Fantasy-triquel. Alpha-Silence (by Khazrat Tebu)

Fantasy. Monster and άλφα (by Khazrat Tebu)

Triquel. άλφα-Silence

Khazrat Tebu. Monster and άλφα (fantasy)

Real events, real characters. A story from life. The reality of which no one will ever believe. That’s why it’s a fantasy. All right, let’s make it fantasy… The book may seem uninteresting and non-dynamic at first. This was the case with my friends until they learned the real names of some of the characters. Then they reread the book again under a completely different impression. Can you guess — who is who — in this book? You’ll be amazed. And you won’t believe it. That’s why this book is in the fantasy genre, smiley. Enjoy your reading.
Respectfully, the author

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Monster and άλφα

Monster and άλφα-2

Monster and άλφα-3

Monster and άλφα


This creature is currently unparalleled. Even in the long history of the world, there have been few like it.
It walks the Earth in human form. And it can appear anywhere in the universe in less than a second. Staying in many places at once. If necessary.
Having passed all the stages of polishing required for certification in the visible world, the creature was granted the right to incarnate destinies.
Pleased to meet you. I am the beast. The Killer.
The recent history of the world in recent years, in the strategic and tactical highways, takes place with my participation and directly with my sanction…



Chapter 73. Waking up a statistician
Chapter 74. Those who offer me their rules of the game without alternative do not live long
Chapter 75. Nothing has changed
Chapter 76. Unlike
Chapter 77. He who stops, loses
Chapter 78. Confrontation: beast vs. Brehlo Brigade
Chapter 79. People defend their positions
Chapter 80. Unusual: Fiction is bad for people’s psychological health
Chapter 81. Grandson is preparing to conquer the world. Or rather, he’s already conquering it
Chapter 82. The Story of Khalif Ali (may Allah sanctify his face)
Chapter 83. The beast moves to Khan-Balyq
Chapter 84. Real bandits have principles. Most politicians have none. But religious figures, in absolutes, are the worst
Chapter 85. How do I rule the world as viceroy?
Chapter 86. Demons, who pretend to be decent and reflective, «can not accept» some acts of God
Chapter 87. The Poison of Knowledge
Chapter 88. Does the beast cure diabetics?
Chapter 89. Unhappy
Chapter 90. The magicians’ tales of witchcraft are reminiscent of Darwinists’ tales of evolution. Exactly
Chapter 91. I don’t like the word «brother.» I don’t use it
Chapter 92. I don’t like cunning
Chapter 93. People become sane and adequate when things are bad. They’re not people
Chapter 94. About the greedy and the foolish
Chapter 95. My writing style
Chapter 96. Late
Chapter 97. Prices
Chapter 98. Nothing
Chapter 99. What is it?
Chapter 100. Love. Without profit

Chapter 101. Is there a need for compromise? No. We need the right solution
Episode 1. The Beginning of the Total Extermination of the Particularly Incomprehensible
Episode 2. Demons help people in bad ways
Episode 3. They wanted and valued murder? That’s what they do to them now
Episode 4. /4, 8, 32/. Resource — personal destruction by the beast of 1.92 million demons (humans and jinns) in just one minute. Played out
Episode 5. The beast imposed serfdom on all genies before Jesus returned to earth
Episode 6. 11 markers
Episode 7. World order? I’m not interested
Episode 8. The jinns have settled down. 3 million dead in one second
Episode 9. I’m going to lose this war. Of course you are. I’ll play
Episode 10. Where’s the sweetness and the defrosting?
Episode 11. Am I a threat?
Episode 12. What are my goals?
Episode 13. Is this, like, an online diary?
Episode 14. They found Sulayman ibn Dawud’s ring
Episode 15. Sector and Gear are relegated to an isolated enclave state. The Confined Territories to a state closer to the specified
Episode 16. The loneliness and apathy of agronomists
Episode 17. The world of jinn and magic. «Big’ahdi r-Rasuli nsarifu…»
Episode 18. The world of jinn and magic. One of the beast’s rings in the Black Sea
Episode 19. The world of jinns and magic. Jinnias inside a man’s head
Episode 20. The world of genies and magic. Did Michelle the genie defeat the beast? I don’t know
Episode 21. The world of jinns and magic. Humans and jinns, the two peoples, the Koranic «thaqalyan»
Episode 22. The world of jinns and magic. Majnun — a man possessed by a jinn
Episode 23. The world of genies and magic. About sorcerers (read, most sorcerers and magicians) of every religion and philosophy
Episode 24. The world of jinns and magic. Why are humans more powerful than genies? The Story of the Throne of the Queen of Sheba
Episode 25. The world of jinns and magic. The division of the inheritance?
Episode 26. The world of genies and magic. Strength in faith? Apparently
Episode 27. The world of jinns and magic. Continuing the conversation
Episode 28. The world of jinns and magic. At the end of the conversation
Episode 29. The world of genies and magic. Severe case histories
Episode 30. The world of jinns and magic. The demons, long ago and finally…
Episode 31. The world of genies and magic. The sorcerers and demons of the world await Dajjal-Antichrist, their king
Episode 32. The world of jinns and magic. About the owls
Chapter 102. How to resist magic? A Beginner’s Guide
Episode 1. Confronting Magic. The basics are the big leagues
Episode 2. Confronting Magic. Warlocks of the third and fourth levels
Episode 3. Confronting Magic. The fifth and sixth levels of witchcraft are the bottom of the magical world
Episode 4. Confronting Magic. Inconsistencies?
Episode 5. Confronting Magic. Basic Conditions
Episode 6. Confronting Magic. Is it permissible to turn to healers?
Chapter 103. The beginning of events? When will they begin?
Accomplishments by the middle of the 4th year of the beast’s reign
There are no ghosts. There are demons capable of killing
I can’t lose. I can’t
People are indoctrinated into a bloody thicket of ideas and values
An indiscriminate stream of thought as the lust of the mind
Writing a gripping magical thriller didn’t work out?
We’ll have to knock three quarters of the consumption boom at least for the next 2-3 years
About the agony of the grave. See just above
People have sunk into wild nihilism. Or rather, they are deliberately plunged there by the supposed Schrödinger equations and Pauli principles (although they, in fact, lead normal people to God)
People want adventure and are bored in the office at work. Are they ready for a challenge?
The old score of the beast
Chapter 104. Accomplishments. All sorts and things
Achievements of the beast? There are none
When you don’t know what to do is the hardest?
People want to live the way they want to live
Don’t want to die? I do. But I don’t think they will
Has anything changed by the end of the world?
Can’t you philosophize? I didn’t try
Injuries incompatible with life
The backstory to the megahits
Different rhythms of life
The burdens of life
All algorithms?
New Permissions



