Fantasy-sequel. Samurai not sheathing his saber and omega (by Khazrat Tebu)

Fantasy. Monster and άλφα (by Khazrat Tebu)

Sequel. Samurai not sheathing his saber and ωμέγα

Khazrat Tebu. Monster and άλφα (fantasy)

Real events, real characters. A story from life. The reality of which no one will ever believe. That’s why it’s a fantasy. All right, let’s make it fantasy… The book may seem uninteresting and non-dynamic at first. This was the case with my friends until they learned the real names of some of the characters. Then they reread the book again under a completely different impression. Can you guess — who is who — in this book? You’ll be amazed. And you won’t believe it. That’s why this book is in the fantasy genre, smiley. Enjoy your reading.
Respectfully, the author

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Monster and άλφα

Monster and άλφα-2

Monster and άλφα-3

Monster and άλφα


This creature is currently unparalleled. Even in the long history of the world, there have been few like it.
It walks the Earth in human form. And it can appear anywhere in the universe in less than a second. Staying in many places at once. If necessary.
Having passed all the stages of polishing required for certification in the visible world, the creature was granted the right to incarnate destinies.
Pleased to meet you. I am the beast. The Killer.
The recent history of the world in recent years, in the strategic and tactical highways, takes place with my participation and directly with my sanction…


Samurai not sheathing his saber and ωμέγα

Chapter 35. Who am I?
Chapter 36. A gold mine for Z
Chapter 37. The fiasco and the beginning of Skull’s total collapse. Will I be able to save him, and will I be allowed to…?
Chapter 38. Robot and the pebbles. Yeah, the fucking pebbles
Chapter 39. Who was the bridegroom? Successor bride
Chapter 40. Why didn’t I become a mangaka?
Chapter 41. The Absolute Value Club (AVC)
Chapter 42. Tennis Man who lost his way
Chapter 43. Robot and his girls. Or rather: the girls, Robot — whose? Smile
Chapter 44. Quantization of Time and Space
Chapter 45. Continued
Chapter 46. Time is speeding up
Chapter 47. Why don’t I feel sorry for the girls? Mostly and overwhelmingly
Chapter 48. Why don’t I feel sorry for guys? In general
Chapter 49. Why do I have no pity for people at all, even to the point of hating them?
Chapter 50. Two sorts of people
Chapter 51. Who is who? Character Guide
Chapter 52. Eternal life
Chapter 53. Do I dream of the glory of Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit?
Chapter 54. I don’t like psychology. Neither do I like philosophy
Chapter 55. The spirit and its mysteries
Chapter 56. Why do I use money as the main measure of explanation in the examples?
Chapter 57. Why is love-happiness between a man and a woman difficult to achieve and nearly impossible?
Problem condition. Given
Y sought
The X
Chapter 58. Bitter aftertaste for stupid and unhappy guys (don’t want to be with either of them)
Chapter 59. The most unpleasant news imaginable
Chapter 60. All those offended by the beast left the hall. If any remained, perhaps the narrative would continue
Chapter 61. What is a curse by example
Chapter 62. A gift to scientists looking for answers to complex (but solvable) problems and to all ordinary people looking for answers
Chapter 63. Atheist scientists have never been able to clarify the big picture of the world, getting deeper and deeper into the wilderness
Chapter 64. Is it cool to be the Viceroy of Earth (I keep forgetting that)? Not at all and means nothing
Chapter 65. Forgotten recent wars in the East
Chapter 66. Failures
Chapter 67. The story of the Soccerman
Chapter 68. Highs, temporary and eternal
Chapter 69. Has the beast been revealed?
Chapter 70. Interests of the beast in Asia
Chapter 71. Bashmak and his wild, invisible to the naked eye, world intrigues
Chapter 72. Beaver-2-digital and his avalanche
Episode 1. A disappointing preliminary and very superficial analysis for many (which, as practice has shown, is reality — harsh and simple)
Episode 2. Beaver-1-digital and its sad story (stranger among strangers, stranger among strangers)
Episode 3. Features of politics and politicians
Episode 4. Standards, double and not so much
Episode 5. The will and its presence. The political will or lack thereof
Episode 6. The main problem of our time
Episode 7. Reality: Grandson vs Beaver-2-d

January 2, 2022


Samurai not sheathing his saber and ωμέγα

  • Chapter 35. Who am I?

I don’t use bank cards. I don’t use GSM numbers or WhatsApp. I’m kind of like a prosecutor for major crimes and major dangerous criminals in the world of magic. There is no one on Earth who does not fall under my jurisdiction. Though all my deeds were and are done by Allah alone. Pleased to meet you again, I am a beast, already familiar to you and, hopefully, forgotten by you. Though the hopes have not come true. And thank God.

  • Chapter 36. A gold mine for Z

Z had worked in this shop for a long time and knew the rules of the game well. A long time ago he had theatrically fallen at the finish line, playing for the Gorilla Brigade, which at that time was not even a thing, at 100 percent. That’s why he was left out. He was needed. But he got old. Things were going nowhere near an honorable retirement. Unhappy-Star was rubbing his hands cheerfully, planning to take the helm from the fall of ’19.
But the situation changed. The beast needed Z, indirectly, to solve some people’s problems. Although it was clear from day one that Z was taking money from his opponents and cheating. Nevertheless, the beast rearranged the situation, pushing back the sunset of Z by a couple of years, and, as it turned out, not for nothing.
He could not believe his eyes. He, in fact, believed in the absolute power of the beast (due to greed, absolute power is the prerogative of God, and no one else). Whatever request, veiled of course, was voiced through Dober to Robot, the beast complied. In just a few seconds.
Z’s status with Skull skyrocketed in a way that had never happened before. Z was no fool and understood. But his innate greed attracted humiliation, as promised to people.
What frightened Z, Skull and Dober the most, apparently, was the beast’s ability to read minds at a distance from the past, future and present.
This was a theme used by Skull for 20 years, who was just thinking, and it worked like an e-mail. He didn’t realize that it wasn’t him who was so good, but Imam Shamil who was so tough, who bent the beast, at that time in his jurisdiction, under another greedy, who valued nothing but money.
But Allah does His work as He pleases. When He wants something, He says, «Be!» and it happens.
In short, Z had three wishes. The beast promised 6 and called the order of all his wishes. Dober fell out, and Z was already there.
And… we were fooled again.
From that moment on, there was no more yanking for Z.
And he got knocked up…
For Skull — bet on him by maxing out his bet. Skull’s business was very bad, the ground was going out from under his feet, the harnesses of the beast at that time still happened from time to time. But they were no longer enough, and the greedy Skull didn’t want to understand anything. His business.
Now Z pressed Dober to produce results. Dober was out with the beast’s rage at Z, and soon followed him.
Z’s problem was that his health and strength had not been there before. With the beast’s harnesses, he was about 30 years younger. And his strength returned. Toad thought definitively.
The beast withdrew, and everything went with him. Z realized everything too late. He had already gotten a second star, which could not be, and even a third (into space), trailing Gorilla by only one, to his displeasure. But Skull’s orders were non-negotiable. And Z was badly needed, like a kettle lid running off steam. People turned out not to be so stupid, unfortunately, Skull. And the need for Z was growing. He had already been given the right to unlimited consumption (goat cabbage).
And then — the beast moved away.
Z floated, functions were not performed, he did not understand who he was dealing with. And understanding did not help. Especially since he wanted to kill the beast twice, though at the suggestion of Skull.
The beast knew that Z would come, or rather, crawled on his hands and knees, for Skull would not forgive him, and that was tantamount to the end in the square. The beast also understood that Z would not have time to regain access to him, because he would be overtaken by Skull, whose situation is much worse, and he has no way in or out. Nothing…

  • Chapter 37. The fiasco and the beginning of Skull’s total collapse. Will I be able to save him, and will I be allowed to…?

