Fantasy-prequel. S.H. Real Monster story and alpha (by Khazrat Tebu)

Fantasy. Monster and άλφα (by Khazrat Tebu)

Prequel. S.H. Real Monster story and άλφα

Khazrat Tebu. Monster and άλφα (fantasy)

Real events, real characters. A story from life. The reality of which no one will ever believe. That’s why it’s a fantasy. All right, let’s make it fantasy… The book may seem uninteresting and non-dynamic at first. This was the case with my friends until they learned the real names of some of the characters. Then they reread the book again under a completely different impression. Can you guess — who is who — in this book? You’ll be amazed. And you won’t believe it. That’s why this book is in the fantasy genre, smiley. Enjoy your reading.
Respectfully, the author

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Monster and άλφα

Monster and άλφα-2

Monster and άλφα-3

Monster and άλφα


This creature is currently unparalleled. Even in the long history of the world, there have been few like it.
It walks the Earth in human form. And it can appear anywhere in the universe in less than a second. Staying in many places at once. If necessary.
Having passed all the stages of polishing required for certification in the visible world, the creature was granted the right to incarnate destinies.
Pleased to meet you. I am the beast. The Killer.
The recent history of the world in recent years, in the strategic and tactical highways, takes place with my participation and directly with my sanction…


S. H. Real Monster story and άλφα

Chapter 1. Beginnings
Chapter 2. My friends
Chapter 3. Geolocation
Chapter 4. I wasn’t invited to Halloween. Again. What the hell was that?
Chapter 5. Pedigree
Chapter 6. I hate magic
Chapter 7. Of kings
Chapter 8. Ego casemates
Chapter 9. Disturbance
Chapter 10. What the hell are you doing?
Chapter 11. The dumpster
Chapter 12. The beginning of the battle
A dead man’s dream
An unexpected encounter
Chapter 13. Beginning of the war
Chapter 14. Light and, as its absence, darkness
3 rules
Moral Values
Chapter 15. The struggle for the Light of the noble monads
Chapter 16. A century and a half of swindling
Chapter 17. The beast had gone wild
Chapter 18. An accident at the Indian circus
Chapter 19. Broken backs
Chapter 20. The contradictions of men
Chapter 21. Faiz, a breeze of divine mercy from Paradise
Chapter 22. «…you need, it’s a few words and a place to step forward.»
Chapter 23. Going naked in the X-ray machine
Chapter 24. Why did I become a monster?
Chapter 25. What does he look like?
Chapter 26. «… it’s hard for me to forget you, it’s hard for me to touch you… » (song from the movie)
Chapter 27. How to scientifically explain the superpowers of the beast?
Chapter 28. How?
Chapter 29. So. Let’s go
The adventures begin
Gus, the most evil character, to whom everyone owes the beast’s first glimpses
Contacts of the beast
They gave me a smartphone
First Lyrical Digression
Second Lyrical Digression
I don’t remember the chronology very well
Before the beginning of the Second Age
The Second Age. Beginning
Strong personalities from the beast’s entourage. Very strong
The misadventures of Gus
The devil ordered his children to stay away from the beast, or they would wish they could die
My 23 jamaicans
On the «banality» of insight
Tom Cruise as a young man and Tyutyutyu, Aisha Imamova’s children
The events of ’16, completely forgotten by the beast until recently
Pharaoh and his worshipers
Why is there a need for real, not made-up, religion? It’s the only one that works as a frame of reference
Show and no must-have in the process of going on
Two years before he took office
Peculiarities of magical technologies of different structures
Who is the worst? Very simple…
The main question? I don’t think so
There are no wishes
Creatures repent and are forgiven by God
People are wayward. But think they are on the right path
One more thing
What does witchcraft have to do with string theory and the structure of the universe?
Afraid of a centipede
Groups of people
Most of Hell is female
I got old
It’s easier to use my left hand. What am I, left-handed?
Mine will find me anyway
The cold makes my eyes weep
Battles that make people happy. And who is S. H.?
The year 1440, the beast assumed the powers of the Viceroy of Earth
Dedok, the foremost authority on the world of magic for the last half-century or more
At the age of 47, he joined the Baqa-akmal. The horrors for the world of magic were just beginning, insha Allah…
The size of this monster
The geography of the preliminary events
The war with Dugi. Four months of fighting in 11 dimensions
Scull and Z. The useless metamorphosis of essence (beginning of an epic)
Chapter 30. The East wind
Chapter 31. Darth Vader syndrome
Chapter 32. Dugi’s trouble
Chapter 33. Skull and Z. Useless metamorphosis of essence. Continuation of the epic
Chapter 34. Concluding


S. H. Real Monster story and άλφα

Nothing but God matters. But this book is not about religion. It’s about everything.

  • Chapter 1. Beginnings

Yu-ri came up with the title for the book. She insisted on writing it, in anticipation and expectation of mysticism. Though everyone will think it’s the usual Harry Potter and Murakami-era fantasy. I haven’t read either of those, I’ve heard of them. She said there was bound to be a love line. And it’s already done, although it’s not complete because the main character hasn’t shown up yet.
So it began.
It was Friday, but not the thirteenth, but December 24, 2021. I hate mystics, superheroes, haven’t even watched the new Marvels, it’s tiring. I like vanilla stories, as Anna Shirazskaya once introduced the term into my gray life. A very peculiar person, who does not believe in the happy outcome of man’s stay on earth.
I have always been afraid of jinns, I guess, I do not particularly remember. Invisible fighting machines up to 150 meters tall and a shoulder span of 40. Now they’re afraid of me. I am a beast. The killer. Even the 300-400 meter ones are now afraid of the beast. There hasn’t been one like me on earth for 600 years. At least, that’s my guess. I don’t have the exact information.
Why are they afraid of him? They say he only comes to kill. And he doesn’t die because he can’t. He who has died once cannot die again. This is the law of Allah. Apart from Allah, I, the beast, recognize no other god. That is, one for whom love holds a special place in my heart, incomparable to anything else.
Why did they make me the beast?
A strange question, to which I have no answer. In anticipation of Dajjal-Antichrist, all these demons, jinn and humans, are really getting naked. They only understand the bad language I have to speak.
Worldly life is not worth anything and is not worth anything. And it won’t be worth it.
I don’t want to be proud, and I should be able to take the first step and ask for an apology, even though it wasn’t my fault. It may not have been my fault.
Doubts never leave me, and I haven’t quite made up my mind yet whether to write or not. I need time.

  • Chapter 2. My friends

Robot is my friend. Although people like me don’t have friends. You can’t have them. Neither can brothers. There’s Curly and the others. There was Black, who I didn’t get along with then, and I don’t get along with him now. There’s not much to remember. There’s Celt, Ghasi, and others, though. That’s it for now. There’s also a friend, Aisha, who lives in Kazakhstantinopol, but plans to move to Atlanty. She’s an acquaintance of Yu-ri, and a friend of mine, although I’ve never seen her in person.

  • Chapter 3. Geolocation

I live in the City of Love without leaving it. Although at the same time I am at a certain point on the Earth as the 3rd planet of the solar system. I am very big and can hardly fit into the Fourth Heaven, although it is smaller than the entire universe infinitely to the fourth power. There is no multiverse. Her fans, turn on another anime to watch. Even if you are three times Nobel Prize winners and your demonic eyes glisten with an unhealthy gleam. I’ve been there and I know. And you haven’t.
So, for ease of narration, I’m going to recount everything as something happening in the City of Love, which has very few people in it, really. And I’ve never seen anyone in it.
The narration is going to be rather boring, as often happens in all these hero anime with the amazing gift of the invincible hero. In fact, I often get it, and get it pretty seriously. Allah likes His slaves to be adorned with battle scars, and I have plenty of them. Especially considering my worthlessness. I was just given a magic wand, and I can’t do or possess anything myself.
By magic wand I mean the general stars of the Celestial (Heavenly) Service. At Forty Lunar Years I already had four of them. The highest possible rank. There are higher ranks, though. There are special privileges where I work. Something like the General Intelligence Department under God’s direct authority. Not accountable to anyone but God. We can even interfere with the firing squad of the Heavenly Service, who visit earth on special occasions for particularly grave crimes. Their appearance on earth is rare. They don’t like me very much and they don’t like me for certain reasons.
My handler for the first forty years of my life was Imam Shamil, who does not need introductions. The real master of the beast is the Prophet, and that is my main and only privilege. At this moment, I am in the direct jurisdiction of God without an intermediary in the rank of Viceroy of the earth for 49 lunar years. Three of them have passed.
Having had my fill, I move on to the next chapter. They’re short so far.

  • Chapter 4. I wasn’t invited to Halloween. Again. What the hell was that?

If I wasn’t invited, the main monster, who was even there? It’s like a whole lot of illegitimacy. I forgot and they didn’t tell me. I just remembered.
I guess they decided not to spoil their party. All right. I can understand them.

  • Chapter 5. Pedigree

I was already 500 years old when I was born. How old am I now? I don’t know.
I graduated from an ordinary school and an ordinary university. Didn’t stand out in any way. No one really cares about my background, either on my mother’s or father’s side. I did not have a girlfriend. When I was young, I was busy with another grand project and thought I was going nowhere. In my old age I became choosy and didn’t want to be with just anyone. My entourage, very few in number, does not understand me well or show a sense of tact. Probably put an end to my future. But I don’t think so, and I keep waiting. The divine, that’s what I call her. Why in the world would she choose me, I have no idea. Also, sometimes I call her Meter Ninety. For all my amazing abilities that God gave me, I know almost nothing about her. Although I can find any, almost any, creature in the universe in a time close to 1.38 seconds. I can kill maximum trained creatures in almost 40 seconds while in this world, and something close to 2.68 seconds if I am already in the eternal world at the time. It’s faster from there. But I know almost nothing about her. Except the poet’s lines: «Your gaze is accustomed to the wiles of war, and I thought you were an innocent doe.»

  • Chapter 6. I hate magic

Having zero attraction to it, I manage to hate it. And this in the age of Harry Potter and the anime boom. I don’t like it. Allah in the Koran promised Hell. Especially those who don’t understand. It suppresses the will of man, the only thing he possesses at all. Otherwise there would be no point in choosing a soul and the Day of Judgment. But both exist. And Sihr-magic was sent down into the world by Allah Himself through the angels Harut and Marut in Babylon. By filtering out all the maniacs and teaching them how to do it, in exchange for disbelief and a stay in Hell. But there are some particularly distinguished cannibal lions in this ranks. Once they have tasted human flesh, they do not agree to eat zebra or anything else. The beast is a specialist in them. He kills particularly dangerous man-eating lions. That’s how Dedok, the Moriarty of the witching world, got himself killed. Died by a trivial accident. I had no idea he existed. Robot pulled on the man who was being ironed by Dedok’s slaves. Or rather, the sixes of his sixes. The beast read the first chapter of the Koran and gave the sick man his ring. For some reason. By the next morning, Dedok was gone. Robot rumored that he could even fly.
In general, Robot is incredibly physically strong, though you couldn’t tell much from him. In the spirit world, he has the Fourth Frontier, something like a heavy weight. Even he cannot move from the magic of the adepts and ministers of the cults of religion. What to speak of the common people. In explanation of my seeming cruelty.
The beast has killed five absolute weight class members and is currently out there alone. If he could, he left a long time ago. And I killed them, so they wouldn’t mutilate from that dimension to help the Antichrist. And we’ll talk to that fryer when Jesus returns, insha Allah. The magic phrase of dreams come true.

  • Chapter 7. Of kings

Once upon a time, under King Gorokh, I read a story by King, I think it was called “I Know What You Want” . Then somehow I started reading something else, but I didn’t get through it and gave up. But read it, apparently, because I realized — the man is not making it up, but is there and fixes it. Or someone tells him in detail from there. All in all, bullshit. Why? The usual boorish genies, which are why angels were slaughtered on Earth in their time. Their remnants roam the world, passing themselves off as «gods», and quite successfully, as it turns out. They leak information to people about their ancient places and civilizations. And people fools not a bread, give this to listen. As a result, life passes in pursuit of bullshit, death comes and nothing can be changed. That’s why these clowns invented Nirvana and reincarnation.
So, the beast’s hatred of the jinn, the bad jinn-demons specifically, is made clear. But it’s the people themselves who are to blame. Who don’t want to be ordinary. Especially since movie studios have poured piles of salt on asses itching for adventure. That there are battles going on in that world, where they get killed in a second, they won’t be told, promising some bullshit. People make money and die for metal in the waters of the Rhine. Drowners.