  • Chapter 73. Waking up a statistician

I slept for a long time. And had a dream. In the dream the beast began a narration, by Allah’s command, of what was permitted to be narrated. How it began I do not remember.

  • Chapter 74. Those who offer me their rules of the game without alternative do not live long

If they do not pity me, they will not pity the weak. Why should I pity them? Let them die. Hell is waiting for them, Insha Allah. Annoying faces, smarmy and glossy. Smirking, greasy lips. Pretty talkin’ bullshit. Or lecturing, not knowing how to use the toilet properly. I’ve been paying a lot of attention to these freaks.
P.S. Scared from the title of the chapter? No? Well, thank God. Then I was not mistaken, insha Allah. Alhamdu lillah.

  • Chapter 75. Nothing has changed

Change brings life to life. So they think. How can they revive what cannot be revived? You can awaken the dormant. But don’t believe you can bring dead hearts back to life.

  • Chapter 76. Unlike

I haven’t read much in a quarter of a century or more. I mean fiction. So it’s hard to judge anything.
Readers of the prequel said it didn’t look like anything. Although life goes on in familiar algorithms. The story of the beast is not fictional. Clad in the form of fantasy. After all, no one would believe such a thing. I don’t know what happens next. But so far, there hasn’t been a single fictional character. Not one.
Some have been changed a little bit for a number of reasons. The names of countries and characters give a kind of charm to this autobiography. Don’t you think so, Sir Arthur? What does Esquire Holmes have to say? I don’t know.

  • Chapter 77. He who stops, loses

It is the cardinal rule of the mortal world. That tears down empires and systems. No one is spared.
The beast has stopped. It’s been stopped for a long time now. Allah is driving his mortal soul to take part in what the beast had no interest in. But God has an interest in it. That is enough.

  • Chapter 78. Confrontation: beast vs. Brehlo Brigade

Brehlo (aka Dajjal or Antichrist) is on his way. G’isa (Jesus) and Mahdi will take care of him. For this purpose the first one will be returned from Heaven to Earth, where he was alive all the time (and not alive after death). And the second will be 40 years old. By my calculations, 10-12 years left, maybe less.
Brehlo brigade wants the beast dead as much as the kids want a Christmas present. But Christmas has been canceled, this time and for good. Unfortunately for them. And to the beast’s boredom.
Allah wanted it. That was enough.
I have been prepared for a long time, and yet I am not sure of my strength. I will lose this fight. I can’t give people what they want. But they can. Even though they will deceive you by promising to take their eyes off you. Why would they give the people what they can keep for themselves-the power and money of this world with the worship of the egus as their «god». And for visible worship, that’s what Brehlo will be, declaring themselves a «god». You half-assed schmuck. How you’ve been waiting for Dedok. And how Allah has bummed him out by smashing him with the hands of a beast who didn’t even know this roof of the entire criminal world of magic existed. Break a leg.

  • Chapter 79. People defend their positions

You tell them the truth. They argue, defending their views. Forget about people like that. They are not associates. They are not associates of your idea. But they might, eventually, be associates in sharing the spoils. They may have wanted trophies. And Allah could give it to them. No harm will come of them. And nominally for all, they will be with you. In reality, they are with the spoils. Expected. Or already available. Already.
But don’t think they were or have become associates of the idea. Although, who knows. Only Allah knows.
He who seeks the truth will accept your words at once. Though it may take him a little time. But he will accept. He will accept at once. Look for them. The longer he thinks, the more weighed down by his position in the light of the truth, not himself. Perhaps. Or there may be other external causes of the visible world.
He may be one of the last to arrive. But — will accept at once. He is yours.
You must know the truth in its entirety, from the principle of superposition. Not its separate fragments, from the position of an observer. I’ve never seen the former. There are very few of the latter.
There are still seekers. Although they are not yet familiar with the fragments or the whole. They may possess a great destiny from Allah, and may stand beside you because of their longing for the truth, not for yourself.
If you are truly and without remainder dissolved, cherish such. But appreciate more those who are there with you because of you. These will not betray you, insha Allah. They will not betray you because you are the very idea embodied in man. For them you are the idea. In that case, I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for you. You have to meet not the 101 percent expected, but the 1001 percent.
I won’t look. And there’s one left.
If Allah sends such, I will gladly stand beside them not even by right of first among equals, insha Allah.

