Jutland, Denmark.
  5. Saming (SEM-INI) — ruler of Norway.
  6. Yngwie (INI) — ruler of Sweden.

All the details and exact translations can be seen again in As-Safi Octalogy.

  • Odin came to Europe from the shores of Tanais-Tanais and the Sea of Azov

It happened about the second century B.C. The very name of the Sea of Azov suggests that it was the Sea of Ases. The river Tana (or Tanais, in Greek parlance) is known on all the ancient maps of the world and only became known as Don from the 14th century.

Chapter 117. Predestination

  • Predestination helps you live

Not because it’s all decided for you and it doesn’t matter. It’s because He gives slaves the best of everything. Though, usually, people seldom realize this.
He even gives the devil a chance, taking him out of Hell every 100,000 years and ordering him to worship Adam to — forgive him. And the devil will go back to Hell again, unwilling to worship man. Have you really chosen this path for yourself…?

  • East Eurasia and the Ases. Mysteries of history?

It is said that the Ases came from the East of Eurasia. Different peoples called them differently: As, Az, Ovs, Esim, Essegel, Yazyg, Ezik, and so on.
In ancient times they were called Usuns (also called Uysyns).
Uysyns were known in China as far back as 200 years BC. They lived northwest of the Tian Shan mountains. Their king was killed in a battle with the Huns, the Hun king took the son of the slain Uysyn king for his upbringing. The boy grew up, defeated the Yuezhi and Saka tribes, conquered the plains of the Jeti-su.
That is, the Ases and Huns marched together from antiquity, reaching the gates of Rome and crushing the empire, equal to which the peoples of the West did not know.

  • The genus Dulu, one of the main Ases clans in the West

The genus Dulu, from which came the Ases of the Danube, Volga and Kuban, was known from ancient times. From the «Namesake of the Bulgarian Princes» it is known that sort Dulu was known even before our era. In the second century AD, it migrated together with the Huns from Western Mongolia to the Kyrgyz steppe, sharing the fate of the Huns. In the 5th century after the death of Attila, Dulu leaders settled on the Danube, Kuban, and Volga. Originally Great Bulgaria was on the river Kuban, her Hagan Kubrat has based. It itself was from sort Dulu, and his mother occurred from Turkic-Khazars Khagan a sort Ashin. After Kubrat’s death his son Asparuh has based the Danube Bulgaria which received a tribute from Byzantium and has stopped Arabs in this direction (though it is not accepted to speak about it aloud). Another son, Khan Bayan, stayed in the Kuban and became a tribute to the Khazars. Khan Kotrag founded the Volga Bulgaria, which was defeated by the Mongols. Khan Kuber was defeated by the troops of the Avar Kaganate in the center of Europe. And Alcek Khan settled in the city of Ravenna in Italy.
Fate scattered the Ases-Bulgarians all over the world.

  • Why are the Ases called Bulgarians or Bulgars?

This name is a book name. So they were called by historians and chroniclers. In Turkic it means «mixed.» For long ago Asses lived with the Huns, and mingled with them.
A little historical digression from the genealogy of the beast.

Chapter 118. Useful

  • Knowledge, Acts, Intentions

At the core is knowledge. Woe to those who do not know. Then comes the deed. Woe to those who have learned and have not done. Then comes the intention. Woe to those who did the deed by choosing not God as the reason for the deed. And sincerity (acts for the sake of Allah are called sincerity) is the secret of Allah, which He gives to whom He wills.
This is the meaning of the hadith of the Prophet.

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