Skull lived in its own world. He had been for a long time. His ratings had plummeted catastrophically, with no sign of recovery. There was nowhere else to go. Things weren’t that bad six months ago, much less two and a half. As long as the beast was at least somehow around (Gorilla was sick, why would he be?…). But Skull took everything for granted.
The beast owed it. But not to Skull. The beast was indebted to Allah and the Prophet. He quickly brought the other «creditors» to their senses by simply stepping aside and leaving them alone. One-on-one with their supposed coolness.
Why the hell would they come to the beast if they didn’t need him so badass? Greedy. And bullshit.
Of the 5 traits, after having at least one of which people shouldn’t deal with them at all, there are 2.
Exceptions to the rules only confirm the rules.

  • Chapter 38. Robot and the pebbles. Yeah, the fucking pebbles

Thanos must have dropped them somewhere. I don’t know how Robot got them. That’s it.
I didn’t believe that shit at all. Thought it was a Hollywood production. Wrong, man. All the maniacs in the world are after them. And Shaman. And Dulu. I don’t know them all. But only the beast misses them. He doesn’t need them. What will he do with them?
And NN immediately showed interest. I see. And wanted to fool Robot. Who, unlike me, has a good head and is well acquainted with such an audience. Again, unlike me.
As long as we’re rolling in, I guess, to continue. There’s not much of a hunt.

  • Chapter 39. Who was the bridegroom? Successor bride

The new daughter-in-law is Skull’s successor, which no one knows about. Except the beast. And Robot has been told who he is. Apparently, he’s definitely been watching Marvel. He was the one who wanted these pebbles, which Robot had been guarding for a couple of years. Not just him, but Shaman (who thinks he’s the smartest he’s been in a couple thousand years) and Dulu (the sly, corrupt fox. How does Grandson put up with him…?). As probably many others do. I suggested that NN pull up Robot in his threads around the same time I made a similar suggestion to Z as well. The beast’s final offer for Z, however, dumbfounded Dober — a position for Robot, as well as a house and a car, with a solution to his issue. If Z needs the beast’s harness, of course. Either Dober didn’t say, or Z is choked up and can’t get over the «enormity» of the demand, with his no-limit from Skull at the beast’s beck and call.
How do I make my suggestions? They just hear it and know exactly what it is from the beast. From the world watcher. But their problem is that they are slaves to their egos and only think of themselves as «gods.» Allah forbid…
Although, when necessary, they scream worse than Pharaoh drowning in the Red Sea. How can we help them?
Anyway, NN also moved away then. Either from greed (he apparently thought that he would at any rate replace Skull), or from myopia, or stultified by pride. Yes, the more pride, the less intelligence there is. And don’t say the beast didn’t tell you.
At one time he was gone for a long time. Then he returned triumphantly, apparently at the instigation of his competitor, Dedok. And he probably got knocked up because of Dedok’s disgrace. So there is nothing wrong with megalomania in NN, especially since he does not drink.

  • Chapter 40. Why didn’t I become a mangaka?

I can’t draw. I can’t make it up. I haven’t read the manga themselves, they’re comics, if I’m not mistaken. Or used to when I was younger. But I do watch anime, though I’m not an otaku.
Somebody’s been putting out Skull for about a month and a half now. Not just a quench, but from the alpha level. But there hasn’t been anyone but the beast for a block. That means someone at beta or gamma level. Hardly delta or epsilon, and certainly not zeta, which isn’t even in the general staff. No trace, so either beta or gamma levels. And someone from there got access to alpha-level means. In other words, either a spell or a prayer of some kind. I think it’s a Muslim.
The conventional division of the world of magic is as follows: agronomists, secondaries, orientalists, amateurs, and Muslims. The latter are the most dangerous, their technology is the most advanced (the beast can’t get away from Dugi and Co. for a year and a half, though he quickly forgets the others). It is the latter that the beast curates in the first place. Especially the most corrupt hypocrites among them.
Then Skull is either ordered or something personal. He’s got plenty of both.
I don’t have to worry about that, though. Let his crew think.

  • Chapter 41. The Absolute Value Club (AVC)

The first one there is some slave of Allah, whom Allah loves very much. The second one there is some girl. They are both higher in the hierarchy than the beast. He’s the vicar and everything, though. Soon another one will come along. He will displace the beast to the fourth place. Respect.

  • Chapter 42. Tennis Man who lost his way

He is of Skull’s entourage. Though the arrow is out. He’s ordered Robot a couple of times. And now the beast. Orders went to the Specialists in the Heartland of the Blind (SSS). Does Tennis Man think that Gorilla won’t put the papers about Tennist and Gorilla’s SSS vis-a-vis connection on Skull’s desk, and he’ll just forgive Tennis Man and not ask him how he knows them? What, Tennis Man, aren’t you alive? Or do you hope to be forgiven?
Tennis Man’s men have had beefs with people who were indirectly covered by the beast. Moreover, at one time, this character clearly flashed in the Ulus of the Great Khan, which he could not get away with. Neither could Pasechnik. He wanted to get his hands on everything. Though he’d hardly have gotten into trouble for that. Apparently, his motives were more serious.

