Fantasy. Book 6. The Cliff (by Khazrat Tebu)

Fantasy. Monster and άλφα-3 (by Khazrat Tebu)

Book 6. The Cliff

Khazrat Tebu. Monster and άλφα-3 (fantasy)

Real events, real characters. A story from life. The reality of which no one will ever believe. That’s why it’s a fantasy. All right, let’s make it fantasy… The book may seem uninteresting and non-dynamic at first. This was the case with my friends until they learned the real names of some of the characters. Then they reread the book again under a completely different impression. Can you guess — who is who — in this book? You’ll be amazed. And you won’t believe it. That’s why this book is in the fantasy genre, smiley. Enjoy your reading.
Respectfully, the author

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Monster and άλφα

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Monster and άλφα-3

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This creature is currently unparalleled. Even in the long history of the world, there have been few like it.
It walks the Earth in human form. And it can appear anywhere in the universe in less than a second. Staying in many places at once. If necessary.
Having passed all the stages of polishing required for certification in the visible world, the creature was granted the right to incarnate destinies.
Pleased to meet you. I am the beast. The Killer.
The recent history of the world in recent years, in the strategic and tactical highways, takes place with my participation and directly with my sanction…


Monster and άλφα-3

Book 6
The Cliff

Chapter 129. On the edge of the precipice
Chapter 130. Activity
Chapter 131. Name
Chapter 132. Freedom

April 16, 2022

Monster and άλφα-3. Book 6. The Cliff

Chapter 129. On the edge of the precipice

Humanity stands on the edge of a precipice. It will inevitably fall into the abyss. But not now.
The entropy of the system is increasing. Is that why?
It was designed that way from the beginning. There is no way to avoid it.
But first I have to meet Imam Mahdi and Jesus. Then escort them to eternal peace.
I had always hoped that I might not live to see the beginning of the 10 Events.
But Allah decided otherwise. By making the beast the last viceroy of the earth. He will be the last to leave the captain’s bridge and sink the submarine… Ya Rabb.

People aren’t going anywhere. They have to fulfill their destiny in life. Everyone has a different one, and it doesn’t really matter which one it is. It is better to fulfill it by submitting to God’s will and expressing contentment with it.
The beast does not want to do good to people. The beast does not want to harm people. It needs to do God’s will as He wills it. Like a dog doing its master’s will without knowing the reasons.
During all of this and at the end of it all, only one thing will matter: getting permission. Permission to — be and stay with God…
Often I hear beautiful and clever, at first glance, words or deep reflections. Which, in the end, have no common denominator. The common denominator with the eternal. A common denominator with the eternal, where there is God. A common denominator with the eternal, where there is God and nothing but God.
Private manifestations of truth, like sketches from nature, are not much appreciated by me.
It would seem, at first glance, that they are private manifestations of the big picture. But the beast perceives them as detached body parts that are dead and have been for a long time.

I know from experience that a strong rush of feeling is often the eg’s reaction to a falsehood. That’s how the colossi of the world collapsed, which the beast doesn’t want to talk about out loud. No one would ever believe that they are fake.

Apparently, destiny was of interest and quite a bit. If general directions and statuses were received.
But, lately, things have taken a strange turn: my future is only known for the next 2 minutes. No more. No one can access the beast’s files. Temporary or permanent. On all media.
If anyone thinks they have succeeded, they are in a state of istidraj.
Only Allah and the host know everything about the beast. All others are informed by Allah as necessary according to His will and desire.

As a result, he was made a system of coordinates.

I don’t know exactly what happened. But in the last third of the month of Ramadan in 1443, the beast became the number one whose death is most desired in the world.
In spite of the fact that many of the strongest people of this world have messed up many places and many people badly.
But where and who had time to dislike this character so much?
The 6 billion surviving jinns were available at the beginning of the month. Then it’s about the people. Those 300 million practicing magic? Or something else?
It’s not really clear.
After all, no one in particular knows of the creature’s existence. Especially in such large numbers.
That’s odd.

There’s nothing much going on. It’s just preparation. I don’t know what for.

I can’t listen to «German Requiem» past the first two episodes. I’m rewinding to listen to them again. Of all the classics, just this piece by Brahms. Never got around to listening to Wagner’s «Das Rheingold» from start to finish.

Someday. When all these endless wars are finally over. I’ll have to read A Thousand and One Nights. Perhaps more than once. In Arabic, of course. Insha Allah.

We’ll have to go and see the reconstruction of Kokura Castle (小倉城) in Kitakyushu, Japan. And then warm up in the ocean in Okinawa. If you’re lucky.

I don’t need fans.
There are so many people in the world who live alone. Not even pretending to love. For the love of anyone. They understand that love is a very precious thing. They have no one to rely on. They have nowhere to look for help. But Allah helps them. Whether they acknowledge Him or not, they expect help from Him or not.
The beast waits for help.
I don’t need followers.