  • Chapter 80. Unusual: Fiction is bad for people’s psychological health

It’s been said that it develops the imagination. Which will hurt the psyche. Sooner or later. But I haven’t read for a long time. From laziness, I guess. Even the books you need for specialty already out of despair to pass the minimum, at least, read grudgingly.
I do not know whether fiction or non-fiction. Or both are harmful.
But these beast stories have one downside. The most important one. It’s all true here. Hidden behind the fantasy genre. And who would ever believe such a thing.
No one.
It’s the real participants. Who, in one way or another, have crossed paths with the beast.
And you believed it. If you felt fear. Then the beast is near. To help you, if you are good. Or to punish you if you are bad. Your memory of him may call to him. And he will come.

  • Chapter 81. Grandson is preparing to conquer the world. Or rather, he’s already conquering it

And I’m with him? If he calls?
Sumeria’s beavers (both digital and analog) were as uninterested in the beast as he was in them. Scull was as absorbed in diving into cheese in the Meteodependent Latitudes as Scrooge McDuck was in his gold. In short, these two of the once Triumvirate of geopolitans did not participate in the tender for reasons beyond their control.
And Grandson, who rules Gear, hardly trusts anyone. Then why the hell should he call the beast?
The beast says that Grandson’s brigade dug up information on him in some fucking ancient book, which was written 700 years ago. Or rather, rewritten. And the original was rewritten 1300 years ago from a book written 27 centuries ago. What the hell are these things and where did they come from in the first place? The smell of Taoism. Anyway, it’s about the beast that has the master and Creator. And Grandson believes, or rather knows, that the beast is already here.
I don’t think he wants the beast as an ally. Or a subordinate (knowing the texts, that’s impossible). But most importantly, you can’t have the beast as an enemy. Ideally, he is needed as — an advisor.

  • Chapter 82. The Story of Khalif Ali (may Allah sanctify his face)

Murtado (Khalif Ali) was walking in contemplation along the bank of the Furat (Euphrates). A Christian monk came out of his cell and said that Ali fit the description of a man from the Book recorded by the Apostles of G’isa (Jesus). This story is given by Ibn Kathir, if you are interested, read the whole story. But I never understood if it was in the Injil (Gospel) or if it was some other book.
Ali cried out in surprise that Allah had mentioned him centuries in advance. And it also said that one would have to follow this man into battle and find Paradise.
Monk went to battle for Khalif Ali (Siffin, if I am not mistaken) and was killed. After the battle, Ali ordered him to be found, and he was found. Allah fulfilled His promise.

  • Chapter 83. The beast moves to Khan-Balyq

I have lived in the Ulus of the Great Khan for the past two decades. Before my appointment as Viceroy of the Land, I was the guardian of this Ulus, where Karakorum is located.
Now in the 4th year of the beast’s reign, much has changed. Externally. Remaining the same in essence.

  • Chapter 84. Real bandits have principles. Most politicians have none. But religious figures, in absolutes, are the worst

Wisdom is when you bring good to people. And cunning is when bringing harm to people to benefit themselves.
That’s for starters. Philosophy is to kill. And talkers to measure.
I’m tired of everybody. Most of all from myself.

  • Chapter 85. How do I rule the world as viceroy?

I do not. The world is ruled by Allah.

  • Chapter 86. Demons, who pretend to be decent and reflective, «can not accept» some acts of God

Let them take their time. They have an eternity in Hell for acceptance and understanding, insha Allah.
P.S. You were killed in the course of your dream storyline, and you are offended. Are you sure you are not a fool? Then, you are a demon. Proud, immersed in self-worship.
I don’t like Christianity, which ascribed a «son» to God, abandoning monotheism, and indulging in incomprehensible philosophizing, declaring, time and again, white as black for the sake of not diminishing the flock of laymen. I have nothing against Christians themselves. I am against wrong beliefs that lead to Gehenna.
I don’t think Christianity is right, otherwise I would be one of them. But I am a Muslim, alhamdu lillah. I recognize all the decrees of the Holy Book, regardless of the opinions of modern society and its institutions. If you keep messing with the world, it won’t be Tonga in the middle of nowhere. And even Pompeii will seem like a fairy tale. Better slow down. Though you’re not likely to stop. And that the crooked is straightened by the eternity of Hell — I’ve said it before, though I’ve said it again.

  • Chapter 87. The Poison of Knowledge

The pores of the beast emit poison within a radius of about a kilometer, when taken in consideration its human way of being on Earth. Why doesn’t anyone die? The danger is there. Usually, though, poison works selectively, like a magnet reacting only to iron.
The poison from religious knowledge makes one’s blood toxic.
The poison of the Knowledge of God is the perfect lethal agent. The good, the right to use it belongs only to the Object of that knowledge.