  • Chapter 8. Ego casemates

Scary section. It’s scary to even remember. The beast, though born a beast, was a fool when he was young. Having read all kinds of crap that narcissistic dumbasses at best and demons at worst passed off as spiritual, he decided to become a super being, where Superman and Co. rested peacefully in the shadow of the baobab tree. A saint of the highest hierarchy. A true saint, as it later turned out, of the Heavenly Service. By the grace of Allah, I very quickly realized the impossibility of the idea. Having given up all this nonsense, the beast drove itself to the lowest of the universe, where it was safely for many decades. There was nothing and no one there. Not a ray of light. No creatures. No one. Except God and the Prophet with him. When it came to him, he decided to stay there forever. But at this point, the beast’s ego, which was like that of the beast, had managed to die safely, itself unknowingly having passed through Fana-mutlyaq and Baqa-akmal. The beast, who didn’t know about all that and hadn’t heard such notions at that moment, made the main choice and got the Jack-pot, rejecting all other prizes. Which he received as a bonus. He was dragged to Earth, which has already been briefly described in a long poetry book with my permission in the first person.
Waiting for Dajjal to help G’isa. Doing the dirty work.

  • Chapter 9. Disturbance

That world didn’t like the fact that the beast was writing a book. And would tell everything. What do they have to be afraid of? Their fans will stay with them and go nowhere. They’ve been building up a foothold there for centuries, and I’ve been here for less than a week. They’re afraid. Very afraid. Of something. I was wondering what…
By the way. The title of the book was also invented by Yu-ri, who has known the beast long and well. In its darkest forms, revealed to man. Originally a pacifist, she will stay with it, by virtue of her nature. Smile. I don’t mind. A hangman’s axe can’t look like a canary, and she will remain as she was. There is no monotony in the world. And there is no diversity. There is nothing in it. Like smoke from a campfire in the wind. But less. Much less.

  • Chapter 10. What the hell are you doing?

They want to tell me. Saints and scum of the earth. They hoped the beast would remain silent forever. With no interest in this world. Nor to the eternal. But they knew he was speaking under orders. And the Skull hoped so. His affairs were not now in a state to be taught by the beast who had been roofing him for 20 years on the orders of Imam Shamil. Skull called the beast a crook and refused to acknowledge the harness. I stepped aside. Now they can’t straighten out the problems with the whole shop of clowns who swore to him that they were the watchers of the world, and he, Skull, is almost a «god» of this world. On Orion’s belt or something? I keep waiting for them to show up out of desperation and try to tell me what. Thankfully, the snitches, who knew me in absentia and did a good job, were enough to know everything about me. I might die, and then I wouldn’t be able or willing to help them.

  • Chapter 11. The dumpster

The magic key. Which opens any part of the garbage can, providing full access to the place. The beast has it. And the Dumpster is this world.

  • Chapter 12. The beginning of the battle

The beast’s dearest man was killed. Killed by one shitty saint who was also a snitch. He had framed the others. The beast, at that point, didn’t figure it out, but went straight into a war, promising to kill 11 million demons or djinn. I was nothing of myself at the time, just as I am now, being an ordinary Lieutenant Colonel of the Celestial Service. No clue. But I didn’t know that at the time either, not even dreaming of being a petty officer. It just blew my mind. I’m afraid the million-dollar plan was fulfilled a long time ago. And by a lot. But that’s not the point.

  • A dead man’s dream

Khoiran raait. In the dream there were huge storage rooms filled with dead huge snakes. The dreamer asked to change the position of the dead snakes in the small hall because the beast would not like it. The men in uniform fussed and worked for a long time, but everything went back to normal. The interpretation of the dream is that Allah will kill a huge number of great demons, giving all the glory to the beast. Though the latter will be against it, the angels will return everything to its original position.

  • Consequences

The beast was condemned by Allah Himself to deafening glory. In the beginning there was no sign of it. And events unfolded unhurriedly.

  • An unexpected encounter

A greedy swindler introduced me to his friend. He accidentally took me to a place where I met a former acquaintance of mine, as it turned out later, a snitch, whose relative I accidentally managed to cure. Although we did not do anything and did not apply anywhere. Then the guy regretted that he had put me in touch with people, but it was too late. The flywheel was started and the first characters appeared. Robot among them, who from that day on was the closest to the beast. Who is constantly being tried to kill for this reason. But he does not move away and is not going to leave. Although I wanted to leave him, so as not to complicate his life.
Water went into the hut and new faces appeared: Curly, Yu-ri and others. The beast continued to perform miracles, as people understood them, and to practice at the same time. He had no particular skill in magical battles and saving people. Maximum himself and his kin. It was around this period that he was promoted to general, bypassing colonel. And 14 months later he was immediately added 3 stars and became a 4-star general. Fantastic. Before that, he was being ironed every day for 3 months by yoga snipers, because after that man’s death he couldn’t come to his senses for a long time. It was a blessing in disguise, and this was his breakthrough. And that’s where the miracles began. Superpowers and super abilities woke up. I was not able to do that anymore, because of the death of my ego.

  • Chapter 13. Beginning of the war

The war had begun. The beast did not know it. He had been at war for a long time. Every day since he was five years old he was beaten with magic to death. But somehow the boy never died. He didn’t know it all. But he wasn’t dying either. He was sick, though, and no one understood what was wrong. Those who understood were silent. They were more jealous. They knew exactly what.
But the beast had not started the war.
Now it had begun. They regretted it much faster than the darkest skeptics among them expected.
The reader apparently expects detailed descriptions of those battles. But usually, when reading books about battles and wars, I skipped the details, focusing on the essence. The glint of shields in the sun and frog-skin gloves didn’t excite me much even as a child, let alone in old age, the threshold of which has passed.
All this time he had been looking for her. Though he was glad not to have met her. She hadn’t gone through the whole nightmare and crucible with him. But, who knows, maybe she had it a lot worse. And I was the one who couldn’t help her due to my weakness and lack. Alhamdu lillah. And may Allah forgive my and all believing people’s transgressions, ameen.
Apparently, her soul sought and continues to seek me. But I do not know, nor do the demons know. Otherwise they would have killed her long ago. They fear her even more than they fear me. For she is silk. And stronger than an axe. Which cannot cut through that which has no resistance. And that is her strength. Her absolute power over the beast. So the meeting was delayed by my imperfection. In the end, when the necessary conditions on my part were met, nothing has happened since. It’s been a year now.
Back to the early reports from the front lines. Then there were very hard cases of people when their lives depended on me and time worked against them. By the grace of Allah, all was resolved safely. My fame was growing, but I managed to keep my incognito mode. I needed time to come to my senses. But I did not have time to come to my senses. The beast was made viceroy. And the jerk took a break for two or three years. You should have seen their faces and their surprise. He refused to take office right away. Either he hoped they would let him move out. Or he let his unwanted entourage scatter. I still don’t know. He’s not very talkative, unlike me. Although we are one and the same, and I do not have a split personality.

  • Chapter 14. Light and, as its absence, darkness

I understand the language of plants, I can talk to them. I haven’t tried it with animals, though maybe, being my own to them, I don’t need to. Savvy politicians and spinsters don’t want to owe the beast a favor (a la Don Corleone). They do not understand that he will do it anyway out of expediency, for they have long ago sold their souls for worldly things and will receive worldly things thanks to my magic key to the dumpster — by the will of Allah, who has prescribed the beast’s assistance. Others will not be able to use this key. Even the best computer won’t make an ordinary and even trained one a skilled programmer or hacker, if you will. The beast is a safecracker who opens the most difficult doors sealed by Allah, with Allah’s permission. That is why all the powers that be want access to it. Almost everyone has heard of it, many have suffered from it already, but no one has direct access. That’s why Robot is so valuable. Priceless to them. They know Robot has a voice in front of the monster, obeying only Allah and the Prophet.
Robot is their lifeline. But Z and Skull have proven to be even more greedy than shortsighted. I feel sorry for them, but I can’t help it.

  • 3 rules

First. You can’t double-cross or cheat with a beast.
Second. You can’t have negative emotions toward the beast, such as hatred, envy, disgust, and so on.
Third. In special cases, there is a correction to the unchangeable part of the Heavenly Book of Fates, the Ummul-Kitab — what is written there is bound to happen, no matter what the beast has done.

  • Moral Values

Allah is the Most Merciful of all merciful. But He does not forgive everyone and will leave many in Hell, the torment of which is intolerable. The Prophet was a clot of mercy, but he also did not allow himself to be deceived twice by executing the traitor Abu’l-Ghazzat al-Shag’ir. The paid holy men of Hollywood, who try to develop in us a complex of non-existent guilt (a la Spider-Man) so that we continue to forgive them, the demons, their faults, make me cringe.

  • Chapter 15. The struggle for the Light of the noble monads

Light is not necessary for everyone. But it is the only currency of eternity, albeit eternity of spirit or eternal bliss in Paradise. The importance of light is simply proved by people who cannot see with their eyes. Those unable to see with the heart are not many, but the vast majority. And it happens to them because of the lack of light.

  • Chapter 16. A century and a half of swindling

The packaging of the Light has always been the prerogative of a select few. I mean real packing from the heart of the Ghaus (الغوث) to the hearts of the Autads (الاوتاد) and so on. Not imaginary, where gossiping people assume that it is someone they know or want it to be, who is involved. In short, we had to shut down one shop of clowns who wanted and claimed world domination. The beast duplicated all the channels, turned on the light there for all those who were suffering, and shut off the channels of this racket. And understood the words of the Sufi poet: «… In the hands of scoundrels she is».

  • Chapter 17. The beast had gone wild

Without knowing it or realizing it, the beast was given exclusive and full powers a la lifelong dictator of Rome, where this company of Caesars was resting peacefully in the shade of a baobab. He didn’t need any of this at all. But no one asked him. Allah’s plan came to fruition. To believe that most of the saints of the Celestial Service were thrilled by the appearance of this freire at the apogee of the firmament is no longer believable.

  • Chapter 18. An accident at the Indian circus

And here’s why. The circus was in India. The circus performers, who had their acts, decided to kill the main star, whose acts the people were going to see. They had already wrapped him in cellophane bags when the Master of the Circus appeared and asked about that star. The envious people said that he dropped everything and ran away. The Master (Allah) pretended he didn’t understand anything, and the victim (the beast) then sent 9 of the 12 circus servants (saintly, nominal and temporary employees of the Heavenly Service a la Lucifer) to Hell. Alhamdu lillah.

  • Chapter 19. Broken backs

Usually, in ancient times, backs were broken as an execution in the Turkic-Mongolian world. The beast does this to the very strong and big jinn as a deterrent to the others, so that they would stop and not die in vain. Or as a punishment for the worst scoundrels.

  • Chapter 20. The contradictions of men

If there is Love for Him, nothing else matters. If not, it doesn’t matter either. When people argue over Him and His contentment, I, admiringly, sit back and watch. When crooks mimic such, I mercilessly chop their heads off, the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life. When they divide Heaven, it’s no fun. When they divide the mundane, I yawn and stay out of the way.

  • Chapter 21. Faiz, a breeze of divine mercy from Paradise

Nothing revitalizes the heart so tactically as a faiz. It is a breath of fresh air. It is a portion of light to the heart, when the former on his last breath gets an incredible burst of strength and the most powerful motivation. People want a fairy tale. Faiz is better. People want happiness. Faiz is happiness, in one of its manifestations. Faiz is when you start to feel alive… And even I, a dead man, begin to…

  • Chapter 22. «…you need, it’s a few words and a place to step forward.»

Listened to these songs when I was young, made an indelible impression, grew up on them. Reread them after his spiritual death. It’s like he was there and wrote about being there, from there. I need a few words of shahadat and a place to step forward into the infinity of Knowing God. That’s the saddest song I’ve ever heard than «Summer’s End». It makes the beast cramp. Like a death cramp… Close the door, too.

  • Chapter 23. Going naked in the X-ray machine

To reveal the essence. When money in your pocket won’t help. The car in the parking lot. Influential friends. Even the angel of death. Nothing will help. This is who you are. Do you want to know the whole truth about yourself? I wanted to, and they let me. The truth didn’t make me happy, but it made me go forward. Some by crawling. Where with a glance. Towards the caravan path lost in the desert of death… I was allowed to walk. Not because I’m tough, wasn’t, isn’t, and won’t. Not because I wanted to and tried. But because He wanted me to make it, and He made it for me. That’s why the beast is invincible. And that’s why the beast doesn’t want wars. Even with fools who won’t understand that they don’t even have a chance, insha Allah. Do not touch the weak and the poor, and I will forgive everything, almost everything.

  • Chapter 24. Why did I become a monster?

People who traded a beauty queen for the corpse of a dead witch cannot be wrong and bad. By choosing the dumpster and forgetting God in general, they must be the best and sinless. So there is no other contender for the role of the beast cursed by these bugs but the beast. And, apparently, that is why Allah made him a beast…

  • Chapter 25. What does he look like?