  • Chapter 43. Robot and his girls. Or rather: the girls, Robot — whose? Smile

… Malaya so scared Zayavka, telling her to shove Daddy Rabbit’s money either to herself or to Daddy wherever. «Robot — I won’t give it away…»
But that’s not how it started.
Robot was as popular with women as the beast was disgusted with (men, women, pensioners, pioneers, businessmen, cops, public transport workers, Malibu lifeguards, and so on and so forth). A 23-time honored jamaican of the Soviet Union, the Ivy League and the New England Confederacy, an all-around 10-year world champion in this as yet non-Olympic sport (that’s all me), the beast didn’t get it. Though Robot had everything to please women. On all continents. All ages. And social strata. I wasn’t jealous of Robot. Not at all. I felt sorry for him.
He reminded me of a prize of honor, the opinion of which none of the contestants in the endless no-holds-barred fights for the right to possess Robot as a non-transferable red flag — did not care at all. The girls thought that as long as they liked him, and then where will he go from the submarine sands of Kyzyl-Kum.
Listening to Robot and Black’s scary stories about the girls (with whom the beast barely interacted except for work or necessity), the beast was even glad that he was ugly and not interesting to this rampant gang of Instagram clones. Of course, not everyone was like that.
But most were like that. Only worse. Smile (lest they kill me if they find out who I am).
The beast was afraid of Zayavka, and afraid a lot. She was always breaking into his air-link with Robot as if to her own home, flirting with him, while sprinkling me with profanity, of which I, an expert in the field, learned a lot from this model. Yes, she was of model appearance. So was everyone else (Robot fighters of this underground UFC). Not my type at all (again she’s on the air cursing and at me again, do you ever sleep?).
There were always enough serious contenders for Robot. But the beast immediately bet on Malaya, telling Robot that if he went to the mat against her, he was bound to lose. That’s the way it’s going.
But right before that came Zayavka, who apparently didn’t bet anyone on anything (with her beauty and dough, she thought, like, Robot didn’t have any beautiful and rich maidens) — not J.Lo, not Zeta Jones, not Kidman, not Dina Durbin, not the Polynesian girls, not the Martians, and not from Alpha Centauri. Sorry, I forgot Beluchi and Fedorova (those two are a disaster, but Oksana has some kind of warmth in her heart, I haven’t seen that from anyone else). Again bad words to me, guess who from…
I immediately told Robot, that Zayavka does not and will not put him in anything. The beast has already accepted that Zayavka will reclaim Robot (even though she got married not so long ago, I still do not believe that he got rid of her). As a joke (which is only part of the joke, but the rest is true) the beast said that he would not come to the wedding, would not meet her and, if anything, would tell her (if she suddenly catches me) that he does not know any Robot at all.
God forbid I should turn my back on her again, I’d get goosebumps…
And then Malaya appeared, who is now my hero. She scared the hell out of Zayavka with the first paragraph of this chapter and set the record straight.

  • Chapter 44. Quantization of Time and Space

I like simple movies where nothing much happens. Ordinary, maybe rustic, landscapes. Cats, dogs, people. Where there is no pandemonium. Or, if there is, with someone calm or native to the elements.
Action for a fraction of a second watching from the alpha level behind this ephemeral world, introducing the complete illusion of reality, is enough. Allah and He alone does all the work, though.
Quiet cafes and eateries. I don’t like luxury and the mice serving it and smelling of cheese, not for the presence of it, but for the love of it. I’m just like them. Only worse.

  • Chapter 45. Continued

A guy I knew pulled up a friend of mine once. Osnik was an extremist who inspired my respect by jumping off a 100-meter bungee jump headfirst into a ravine. The girl was spirited and powerful.
But now she was hysterical. From an evenly severed rat’s tail. Which she found in her pretty clothes. In an expensive house in the cool neighborhood of Hundredth Grad.
Clearly, the tail didn’t show up there by itself, and believing such a militant girl was afraid of a mouse tail didn’t work out for me.
Kent demanded to be harnessed because there was no way out. Plus small children (who are still in the background under the roof of the beast, although I have not seen her myself and do not know her personally).
At that point, the beast was just about to show the full power of quantizing fields. Before that day I had come into physical contact with a man — I put my palm on his head and read the first chapter of the Koran. And then read it over a glass of water or tea or juice.
But in this case, I was in the Ulus of the Great Khan, and the sick person was thousands of kilometers away. Until… Allah activated the beast.
Osnik’s hysteria went away at once, in a few minutes. My kent fell out in amazement, where I was already trying to come to my senses in some way.
From that day on, space no longer mattered. And a couple of years later, with Robot, whose belief in the power of the beast surprised even me, and time ceased to matter in the beast’s harnesses.
How badly Dugi and Co. felt…

  • Chapter 46. Time is speeding up

As of today, the morning of January 5, 2021 / 2 Jumadal-Ahyrah 1443 AH, the 4th year of the reign of the beast, the passage of time has accelerated. I don’t know what this has to do with. I have been informed. Analysis and monitoring is not really my specialty. Neither is curing the sick. I’ll have to tell Robot, maybe he’ll understand something.
The flow of time-space is my line of work. Beast, you should have told me in a thousand years, you fool. Oh, so I won’t be afraid? Now you can be as scared as you want to be? I am scared. How much will I get in me?
It gets worse by the hour. I wish I was an anime superhero. It’s easier there.

  • Chapter 47. Why don’t I feel sorry for the girls? Mostly and overwhelmingly

Because most of Hell is female? That’s not why.
They cry that men are bad. And they’re looking for rich men. Or rich and handsome. Or very rich. Or very rich and handsome.
They didn’t look for the good ones. The good ones were not found.
The mice found mountains of cheese that didn’t contain the happiness and love they expected. But they weren’t looking for happiness and love, they were looking for cheese. That’s what they found.
The beast says there are now only 2 girls on Earth not of that crowd. That’s amazing. That many? I’m not being ironic.

  • Chapter 48. Why don’t I feel sorry for guys? In general

Because they envy those who are publicly called friends. And trade mothers for wives.

  • Chapter 49. Why do I have no pity for people at all, even to the point of hating them?

They love the mundane and hate death. Interested in the gifts of both worlds, with no interest in the Giver.
And hatred of the entire human race is one of the 2 signs of Understanding the Essence, a thing exceptionally precious. Exclusively. Read them, I recommend the original.
That’s me to the sorrowful fools who are far from this understanding.

  • Chapter 50. Two sorts of people

Who can negotiate with his conscience. And who cannot. The first will not give a hole from a bagel to another. And those will sacrifice everything.