Decisions stem only from the will of Allah. He alone decides everything. Why be a fool who rejects the gifts of destiny?

You have to be able to make people like you in order to be on trend. This is important for kindergarten teachers. So that kids listen to them and benefit. And educators get paid, unless, of course, this is their calling.
It’s hard, and it’s necessary for someone.
One can stay as you are and look for a spooge. This may be a wiser decision if you are the perfect one. In that case, jewelry connoisseurs will come for the diamond. Those who want costume jewelry will also find their own. No disdain for costume jewelry. Different niches, different tasks.
I don’t like the proud.
Better to be a humble costume jewel on a bench in the aisle. Than a proud diamond, and on the hand of the king of the wretched.
Anyway, I don’t want people to like me. And I can’t. I don’t think that’s the goal.

If the bad people, who are considered as criminals before Allah, hate me, I am very grateful to them for that. Experiencing feelings of hatred towards them. Because of God’s displeasure with these creatures.

The world of darkness has cracked. The Beast has gained full access to the consciousness of humanity as a whole and individually. No need to worry, I will not turn «white» into «black. Those who don’t need the light will be left without it.
But why was I given this access? I don’t understand.

Need to start with a fiasco at the beginning of a case? How about a fall from Everest?

There are people who live in a world of money and understand only the language of money. They’re like a one-story house. They differ from animals only in appearance. And when animals are returned to the earth from which they were created after Judgment Day, such people will be sent to Hell. No pity.
They had no pity for anyone. Who will pity them?

Start over? By changing the goal? Or the way to achieve the old goal?
You can’t change the goal. You can’t. It is directly related to the essence of man. A giraffe won’t eat meat. Neither would a wolf eat grass.
This is a joyful and comforting thing. There are boundaries and there are patterns. There is certainty. There is no chaos. And there wasn’t.

The course of life is unstoppable. There are rules. Every group of people will find their own.

It’s a good thing there are no parallel realities, so you don’t have to rush around looking for a better piece of cheese. I don’t want to live my life all over again and change things. I need to get to the end.

I don’t need another man’s place. Although the best place is mine. No one knows that. Or didn’t know. I only found out recently.
The desire to passionately achieve something was my obstacle to achieving my place. So Allah prevented me from succeeding there. And I was not drawn there. For my place was here. The best of all places. It is such for me because it is mine. And it is there because it is the best there is. Alhamdu lillah.

Allah, give us of Your mercies and preserve us.

Chapter 130. Activity

Was the beast lacking in activity? Apparently, somehow. Or so it seemed. There was a lot going on. Things that couldn’t be said out loud just yet. So as not to scare it off. Or maybe it was too soon.
Things were happening in the world. With kaleidoscopic rapidity. It didn’t surprise the beast. It didn’t know what to do. And he was waiting for something to happen.
Outwardly he did not impress people. Few people knew about the invisible side of his life. Even those who knew didn’t really believe it, for the most part.
It suited him fine.
When there’s a lot of cheese and power, your phone will ring nonstop. People won’t need you, just like they didn’t need you before. They will need your abilities.
But the beast has nowhere to call, he has no phone number. That’s his advantage. And there’s no apparent reason to call yet. Yet.
There’s an e-mail, just in case publishers show interest in the book. There’s also Threema, which has a dozen and a half contacts. That’s a lot. Used to be about 10.
Times change.
Is it time for the beast to come out in the bright light? I don’t know. Waiting for a command.
I used to not understand how writers write with such apparent ease. Okay, they have talent. Why is it so easy for me? I didn’t expect you to.
Don’t get caught up in it.
That’s what’s become clear over the years. I try to follow it. For one is bound to do so. The emergence of Monster and άλφα is proof of that.
I read once that the fantasy genre is thriving in today’s book industry. Whoever wants to succeed will have to write in that vein. Then I thought, I probably won’t be writing fairy tales for sure. And how that turned out. It’s good that fairy tales are now commonly called fantasy. It’s a bit awkward to compete with the Brothers Grimm and Andersen. Classics, after all.
Maybe someone would be interested in endless battles with huge hordes of demons. If I were younger, I guess I’d be interested. I guess that’s the group of people they make superhero versions for. But I find the whole thing boring.
In my opinion, reading Monster (let’s call it that, for convenience) or rereading it should or can create a certain mindset in a person.
People forget. That’s how they’re built. Even when I was young, I understood that there must be created points of return from every moment of time and space. Return to your purpose.
I wish that people seeking, seeking light and truth, when reading this book, could more easily and better understand — what they have to do.
I can’t imagine doing live broadcasts, or streams. There’s contact with people, most of whom are the enemy. Who will come on purpose to ruin everything. Who are jealous. Or hate. Hate not just you, but everything. And they hate for no reason. And it’s not because they’re going through a period in their life. It’s because they’re just bad people. They don’t have a mission to get better. And they won’t get better. And they don’t want to get better. And they’re going to end up in Hell. That’s where they belong.
If that wasn’t the case, why would the whole world, for the most part, follow Dajjal-Antichrist very soon? (Allah forbid…)
Explain this, not to me, pacifist advocates of philosophical chimeras, but to yourself.
There are cavalier people with their misunderstandings and utterances without morality or etiquette. All this only helps you to understand yourself and your commitment to the idea you think you profess.
As a result, meeting with people is in a way reminiscent of hitting red-hot steel with a hammer to forge it into mace. Damascus bullion. It’s an unusual thing. And very highly prized. Very much so.