Went to the casting of Fanny Krueger without makeup and got the role of Godzilla.

  • Chapter 26. «… it’s hard for me to forget you, it’s hard for me to touch you… » (song from the movie)

I wanted to write, write. But I changed my mind. It’s too obvious and trivial for meat lovers who accidentally opened the wrong page on the net.

  • Chapter 27. How to scientifically explain the superpowers of the beast?

Robot’s intermediary stooges are interested, their masters in the speservices are interested. The top people of the world’s elite are involved. Who have tried it on themselves. You can’t just make these sneaky little guys believe in anything. They only believe in element 79 of the Mendeleev table. So, why do they ALL believe in the superpowers of the monster and hate him for asking nothing of himself and allowing himself to drain them, «coming down from the sky»? They pour a glass of tap water. Or a cup of tea. Or a glass of coffee. Or whatever. That only they know. They drink it. And in less than a minute, it’s all gone. It’s gone. There was magic, it’s gone. There were armies of jinn, gone. Mental breakdowns, gone. Pre-strokes, they’re all gone. How? The beast hasn’t even seen them, much less seen him. It just knows that someone has had at least one moment’s contact with something that has been in at least some kind of contact with a person, creature, or object. Then how?
Quantization theory of fields and the common field. The beast changes the quantum states of one of the 4, if you like 5 (bravo, Higgs), fields. And there, on the other side, they change, too. As the beast must. It can do that because He has allowed it to do that. It’s a silly, but real explanation, for the fools of an era before Lavoisier and real chemistry. I don’t take Einstein and co.
For normal people, I’ll put it more simply. Even at 6 out of all 7 spiritual levels (or at the 4th threshold at the 5th Absolute Threshold) one already begins to see things happening not for reasons but only by the will of Allah. God usually creates chains of causes that are visible to creatures. But in reality there are none. Which today’s quantum physics has finally succeeded in proving. In other words, God did everything, in a way He alone understands, without needing a method.
And how do I explain this to those idiots who knew nothing but Darwin’s monkey and don’t want to know?

  • Chapter 28. How?

In life, the beast of average height, average build, average age. With an unpleasant face. And a very unpleasant look. In reality, he is a mirror. In the reflection of which everyone (well, almost everyone) sees, of course, him. And who else? A genius fool, a weakling strongman, a traitor-hero, a handsome freak, etc. When I hear that the film is based on true events I realize we are being fooled. So when people ask me how real this Fantasy is, I’ll tell them it’s just Fantasy.

  • Chapter 29. So. Let’s go

So, here we go. The beast was born in a small Caucasian town at the beginning of the last quarter of the last solar century. Usually I only use lunar time calculation. Although I have heard of both large and small revolutions of the sun of the mubads of Iran.
I graduated from high school with a gold medal and from university. Nothing out of the ordinary. No special apparent successes. Huge fearful expectations of envious people were not met. Time passed. Things were happening. The beast was doing mundane things without much success. All major events were taking place in the invisible world. Although nothing happened there either — the beast was methodically finishing off his ego without much hope. He traveled to the Orient for several years in his youth, to clarify for himself many aspects of the spirit. The monster’s main and only specialty was fighting the ego. At the same time there he learned the basic techniques of protection from magic because of the living conditions at home. By the East is meant a Muslim country in the late 20th century. I do not recognize any spiritual technologies except those indicated by Allah and the Prophet. After a presidential suite Mercedes it is not desirable to look at Zhiguli or Zaporozhets. No offence to other religions, I will not even speak about philosophies.

  • The adventures begin

After the said event with the first cure of a sick man, with minor episodes, there was a pause for a year. I felt things were about to wind down. Four general stars were already there. No one particularly knew about it. There was no practice of using the miracle power and the beast did not know about it.

  • Gus, the most evil character, to whom everyone owes the beast’s first glimpses

A man named Gus made the beast bring that snitch, who was acquainted with me and had my contacts, in memory of his assistance to the beast in his younger days. On the first day he refused, under the pretext that the beast was doing namaz. On the second day, Gus insisted again. And the beast appeared there. Three characters, important players of the future, happened to be there as well, coincidentally. Events spun.

  • Contacts of the beast

I was using a Nokia push-button at the time, and the dua, to be read by the sick person, had to be sent via text, since bluetooth didn’t work on my iPhone. The sick person recorded my number. I went into the plane of access for at least someone.
The beast had a very bad reputation for being young, thank Allah. There were no mice circling around, no cheese. Relatives and acquaintances only stirred up rumors. The beast did not communicate with anyone. Because no one wanted to communicate with him.

  • They gave me a smartphone

I barely even learned how to use Nokia. And on my smartphone I use only Threema, no GSM numbers, WhatsApp and co. You can’t call me, you can’t text me. I choose who I talk to. If people get confused, I delete and block. «Beauty is among the runners, there are no firsts and laggards», yes, Vladimir Semyonovich.
What happened next.

  • First Lyrical Digression

I don’t mind intelligence workers who officially wear shoulder straps and are known to the people. I don’t dig snitches. Not the ones who are put on the hook. Not those who are there to help people, in His understanding. But those who are undesirable to do namaz after by their nature. Unravel the latter, who can.

  • Second Lyrical Digression

The beast does not raise his hands against heads of state. He sends their questions to God, who makes the decision. Although, as Viceroy of Earth, the beast is above them in rank, this easily wounded public he leaves to their Creator. But the general rule of less than 40 seconds and 2.68 seconds applies to them as well. Just so you know.

  • I don’t remember the chronology very well

I almost forgot high school and university, and I don’t remember the rest very well. The link between reality and illusion has been severed. Apparently, the bonuses of spiritual death.
Before all of this started after my fortieth birthday, Black and Celt were walking around in my trump kents. Celt was the first to try out the approximate system. He got ahead, became head of a department in a big ministry. Then he walked away from the system and it stopped working.
The second was a black fantastic stallion of the mind, with no equal within a radius of many thousands of kilometers. The beast at the time was the same, but a white stallion of the heart. They did not get along well then, separated for a long time, recently joined together, to have already, apparently, permanently cut off all contact. Black was the best tactical front line general I had ever seen. If an issue was solvable in any way, Black solved it, drawing undisguised admiration from me then and to this day. But his problem was that he wanted to be a strategic general who determined major milestones with directions to strike, rather than embodying them on the spot. To my great surprise, the white stallion who dreamed of being a tactical general ended up being a strategy marshal. As I suppose to the great displeasure of the Black stallion’s ego. Black’s ego never reached the threshold of spiritual death. The beast realized that Black did not aspire there, and that his ego was going to control not only Black, but me as well. As a result, I unbuckled him. I don’t know if he will read these lines. For he is the one who thinks he must have unbuckled me. Be that as it may, on the Day of Judgment, his Stormy acquaintance will help Black enter the Gate of Grace, insha Allah.

  • Before the beginning of the Second Age

The end of the First Age was the upheaval of that man’s death. The beast weakened mentally and physically. At this point, the devil tried to kill the beast with the hands of men; it failed.

  • The Second Age. Beginning

It was all coming to this. On October 11, 2015, it began. With the very black deed done by Gus. Events spun with kaleidoscopic rapidity. In the same way, the beast’s skills were increasing. One seriously ill was followed by an even heavier one. He was afraid, but God was on his side. The next year in the month of Ramadan there were several very severe cases with Yu-ri, Partizan and others. People were on the verge of death, the count was in seconds. I began to dread the Line messages I was using at the time. After them, the count was already in moments. But the fame was also growing geometrically avalanche-like.
I felt the presence of the angel of death Ghazrael during these processes, though I did not say it out loud. I felt that the angelic world was no less astonished at what was happening than mine.
The other day I had already heard the angel’s remarks that they were afraid of the beast. He asked what he had done to them? They replied that even what he had managed to do was enough.
The beast had a strained relationship with the angels. He was not thrilled with their tone with the Prophet Ibrahim when he reminded them of his nephew Lut. But the beast’s chief reflex — disobedience to anyone but Allah and the Prophet — was the basis of the beast’s dislike of the angels. They once tried to give him orders. As long as it got to him. Then he told them let them try again if they wanted. Thank Allah, it has not happened yet.
Hearing angels is possible. Or even seeing. But only one of the two. Either see or hear. Only Prophets can see and hear them at the same time. If others can do so, they go blind.

  • Strong personalities from the beast’s entourage. Very strong

There were no others in his entourage. The strength of their personalities is the visible cause of their high level of problems, which is why the beast communicates with them. Aisha, not of Kazakhstantinopol, but a protégé of Imam Shamil. I was flattered when I was personally told to patronize her. Very flattered. Later I learned that she was favored by the saints of the highest hierarchy. Marcus, a strong, authoritative, silent and experienced strongman. In fact, it’s strange that he thought it possible for him to somehow reach out to me at least periodically. Hadi the Persian, a beauty who thinks she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. Not without reason, smiley face. Her problem is that she can’t pick one out of a crowd of princes on a herd of white horses. There are others.

  • The misadventures of Gus

In the end, Gus became a sorcerer for money. Just as I thought at the time. Everything pointed to that end. There was no hope, but I tried it. The first pumping lasted three hours, with the usual minute and a half. The man was in cahoots with the black power, a common sign of delay. But then it was possible to buy time, several years.
It was Gus who tied the beast to people, with constant problems. And a strange thing happened.

  • The devil ordered his children to stay away from the beast, or they would wish they could die

Oddly enough, those very characters of Bulgakov, got such advice from their daddy.
It happened during another pumping of Gus. What could have changed, I don’t know. Shaitan’s children, his biological children, not demons taken from humans and jinn, will die with their father before Judgment Day. Until that time they cannot be killed. But they can be tortured. Both daddy and the children. Which the beast does from time to time when they muddle the banks. Especially Goldilocks, as we call her, which is the devil’s daughter. She usually gets the most of the others, and lately she’s been coming with her brothers for some reason, apparently afraid of something. Like they’re going to help her.

  • My 23 jamaicans

Let’s defrost the subject a little bit with something not about magic, sorcerers, and killing huge demons. People who didn’t know me very intimately or in absentia, but who learned that I was the author of the book, were shocked even by the first chapters. To them it is dedicated.

No matter how depressed a person was, as soon as I told them about my 23 Jamaicans, the sadness would pass. Both the boys and the girls. They started laughing and happy again. That’s the story of how I’ve been matchmaking 23 times with girls and I’ve been dumped with no options. Smile. Either I’m such a good storyteller or the subject is so funny. I wasn’t popular with women and I’m not, alhamdul lillah. «Argentina vs. Jamaica. 23 : 0».

  • On the «banality» of insight

I’ve heard from people who, for some reason, believe they have analytical ability, about a person who swam out easily where most drowned: «So, is he really an expert or was it a trivial insight?» They are somehow convinced that adding up huge clusters of numbers by hand in a column is the right thing to do. And to simply substitute the data into a function and calculate is a sign of dementia. Such multiplication table authorities have no business in the world of function math, pardon me. They’re not going to do it themselves. They’re not smart enough.
None of this concerns me. The beast gets a text from his superiors.

  • Tom Cruise as a young man and Tyutyutyu, Aisha Imamova’s children

Tyutyutyu was born after I met her mother. Tiger-girl. Cheerful, smart, beautiful, strong-willed, waiting for her world destiny. Since childhood, pushing off step by step positions of Hadi-Persian, smiley in a cube. Tom Cruise (or as I call him, Tom Cruise when he was young), a calm, kind and handsome boy. Already, he’s got packs of girls gushing over him, smiley. He was the first and called the beast the strange word «almighty.» As if he was looking in the water, la ilaha illa Llah…

  • The events of ’16, completely forgotten by the beast until recently

It was in this year that the Viceroyalty came to me. The beast for some reason took a pause for 2-3 years, causing the messenger to be perplexed. And I forgot about it altogether. I had to remember in the 2nd year, out of 49 lunar years. It started in 1440 and will end in 1488 lunar year, insha Allah. And this despite the fact that the return of G’isa from Heaven and the appearance of the Mahdi is expected. So I didn’t understand anything. But the beast, who knew of their imminent appearance, was hoping for something, delaying his entry into power.

  • Pharaoh and his worshipers

Pharaoh, the Pharaoh of Musa the Prophet, ascribed all the merits of God to himself and declared himself to be “god” . The angel Jabrael came to Pharaoh in the form of a man and told him about his subject who lived in Egypt. This man attributed all Pharaoh’s merits to himself. Jabrael asked what that man deserved as punishment. Pharaoh replied that death, and he gave his decision in writing. Which Jabrail presented when he drowned this clown in the Red Sea.
Men are like Pharaoh, and take all God’s bounties as their own.
The beast does not want to be like that. He possesses nothing. Everything is done by God, and by Him alone. When I say I did something, it’s for the reader’s convenience.
I wondered all the time — why the story of Prophet Musa is repeated so many times in the Koran. Is that really why?