  • Chapter 51. Who is who? Character Guide

Skull is a geopolitician.
Z is a politician, but not a geo.
Gorilla — better not to know who he is.
Wolfhound — same thing.
Shaman — head of one of the world’s faiths.
Dulu — same thing.
Black is a super being, former criminal mastermind, now a businessman.
Hadi the Persian is a beauty who declared the harshest war on the beast yesterday (am I in Montenegro yet?).
Gus is a character who has been classified for 100 million years.
Dober and Unhappy-Starred are from the Z infantry.
NN is a politician, from the Skull Brigade.
Tennis Man — politician, of the Skull Brigade
Pasechnik is a big shot and a beaver, he’s already dead.
Bashmak is a world tycoon.
Bricks — world clan, the roof of Repost and Runolog.
Repost is a victim.
Runologue — a type, from Skull’s brigade.
Max and Zack are the two Moriarty’s.
Yu-ri — sister, smart and pretty.
Aisha of Kazakhstantinopol — an occupant, still pretty.
Aisha Imamova — wife of the beast’s kent.
The Agronomists are one of the magical clans.
The Secondarues are the same
The Orientalists — same thing.
Grandson — geopolitical.
Robot — super being of the 4th Frontier, the beast’s closest approximation, an attorney in his dealings and connections with the world.
Celt — the beast’s kent.
Ghazi — same.
Curly is the same.
Michelangelo — the ninja turtle who wants to be the second Ali
Rumz is his friend.
Beaver is a geopolitician.
Rabbit is the owner of a melon farm.
Zayavka — his daughter, a model.
Malaya is my hero.
Osnick is a mass-media special.
Clown, Hum, Yaphet, Cyborg, Dugi and others — clowns, cheap and corrupt.
Marcus is the beast’s client.
Green watermelon — a billion dollars.
The European watermelon is a billion euros.
Tyutyutyu — and I’m Tyatyatya.
Tom Cruise (as a kid) — handsome guy who already has girls all over him.
Sumeria is a country.
SSS is also a country.
Ulus of the Great Khan — the beast’s temporary location on the 3rd planet of the Milky Way Solar System of the 1st (star or dunya) Sky
Asya, Marina, Indira, Zarema, another Zarema, Louise, Asya, Aina, Narine, three Natasha, Zuhra, Faguma, Dariko and others — the beast’s classmates, beautiful and good girls
The ungodly girl is a cherry.
The beast is a useless prick.

  • Chapter 52. Eternal life

Eternal life is beautiful in its beautiful part. And horrible in the horrible part of it.
The storytellers, tirelessly prattling on about consciousness and its levels, are there to find out. I’m tired of this chatter and its admirers.
I’m not against people. I am against the wrong ideas and those who spread them, who know they are false and have sold out for a cheese slice.
I don’t need followers. I don’t need followers. Allah has established order and He Himself oversees it as He wills.
The beast helps you find the Truth and stay in it. Is there anyone who needs it? The first question is addressed to the reflection in the mirror.

  • Chapter 53. Do I dream of the glory of Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit?

Not dreaming.

  • Chapter 54. I don’t like psychology. Neither do I like philosophy

A group of people preach their ideas and get it to be considered science. To put it more crudely, the wind blows because the trees sway. To put it more simply, psychology is Lenin’s mausoleum in a country that denies God and has replaced the religious pilgrimage of pilgrims to the shrines, due to the needs of human nature, with a visit to the corpse of the leader of who knows what. To put it even more simply, it is an aide to Darwinism trying to close the gaps. This is advice to a physically weak person to create a robot to solve everyday problems, instead of going to the gym. I am ruthless about psychology. From morning till night talking about some shitty subconscious. Which is nothing more than an ego. Which has been prayed to. And is going to pray to in the future. The slaves of the ego want to teach us what, I wonder?
An operating system infected by a virus and seeing the virus as an operating system, from the perspective of the virus, is trying to tell us about the delights of the virus. I have no doubt that it will find a multitude of followers in the same state, with «everything matches» the «calculations».
I’m a fool, and I don’t have to be.
The beast’s attitude toward philosophy is even worse than that of psychology. Much worse.

  • Chapter 55. The spirit and its mysteries

The soul to me is the ego, responsible for the flesh and its needs for nourishment, sleep, and other things. The spirit is the substance that animates the flesh in the womb, whose return to the eternal world is called death.
The ego-soul and spirit fight for man on the battlefield of the heart.
But that’s not what we’re talking about now.
The harsh hit-and-run just above should be explained simply and on the fingers.
After God’s creation of spirit (for convenience let’s call it a monad, to avoid confusion of the Russian language: in Arabs spirit-ruh and soul-nafs-ego), the monads of people in the antique world, before receiving bodies, were in contact. And they didn’t get in touch with some monads, and on the contrary, got in touch with others — for a reason known to Allah. If you are more comfortable, think of it as water and fire — bad luck and nothing personal, etc. The same will happen here on earth when the bodies of those very monads cross over. Whether you want it or not, whether you are working on the relationship or not, whether you are aware of the existence of this relationship or not. You — just remember without realizing it. Because the essence doesn’t change. It reacts to the same thing all the time. A person’s essence doesn’t change, it manifests itself. If you don’t get along with a person by the end of the first hour of communication (excluding the states of emotional outburst on plus/minus and magic), then you won’t get along with him in the future, with a margin of error of misery.
In other words, before and during the first meeting with the person you weren’t in a state of euphoria or depressed for some reason and you weren’t pounded by magic, suppressing your will: you spent about an hour together — you already know exactly who you are dealing with.
You know.
And then it’s up to you to heal yourself with bullshit about him or not. Like: he’s good — but poor, he’s bad — but his daddy’s a beaver, etc.
In the end, your essence will take over. And it’s nobody’s fault but your own. The dung fly will fly to the dung and won’t settle for nectar. And the bee, leaving the dung to that fly, will fly for the honey.
That is why I hate philosophy and psychology and recognize religion (a real one, not a fictitious one) — a manual for the operation of man in the mortal world from the manufacturing plant.
P.S. Why do best friends fight the first time they meet? For the first 20 minutes, the ego, which controls people, keeps the module of the other person, but — changes the sign to the opposite. But the essence then squeezes its own, and by the end of the first hour, everything falls into place. That’s why it’s said: if two people don’t get together in a short time, they will definitely break up.
Don’t listen to smart people with lists of conditions, and just, just answer the question — do you like the person?
Only the heart can see. The eyes cannot see the invisible, Sherlock. Wa lakin tag’mal qulyubu llati fi s-sudur — in fact, the blind hearts [people] that are in the chest (Koran).
Become happy thanks to philosophy or psychology in the long run at least in this world — you will not be able to, because the systems are inflated and do not work. And to become happy thanks to religion even in both worlds is quite easy (forget about sects and pseudo-religions, with religious philosophies and fattened ministers of even real religion, long ago killed by their egos and drowned in worldly things: we are talking about real religion, sent by God and preserved unchanged).

  • Chapter 56. Why do I use money as the main measure of explanation in the examples?

He is very physically strong and invincible, but he has no money and is poor-people both before and now will not respect him much. He is a king or minister, but he lives on one salary — people both before and now won’t respect him much. He’s very handsome or smart, not very important, but without money people won’t respect him much before or now.
That’s why.
But if he’s rich beyond his wildest dreams, they’ll forgive him anything and they’ll reach out to him.
Still don’t get it, still don’t get it?
In Arabic, dough is «mal», from the verb «to bend someone to someone.»
Still don’t get it?

  • Chapter 57. Why is love-happiness between a man and a woman difficult to achieve and nearly impossible?