  • Chapter 88. Does the beast cure diabetics?

I have nothing against groups of people, for I do not know the reasons why they belong to this or that (albeit, wrong) group. I am against the wrong ideas. People are deceived, for profit. I speak the truth and am disliked. I am told that I am cruel and deprive people of the sweetness of life. These clever people are silent and deliberately silent about a diabetic who is being killed by sweetness.
By indulging in the wrong thing and provoking it in this way, people will share the fate of those people. When you have 100 ants climbing on your foot, only a few of them bite you. But your hand begins to kill them all. Don’t say you didn’t hear it. Tonga will seem like a harmless New Year’s Eve clap in the background of your adventures. And when the people you have provoked into doing the wrong thing by suggesting that «it’s okay» come to me for protection tomorrow, after being hated and persecuted by you, I will look at your stupid, boorish faces and I will get what’s coming to you. And maybe I’ll forgive those. Or some of them, who have not got the point because of weakness of mind.

  • Chapter 89. Unhappy

Unhappy women want money and men to obey them. The most miserable women get it all by turning into men without primary sexual characteristics.

  • Chapter 90. The magicians’ tales of witchcraft are reminiscent of Darwinists’ tales of evolution. Exactly

I saw some movies the other day about super wizards and sorcerers. Dogshit. Or so Hollywood would have it. To make more money. They tell people fairy tales.

  • Chapter 91. I don’t like the word «brother.» I don’t use it

To me «brother» is a reference to a stranger. So I am a stranger to the one who speaks to me. Brothers address each other by name. Black often called me «brother,» so I knew I was a stranger to him. Having said that bluntly. And I don’t regret breaking up with him.

  • Chapter 92. I don’t like cunning

To benefit themselves, are willing to harm others. It’s time to start punishing such. Bismi Llah.

  • Chapter 93. People become sane and adequate when things are bad. They’re not people

I’ve seen a lot of them. Seen many in action and in word of mouth. Gus alone would have been enough. Even now I would like to wring his neck, the president of the Academy of Science of meanness and venality, for the endless and despicable intrigues.
The same with the rest of them, although they are far from Gus. All of them are far away. So when they want to deceive or kill me (Dober, Z, Skull, the rest), they didn’t know Gus. But I did. And it’s a pleasure to meet and know him.
But there is a better way of punishment, much better — I will leave life, she knows how to punish so that they ask the beast to punish them instead of life. They won’t wait.
They will come to the beast for help. If they can. Even now it’s hard for most people of this world to do that. And the beast won’t help.
Everyone who passes on the lists will fall to the beast. The unluckiest will fall under the crush of the mortal world. My condolences to such, though they are meaningless.

  • Chapter 94. About the greedy and the foolish

Don’t do business with either of them. They’ll let you down. Fools will ruin everything, and greedy ones will sell out.

  • Chapter 95. My writing style

I write strange things. And I break the rules of the genre. The fantasy genre. But my genre is different. Total annihilation.

  • Chapter 96. Late

They messed up. A lot and in earnest. My patience has run out.

  • Chapter 97. Prices

I value the lives of those who are weak. But not those who are worthless before God. But even they must be treated well for the time being. You should have.

  • Chapter 98. Nothing

Allah, deliver me from the ungrateful. Who, cannot and will not be thankful to You. Let me give them only the help that You and the Prophet will be pleased with. And nothing more.

  • Chapter 99. What is it?

They have no light. They are weak. The beast is the light. Or rather, it has become one. The war has begun…

  • Chapter 100. Love. Without profit

There is no love in this world. There is profit. Love and profit are incompatible. That’s why the beast started a war.

  • Chapter 101. Is there a need for compromise? No. We need the right solution
  • Episode 1. The Beginning of the Total Extermination of the Particularly Incomprehensible

In these super fairy tales and anime (at least the ones I’ve seen or read in the past), everything happens in the middle of nowhere. It’s either in a parallel reality. Or a parallel time. Or somewhere else. If the money was the most obvious component, we are being forced into infantile notions of some incomprehensible freedom for the sake of political correctness and the promotion of the product in all walks of life. The executioner’s axe can’t afford that. So I will speak the truth, insha Allah. Whether you like it or not.
There are three paragraphs for this. First. This truth really needs to be known. The second. Those who knew it before you must confirm your status. Third. There must be permission from God, the Sole Master of truth.
And if the reason of those media-products was to promote demonic ideas (which is mostly observed — in «Matrix» the main hero is very much like Dajjal-Antichrist and his enemies are like saints, go figure) — then I’ll have to write a lot more books. Pluck-pluck, demons.
There’s also the raffinids (remade 3rd part of The Hobbit, I couldn’t figure out how the money-hungry dwarf could kill Azog. In the book, they say he was killed by Tin Man. I happened to see it on the Internet, and it worked) — it’s unclear who and why they wrote about something that in life nobody has ever seen.
In short.
Tales abound. Why don’t I write another one? As I should. Or will free speech and individual rights end at the beast? Like it always does? That’s why I started the war. I don’t need their permission.
An inventory of demons all over the world was completed the other day. The beast kept quiet and built up its database over the years. Then yesterday, he told me.
So what?
Not counting the alpha level, nothing. But it’s empty. There’s only the beast. And all the other levels, one way or another, have ties to the genie world and want help from there more or less often. Going directly to God and resolving the issue with Him is a super scarce commodity. Very. That’s why all this junk is so fixated on spells and amulets and appearances. Or body control technology or mind control or whatever. The beast doesn’t need any of that. Not anymore.
I acknowledge the existence of all this and its influence on the mortal world with the permission of Allah. But I don’t need it. I have a God, alhamdu lillah.
So what’s the point?