  • Why is there a need for real, not made-up, religion? It’s the only one that works as a frame of reference

In the pursuit of who knows what, people are sinking more and more into the maze of ego and self-worship. They don’t trample on morality, they tear down the foundations of everything. This is why there is religion (the real religion, which is not the corrupt and fatuous ministers), which is a system of coordinates, defining where things are right and where they are wrong. Only religion knows where there is light and darkness. Not corrupt politicians who will do anything to increase their electorate. Keep this in mind.

  • Show and no must-have in the process of going on

People want action and details to savor. That, at least, is the opinion of Yu-ri, who knows her way around a case. The problem is, I don’t remember the details very well. I’ll try as best I can and as good as I can.
Please don’t confuse me with the beast of Christianity, that’s what the jinn call me, but I’m not a «god.»
These conventions are confusing. We Muslims don’t have that. But Christians clearly have the wrong association. That’s why I explained it. That pretzel will declare himself a «god» and he doesn’t have one eye. I-beast prefer incognito mode, it’s easier to live and watch cartoons.

  • Two years before he took office

I don’t even remember what it was anymore. I remember they wanted to kill me many times. All kinds of people. Different denominations and magical technologies, humans and djinn. At the same time, I was getting to know new people. Since the beast was brought to the surface.
By the way, I’ll point out that I’m kind of a freelancer in the media world. No big deal. Waiting for an opening, like a lot of people. Didn’t have any regular topics, apparently, so as to have more free time. Such a desire to build a career in this field, too, was not.
My skills showed up in a different field, a very unexpected one for myself.
Let’s start with Yu-ri. I met her at the beginning of May, and by July we were already good friends. She was able to get my contact in Lyna almost immediately. Which is not good for her. For — a close contact with the beast can only be entered into if there is a direct threat to life from persons uncontrollable (popularly, maniacs) or if a person is threatened by mages of the highest category. Usually, they are the servants of religious cults or adepts. Each of them has their own handwriting and skills. There’s no mistaking them. I’ll talk about that later. I’ll describe Yu-ri for the story. Smart, beautiful, strong-willed, determined, straightforward. That’s all I appreciate her for. It has the flip side of the coin, but for others. To get along with her people only need to do 2 things: don’t cheat on her and keep your promise. Then she will forgive everything else and be loyal to the end and without a backhanded speed bump.

  • Peculiarities of magical technologies of different structures

The section is boring and technical for the beast.
But somehow interesting to modern people. Amazing. Let’s outline in general terms and not everything.
If your nose is burning, as I am now, it is yogis, Buddhists, Lamaists, etc. That is, supporters of the Eastern school, shall we say. There can also be powerful mental breakdowns with personality suppression, better known as panic attacks. How does a man who died under Tsar Gorokh know such details? My patients’ states cross over to me and I feel it, the only difference being that I don’t have consequences. And that’s how I assess the level of danger. For my friends and acquaintances on the list in the Trim, the harnesses are usually turned on automatically. For their enemies must first meet me in order to access their spirit. It is the spirit that controls the body. It’s not exactly like that there, though, but we’ll talk about that a little later, too.
All of the described symptoms happen when the secret services of the world are working on you, which usually borrow technology from the yogis. The same scheme was in the USSR, when under Lenin yoga was taught instead of gymnastics in school.
Next, the owners of the scriptures. Generally speaking, raids by impure types from mosques, churches and synagogues are accompanied by changes in body temperature.
I should also note that a bloody nose (even in morning sniffles) is also a sign of magic. So is tiptoeing you and your children. So are joint fractures (a broken hand to the chest, for example).
When your eyes are stabbed, like needles or microcuts inside, you are an object of puppet-wood magic. If your eyes burn or itch a lot — you are attacked by jinn, white or black, it doesn’t matter. If your head hurts and your body moves badly, you are jinxed. If you have thick and salty tears flowing from your eyes (which sting and rinsing with cold water doesn’t help much), and your eyesight is giving not very clear failures — everything is very bad, you are engaged by Goldilocks, the devil’s daughter, who cannot be killed like her father.
Any decrease in a woman’s attractiveness (hair loss, acne, visual aging, etc.) is most likely a sign of magic. Inexplicable and unreasonable malfunctions in trade and business are also from this symphony. Up to and including gum pain, lack of appetite (the first and main sign) and sleep (the ultimate goal of magic to weaken the spirit as much as possible).
Worst of all, when your belts don’t hold your pants, and the elastic bands on your underpants, trousers, sweatpants are constantly loosening, forcing you to pull them up all the time (here it’s bad, and the beast may be out of the picture…).
I don’t like the word spoiling, although you can call it that. The Arabic word for it is sihr. Which is written about in the Koran. That is, to deny the existence of witchcraft is to deny the Koranic texts and is disbelief. To deny even one letter of the Koran is not allowed and is equal to the denial of the entire Holy Book.
I say because there are many clever people who are sure that magic does not exist at all. It is their own business. But they will die in disbelief and stay in Hell. And they won’t care whether there was magic in this mortal world or not.
There are still sorcerers-knights left, who are basically sixth-worlders. Even if they’re run by deus or devas, those 150 meter fighting machines. I didn’t misspell. In the case of witch doctors, it is the djinn who control people. A prime example is Stalin, who had such devs. That is why he did not listen to anyone. And the 5-year plan is also from the customs of the djinn. And one more sign, even two, of such people. One, they become active at night when the jinn are active. The second, they become more and more slanted over the years, like the Mongols. Look at the photo of Stalin in his old age.
Only scholars of the Scriptures (not all of them) and adepts with the most powerful spiritual practices (only a few) can control the jinn.
The beast doesn’t need the workmen from among the jinn, because they will have to answer for them on the Day of Judgment and be held responsible there. Though I myself do not know what will happen to me. Caliph ‘Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) in his day refused to appoint his son as the Viceroy of the Land after him, saying that one of the Khattab clan will suffice who will be brought to Allah in chains on the Day of Judgment. For he, ‘Umar, heard the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) say that if a person ruled the world with more than 10 people, he will be brought to Allah in chains on the Day of Judgment, and nothing but the justice of that person towards his subordinates will remove these shackles. Creepiness. Czars, awwww. Foolish czars, clinging to power at all times and in all nations. What will become of you? Don’t say you haven’t heard. If even I, who learns the news after everyone else, have heard it.
Explanation. The harnesses (shafag’ats) on the Day of Judgment of levels 3, 4 and 5 are not given to everyone. Only for special merits before God. The greatest shafag’at about the beginning of the Day of Judgment and the easiest judgment, and also the shafag’at of the 2nd level about introducing 70 thousand Muslims to Paradise without interrogation and approach to Mizan-weights (and each of them will introduce also 70 thousand) is accessible only to the Master of the beast.

  • Who is the worst? Very simple…

In the material world, if an assassin leaves no trace — he works for the secret services. Only this level of training implies such and — is also a trace. All others leave traces.
In the world of magic, too, there is something similar. The higher the level of knowledge from the scriptures, the higher the qualifications of the intruder. The first 3 scriptures people have had time to modify, but for magic that is enough, if only to lead into istidraj — luring the monad to a ruinous end so that he has no chance of feeling it. Sanastadrijuhum, Allah said (Jalla wa G’ala)…
In the end, the worst of the evildoers, if there is malice present, will be the nominal Muslims (hypocrites were always plentiful, even in the time of the Prophet, all of whose names Abu Huzeyf knew and kept silent, and I will keep silent). The worst of the worst in this area would be false saints posing as mentors of the Spiritual Ways (nakshbandi, qadiri, sahrawardi, jushti, etc.), who can also mimic the Ahlul-Bayt, the Prophet’s Kin. And such cheap and damned clowns have been seen. Cursed (i.e., expelled from the mercy of Allah) because it is promised to all who deny their true kin. Holy moly, awwww. I have warned you. And I will get it from you, insha Allah. This is my — narrow and direct specialty, for — Faqutig’a dabirul qawma llyathina zolayamu walhamdu lillah.

  • The main question? I don’t think so

People don’t want to know who they really are. Although they probably should. Those who do want to know do everything to make it as difficult as possible for themselves to return to their essence. The beast is still on its way… And thank God…

  • There are no wishes

In a little over two seconds, God’s desires flow into the beast. The beast has no desires of its own.

  • Creatures repent and are forgiven by God

God can forgive His servants. If He has done or will do so, the beast cannot be angry with them, though He does not necessarily know the reasons for it. Knowing the reasons is not my prerogative.

  • People are wayward. But think they are on the right path

In the hadith-qudsi, Allah, in addressing people, says that we are all misguided, and that we should all seek guidance from God in the path of truth. And that the right path is taken only by those whom He has guided to the right path. If someone has a telegram at home telling them that they have been set on the right path, good for them. I don’t have such a telegram.

  • One more thing

Before I received four general’s stars, I used to have severe seizures all the time.
For the last eight years I slept on the parquet with my bare torso in order to somehow break the cramps and get to sleep. It’s hard to sleep in bed even now. I managed to sleep on a hard couch for almost a year. I still prefer the floor, though. In the end, word got around that I was an epileptic. Not even a smiley face. Apparently, someone had seen seizures with seizures. Then these rumors reached my in-laws, and water went to the hut. To all the adventures and rumors of my youth, these were added, apparently to run amuck in the Jamaicans. I’m glad now. Especially since, before the first Jamaican, I knew the futility of this activity, because she — will find me herself. But it was necessary to go to Jamaica in order to solve some formalities related to the eternal world and the duties of the beast.
Remembering God, zikr, did not cause any spiritual breakthroughs when I was young, and it does not now. And thank God.
Going back to the descriptions of my friends. Aisha of Kazakhstantinopol, model-like appearance, smart, strong-willed, determined. And at the same time quite calm and easy-going, with a pleasant character. She has her minuses too, like all people (whether to tell, looking in a mirror). The head of the occupation group of Kazakhstantinopol, is planning an ongoing invasion of Sumeria. She promised to visit after the New Year. I am waiting.

  • What does witchcraft have to do with string theory and the structure of the universe?

Like any phenomenon that is non-fictional and real, magic (to me the same witchcraft refined by Harry Potter and the cult of anime due to the commercial gain of many parties) has its overlays and manifestations.
Our Prophet was made a sorcery-sichr. Being a super-super being, the host showed everyone else what magic is all about. A Jew named Lyabid or Lubaid, I don’t know what his name was, used the Prophet’s beard hair, made magic, and threw these knots into a well. The Prophet visually felt so bad that they thought he was going to die. Two angels talked about it and gave details in their conversation. The Prophet sent Ali, the future last Fourth Caliph and king of all the saints, who retrieved the knots with magic from the well that had managed to become brown from all this. When he brought them, Allah’s sending down of the 113th chapter of the Koran from the 5 holy ayats began. And after the Prophet read each of them, one knot was untied. He finished reading, the knots remained. And then the sending down of the Koran continued in the form of the 114th last chapter of 6 holy ayats. After it was read, all the knots untied themselves, and the Prophet stood up as if nothing had happened to him.
Question. How did the sorcerer know about 11 dimensions of the universe of the string theory of the modern physics to overlap them all? He didn’t. He simply followed the instructions of witchcraft sent down by Allah Himself to the angels Harut and Marut in Babylon, as stated in the Koran and already mentioned in this little autobiographical fantasy story.
That’s why it worked.
Time plus three dimensions of space plus seven dimensions of the quantum world. It’s as simple as that. The beast later checked it out on its own skin when 11 holy men plus a concha conductor chiseled it roughly on this system. But more about that later.

  • Afraid of a centipede

Oddly enough. Not that I’m that brave, but an ordinary insect, nothing like that. Spiders in general are cute.
Then I learned that dragons are bound to be afraid of centipedes, though that’s where their fears end. My mother was very afraid of them, too. The red-black dragon Yu-ri saw me: red for glory, black for power. The first dragon my father saw, though, after anesthesia, in a dream. The black dragon, after a lot of plot twists, flew away into the red sky. By the way, one of the episodes of that vision foretold the fall of the mayor of one of the largest metropolises in the world. And so it happened. First he got caught up with the beast, invading the Ulus of the Great Khan, and lost power. Later, not having calmed down and not having made conclusions, he got under the squeeze a second time and moved the horses. Robot said that after death, in the other world, he shouted so much, that such a shout have not heard for a long time. But the most amazing thing is that against the backdrop of modern politicians, he was considered in the eternal world decent. What would happen to these?