Problem condition. Given

Y sought

A man marries a woman for one (not a cocktail) of 4 reasons.
[Pardon. Let me explain: if honey is 10% honey, 30% urine, 30% pus, 30% blood — it is not called the word «honey». Even a huge, jumbled barrel — with just one spoonful of each — is not a barrel of honey. Eat it yourself, who gets a buzz out of it.
The overpowering side sets the rules: if there was more blood, it was blood; if there was more pus, it was pus; if there was more urine, it was urine. If there was no honey at all, forget about it).
First. Origin — the estate of kings, princes, dukes, etc., etc. — is the custom of infidels and atheists.
Second. Wealth is the custom of the Jews.
Third. Beauty is the custom of Christians.
Fourth. Religiosity (not to be confused with worship or knowledge, pilgrimages to Mecca and burqa: shaitan before Adam could not be burned either, and Umar went to kill the Prophet and became the 2nd Righteous Khalif) — perception of God from the minimum necessary level and above — a custom of Muslims.
Explanatory note. I don’t remember what the first bunch of guys are promised by Allah, but the second guys get cursed by God (expulsion from His mercy), the third guys get beauty disappearing (either literally or for him personally), and the fourth, if any, get the hope of solving this equation.
P.S. for the crafty-headed «smarties,» the rest of us can skip it.
A good (type 4) girl can be a princess, rich and beautiful. But that’s not why he got married. If offered the daughter of the lord of the whole world, the richest and most beautiful in the world (three maxims in one person) — he would still choose the first one. Even if she is unremarkable in the three components and far below average — he will choose her again.

The X

A woman who is good for a man has all four (not just one or a hole in a bagel). Again, for the «particularly philosophically advanced,» all 4.
One. Pleasing to the eye is, in principle, to taste and color, attainable.
Second. To be submissive to one’s husband — you can’t find it. Obedience from the poet’s one-note poem «You talked, and so be it — shoot» at the Kremlin wall on Red Square, so as not to be buried there — does not roll. Neither does walking on tiptoes because of the promise of a new iPhone.
Third. Keeping herself in the absence of her husband — attainable.
Fourth. Keeping her husband’s possessions in his absence — attainable.


Congratulations. If we could find at least one such guy and girl: the least — we should be appointed commander of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces for life with the rank of 4-star general and the status of at least 3 times Hero of the Soviet Union.
All the other girls and guys are out.
No, of course they can be happy together if they both like to smoke pot, but that’s not quite it. They can be, like, happy if she’s a mannequin who wanted money and he’s a beaver with money who’s into her: for a while, as long as she’s pretty and he’s rich, and if they don’t die from getting high or get drunk.
Why is it so complicated?
It’s a matter of human nature. Man, firstly, can not love something that he does not know (when you get to know it better: all the shortcomings come out and, — not love, but — love passes). Second, he cannot love something that has flaws and imperfections. In other words, one can truly love only Allah (the One Absolute Perfection) and the Prophet Muhammad (the maximum perfection available to creation, which grows constantly, because of the Prophet’s increasing Knowledge of God, Whose Knowledge is infinite).
But in the religion of Allah, the love of the husband for his wife is wajib, that is, — obligatory. That’s why the initial conditions for the sought Y and X are so complicated, and you can’t love cheese mice. Unless, of course, you are Muslim in words. And you don’t choose your wives (a man can be in demand, women can be in demand) according to the customs of atheists, Jews or Christians. The registry will show you. And you will see for yourself.
P.S. I’m not going to remake anyone. At least know what you’re signing up for.

  • Chapter 58. Bitter aftertaste for stupid and unhappy guys (don’t want to be with either of them)

Your wives or girlfriends did not love you. If they did, they would obey you without question. The basic rule of loving is obedience to the object of love.
It is the same with God.
Yes, pardon me, they must have been witches. Or fools. Or both witches and fools (more on that below).
But it’s your own fault, they had nothing to do with it.
A saint once said that he knew that he had disobeyed God by three things: his wife wouldn’t listen to him, his servant wouldn’t listen to him, his horse wouldn’t listen to him. Do you understand?
If you (we) ourselves were normal, you would see the rotten apple as rotten and the Paradise apple as Paradise. And you would choose the normal ones (or as close to those standards as possible). But when we look at them — long-legged or shapely, stupid or smart, rich or poor, bad or good — we see ourselves. And we choose. And we, too, suffer or are happy.
Girls who consider themselves good and have already crowd killed me 33 (no, 333) times and buried, using up all reserves of profanity — at least do not deceive yourself. You’re the good guys, but the guys are assholes. In what way are you good if you won’t even look at the good (and the good should look for the good like a bee for honey) and poor guy because — there won’t be expensive clothes, fancy restaurants, maids and limousines, mansions and airplanes, not even a trip to the pizzeria? And if you find out that he will stay like that for life — run away from him with a new eternal-world record, trampling Usain’s turtle. And then, already in villas and airplanes, you will demand to be treated humanly, because you are not a thing. But you got there for the money. And he knew it from the beginning, and he bought you like a thing in a bazaar. Because you wanted money, he had money and all parties agreed. What are you unhappy about now? He will change young mistresses and you won’t be able to leave because of the money and will grow old with each new turn of the earth around its axis. What’s the point of being with those poor people? For you, none. For if you don’t understand that God Himself gives money to His slaves, then you are atheists or fools (the latter is better: less intelligence means less demand). And if you were not going to understand it, then you are devils or witches (it is all the same there). If you are lucky enough to find a soft sucker who is in love with you, but poor and without a car (there are few beavers, and plenty of beauties, that is, not you), you will just complain and curse your husband in this world and burn in hell in the other one. And if you find a cool hero (who you supposedly dreamed of all your life, but were not going to bend under him, dreaming to bend him over) — then, most likely, you have chances to go to Paradise innocently murdered, not filtering the market and expecting from him, the hero, behavior as from that sucker (I wonder, why the hell not?).

  • Chapter 59. The most unpleasant news imaginable

Those who want the worldly life are not men. Men were not men who wanted both Heaven and God. Men sought only God.
[Even if you were to shoot yourself and not be born.]

  • Chapter 60. All those offended by the beast left the hall. If any remained, perhaps the narrative would continue

It is not pleasant to hear the truth. But without it there is no hope of change for the better.