  • Episode 2. Demons help people in bad ways

Rotten people, and we’ve seen a lot of them, behave this way because of the promiscuity of the ego-nafs. But not only that. The demon-jinn also take care of them. Once the latter are frightened, the former go out at once. Mostly, if you don’t take the ego into account.
The beast noticed this a long time ago. When he got mad at one man and said he was going to kill all his jinn. This was done in a very different place and without any witnesses. The next day the guy himself showed up on neutral ground, apologizing and making excuses for a long time. I was still very weak at the time, but I guess I was stupid enough. Then it was confirmed more often than I would have liked. Even with clusters of people and their themes.
But there are still egos inborn troublemakers and stagers. Gus was their emperor. The beast simply whacked his ego in a violent way because of a pent up anger, not malice. Gus’s ego was a mouse (he is greedy for cheese even in life), which the beast began to methodically beat against the wall without stopping. Gus, who, naturally, was unaware of this, became silky on the other side of town. From then on he became even more afraid of the beast, as well as hated. In general, this vile and venal type (learned about him from the beast the other day, such that fell out with Robot from this scoundrel) had only 2 feelings towards the beast: hatred, when the beast was in a good mood, and wild fear, when the beast was clinical.
There were also those who were already tactically doomed, who, like a man with a scar under a dose, were waiting for the final shot in the back of the head. I don’t usually get my hands dirty about them.

  • Episode 3. They wanted and valued murder? That’s what they do to them now

They acted for years from a position of strength. Unceremoniously and mercilessly. Bending to the strong, not sparing the weak. Or buying time. Or waiting in ambush. Scoundrels without honor or conscience. Sacrificing others for the slightest profit. Greedy and without value for the lives of the weak. They begged Allah to send the beast to earth by cursing the innocently oppressed. He came and began to methodically exterminate. But not by declaring war. But only continuing the one they started. How many millions of demons have been slaughtered? The beast says about 30 million. Human casualties, about 2. In just a little over 10 lunar years, of which he’s only been a viceroy for 4 years. But, as it turns out, all this was not even a flower…

  • Episode 4. /4, 8, 32/. Resource — personal destruction by the beast of 1.92 million demons (humans and jinns) in just one minute. Played out

I heard in my youth that the angel of death himself is able to take 4,000 people at once in a single moment in various places on earth. Therefore, the great saints must have the same ability to be present in 4,000 places at once. The beast was given a resource of 8,000 with a build-up to 32,000 simultaneous presences with personal killing in 32,000 different places in the universe. For the record, it would have taken him just under 2 minutes to destroy the German grouping on the eastern front invading the USSR (about 3.8 million soldiers and officers), alhamdu lillah.

  • Episode 5. The beast imposed serfdom on all genies before Jesus returned to earth

The inventory was made for this purpose. If without his knowledge any jinn-demons are moved outside of a certain region, all will be killed. There will be enough resources, alhamdu lillah. And the rest will immediately calm down, insha Allah.
This is where the problems of the mages and the corrupt saints come in. Most of them resort to the services of jinn. And though usually their magic was local and small-regional, the beginning has been made.
Apparently, Allah has decided to consolidate the status of the beast to outside eyes. The angels in particular are impressed, even the angel of death is pleasantly surprised.

  • Episode 6. 11 markers

Seven of them are still from Dedok, his people. Four are new. I’ll replace them all. Or rather, already. A chute of grace from God comes into the world with 11 ramifications. These types sat on the exit and poisoned it with the poison of Dedok, the poison of submission to Dajjal, pissed me off homegrown dicks. No, I understand that people only want money. They don’t need God. They want this world and eternal life in it. And it’s been that way for a long time. And it suited everybody. And so was God. If people didn’t want Him, then so be it. That flag turned out to be the beast. And whoever didn’t hide was to blame…

  • Episode 7. World order? I’m not interested

I don’t have much of an idea of how the world works. I know some things I’ve crossed paths with and been able to understand. Or what I had to understand, even though I didn’t really want to. But mostly, I am not interested. I try to learn everything I need in my specialty, so as not to lose face. But it’s not really my symphony. I don’t have a conductor yet. So I have to. Jesus (g’alayhi s-salam) will have to mess with people. Mahdi won’t be with us for long. And the beast, in the end, will stay until the end. And he will be the last to leave the captain’s bridge after the last believers of the Earth.
A disappointing prognosis for the freaks. I will spill oceans of blood, drowning everything that displeases God, insha Allah.

  • Episode 8. The jinns have settled down. 3 million dead in one second

An act of intimidation. Nothing more. They wanted to start a riot. Stupid fools. Used by the sorcerer-agronomists. To see if the beast was lying about its God-given megapower. The beast wasn’t lying. The sorcerers will understand it even better in the world, where they already are. Alhamdu lillah.