  • Groups of people

Every group or community of people is trying to prove its exceptional importance. They want to instill in you that they are the ones you should be friends with first, and they are the ones you should privilege by allocating prime time. That’s what teachers, cops, military, medics, cooks, everybody thinks. Then the great divider comes, and in the eternal world everyone realizes that the sticky should have gone to those in authority with God. So the beast is sticking to the master, the absolute authority, who has not even the faintest approximation to even the great Prophets. So much does Allah love him. The beast is a lucky fool.

  • Most of Hell is female

The Persians were ruled by a woman. The same Persians who had earlier stopped the Great Turkic Kaganate from the Pacific to the Black Sea in the North and defeated Byzantium in the West. But now they were ruled by a woman. And the Arabs swept them off the world map. They said so, that if a woman rules — there will be no blessing.
The overpowering side makes the rules. Fragments of the Y chromosome are said to be destroyed. Women who have to and want to rule and make decisions for themselves, have increasingly higher levels of testosterone (which is inevitable), suppressing estrogen (unfortunately). Such beauties do not appeal to me.
Men are getting weaker and weaker, even at the top of world politics. Frau Merkel, real respect, is rather an exception to the rule, as in her time the decision of the Prophet’s wife Umm Salama and the Prophet Shug’ayib’s daughter Safura, the future wife of Prophet Musa.
Not once had I seen a woman who wanted to marry to fulfill her husband’s wishes. But I’ve seen a shitload of women who went out to fulfill their desires. So, for now, I’m alone. And I am in no hurry to go to the other world for one of the three reasons given by the Prophet: «… When your wives begin to rule over you.» Bearing in mind another of his sayings, that at the End of the World men will take their wives as qibla [instead of Ka’ba?…]. And I don’t want to be with that crowd. And most Hell women because they said to their husbands the phrase, «I have seen nothing good from you in my life.» Celebrating March 8 without me, an old-fashioned Asian man. Not a smiley face.

  • I got old

I’ll be 50 soon. I used to think it was old age. Now I realize it’s just the beginning. Finally, I began to understand something. Today, probably for the first time, walking slowly on the walk, I realized that I can not rush anywhere. Although the usual amount of things to do. And before I only walked fast, or wanted fast, at least. Now I don’t. And it’s not that I got old. It’s that I’m getting high with my old age.

  • It’s easier to use my left hand. What am I, left-handed?

When I was younger, when I was washing the car, I was reprimanded for slacking off. The reason was that I held the hose in my right hand and washed with my left. I switched hands and then realized that it was uncomfortable for me. The man was surprised and called me left-handed. I’m not left-handed, but even today I find it easier to hold the phone in my left hand. That man, by the way, was a professor and doctor of science. A real Soviet one, not like now. The conflict with him was the initial awakening of the essence of the beast. But about that some other time.

  • Mine will find me anyway

Allah in the eternal world endowed all His slaves with property-rizq. Nothing can be changed. I advise you to accept it. But I will not hinder you either. I will help if I understand how.

  • The cold makes my eyes weep

It’s been like that since I was a little girl. It’s the same now. It’s all right, maybe it’ll pass…

  • Battles that make people happy. And who is S. H.?

S. H. — is my initials, last name and first name kept secret, for the same magical reasons. That’s why I’ve changed my name and more than once. Without a name, witchcraft doesn’t work that way. Although my name also becomes what I have been called during my life. Apparently, in order to maximize the difficulty of actually finding the beast. Ruslan, Shamil, Mahmud, Ali, Umar, Rasul, Rashid and many other names dilute in infinity the essence of the beast, abstracting it from the illusion of the world given in the senses.
And battles pleasing people are a routine from my life, more pleasing to the reader’s ears as — magical beating. I hate it.

  • The year 1440, the beast assumed the powers of the Viceroy of Earth

And immediately an order, to be fierce. Apparently, Don Corleone owed a lot of debt, for services rendered. And not only that.
There were local sweeps going on in the Great Khan’s Ulus, where cats and djinn had gone wild. Even devs don’t like to mess with cats. The beast shot off a few dozen of them, and the rest fled beyond the mountains. So the fame of some incomprehensible prick began to expand around the world, though locally so far.
But more of the beast worked on world points then, to extinguish the main hotbeds. In reality, Allah simply introduced his new vicar. I do not know who the previous one was, apparently not a small authority in the real world. I am told that he was an ordinary shepherd, having spent his whole life in the steppe. Not at all for preaching and writing books. Rip someone’s cherry off.

  • Dedok, the foremost authority on the world of magic for the last half-century or more

Dedok was an agronomist. The greatest sorcery authority of the last half-century, at least, of the people of Scripture. The rulers of countries didn’t even dream of having an audience with him, getting his orders through his hexes, and that’s at best.
The scumbag beast didn’t even know he existed, though nothing made more sense. But I’m weak in logic and just know when I’m being put on notice. And here it all happened after the fact, to finally humiliate Dedok at the zenith of glory, when he was waiting for Dajjal to serve, and he was thrown off the roof of a skyscraper by accident while the tables were being set up.
Robot dragged in some guy with what appeared to be ordinary magic, the beast dragged in darkly. It was business as usual. He read the first chapter of the Koran, and that was it. Then he decided to give him his favorite ring for some reason. He agreed and put it on at once. And then it started.
Some grandpa started yelling that if they didn’t take the ring off that guy, the grandpa would be dead by morning. I asked Robot, and he said he couldn’t hear the yelling.
Now I realize that Robot doesn’t have access to the alpha-level of danger, and thank God for that. But starting from the second and below, his vision works great, I often go to him myself.
Anyway, Dedok immediately unbuttoned his sixes, who made magic, in hopes of blocking the back channel. But Dedok was their roof, and the back channel found him, and the channel was not closed, apparently because of the ring. It was Friday, about 4:00 in the afternoon. I left and forgot all about it.
On Saturday night, just a day or so later, I happened to see a post in Zen that Dedok had died Saturday morning, he had been buried. That he realized immediately, although before that I had not even heard about it. And then I realized: when the beast used to say that someone died as a result of returning magic due to a cure for it, I took it as an anime of some sort or a virtual. But in fact, demons of the underworld of humans died, not to mention genies in invisible dimensions.
Dedok’s brigade was out. Someone no one knew had rumbled the chief authority, the roof of the entire magical world, regardless of religion or philosophical system.
I wondered now, because Dedok was at most three general’s stars of black magic. He couldn’t even smell the Absolute Five, pretending it didn’t exist. Those AF types didn’t even think of him as a sneak. How did he get everybody under him? The only one higher up was the devil, who stayed out of his way so as not to interfere. Dedok knew better than the devil what to do.
All the wizards and sorcerers of the world, the vassals of Dedok, began to search. And no one found anything. Except for one slightly above average Indian, who pinpointed the exact location of the assassin in the Ulus of the Great Khan. He was not believed. Other, more authoritative magicians were strangled by a toad, they didn’t even have a version. They did not give the subject of that Hindu a go. And thank God for that. At that time, I was not yet ready for a war on five fronts.
Usually the beast appears in this world from a dimension no one knows about and leaves there as well. It’s a backup channel for basic cases. For special cases of supermobility, there is that very channel. I use it, if possible, not often. How that guy figured me out, I still don’t know.
The beast killed someone else from the agronomists of that brigade, as close as possible to the murdered one, and Dedok’s shop lost credibility. In the end, his main competitor came to the forefront.
But the main task, incomprehensible to me at the time, was accomplished: the world of magic lost its centralized control and became fragmented. And that is the main thing. There is no unity anymore and will not be until the arrival of Dajjal, insha Allah. Since then, the people of Dajjal have not been seen or heard of, moving more by inertia, their era has ingloriously ended, alhamdu lillah.

  • At the age of 47, he joined the Baqa-akmal. The horrors for the world of magic were just beginning, insha Allah…

This I remembered. The inexplicable miracle. Impossible. Became so only by the will of Allah. The beast needed this thing, apparently, so that from then on the devil could no longer manipulate my image in any virtual or real dimension by turning or impersonating the beast in any way. Alhamdu lillah.
This thing is the ultimate dream of all pseudo-sufi maniacs, not to mention adherents of all faiths and philosophies. They are all willing to sell their souls to get their hands on it. The beast got a bonus in the form of Baqa-akmal. What, clowns, cry-baby?
I don’t remember when Fana-mutlyaq happened, a few years ago, five or six years ago. It started around the left temple and ended pretty quickly, the beast ceased to exist and became nothingness already.

  • The size of this monster

I once asked the prick how big it was. I wish I hadn’t asked.
The First Heaven (or Earth’s Heaven), i.e. all the universe visible and known to astronomers and physicists, is inside the Second Heaven, like a small ring in an infinite desert. It’s the same thing with the Second Heaven inside the Third, and so on up to the Seventh. And it is inside the Kurs, according to the same system, and the latter inside the G’arsh similarly. Thus, G’arsh is the center of the entire universe. Except for the four angels who hold it in place. Allah is beyond all of this time and space.
The beast can hardly fit into the Fourth Heaven, and what it forgot on Earth is not clear.
In all this vast space, the beast, which already has full power (not really needed or understood) over the Space-Time system, moves thanks to a Communication Channel that was available to only a few beings. It was through it that Jabrael managed to pick up a drop from the Prophet’s lip on Uhud in a few moments on Earth, even though he was in the vicinity of the angels holding the G’arsh.
But all this is nothing, absolute nothing, compared to the power of the host. The reflections of whose greatness, without measure given to him by Allah himself, is the power of the beast.

  • The geography of the preliminary events

Most of the action so far has taken place in the Western and Northern Hemispheres, occasionally in the Eastern, not much in the Southern. I speak pretty good Russian, although I’m not Russian myself. I know English and Arabic quite well, and understand Romance languages more poorly and with difficulty. Persian, Hindi, and Japanese are in prospect.
My mother tongue is not popular in the world, but it is available as the main carrier of runology. Unfortunately for some of Skull’s cronies, who thought they were rune luminaries but didn’t even know the scent of runes. What, plowman of the Bricks, did it hurt? The bricks are very rich. The beast had already gotten from them when he threw harnesses for the Skulls. And apparently in his nobility for that, the latter called me a crook. After which the beast leaked to Skull, and now he’s in irresolvable trouble. Congratulations.

  • The war with Dugi. Four months of fighting in 11 dimensions

The beast did not die. Though he should have.
Dugi is Clown’s protege. Since the beast was 5 years old, the latter had been giving death strokes after every namaz, which he thought were prayers, but in fact they were banal, low-brow witchcraft. It was the clown who killed (or rather, Allah allowed) that man the beast, and was killed by the underage witch without leaving the cash register. The beast did not find out about it until eight years later. This was Allah’s plan. All this time the beast, out of his stupidity, thought Clown was almost a saint. Until, after the latter’s death, he heard Skull’s words about him, smelling like words of disdain about a sniveling stooge. In the end, Clown turned out to be a snitch and already languishes in anticipation of Hell, insha Allah. But he managed to crown in his wake Dugi and Cyborg, two short-sighted and underdeveloped types who claimed to be descendants of the Prophet. Clown also threw in unequivocal hints to the same effect when he was alive. Assholes.
A few years ago, in May, there was a conversation in which the beast received the Master’s orders to get with Dugi and Co. While I was lingering, thinking they were his descendants, confirmation came from Allah. There were two others present at this meeting who were sitting on their knees, not raising their heads. They were shaken back at Allah’s command to the beast. I the idiot realized very late that these two, Ham and Yaphet, were also enemies. They would try to kill the beast later. And he will break their backs in the other world and embarrass them in front of Malyaul-Ag’lya with a delay of a century and a half. And Imam Shamil always disliked them, but he waited for me to sort it out myself. That’s okay, Lucifer wasn’t rewarded right away either. What’s the big deal, they waited 150 years, yah Rabb. Looking at Ham’s picture, I kept seeing fear in his eyes, but I didn’t know what it was about. There was talk for Ham that he had reached the highest degrees. In fact, it was a scam and the gist of it was as follows (although I consider Yaphet the main instigator, and saw only arrogance in his look in the photo, it got more from me in the end, alhamdu lillah).
By the time Jesus returned from Heaven, the entire flow of Light on Earth would be gathered into his hands and the entire Divine Army would be in full control. What were these clowns hoping for, and especially Clown, who turned out to be the beast’s most sworn enemy? I don’t know.