  • Chapter 61. What is a curse by example

A curse is when one who has a right (not in the sense of men or political systems, but a right given to him by God Himself, when no one can deprive him of that right, understand?) wishes ill upon him who tramples upon his right. The right of faith, the right of life, the right of honor, the right of property, any right at all.
And Allah, who gave the right, punishes the one who infringes the right. God punishes even when the right of a person who does not believe in God is violated.
Let’s go.
Once I was pulled up to a sick person, apparently to test my abilities. Nothing had any effect, with a bunch of incomprehensible problems with apathy towards everything and ends in water. While I had as much sympathy for that older man as he did for me. (He died shortly thereafter (a blood clot), I hope he’s doing well there, although he has suffered here without being directly at fault himself. Why is he doing well, insha Allah? Looking at me sympathetically, he actually saw his reflection in the mirror. It was roughly the same story with one criminal authority figure, for whom I received word not long ago that his torment there was over and he was now doing well. Good for him, he was just unlucky in life).
And I said literally the following: «This is a vendetta from the past.» Even though I didn’t understand what was going on. Allah knows. Why should I know what I don’t need to know in order to know?
The one who pulled me up and knew the story in detail was so stunned that he couldn’t even hide it.
It turned out that the sick man’s mother had been cursed by her father for marrying a bad (really bad, a rapist of unmarried girls who ended very badly) man.
Girls, think about who you marry. Even if you’re not very bright in the head, your good father is entitled to a good son-in-law.
And kings, think about this: a sick orphan girl cursed a lord of the world named Shaddad because his men took her earrings. Allah killed him at the most unexpected moment before entering Irem. He was 100 meters tall, lived a thousand years, had a thousand wives and 4,000 sons, and robbed the whole world to build a «paradise» in a land called Irem, which he built for 300 years in the land of Yemen.
He was killed because of the curse of a poor orphan girl. Irama zatil g’imad (Koran).

  • Chapter 62. A gift to scientists looking for answers to complex (but solvable) problems and to all ordinary people looking for answers

You simply did not understand the problem. The proof is that while you’re reading the problem, you’re already going over the solution in your head.
Forget about the solution. Forget about the solution altogether, and try to figure out what you are trying to find.

  • Chapter 63. Atheist scientists have never been able to clarify the big picture of the world, getting deeper and deeper into the wilderness

If Hawking actually said such a thing, by implication, that «God wouldn’t have had time to create the universe in such a small fraction of an instant, so he doesn’t exist,» then one of two things. Either he’s a fool (doesn’t seem to be) or a proud demon (probably). I don’t even want to speak for Einstein.

  • Chapter 64. Is it cool to be the Viceroy of Earth (I keep forgetting that)? Not at all and means nothing

The devil was also a vicar. The hundredth spiritual level (the highest possible, of all creatures in existence) still bears his name.
The Beast is only concerned about one thing: Will Allah allow him to remain with Allah and the Prophet outside the time-space dimensions? If so, then everything else no longer matters. Nothing else matters.

  • Chapter 65. Forgotten recent wars in the East

I’d forgotten about all those wars, and I don’t remember the reasons for them either. It was something they wanted from me, or something else.
I can’t remember the time of them either.
Reading the history of the Caliphate by Ibn Kathir, written 700 years ago, I was surprised that the Arabs did not remember the years of wars and battles exactly, and historians were in disagreement on this point. When one fights on 5 fronts at once with the whole world, without giving much importance to this war, that is apparently what happens.
And now I find myself in that position. I don’t remember. No characters, no time.
East (in this context of events, not in general) is east from the oasis of Turfan to the Pacific Ocean and south from there to the Indian Ocean.
That’s where the dragons were in ancient times and where they are now. In countries where the cult of this creature is the main to this day.
In the world of magic beast appears in the form of a dragon, that is, in fact, a huge flying snake. It’s a scary image. Although, personally, I am more frightened by its appearance in the form of a white horse with the eyes of the angel of death — there will be a total destruction of everything under the comb by the will of Allah and with His direct sanction.
After the death of Dedok, the world of world magic apparently began a turmoil that hasn’t been seen in about 70 years. The vassals, having lost their suzerain and feeling their will, began to come out of their holes. The most unruly and restless ones had to be killed. All over the world. Including in the East. Where the beast does not like to enter because of their mentality and stubbornness. I’m not going to persuade them. If they don’t want it, I don’t want it either. Everything crooked will be straightened out in Hell and permanently, insha Allah. Eternity.
There were some elders, five hundred and even eight hundred years old, living in some caves. They acted deceitfully and laid low, almost coming for advice and friendship. I had to kill them all. Like dragons, I did not think they existed.
The system is this: you find the strongest, kill him and his entourage. If they don’t scatter, you kill everyone else. That’s if I’m here on my own business. If they wanted to meet me for their business, then I kill them all, insha Allah.
Apparently, these sweeps made an impression on Grandson, who is very familiar with that crowd and, not unreasonably, is afraid of it. There is much to fear and be afraid of. Deception and treachery in the East are as much a trump card as deceit in the West.
Robot and I are ready to work with Grandson, having discussed all his terms (talked to him about it yesterday). I will put the cross on the Skull, insha Allah.

  • Chapter 66. Failures

Not without them. There were a lot of them, too. I don’t remember them all, of course. I’ve forgotten the rest. Everything is in the Book of Destinies, good and bad.

  • Chapter 67. The story of the Soccerman

Soccerman was a 500-meter genie, the absolute champion of the last 40 years (as of 2000), and a master of available means. He killed everyone, even saints. No one could beat him. Oddly enough. The toughest ones didn’t touch him, and he stayed away from them. But from the 4 general’s stars and below, everyone was in on it (and me, a simple sergeant in the Celestial Service). And he was killing everybody, even now I don’t know how.
And Dedok was afraid of him, I don’t know why. And he was afraid of Dedok because of the abundance of vassals of servility and PR, apparently.
Anyway, Imam Shamil told me that a meeting and a battle with this prick was inevitable. Which made me despondent, for I was very weak and sick at the time, and I did not know that I would become a beast, and I had not heard about the prediction of death by my hand, either. I was sure I was going to lose and be killed.
It felt like I had 15 years to prepare. The paradox was that the Soccerman knew for sure that I could kill him. Or rather, he knew I would kill him. And he couldn’t believe it. Neither could I believe that the mysterious super being, not by the name given to me by the jinn (they must have learned it from legend or Allah himself), but in fact, the beast, was this foul-smelling kid.
From time to time I remembered an unpleasant encounter in the future and was afraid. For I did not know beforehand the outcome of the fight and could not understand — why should I fight him at all? But I was not asked, and I did not ask questions. Though I wasn’t very brave then or now.
Soccerman waited. Apparently, until I got stronger. To show the world how tough he was. It wasn’t fitting for him to kill a guy who’d been panting for hours for no reason at all. Jinns and humans would laugh. How he would regret it later.
At the same time, the beast’s chief enemy, Clown, hoped the genie would kill me. Clown himself, a complete schmuck, a punk and a snitch, wouldn’t even dream of fighting Soccerman. The illegitimate scum who declared themselves saints (how Imam Shamil hates them, alhamdu lillah) crowned Clown, and the latter, in the same scheme, crowned Dugi and Cyborg. And all three of these three did in their pants at the mention of Soccerman.
During this period (right up to the Age of the 5 Barbarian Tribes of the Celestial Empire) no righteous man was made a saint without meeting and fighting the champion of the time. And he killed everyone. Although there were enough true believers, but they did not pull against him. Faatbag’a sababa (Koran).
I don’t know what the hell it is. Apparently, the pranks of Akhyr Zaman (the time before the End of the World).
In the end, Clown, as a real snitch and mastermind, framed Soccerman from the other side of the world, having planned everything in advance through his dummy faces. Moriarty, the half-decent Moriarty. (Although, wait: Moriarty, I’m sorry for comparing him to you, the pinnacle of the criminal underworld of the era). Like, the most important man of the beast wasn’t killed by him, Clown, but by the genie-champion.
It blew my mind. If before I had avoided meeting with Soccerman, now he was bursting at me, not understanding the reasons for my insane rampage.
From rage I do not even remember how I found him and killed him. I was hurt too, though (someone stabbed me in the lower back, and I bled to death, but I didn’t die).
The world of jinns and humans fell into a stupor. And Allah smiled. Who does things as He Himself wills…