  • Episode 9. I’m going to lose this war. Of course you are. I’ll play

I can’t win it. It’s not winnable. You can kill everyone, though of course you can’t. But you can’t remake it. No one can be remade. Not a single person. The problem with my enemies is that I don’t have the need to do it. And I haven’t been assigned to do it. I don’t have to remake anybody. My advantage is that no one needs me. If I didn’t have my God-given abilities, no living soul would need me at all. I realized that a relatively long time ago. I stopped resenting people much earlier. I don’t expect anything from them. Everything I need, God gives me. Alhamdu lillah.

  • Episode 10. Where’s the sweetness and the defrosting?

According to the law of the genre, there has to be a change of scenery. Even in a horror movie, that’s what happens. This anime, with me in the lead role, is more like a manual on the theory of machines and mechanisms (TMM), in my freestyle version of the classic vintage remake, You’re My Grave. Also TMM.
There aren’t a lot of funnies in my life. To be able to remember something and cheer up the reader.
But when they came to your land, killed many, destroyed many things and — decided to meet you and have a conversation — I came, silently killed everyone and left. Do I get advice from diplomats? Give advice to the dead. And try not to take their place. There are already many sick and weak around the world, whose rights are trampled on every day by the strong and plump.

  • Episode 11. Am I a threat?

It depends on who and why. If to the rulers, so they can sleep better at night, then no. Probably not. Allah rules the world and doesn’t need my help. I used to help the geopoliticians in the background, apparently, to get up to speed and little by little take over the reins from the former Viceroy.
But Allah decided otherwise. Raised the status of the beast to heaven. Cheesy heaven. Very strange for cheese devotees. But so clear to them when questions concerned them. And causing questions when it came to them to pay. The beast’s consultation, without harnesses, is 10 green lemons. A year’s subscription with harnesses is a green watermelon for first responders. Haven’t been approached yet. Bye. And tomorrow, I might not want to.
I have several sets of clothes. I’m old and unassuming. I don’t know where to spend that much cabbage. And I’d have to spend it all on the poor and weak around the world. A cup of olive oil and bread is enough for me, insha Allah. After Jesus returns from Heaven, all these pieces of paper will be worthless. And I don’t need them to come in demand on the Day of Judgment, which is why I must distribute them immediately to those to whom Allah Himself has prescribed them.
One more thing. A little clarification. Or clarification: without Allah’s direct permission, even a small bug will not be touched by a beast. Do not be afraid. If you all have nothing to fear.
P.S. What, you greedy beavers, thought I would keep the money? And I won’t take all the orders.

  • Episode 12. What are my goals?

There are none. Allah’s desires are fulfilled by Himself. And the beast has no desires of its own.

  • Episode 13. Is this, like, an online diary?

Not exactly. But closer than you think. Someone somewhere.
The magical world reacted faster than I thought it would. Or rather, I didn’t expect a reaction. Especially not like this. Apparently, money was a much stronger motivator. Blocking demons all over the world had markedly reduced profits. Even in a couple of days. Apparently, the clientele on both sides of the oceans isn’t happy. From Japan to Brazil.
Thus, the assumption of the weakness of the spellcaster shop and its small number against the backdrop of working with the demon-jinn was confirmed. Dedok’s vacant throne was attractive again. Two and a half years were enough time for that brotherhood to recover from fear and begin to fight for hegemony in the world of magic and sorcery. I hate them both.
This time the brigade of Dedok and his direct rival (read, agronomists) decided to wait it out. They had not yet forgotten the massacre caused by the beast. The two main players, the Arab and the leader of the secondaries from Bashmak Prefecture, decided to team up to kill the beast. And then in a face-to-face battle to play out the throne of Dedok. The beast has already killed one, the second one is slow for some reason. But it’s interesting.
The world is now divided into 28 common prefectures, a division which did not exist before this day. The Great Khan’s Ulus is part of the 2nd prefecture, and Bashmack’s territory, for example, is part of the 3rd. There will be 14 overseers (2 prefectures for each) and 3 more general regulators.
The inventory of all wizards in the Northern Hemisphere is complete, the Southern Hemisphere is nearing completion. The data for the Western and Eastern was collected a couple of months ago. The Angels are watching with interest.
The beast received instructions from Allah three years ago. The preliminary phase is complete, alhamdu lillah.

  • Episode 14. They found Sulaiman ibn Daud’s ring

Weird. It’s definitely an agronomist move. What were they hoping for?
Or rather, they didn’t find it, but decided to use its power, take the jinn out of submission (as if they obeyed the beast) and raise a huge army… And? The imagination ran out next. But they had to do something, so they did.
Somehow all these clowns think that spells or amulets are stronger than God. Do they have mass dementia, or what? Or has the beast elementarily brought them back to the realities they lost contact with long ago?
Jinns, go home. I won’t kill anyone. Not this time. But use your heads once in a while.
I don’t mind Sulaiman’s ring, but it’s long past the age of the Beastmaster, and the rest doesn’t work.

  • Episode 15. Sector and Gear are relegated to an isolated enclave state. The Confined Territories to a state closer to the specified

For prevention and stability. Nothing much, although not to say that the planned preventive work. Allah tolerated Abu Jahl for 15 years before Badr. The beast cannot touch everyone indiscriminately. The wine must infuse. The dough must rise. The foundation must be poured. Take your time.