Sensing something wrong, Dugi and the eleven holy men went to work around October, a year after that conversation. Each of them closed off one dimension to the beast, depriving it of its life stream. Dugi acted as coordinator.
Dugi reminds me visually of Yogi, my longtime enemy and envious friend. Who once heard a man I didn’t know, but knew (and apparently revered as an authority) say, «What are you going to do if it [the beast] flies home straight through the air?» I was young then and didn’t understand anything. But I did understand Yogi, a maniacal pseudo-sufi who thought of nothing but absolute power. But it turned out he liked money a lot, too. And weak on women. As a result, his envy-hate relationship with the beast filters out, though he is a long way from Clown. He had a score to settle with the beast, rooted in my grandfather, the coolest character.
Dugi understood his weakness to the beast both in terms of knowledge and charisma, not to mention his oratorical abilities (which most frighten the intelligence services of the world, although I do not particularly like to talk, and do not wake a sleeping man in peace…). Jealousy mixed with helplessness markedly differentiated him from the self-styled Cyborg. If the first was a copy of Waleed, then the second was a copy of Abu Lahab. Clown, on the other hand, was a descendant of the tradition of Abu Jahl, the malg’un-damned.
In the end, this whole fraternity was supposed to finally realize the designs of Ham and Yaphet. But it only ruined everything — themselves, the designs, and those corrupt.
Do not underestimate the cunning of Dugi, who attracted saints from all over the world (I do not know exactly all of them, but from India, although he later complained to Ethiopians, Moroccans and others), supposedly to punish the beast of lawlessness, who took a swing at their empty shrines. I am, indeed, a lawless beast. For the unbridled mendacity and venality of these half-wits implies the proportional punishment of an eternity of Hell with the escalating bonuses of this world, insha Allah.
As a result, the symphonic double sixtet took over in early October, overriding all 11 dimensions of the beast. It was only a couple of minutes, they thought.
But it wasn’t.

A month earlier, Robot had managed to get me involved in the fornication associated with Skull. Before that, for almost 20 years, the beast worked there in the background on the direct order of Imam Shamil, in whose jurisdiction it was then. Appearing out of nowhere, solving an issue, disappearing into nowhere. Skull knew of my existence very well and used my services, though I, like a true Don Corleone, did not consider it a favor, performing my direct duties to this august person. In short, I was busy, and I did not even realize at once that they were trying to kill me again. The beast was surprised to be put into, like, energy-saving mode. I used to take tayamum and do namaz sitting down. And to this day, the effects of that clowns experiment are still inside of me.
But, most importantly, in four months they never managed to kill me. The dream with the Indian circus concerned the beast in this very matter.
Not yet knowing all the details, constantly distracted by Skull (whose misadventures were so akin to those of Gus that I sometimes call him son of Gus), in the middle of the night I received operational information, shall we say, that Dugi and Co. had finally decided to turn on the system.
Two problems. One, I didn’t know anything about their system at the time. Two, I only had a few seconds, far less than a minute, to fix the situation fundamentally. The beast was shaking with fear of not being able to cope, and in the mega-superblitz. Alhamdu lillah. Allah compelled the beast to first completely duplicate all channels of Light coming into the Earth, to turn the Light on there, and then to turn off the system of Ham and Yaphet, which this crowd of jerks never turned on, thank God. Already 2 seconds later, Allah Himself did so.
In the end, these clowns got several problems at once. First, they lost the men and the workings of Clown in India, where he personally went with a small escort — a little later the beast killed 9 out of 12, Dugi and Cyborg in turn, insha Allah. Second, it wasn’t until a year and a half later that Dugi and Co. realized that the levers weren’t working and the Light wasn’t coming to them and their infantry at all. Istidraj of Allah for glory on the souls of these greedy mice with a glint of cheese in their eyes, alhamdu lillah. But the biggest problem turned out to be on a completely different plane, something no one expected, and the beast itself realized since a week ago — henceforth all the packing of Light went through the heart of the beast. Oppa.
Before that, I had no doubt that if all the channels of Allah’s gifts were blocked, the man would only last a few seconds. I didn’t use murder in my system, but I recognized the possibility theoretically. Then why didn’t I die? Apparently, the beast does not exist because of reasons, but because Allah Himself exists. Later I read the words of Abu Yazid Al-Bastami that the main benefit of G’arif-knowledgeable is the very existence of God Himself.

  • Scull and Z. The useless metamorphosis of essence (beginning of an epic)

This is something that has been going on for almost two and a half years now. It is tiresome without being irritating. A statement of the realities of the mortal world and its fan-dwellers.
Yes, Skull is exactly who you think he is. But who would believe such a thing?
It all started with Napoleon. The Beast didn’t really want to get involved. But Marcus talked me into it. His instincts never fail. In the end, I got involved, addressing some points on both sides of the ocean, but, I suppose, without much success. At one time Napoleon was a very influential figure in the City of Hundred, thanks to his other half, madly in love with the first. And for good reason. I appreciate Napoleon for his straightforwardness and his pushing through. I like that. Anyway, soon there were themes with Z, Doberman and Unhappy Star. All of them, as you can easily guess, are in the Gorilla Brigade. This is clear even to a third grader preparing a PowerPoint presentation. Between you and me, if such tensions were present in my childhood, I wouldn’t have gone to school at all, and how parents sign their kids up for such things is the main mystery of today’s echolocation, smiley.
The themes with this Triumvirate were not with me, but with Robot, whose main contact was confined to Doberman.
But before these interrelated events began, something happened…
The Sumers, out of their minds.
In September ’19, they got confused and went after Skull, apparently not having understood or ignored the beast, the unspoken roof. Incidentally, Skull had his own Messing, whom the beast for some reason gutted, even officially in the media after his death. Messing-Jr, the substitute, clearly didn’t understand the subject in general and the beast in particular, having similarly confused the shores. But that’s not the point.
Skull’s beast guard system has default settings that even I don’t know everything about. But Allah does things as he pleases, apparently it’s time…
Robot, with its 24-hour access to the beast in Threema and Earth’s ether, woke me up at night. The robot, with its twenty-eight mutants, I don’t know who was crossed with whom, with long tails and squealing like pigs, at Beaver’s direct suggestion (which I have no doubt, and I wanted to kick him in the face for it, at least once, the Heavenly Service would hardly approve…) raided Skull’s palace. His clown magicians, who had inflated some bubbles of «security» (I wonder from whom and how, we laughed a long time with Robot, who told me about them, I did not know), screwed up, of course, the onslaught, «controlling the situation,» as usual. Skull got caught in the crossfire. I still regret that I got involved. Robot talked me into it. You can thank him, Skull, not me, you idiot.
From that day on, Robot appeared in Skull’s theme, with a very advantageous position for all three of us: he covered Skull’s back while I worked on the perimeter. I feel safer, Skull is safer, and Robot’s status is fucking great. And everyone is happy.
In the end, those creatures who were able to escape (apparently, the beast let go on purpose, usually after meeting with him the trains take only to the Eternal World all who come from the other side, so I do not hurry, waiting for the late …) something, about 13, with 15 lost, with squeals, overcoming water obstacles, disappeared in the bunkers, apparently, the army. It’s hard to imagine who is even capable of such a thing. Before this incident, all such and such considered fakes a la Resident Evil (and Jovovich is cool, although not my type of her awesomely beautiful).
That’s how Robot got chocolatized, we thought, with Skull. I wasn’t interested in chocolate with this character at the time, who was performing direct official duties at the behest of Imam Shamil. I told Robot, or he figured it out himself, I don’t remember, to make a condition of my harness that night: to shut down Robot’s problems, which I’ll talk about a little later.
But Skull cheated, as he always does. Unreliable.

Robot is unrealistically strong both physically and in the world of magic. But he’s not ready for full-scale battles yet, first of all — they’ll just kill him there, and he knows it. And, second and main, absolutka is not his native weight, after all. That’s why, after he was there, the beast got scared and sent him back to his home heavyweight division, where Robot was already the famous champion of the last years. In the heavyweight division, his element, there are rules. In the open class there are none. The beast has been there since he was a kid, against his will and for stuffing. And now I’m all alone in the AF.
I’m not allowed to talk in front of people and look them in the eye. Then there’s no fingering. The essence of this dick crushes the environment, as the appearance of Ghazrael in Medina in the form of a Bedouin, when the great Ashabs had the blood in their veins cold with inexplicable fear at the sight of the Angel of Death in the form of a man…
For all this, Robot is capable of guarding Skull alone, without direct threat to life. For all his power (unimaginable, just forget the beast and imagine), Robot’s main advantage in general and with Skull in particular, is his vision. Leaving aside the alpha level of danger, which is quite specific and rare, in other planes it knows no equal. And the beast acknowledges this, conceding, and significantly, to Robot in this area.
Robot constantly scans and analyzes the situation, putting it into a profile and manifestation at least somewhat understandable to living beings.
That’s why Robot is so important. Although he was recently wanted to be crushed by Skull’s men, to draw the beast to himself and the ends in the water. I promised to kill, and in a brutal way, all of them and not to work with them from now on. These fools never realized that they didn’t need an uncontrollable beast, but Robot. The main feature of which is sanity. Though the beast’s punitive abilities still await their anime and admire the Gorilla Brigade more, naturally. But the beast’s main problem — the direct jurisdiction of only the Prophet and God — clearly does not suit the crowd, which believes no one and cannot be trusted either.
That’s why I don’t trust Skull, even though I have to (had to, I’ve been out of the game for almost half a year) deal with him.

Next, Doberman became the protagonist for almost a couple of years.
It was he who led to a virtual, but still, real for the mortal world connection with both Skull, strangely enough, and Z, which is also unexpected.
Doberman was in trouble, and in serious trouble. Robot had spurred the beast on, and miracles went on, in the common man’s mind.
Before that, Doberman had contributed to Robot being very much cheated. Feeling no guilt (people like Dober do not feel that way), he continued to shorten his distance with Robot, with personal motives for doing so, and so far showing little interest in the beast.
«How beautiful is my Shiraz in bloom,
May God Almighty protect it…» Ameen.
I had to deal with Gus, a nasty schemer and liar who I wanted to wring his neck a couple of times. But he had done me a favor in the past, I got involved, there was pulling with Z and Unhappy-Star, who swore and vowed to solve the question at least on Gus, having a «hard position», and cheated. As expected. For the future, at the word «tough stance» continue to listen to another clown’s speech.
In all this wilderness beast got into because of Max, like rare and knows no analogues. Bored all (literally and without exception). I dealt with him because he reminded me of myself in my youth. The only difference was that my ego did not take Max seriously because of the small scale of the problems he created.
Max reminded me more of a Mexican drug cartel boss than of anyone else. With his grandiose intelligence and organizational skills, he was as admired by the beast as he was disliked by the vectors by which he used them. He was fearless (to the point of pathology), generous, and clear-eyed. Two extremes struggled in him. And if he was like the Airborne Troops, which is used by entire divisions and airlifted to the rear of the enemy, the beast resembled an Airborne Assault Brigade, in a helicopter with several specialists, working on particularly important points of the enemy. Both of these characters were leading to victory in the war. But the beast was more dangerous, and much more so. He was solving alone, crushing anything that didn’t diminish Max’s merits, something I told him straight up and warned him about. He would hardly forget the incident with the crows; no one had ever seen him like that. Unless you count the incident later with Skull, which was only witnessed by the beast. So, by the way, Skull got his nickname from the beast, to bring Max to his senses somehow. It was better than regretting it on his grave. I had enough friends like that, too.

The beast had three control rings around its neck, in case it got out of control, something Yu-ri saw from the corner of her eye. They were controlled by Murtado himself, much to the beast’s delight at the time. But it was suggestive. And it was frightening. Apparently, the real power and strength of this creature would not be known to anyone but its master and Allah. Otherwise, why so many precautions? Being under the tutelage of Imam Shamil himself, the beast inherited from Allah the character of this giant — toughness, implacability, rage, fierceness, power, military and military leadership talent with great glory in the future — taking into account the upcoming functions and lacking in the master due to his absolute perfection.
Max’s main problem to date (I’d rather not say anything about his future) has been his fights with Zack, a genius administrator who has solved problems that no one else could have solved before him. These two were worth each other, being maniacally vain, reminiscent of Holmes and Moriarty. The only difference was that they were both Moriarty, dreaming only of eliminating the enemy at any cost, even by getting hurt themselves, and nothing else in the world interested them.
The aftermath of those struggles is still being dealt with by the beast to this day. Therefore, I already need Skull to solve these issues, and return the good that was rendered to me to these people at least threefold. And I’ve seen a lot of good from them. And being owed a favor by Don Corleone is not wanting…
On New Year’s Eve to write such things. For the sake of readers, among them Yu-ri, Aisha Imamova and Aisha of Kazakhstantinopol, Hadi the Persian, Robot and others. So far they like it. The whole thing reminds me of a soap opera, where they write the script as they go along, given the ratings. Smile.
Half a hundred episodes in a week, deadlines are resting.
Finally, the New Year’s Eve shootings are over.
Dober stepped up as much as possible. The burden of communicating with him was borne by Robot, not an easy task, given that at the time Dober was tacitly Lt. Colonel, in my opinion, and zealously serving Gorilla, denouncing anything and everything, I suppose. Dober was beginning to understand the wonders and was pestering Robot about the technology of the beast. Draw water from the tap, drink it and it’s gone, it’s all gone. Dober tried it himself and… pulled Z. I don’t know how he signed him up for it, it happened in January. We got the hint, we jumped in, Z came out of a pre-infarction, and Unhappy-Star howled in frustration. Having a big star in the Gorilla brigade unofficially, he had to squeeze Z’s spot away as early as September. And then Dober’s authority grew with Z, deciding unthinkable things for him. Dober got even more into Robot, and I was finally convinced that he was in Gorilla’s brigade. Max had seen Gorilla in his dreams and was afraid of her, which is why I gave him that nickname. In real life he has a steely look, not much is known about him, no one wants to meet him.
Z was fine with it too, he didn’t owe me anything, because he didn’t ask for help. In all this time he took 6 cases of cabbage from Zack, the last time, about two months ago, on the subjects of Max’s fights. Apparently, he had me completely fooled, and I leaked both him and Dober. But that was now. Back then I had to put up with them. But I wasn’t out of the woods either: with a direct pitch from Z, Dober pulled me one super immigrant. Even though it didn’t work out, I gave them credit for the harness. Allah does things, not people. I’m not interested in the outcome, it’s in Allah’s hands. If people got involved, that’s enough for me.