  • Chapter 68. Highs, temporary and eternal

I prefer to call creatures creatures. Not because they are created by God. It’s because they are. And I don’t want to filter the speech.
They’ll sell anything for worldly things. You just have to offer a good price. So when they say that all people are bad — they mean this category. There’s about 90 percent of them.
Another nine percent have chosen Paradise. And will do anything to get them, avoiding Hell.
The last of the Mohicans have chosen God, sacrificing everything to achieve Him. These are out of all measurement systems and do not participate in championships.
Man, why are there so many champions then?

  • Chapter 69. Has the beast been revealed?

It feels like it. Or it will be. The whole world will know him by sight and name. Then he’s been leaked. Apparently, Dober: he knows both his face and his name.
The funny thing is, in an even more interesting way, the beast will lay low and be forgotten by everyone. Wow.

  • Chapter 70. Interests of the beast in Asia

My favorite is Asia. Although I have nothing against the other continents and continents.
For the last two years I have been working in all directions and regions: Territory-free, Sector, Gear, Ash, World Expeditionary Corps, etc.
On business had crossed the Territory-free, had to kill the chief sorcerer (or something like that), could not calm down and all the money wanted for new orders. There’s also a couple or three whales suffered.
I had a score to settle with the Sector. A long time ago.
Prick, dick, some genie impersonated Shiva and wanted to suggest that, ostensibly, the tops of world magic and key figures of all the false world religions (necessary for istidraj — luring lost souls to destruction so that they do not feel it / so they give them lots of miracles, to poor people easier to load /) on the agreement cannot be touched. They will find a new Shiva.
The Land of Mu also had some pull with the beast, stubborn and unyielding. They wanted to prove to him that it was they, and no one else, who was watching over the world. He would have gladly yielded to them, had there been an order for these monkeys. But there was another order.
Who to go to nirvana, I will not detain, there and figure out what it really is.
With the Muslims of Asia everything is hopeless and depressing: not even a hint of understanding the essence of their religion can be found. People have made up their own minds and think that Allah will do it for them.
I had to kill a couple more shamans with tambourines, with outrageous fantasies and claims. Then I did not understand where they came from at all, there was no motive, but they fought like German fascist invaders. The other day, after a conversation with Curly, everything became clear by chance.
There were also special projects on especially distinguished people, but they will not be declassified for the next 30 years.

  • Chapter 71. Bashmak and his wild, invisible to the naked eye, world intrigues

There used to be one. He still is. Yet. I didn’t like him when I was young.
He came out as some prick with immense ambition and power, who had motive to eliminate the beast. The beast wanted to kill him (there was a reason for that), but they wouldn’t let him, apparently, not while he was needed.
By the way, when Dedok died (alhamdu lillah), even if by accident, all these scum came out of all the holes. Not bad he had them all over the world in the crouching position for so many (a lot) years.
Anyway, Robot figured out Bashmak. I didn’t have much success. I had already understood the power of Robot’s vision by that time, using it to the fullest (except for the alpha level and my personal topics, which are beyond even that level) and at the same time, apparently, like, training it. Robot gave a description, but didn’t know who he was talking about. When he saw the picture I sent him, he was surprised, and immediately said it was Bashmak he was looking for. And he was even more surprised when he found out who it was — how did I even know him?
It was rumored that he appointed rulers in one of the second tier macro-value countries, with ties in Sumeria and around the world.
The first level of macro-value had at that time the form of a triumvirate in the form of Beaver — Grandson — Skull. Although I think to put Grandson first, in reality already so (although he does not chase PR, interested in the final outcome). At the exertions of the brigade Skull to position him almost the first in the trio, although I gave him the third nominally. He doesn’t pull it. Too fond of money and didn’t carry much weight in the world.
Bashmak was the fastest to navigate the new realities, to squeeze something new in the coming world confrontation after the death of Dedok, the equal of which had not been since the Rockefeller — Rothschilds (the first for some reason sympathetic to the beast, and the latter — not).
The information-political and financial-continental (I mean, global, my ass) redistribution of the moon’s cheese was looming.

  • Chapter 72. Beaver-2-digital and his avalanche
  • Episode 1. A disappointing preliminary and very superficial analysis for many (which, as practice has shown, is reality — harsh and simple)

The personality of this character confused me a bit. I mean Beaver-2-digital. Clearly an in-house freighter, flying into orbits far beyond his original capabilities. In a state of perpetual euphoria and narcissism, not even narcissism, I don’t know what.
He was something akin to Skull, though they were fundamentally (but not critically) different. They were like students of a music conservatory and a culinary arts college who, through a quirk of fate, found themselves in a military training camp (read: politics). Against their backdrop, Grandson resembled a special forces, hereditary and talented. He had the desire and the inclination to learn the trade.
Skull’s business, on the other hand, was so disappointing that he was relegated to the second level of macro value at the 2-3 position. His crew was out, and they didn’t even know, the know-it-alls. Though I found out myself with a quarter of an hour to go.
In the end, the triumvirate was over, and we were, in the very near future, treated to the main fight of the evening: Grandson vs. Beaver-2-digital.
Beaver, of course, screwed up and really stalled out (Allah does as Allah wills). He didn’t pull against Beaver-1-digital with no chance, reminiscent of analog media in the age of quantum computers. But the technical side of the issue, at the waning of Beaver-1-d’s arrow, was the main one in the new king’s good graces.
Perhaps Beaver was the most hailed of all the flyer-flyers in decades. An overrated commercialist who came in spite of Roosevelt (that’s not a nickname, but the president of the United States) and his management theory. He didn’t particularly cyclical or steamed around, finding his own crowd that craved blood and world recognition. For which they did nothing and lived in the illusions on which Hollywood fairy tales were filmed.
Beaver did not follow his speech much and fell into the grip of his own stupidity and the unfulfilled expectations of moderates who were neither «for» him nor «against» him.