  • Episode 16. The loneliness and apathy of agronomists

They usually did much, or almost everything, with other people’s hands. The blocking of Sector and Gear hit them the hardest. After Dedok, the world had already collapsed for them. There was no charismatic leader, as usual. Dedok simply didn’t give (thank God) any hopeful people a chance. So he recruited around him an infantry of middle-ranking performers and louts. All of them knew their business and their place. No leader was needed among them. For Dedok planned to live long and serve the Antichrist. The plans had changed.

  • Episode 17. The world of jinn and magic. «Big’ahdi r-Rasuli nsarifu…»

I am late in describing this world and its peculiarities. Not as in fairy tales and someone else’s fiction, but as in reality.
Jinn have lived on Earth before us, as the books suggest, for 60,000 years. For the first 40 of those, they thrived until the turmoil and wars began. They had no external enemy in the form of the devil, who was one of the jinn taken to Heaven. There he advanced and became chief among the angels, not being one of them. Later, Allah created Adam, the devil disobeyed the order and finally manifested himself as the devil, as was recorded in the Heavenly Book of the Fates of the World.
Going back to the jinn, they were exterminated en masse for wickedness, some of them managed to hide. Their descendants are the jinn that inhabit the Earth today. They are invisible to humans, by the will of Allah. And on the Day of Judgment people will be invisible to the jinn.
Before the advent of the Prophet Muhammad, there was a relationship between humans and demons (aka jinn or ghosts) on Earth. We will narrate the new order of the world from the appearance of the Last Prophet until the Day of Judgment.
The Prophet took an oath from the Muslim jinn that they would not show themselves to Muslim men. The phrase — Big’ahdi r-Rasuli nsarifu — that is, «by the oath taken by the Prophet, retreat,» is said if they became visible to people. If the jinn-Muslims have overstepped the prohibition they are told this, and if they have not disappeared they are killed.
For this, all the white magicians and their jinn patrons hate the beast. Because he knows. He knows he has the right to kill. And he kills.
The beast kills if the jinn force people to cooperate. If people have entered into a voluntary conspiracy, he steps aside. If they, being white mages, violate the prohibitions of Allah — the beast kills both people and jinn.
There is nothing to say about the rest of the mages and jinn. The beast kills them immediately and without warning.

  • Episode 18. The world of jinn and magic. One of the beast’s rings in the Black Sea

Why am I not fixated on demons as I am with others? I hate bad people more than I hate demons. As one of the hadiths of the Prophet says (by implication) that the worst among people is the evil religious scholar. They are the chief enemies of the beast, especially the Muslim malignant scholars…
I also gave one of my kents my ring. He dropped it accidentally while swimming in the Black Sea. The deeds of Allah. The Black Sea (symbol of power) is the crown of the Atlantic basin, but not only. It communicates with the White (aka Mediterranean, symbol of pure faith) and through Suez with the Red (symbol of glory) Sea. The other day the influence of the ring (read: the beast) reached Antarctica, completing the watery world circuit. Things and events on land were mentioned a little earlier.
That kent had an encounter with an unrealistically impoverished character who threatened reprisals, relying on the power of his genie. Who was never able to do anything because of the beast’s ring on his finger. His companion in the next room, on the other hand, was dealt a heavy blow, to the point of hallucinations, unconsciousness, and a nosebleed later in his great health.
That the things the beast used had the power of suppression in the world of magic and demons was known to others. Who had already encountered it.

  • Episode 19. The world of jinns and magic. Jinnias inside a man’s head

I’ve always been skeptical about this. No, I knew that genies could live inside a person. It’s called dissociative identity disorder. It’s also called multiple personality disorder. It’s also popularly known as multiple personality disorder.
The more genies inside a person, the more “personalities” . That’s one of the reasons I hate psychology. For another speculation. Just so the proud «scientists» don’t acknowledge God. Because of their pride. And their desire to declare themselves «gods». Slaves of the ego. What can I say about them?
Anyway, you just have to get them out of there. That’s what exorcists specialists and rogue clowns do.
I’ve never done that in my life. I was skeptical about the abundance of supposedly genie-infested people to that degree. There are different degrees of genie-infested people. But this one is the worst that can happen. Although there are different gradations there as well. When a person all together can’t be held because of his (i.e., the genie inside) power, for example.
Also. I am not a professional healer of magic. I haven’t done it. Not trained in it. I have to do it out of necessity for especially grave crimes and especially dangerous criminals of the magic world. Didn’t know a lot and don’t know a lot, having worked on gas without brakes as the race went on.
Had dealt with lesser degrees of defeat before, though severe. But the genies were outside, not inside the man. The beast doesn’t make much difference. He is not dealing with creatures, but with the Creator, asking Him to decide the matter. And Allah makes no difference what kind of question to solve. He is the Almighty. He is the Almighty.
There were two jinnias in the head of another friend of mine. When talking to him, I didn’t notice them, not paying attention. After his frequent complaints, I went out to check on him. It took about 10 minutes to walk. On the way, the beast first neutralized the two maidens so they wouldn’t cripple his brain. After locking him up, he killed him. When I came to him, I asked him if he could hear their voices. He hasn’t heard anything else since then. He didn’t know beforehand, and I didn’t tell him right away.
How he picked them up — I don’t know. He didn’t have any knockouts or insane states. But the guy had been doing namaz and zikr for more than a quarter of a century, that’s probably the reason.