Robot’s business is stuck. I wanted to harness Z and Dober there, in exchange for harnessing the beast on their subjects. They decided to outsmart me by creating the appearance of activity by getting cases from Zack. And my harnesses, naturally.
From the first case in September, which no one but me wanted to believe, I had no doubts about them and what they were really like. But I didn’t have to choose. «And they were cunning, and Allah was cunning, and for He is the best of all cunning» (Koran).
Skull’s questions receded into the background for now, though from time to time Robot kept pulling the beast into harnesses and no longer in the background. I have no doubt that Gorilla’s people were putting all my correspondence with Robot in Threema on Skull’s desk. I realized this and started using this chat room to send messages to the powers that be, which no doubt they all see themselves as. Now I remembered that the rank of the beast is higher than them about as much as they are cooler than the kindergarten principal.
Time passed, I was busy with my projects. Nothing much happened during that time, except the unspoken activation of Z and Dober. That’s when Robot said that Dober wanted to go to the State Duma. I asked, how hard is that? Robot replied that it was unlikely and virtually impossible, based on Dober’s resources. Remembering Dober’s entanglements on my cases (there was another one, and it was just about the State Duma, a bumpkin of one, though it didn’t work out there either), the beast promised to make dua for it. A few months ago, Dober became a deputy. He had finally lost his way. And the beast leaked it, insha Allah.
In general, it has become my trademark to leak my entourage after he was elevated by the beast when they start trying to tell me what to do (they kept silent before and sniffed a handkerchief, how many of them I saw…). Keep in mind. Curly told me that that snitch immediately warned him, before he met me, of two features of the beast that I had not paid attention to before.
The first. He will not say what anyone wants him to say. The second. If he decides to part with a man, he’ll chop him up with an axe without a second thought.
Boy, the Gorilla’s Brigade knows me well. Respect.

Asya was a very pretty girl of model appearance, with a good character, cheerful and with a playful look with a touch of girlish cunning that suited her. From her I first heard about Climat’s perfume, which I was to give her.
The beast was the only guy among the ashes in both groups and the girls patronized me. I entered at the age of 15, coming to the entrance exam for a major subject with my birth certificate. I passed it with flying colors (as I remember it now — the frog, Heckel-Mueller law) and became an external gold medalist. Soon the girls realized that I had a white hot for studying in the style of a black alcoholic-professional’s binge. I helped everyone, even the girls from the chemistry department, who dragged me out of pairs, having somehow learned that the beast was even better at chemistry than biology (my mother was a chemist-technologist, second in line, who discovered a new substance). The girls loved me like a little brother, they were all older than me, some by 10 years or more. All were very beautiful, apparently, developing an immunity to female beauty, but had their own twists. Marina (a well-mannered aristocrat, a princess), Indira (cheerful and open), Zarema (oriental and smart, a head girl), Narina (strict and simple), Louise (tall, more like a little girl), another Asya (having no illusions in life), Aina (with a tendency to analytical thinking), another Zarema (a hothead), three Natasha (cheerful and young) plus another bunch of beauties.
I was going to defend my doctorate at 25, bypassing the Ph. I had no time to look at girls. I actually wanted to be a cardiac surgeon, but that professor, a friend of my parents, remembering me as a child, persuaded them to give the beast to him, so he could send me to Sumeria as an exchange student right from my first year. And this in ’91, you can imagine. That’s how I got here.
He saw me small, and when he saw me big, he got dejected. Not knowing what to occupy my time: the philosophical views of Carl Linnaeus (quite a thick book of classifications, the medieval bible of the scientific world) in less than a week, the theory of evolution of angiosperms (professor from Sumeria, 20 pages in English, translated then by me into Russian) in a weekend.
He admired and feared at the same time. But our main hook, which, thank Allah, ruined everything and revealed the essence of the beast for the first time, began in the first days of the second semester. The trigger was the very same Asya.

It was cold, we were waiting for the couple to start, and there weren’t many people. Asya came in with a scarf, it was winter after all. Her naturally white face looked pale to me. It turned out that she was holding orasa, and I was a fool and didn’t know that it had started. So I started fasting as best I could and knew how. It got to the professor, the enemy of religion, and the beast woke up and didn’t turn on its back. No. He went against the professor. My father said that he dictates dissertations from his head in half an hour, telling in advance all the answers to possible questions, naming the names of academics and professors, who would ask what. They wanted to be friends with him and dreamed of going to him.
They were afraid of me in the department. I used to come in and say hello to everyone, except for him. Then I realized that everyone there came for their dissertations and they do not want problems. Then I said that I move out of all the topics and just study at the university, giving up my academic career.
Then, the guys who knew me from school, could not believe that I am not in the Academy of Sciences. A year after the mix, the professor died and got all the answers in the other world.
And the beast was preparing to become someone who the entire world’s political elite knows in absentia, and Skull knows personally, although he has not seen his face. But he talked to me for years through my communication channel, pulling up when he needed to on topics. And then he pretended he didn’t know me at all, calling me a crook. Well, well.

The beast knows how to unravel dreams. At least something of the world of knowledge, alhamdu lillah.
Readers were weary of the abundance of characters in the story and the intensification of the action, let’s continue the musical break.
I was given a book in Arabic. Black had ordered himself a dream book, they didn’t figure it out there and sent a 1200 page edition in Arabic, and he brought it to me. So I began to delve into the knowledge of dream interpretation, root meanings and meanings by consonance, the basics of the craft. Not that I excelled at it at all in a decade or so, but I got by somehow, alhamdul lilya. That’s enough for me. Enough for those around the beast, too, often addressed.
There are three kinds of dreams: from the devil, from ego, and visions from Allah. Only the third kind is considered a dream and only it is interpreted.
When dreams are real and correctly interpreted, they become an invaluable source of information even about hidden secrets (… limani rtado mir rasul (Koran), interpretations read). It happens that some people dream for others: children for their parents, servants for the king, etc. To see a king in a dream is to see God, basically. Allah has other images of how he comes into the dreams of his servants. There are many nuances there. In one such dream, Elevator appeared. For a sinful reason, I thought it was Skull. Now I doubt it, or rather I’m sure it wasn’t. But Skull has something to do with Elevator. And the beast is interested in Elevator, not Skull. No offense to Skull, forbidden in worldly coolness, for the beast he is only a private manifestation of the functions imputed to me by Imam Shamil himself more than 20 years ago. The main task of the beast is to work on the worst scoundrels who pass themselves off as their own and obstruct the truth. At the same time there is a sweep of the army of Dajjal-Antichrist in all 29 levels of influence and geographical clusters of priority. Every day. Five times. After every namaz.
That Skull is one of them, the beast has no doubt. But it was none of my business, and his master needed him in his present hypostasis for another 12 years (that’s with his health and position). I had to make sure of that. And when Skull called me a crook twice, it blew my mind. But I thought I would be told to ignore it and silently continue my custody. Instead, Allah Himself decided to get it out of Skull. I was ordered to step back into the shadows. Then I learned that Allah had decided to show everyone the value of the beast to Him. Surprisingly, it was the angels who were most impressed, who then said the famous phrase that the beast frightened them.

Black was a criminal mastermind, a real, old-school, capable of single-handedly putting out entire gangs, pushing through their leaders with his charisma. Almost got in the prison in Lefortovo and sat in a military prison. A rare character, powerful and capable of loyalty. It’s a pity things did not work out with him. It could not have worked out there. That doesn’t mean he’s bad. But he has no connection with the beast, in the jurisdiction of God and the Prophet.
My father often asked me why many of the criminal bosses of the ’90s knew me personally. They, at one time, came to me with spiritual problems, and I was able to know who they were after the fact (a day, a week, a month later) by the frightened faces of my acquaintances when I called their names in passing.
Black was invincible. Though I had seen many superheroes (one more powerful than the other, I say without irony). Black could not be defeated. He could, at most, not be defeated. And the beast knew he couldn’t win, either. So he told him, just in case he wanted to tame and control me, the way gangsters do, that he would let him go through the Deathly Hall and drag Black by the scruff of his neck to stop them saying the beast was killing his friends. Black was unpredictable, and that was his strength. He’d been born a cut diamond, when the beast had been born an ordinary cobblestone for the sidewalk. But I chose to be under the feet of a righteous man than on the toe of scum. Black didn’t understand that and apparently blocked me in Threema and disappeared. That’s better. Than if I had blocked him.
My story with Black is reminiscent of the parable of St. Malik Dinar. One day he saw a raven and a dove together and wondered: the two couldn’t be together. When the birds flew up it turned out that each had a broken leg. And then Malik Dinar realized that they were united by a common problem. Not capable of changing their essence. And after solving it, they would part.

End of musical pause. Let’s continue.
So, with January Z began trying out the supposed power of the beast. If what he saw hadn’t amazed him, a wolf like him wouldn’t have even turned his head in my direction. He fed tales and played dumb and eventually outsmarted himself.
So what happened?
I had enough to do without these clowns. Robot was in charge of the Dober-Z direction (I had no contact with Unhappy-Star). I was in the background in all their topics. Z’s business was on the rise, he defended all his positions to Gorilla and, more importantly, to Skull. And Dober’s business grew in the same way, because of his indispensability to Z, contacting Robot, that is, and the beast.
Robot, prone to scanning the situation and analyzing it, said this not immediately. But very timely.
Closer to three o’clock in the morning, he called. There had to be a good reason, not because of the call itself. But that I woke up to it. Lately, the beast had not heard texts in Threema (not a hidden ad for the paranoid messenger, smiley) at night and woke up to them on exceptional occasions. Dugi and Co. did not hump for 4 months in 11 dimensions for nothing, suffering enormous losses.
And this is what Robot told me.