  • Episode 2. Beaver-1-digital and its sad story (stranger among strangers, stranger among strangers)

I didn’t like Beaver-1-digital right away. I don’t know why. Apparently, he is an atheist at heart, but does not know it yet. It happens that way. The essence hasn’t come out yet. Or he already knows and hides it so it’s easier to swear falsely or truly on the Bible. In spite of this, Beaver-1-d was a pretty strong personality, not distracted by secondary minutiae. But he didn’t have a pronounced vector of aspirations, resolving basic intermediate (or maximum for his monad) topics and not delving into the cheapest populism.
Everything has its pluses. The plus side of Beaver-1-d was clarity of thought (without wiggling a la representative of the oldest profession, as almost most of his shop), without going into rudeness and expressing himself harshly, where necessary.
He did not help his own people during his rule, and he was doing well enough for others. Before the final change of scenery, he became a little nicer to people and at least a little more like a man who is not arrogant, almost Prometheus to our silly souls (as until now). Anyway, I don’t like this pretzel.
Beaver-1-d would have had no problem removing Skull from the sky, especially since it was his direct duty and purpose. But the beast was then roofing Skull and solved the issue, with Allah’s permission. The comedy of the situation is that it will be done by Beaver-2-d, who is nothing, for the banal reason that the beast is not a roof. Arrivederci.
Rumor had it that the Beavers of the digital version didn’t get along with the agronomists and didn’t obey them like the analog ones. Apparently, the roof of the digital Beavers was the latter, who hated agronomists for a known reason. The geographic latitudes of the Skull were thus weather-dependent. For they obeyed the agronomists, falling under the digital Beavers, praying for the return of the analog ones.

  • Episode 3. Features of politics and politicians

The first necessary craft for living in this world is farming. The second is weaving. The third is building. The fourth is politics, the most difficult and noblest. Nowadays it has become nominal and disgusting to everyone because of the people engaged in it, greedy and unprincipled. All other trades are auxiliary to these 4 main ones.
Politics used to be the business of prophets and righteous rulers. Those times are gone and waiting to return.
There is power in the world. And there is knowledge in the world. A clan of rulers and a clan of knowers. The beast is not one of them. Alhamdu lillah.

  • Episode 4. Standards, double and not so much

West and East are different. The sun rises there and sets here. Where different people live with different mentalities. More aggravated in social status in the East, as is commonly believed, and much more pragmatic in material values in the West.
That may be the case. Or perhaps it was. Until the latest technological revolution and the Internet’s occupation of everything and everyone in this world. In the end, sort of like communicating vessels — a global averaging of everything under US norms began, because of Hollywood’s influence and server locations early on. Korean doramas (like the coming avalanche of Chinese product), have displaced exotic Japan and begun their expansion into the world. So have Turkish and Thai films. So have South American soap operas. Pretty guys and gals make up for flaws in technique and script. Hollywood died a long time ago from a buzz and is still going by the inertia of Brad Pitt and Co. And these have something to prove, and there’s plenty of motivation.
In other words, the whole world is watching almost the same thing with different sauce and spices.
In a couple of years there may be no differences at all, where the strong will devour the weak. That is why the information redistribution of the world is looming, first of all. Where satellites are no longer important, but servers and technology, so to speak.

  • Episode 5. The will and its presence. The political will or lack thereof

So the clash of ideas and worlds is inevitable. When something begins to gain momentum and grow, something else must stop it or dissolve into the coming. Though Allah has established tauazun, the balance of the system with rules of self-regulation. Nevertheless, from time to time, one component of the system becomes dominant.
I don’t know who to bet on. Not to be with the winner. To set things straight in a smart way. The entropy of the system has been and continues to grow. As it was built into the system from the beginning. Visible chaos, accumulated over thousands of years, was inevitable, as follows from the Second Principle of Thermodynamics (how have atheists not yet rewritten that textbook?).
So far, just observing.
Beaver-2-d doesn’t have the resource of political will and expects the system to do everything on its own. This is unlikely to be the case. And absolute infallibility in decision making isn’t in their symphony either. It has been for a long time. Especially during their recent resting on the laurels of their own illusions.
People grew up in comfort, knew nothing but comfort and are not interested in anything but comfort. Where all the dirty work has to be done by others, for some reason, and with the permission of those others (a la cunning local diplomacy, allowing some to do what is beneficial to others). Why should they?
The realities of the world are such that they are not illusory. Though the world itself is an illusion.
While some were sleeping, others were advancing. The champions of the past became the outsiders of the present, with the same claims to world domination, without a corresponding filling with resource. A resource of will, in the first place. While everyone wants to be left behind, Grandson is building momentum. He has ideas, resources and, most importantly, the will. I will say that Frau Merkel (real, from life), having limitations in many areas, became the absolute leader in the comparative ranking, respect.

  • Episode 6. The main problem of our time

People don’t know how the world works. They don’t understand how it functions, passing off their assumptions as knowledge, with more or less success in award nominations of all kinds. Nor do they want to know it. Then the conclusions have to be drawn. The right conclusions. And shame all the previous lies they preached and relied on to climb to the top of the world. Both they and their coryphaei mentors, who drowned in lies for a piece of cheese. And not at all for wisdom, as in the Oriental movies.
The pressure works for the time being. What only short-sighted czars don’t understand is that they end up badly on the scaffold or against the wall. Because of their greed and vanity, mostly, or their narcotic drunkenness with power, as a result of geopolitics in their heads (a pretty rare phenomenon).
Those who are more or less aware of how the world works, on a more or less acceptable level, are mostly busy wringing cheese and hoping for eternal life in this world.

  • Episode 7. Reality: Grandson vs Beaver-2-d

About the sad stuff. These two have little interest in anything else. Like just one more bigger or smaller diamond in their crown. A great deal of experience and gained inertia. Oddly enough, this can be said of both sides, depending on how the value reference frame is run.
I will say that Grandson’s resources are seriously overrated. But he himself is well aware of this, though he does not interfere with the PR. There is no unity there. Though there is such unity there, that most people today could not even dream of. It is this factor that will be key to success, given all the other necessary conditions. The problem for Grandson is that there is no unity declared by them. That is, there will not be enough of them for a full-fledged world expansion. Plus a guarantee of personal safety, which will require the beast and Robot. Or rather, both the beast and Robot. Unless he changes his mind.
Things are a lot worse for Beaver-2-d than he thinks, though he’ll find out at the very last minute if Grandson plays it right.
The beast’s problem is that he needs to keep the Beaver fiefdom in a status of stable non-producing trouble. I’ll still need them. The agronomists want to trade them in. It won’t work, insha Allah.
Grandson’s machine is more fine-tuned and ready with a reserve. In principle, it’s impossible to resist, given the realities. Though, to all appearances, in case of success, Grandson will be positioned by the system in the form of a new «god», like Lenin or Mao, hardly, Duce.
Understanding all this, I will have to accept Grandson’s offer, if it comes.

End of Book 2

January 11, 2022

Monster and άλφα

Triquel. άλφα-Silence

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