Chapter 131. Name

A name means. It means a lot of things.
Without a name there is no identity. Therefore, a name is like a spice that enhances and emphasizes the essence of a person. Our names, too, seem to have come from eternity with us. Our names seem to be native to us.
Although the number of possible algorithms is apparently limited. Each person may think they are unique.
The beast does not think so.
He doesn’t see himself as special or unique. Apparently, that’s why he doesn’t have a name. The beast is more of a name itself. Like the apple tree, for example. That’s what all apple trees are called.
Postulating his ordinariness, he sees no difference between himself and a schoolteacher, an engineer, a pilot, a baker, and so on. Each in his place performs his duties.
Possessing a type of knowledge gives status depending on the rank of that type of knowledge. Those who know quantum physics do not have the same status as those who know philately, for example. Among those who possess knowledge, those who know God are above all, because of the exclusivity of the subject of study. For God is above everything. They are not trivial figures of religion who have learned the rules of religious law. Not at all. These people are aware of God Himself, possessing the knowledge of the heart. They are always few and far between. They are usually hated and misunderstood. Though they care little for it.
To those who have knowledge the beast does not belong.
Power remains. Although he’s nominally a viceroy, the beast doesn’t consider himself an amir (a lord with power over someone).
It is strange.
But it is.
Going back to the names. People love strength and earthly glory. That’s why the Greeks gave their children Macedonian names after Alexander’s star rose. Before that, though, both he and his father Philip were not beloved in Hellas proper and were not considered Hellenes. Then, naturally, they were made Greeks. Everything is as it always is in the underworld. For the same reason the Romans gave their children Greek names because of cultural influences in antiquity.
But why was the son of Hercules, the ancestor of all the Germanic peoples, given a Hun (read Turkic) name Teleph? And only he knew the way to Troy. The very Troy that Snorri thought was the land of the Turks. Jordanes wrote about Telephus in the «Acts of the Geths» back in the 6th century AD. He himself was either a Turk or a German. Possibly mestizo.
Nobody cancelled the rule of domination. Its essence is that — in a certain territory one borrows from a large and strong attitude, politically, economically, culturally or religiously dominant. Adhering to this simple rule, you will understand how contrived and, in fact, fabricated the history of mankind in many episodes to please the powers that be at this time. So that to their grease on their lips and the ringing of coins in their pockets, in whatever way they can adapt a pedigree worthy of the fee they have paid. Which, for this purpose, must be taken from the true owners. Though pedigree and descent are of little concern to me. I am only interested in the essence. I’d rather pick up a real diamond from a garbage dump and value it where people value the cobblestones of the Louvre.
Going back to names and naming people.
By copying someone, you are admitting your failure and addiction.
Yes, the overpowering party makes the rules. There’s nowhere to go. But Don Corleone called his youngest son Miguel. The father was Italian and stayed Italian. He didn’t assimilate.

Chapter 132. Freedom

Freedom to create. Let’s start with it. And let’s stop there for now.
When you write and don’t think about critics? Or when you’re not interested in the opinion of fans?
More like when you forget yourself.
He who has no desires and wants nothing is free. He is not connected to anything or anyone.
It’s a banal blocking of the ego. When it has no power over you. Then there is sincerity, an incredibly rare character. He who has sincerity has power. Unless, of course, we are talking about people’s addiction, when the maintenance of that addiction also yields results and has seeming power. The power of candy over children. Vodka over an alcoholic. Power over a politician. Money over a businessman.
This is not about them now or here.
Lawyers protect the strong and the rich. And this, in today’s world, is called the triumph of justice. That’s why laws are written, under the guise of lofty words. Behind a screen of democracy or in front of it, if you like. In the movies again, the rich and powerful teach the poor and weak how to behave properly. The poor and weak constantly make excuses and apologize. It usually doesn’t get to the apology of the other side, because they always have a reason to behave the way they just rebuked others for. That’s why people like superheroes. Even though the beast doesn’t like them. So he made a list of all the bad people who were finally removed from God’s graces, until the Day of Resurrection, so that they would taste full punishment in both worlds and be left in Hell for smirking. Allah accepted this list and this plea. It is the end for them, insha Allah.

To be continued

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