In general, Dober did not follow the bazaar and often leaked. But not with elaborate disruption, like the Sumerians, but with stupid chatter. In the last days of contact with Dober, I told him that if he didn’t learn to shut his mouth, he wouldn’t last more than 3 years. And I won’t be able to help him.
Eventually, Dober let it slip.
One day I was driving to a wedding with a friend, one of the most dangerous and powerful creatures I’d ever seen. A model-looking (which I’m as far away from as the North Pole, smiley), wet behind the wheel. I don’t drive and I don’t like cabs. I’d rather walk or take public transportation.
There was some kind of special operation going on. They stopped us. The guy with the AK was more interested in me than the driver. Politely, and clearly nervous, he asked me what I was doing. And before I could say anything, he answered himself with a question: «Raising rabbits?» The driver chuckled at the ignorance toward him. And the guy never believed it when he was told over the radio that the beast’s papers were fine. Smile. And that’s the kind of thing that got a lot of whistleblowing from the powers that be.
Dober let it slip that he had spent a whole week preparing paper specifically for Z, which can’t be kept on a computer. It’s only kept on a flash drive in Z’s safe and won’t be printed until Monday, only one copy.
Robot already knew what he was talking about. I, in the course of his story, was frankly bored, not understanding what it had to do with me. Underestimating the brain Robot, who stunned me: this is a note about the beast on the table of Scull personally from Z. And then I wondered. Why would it be?
Who would even believe such a thing? About miracles in the kitchen in a glass of tap water?
What should happen, that an old and mature grandfather is personally carrying such a paper under the top-sicrit not to anyone, but to Skull. Who has eaten all the dogs in the world in this area.
In the end, that’s what happened. Z, like a true employee of the Gorilla Trust, served his purpose. And Skull never believed that the beast, was the beast he knew.
But before that, Skull got another harness of the beast. And again at the instigation of Robot. In a matter of vital importance to him on a global scale. And again cheated after his decision.
One day I wandered into Gus’s birthday party. His girlfriend, a pretty and shrewd girl with obvious signs of intelligence, sat across the room all evening, glancing at me. The beast found out later that she told her girlfriends, pointing at him, “This one’s a mafioso for sure” . All I did that day was smile politely, make a shy toast, and look down my nose.
Another one of my cronies went on the road with me once. He was surprised when, for the first time in his life, he wasn’t asked for his ID. Because they decided to look at the documents of the beast. Beauty is a killer power, as I understand it.
Such a character was needed. For some reason.
Skull had a media cormorant planned. I, as always, was out of the loop. Even though the whole world knew about it, except me. I asked Robot what the hell was going on around Skull — in a panic and nervousness everyone was preparing for something, knowing they were going to fail. I was aware of his health problems. But it turned out to be much worse than that. Which followed from the Runologue, from around Skull: when he said something, it was the other way around. Many times noticed.
The robot recognized the details. I was angry, but he talked me into it again. And I, like an idiot, lying under an IV in a state of moderate severity, for 4 hours pumped clear light into Skull, so he did not accidentally die there in the first place, and broke the whole world on a chatterbox. I didn’t watch the speech, I don’t watch his speeches at all, but I heard the journalists bursting in horror, not understanding how the snitches had set them up like that. Yeah, Skull, every third person in your entourage is a snitch. And not Gorilla at all. Pardon me, aime bag yo padn.
The bubble-blowing clowns have taken it all on themselves again. And Messing-Jr got a kick out of it. The beast turned off his vision, so he’d better watch his language.
Skull, as always, forgot everything. But he called me a crook later in his crowd of close cronies. After Z brought him that paper, about two months later.

  • Chapter 30. The East wind

Grandson had some kind of magic effect on people. As many times as I saw him on TV, the effect was observed. Strong and strong-willed personality, still calm. Since his childhood he was chiseled for the great achievements of future generations. His team worked clearly and smoothly. Squeezing positions around the world step by step. Without the cheap PR and chatter that is characteristic of weak people who live on the achievements of their ancestors. Like me.
His grandson made history, he was on the cusp and he led the way to the apogee. In his themes with Skull, very soon his brigade of magical blocking and magical attacking figured out the beast, unknown to anyone. But they already knew Robot. He was the only conduit of access to the universal killer of our time, who rarely took orders. Kutuzov’s orders. I only get Suvorov’s orders from my superiors. Just so you know.
A couple of days ago, Grandson gave the command to both Kutuzov (magical blocking) and Suvorov (magical attack) to find the beast and pull him up to Grandson, giving him carte blanche. Full respect. I never doubted his intelligence. He had a lot of reasons for pulling the beast, and I can’t think of any, except the obvious one.
What, Robot, shall we go to them?

  • Chapter 31. Darth Vader syndrome

A maximally fine-tuned system of killing and punishment, must have an equally perfect safety net against unauthorized access to the beast’s activation.
This mechanism I call the Darth Vader syndrome.
For every event or character that could potentially come within range of the beast’s influence, the beast’s fear is activated. The beast begins to experience fear (fear is better than burning for eternity in Hell, Mag’aza Llah…). Normal fear, just like all people. Even if it is a child, a store, a movie character.
Then the fear either goes away. Or it stays. If it remains, it’s either at the same level or increases. And so far it’s no big deal. When it reaches a certain level, the beast wakes up. If he, having reached that level, does not pass, Allah activates the beast. And then, within a second (but there’s much less) people or jinn die. Or both humans and jinn. One or many. Many or millions. It doesn’t matter anymore. After all, only He does the activation. Just as rain is sent only by Him, even though people think that rain is brought by the angel Mikael. It is the same with the Angel of Death.
That’s why fools don’t follow it. And mages of the highest category simply try not to make him angry, forgetting that the anger and hatred in the heart of the beast is poured by Allah…

  • Chapter 32. Dugi’s trouble

Dugi tried to grease Robot. In between visits, he tried to kill him. For years now. At one time they were trump buddies. Dugi, the official heir to the visible part of Clown’s empire, was a clown. People foolishly assumed he had clairvoyance. Though he possessed genies, as did Clown, as did the whole shithouse headed by Ham and Yaphet. Though Yaphet was the worst, and by far the worst.
The invisible part of Clown’s empire was handled by Cyborg, a tinhorn who was considered uninhabitable because of his age.
So Dugi had his share of problems. And the main one was the beast, whose closest friend Dugi was trying to lure away.

  • Chapter 33. Skull and Z. Useless metamorphosis of essence. Continuation of the epic

In general, I highly recommend rereading the whole thing from the beginning of the story. A little belated advice, you could have done it two chapters ago. Rereading, the reader will see, and let there be no doubt, everything is exactly so. And they are exactly the ones that came to your mind. Yu-ri in general fell out when I found out who was there, just a couple of characters.
I should point out that all the characters are real, no one’s made up, the descriptions are real. That’s what fantasy is all about…

Now Skull decided to kill the beast. Either to prove something to himself, or to prove to the beast that he wasn’t a beast, or for some other reason. I was interested in motive. Not directly. For, according to Darth Vader syndrome, the beast is activated by Allah himself. And the rest is irrelevant. But Skull was of interest to its master, and Allah was disgusted with it. And between Scylla and Charybdis, the beast bartered as a target to be shot to kill…
Skull twice called the beast a rogue. The activation didn’t work, otherwise I can’t even imagine… Said «If I were mad at you now, you’d be dead yesterday» in «The Oscars,» even Niels Bohr’s model of the atom doesn’t hold up against the background of modern quantum physics.
Roosevelt was right. Commercialists should not be allowed to be in power. Rockefeller was also right. The working man has no time to make money. Bottom line, merchants and beavers have no business being in government, that is, in power. At least Stalin was a gangster. He wasn’t interested in cabbage, and was chasing geopolitics. Napoleon and de Gaulle were military men. Not much of a manager, but still. Neither were Alexander or any of the others.
Skull loves money, and that’s what he is. Like a doctor who diagnoses, the beast describes reality. And Allah will give judgment on the Day of Judgment. I am not the judge of men. It is God.
Skull, in fact, already considers itself a «god». Like the pharaohs. So do the Khazar kagans, cheap clowns. So does a lot of people in the world.
A little literacy for today’s smartasses about the lexical meaning of the word «God.»
God (a real God, not a «god») needs no one, but everything besides Him needs Him. God is the only one capable of creating living things out of nothing, and no one but Him has ever created anything (alle, Darwinists). God — was not born and no one was ever born of Him (sorry, Christians).
God is outside of time and space, created by Him, and does not sit on any throne as a grandfather with a cloud over his face (pardon me, cartoonists). God — has no likeness to Himself. Turning to the rules of Semitic grammar, the phrase «God created man in HIS image» is, first, not correctly translated: «…in HIS image», not «OWN». Second, according to the rules of the same Semitic grammar, the pronoun «his» (not «own») goes back to the nearest noun «man» (not to the first word of the sentence «God»). That is, «God created man in the image of man (as we still see him) from the beginning.» Hello Darwinists and grammar buffs.

So, Skull had long considered himself a “god” . And some fucking beast didn’t fit into his system. Once upon a time something — there were no such words in his world. A favor already rendered was worthless in their world. So Mycroft’s words to Sherlock, «Don’t believe a word they say,» the beast had mastered in practice. They even surpassed Gus. But no. You can’t beat Gus, you can only repeat him.
Word of the beast had spread, thanks to Dober, notoriously unfiltered.
In addition to the wonders of magic, which Dober had seen enough of (the doctors simply stopped understanding what was going on), Dober, through greed, had managed to drag the beast into one venture. Robot thank you, smiley face.
There were pulls at the cost of a watermelon. Pulled in ships with Wolfhound’s infantry. Yes, his infantry, not himself. But still. I don’t want to have a fight with Wolfhound myself, and I don’t advise anyone. It’s hard to face him, and the chances of staying alive by pissing him off are slim to none.
From the visible realm of mundane reasons, there was no way to win in those pulls. That’s why Dober wanted to harness the beast. The beast harnessed it. The deed worked. As usual, his glory was apparently attributed to others. And after the victory, the draught suddenly resumed, even though there was no such thing in theory. Dober begged for a second harness. And again it worked, alhamdu lillah.
All this, naturally, was becoming known and Z. And reports went to Gorilla’s brigade on schedule. Gorilla was becoming more and more interested in the beast, with his own reasons and knowing that the beast would not touch him for some reason.
The beast made no secret of his awakened interest in Skull. There were many questions to be solved in this direction if he was successful.
First, on Robot and Curly. Second, on Kelt, Marcus, Max, and Black. The good should be remembered and should be able to return. Even to the bad in this world. And the good here and there.
There was no direct benefit to the beast, though a solution to Michelangelo’s question was at hand.
Something of that and Skull felt. Greedy that is not ready and iron ruble to give someone without PR (and Z the same), he would consider any amount as cosmic. Is his — life, power and cabbage — not worth even a green watermelon? That’s what Robot counted, for the future. Just in case they show up.
The beast agreed with this mercantile approach for two reasons.
One. People are less afraid when they think you’re a slave to money, too. The second. Expenditures were looming in some areas inspired by Allah, and the beast was only too happy to get it all from Him, regardless of the delivery channel.
The prophet Ayyub, who had been sick for a long time and had lost everything, was cured by God. Allah also sent him many locusts, of great size, of pure gold. When one of these, shall we say, grasshoppers tried to fly away, Ayyub caught it. And Allah asked (to teach us), «Ayyub, will you not have enough of those that remain?» The Prophet Ayyub replied that he was not interested in gold, but in the gift of God. And Allah was pleased…

Twice to eliminate the beast Skull for some reason entrusted Z. Although the profile is not his, and in general. Although, apparently, Z realized that the beast needed him as a balance and stabilizer in the overall scheme of things. How wrong he was. But at that point I didn’t kill him for both of his unsuccessful attempts. The backflips flew, though, at least not to defeat him.
Why Z ordered me to Seconds, ignoring the Agronomists? They did not want to cross after Dedok. And the Seconds were eager to fight, as watching Skull block, although Skull himself did not count them as shit, recognizing only the agronomists and ingratiating themselves to them. They had gotten him off the hook then, on a visible level, after a mix-up at the dawn of his youth with the Bricks, who would not forgive people anything less.
The latter were killed by the beast, even though they originally didn’t know what Z had signed them up for. Which, in the near future, may be next. We’ll see how it goes. If they didn’t even know where they were getting into, what kind of magic watchers they are, and who they even know.
Lyrical digression. If you inadvertently have contact with a mage or adept, ask him about the beast. Not the beast of the Antichrist of Christians, let me remind you again. It’s about that one. The more talk and bravado they have in their speeches, the more lowbrow of the magical world you are dealing with. If you see fear in their eyes and hear silence hinting that it’s time for you to leave, you’re dealing with a high-class specialist. By the way, one of the toughest enforcers, at one time, said that if he does not know the name, then that person can not be a criminal authority. Smile.
At this point, after a 20-year watch, the beast stopped patronizing Skull in all matters. But he didn’t sneak around, didn’t get in the way of his bubble-blowing brigade. The whole world of magic was notified that they all got free access to Skull without any consequences for them on the part of the beast. What happened next to them Skull and his brigade know better than I do. But Skull went overboard. He had the visiting wizards eliminate the beast. The beast’s entourage suffered. Very badly hurt. I hope it was a ricochet, not a direct hit. Four of the beast killed instantly, the fifth died later in agony and demonstration.

Things got bad for Skull. A lot. The beast got the right of revenge. But Imam forbade the beast to touch Skull for 20 years. And there were two things about it. One. So there was a reason for it. Two. So it was up to the beast.
And I couldn’t get over what he said. And there was no direct activation.
Skull has three things. Life, power, money. The question of his life was left to the Imam. Taking his power was like taking his life. What was left was money. And there’s a bottomless ocean of it. Or almost bottomless. And it flowed…
The beast asked Allah to deprive Skull of the money. As revenge. If he was displeased, to transfer the right of revenge to power or life…

  • Chapter 34. Concluding

And what does alpha equal?
The fine structure constant, usually denoted as alpha, is: α = 7,297,352,569…by 10 to the minus 3rd power.
Or its inverse value: 1/α = 137.035,999,084… . The calculations continue to this day…
Sincerely yours, beast / gone to oblivion
P. S. I had better stay in the shadows, people will not accept the beast.

End of Book 1

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