Fantasy. Monster and άλφα

Real events, real characters. A story from life. The reality of which no one will ever believe. That’s why it’s a fantasy. All right, let’s make it fantasy… The book may seem uninteresting and non-dynamic at first. This was the case with my friends until they learned the real names of some of the characters. Then they reread the book again under a completely different impression. Can you guess — who is who — in this book? You’ll be amazed. And you won’t believe it. That’s why this book is in the fantasy genre, smiley. Enjoy your reading.
Respectfully, the author

Introduction to the topic

This creature is currently unparalleled. Even in the long history of the world, there have been few like it.
It walks the Earth in human form. And it can appear anywhere in the universe in less than a second. Staying in many places at once. If necessary.
Having passed all the stages of polishing required for certification in the visible world, the creature was granted the right to incarnate destinies.
Pleased to meet you. I am the beast. The Killer.
The recent history of the world in recent years, in the strategic and tactical highways, takes place with my participation and directly with my sanction…

Monster and άλφα

Monster and άλφα-2

Monster and άλφα-3

Do what you can.
Don’t give yourself any slack.
And rely on Allah, only He can…

Continuation entry

Allah has long ago divided the portions among His servants. Don’t look at what others have. And don’t compete with them. Especially if you have already chosen Him…
There are many philosophies of life. And they are all wrong. What’s right is what He wants. And so it will be. The beast is busy embodying it. Although it does not need to be embodied. For there can be nothing else.

Monster and άλφα-4. Reinstallation

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