  • Episode 20. The world of genies and magic. Did Michelle the genie defeat the beast? I don’t know

Michel was the genie inside a guy I knew. At first he showed off as much as he could. Then when he realized what he was getting into, everything changed.
I can’t kill him. And get him out. I don’t know why. And he doesn’t know, he told that man himself. Michel is as surprised as the beast that he is still alive.
That man has privileges over the beast, and he really wanted to help him. And the first two points of the three seem to be in place. How about the third? Destiny? I think that’s not it after all. There must be some hidden circumstances. Allah no longer throws the beast under the feet of men, for their good. The status of the beast is now elevated as much as possible by Allah for a reason He alone knows. Ya Rabb.
The beast offered Michel to leave that man’s body in exchange for — to spread throughout the world that he, Michel, had defeated the beast. But he refused, saying that the demons would kill him. The beast promised not to let the demons kill him, or else it would just kill Michel itself, a proposition that has a time limit. But the genie never wanted to.
The man said that once he saw huge creatures through the eyes of the genie, even from a distance they were huge. But when Michel blocked that sick man’s consciousness and began to speak to me, he began to cry violently and said the following about the beast: «He comes all the time, and he’s so scary, so scary…»
In other words, the beast visits his own in the background without afshing it. Although plums sometimes happen, as in this case.
Also. I knew the beast was scary, very scary in appearance. Scary at all. But after Michel’s cry, I wondered: he was not frightened by the huge devas, but panic and terror at the mere memory of the beast began to set in. Truly, Allah explains to them in the language of fear and destruction that they understand, since they don’t want to understand anything else.

  • Episode 21. The world of jinns and magic. Humans and jinns, the two peoples, the Koranic «thaqalyan»

Thaqalyan is «two peoples» in Arabic. This is how Allah in the Koran addresses us.
The angels do not sleep, they do not drink, they do not eat. They have no men and women. But the jinns are like people. They have men and women. They sleep and eat. They are born and die. Their difference is that they can be very huge, up to 150 meters high with a shoulder width of 40. Koranic ifrites, aka devas, can be that big. They are jinn-giants.
Jinn, like humans, practice different religions. They, like humans, will be judged by Allah by sending them to Hell or Paradise.
It used to be that humans and jinns could come into contact as a man and a woman. And the children from such marriages could be both human and jinn. I have seen in books that Balkis, Queen of Sheba and wife of the Prophet Sulaiman ibn Daud, was the daughter of King Sabaea and a jinni.
But now a life together results in the birth of only jinns. Although I can’t rule out the second scenario either. For the children of the devil can be human. I saw in a book about people from the devil’s offspring. That is, I cannot completely rule it out. Even though I don’t know for sure. But many, very many people look like direct children of the devil. Bygones.
A man, according to God’s latest law, can have four wives. So even if he has jinni wives, up to and including three, he can marry a woman. But a woman married to a jinn is unlikely to marry. For women are not divided. You can pour into different cups from the same teapot. But not in one cup out of several. Keep that in mind, Equalist philosophers. Once again, those, and only those, who want to equalize women with men want to send women to work in mines and fight wars on an equal footing with men. And that’s how men «should» have children, they have yet to figure out.

  • Episode 22. The world of jinns and magic. Majnun — a man possessed by a jinn

Majnun is Arabic for «possessed by a jinn». Although just a madman can also mean. If only from love, as Majnun had for Leila, on whose grave he is said to have died of grief. At the root is the Arabic «janna,» something hidden. Hence the fetus in the womb — janen. Hence Paradise — jannat. Hence, apparently, the jinn themselves, after their forefather, Janna. Insanity, apparently, as such, means the covering of the mind, when one cannot use it. Which is what happens when a person is struck, especially severely, by a jinn.
When a jinn physically touches a person, this is what happens. The person becomes a majnun.
But if a jinn is touched by a human — he becomes the same. And the jinn call him — ma’nus, «afflicted man.» To put it in a nutshell.

  • Episode 23. The world of genies and magic. About sorcerers (read, most sorcerers and magicians) of every religion and philosophy

Usually people collude with demons, i.e. genies, and become witches or sorcerers. Which is basically the same thing. Almost no one can control the jinn, only by obeying them, like vassals to suzerains. And all these ministers of pseudo-religions or cults are mere hexes of demons, serving their interests among humans.
Usually, the power of sorcerers is not in the knowledge of some spells, but in the usual use of the power of demons for various purposes. Killing demons deprive the sorcerers of their power. That’s why extermination all over the world is gaining momentum. For wizards and sorcerers are simply confused. For money and orders, for power and recognition of their greatness. The beast slaughters them all, unceremoniously.

  • Episode 24. The world of jinns and magic. Why are humans more powerful than genies? The Story of the Throne of the Queen of Sheba

It’s hard to even imagine the power of the ifrit, the jinn-bogeyman. But this story is described in the Koran. When the Prophet Sulaiman ibn Daud wanted the throne of Balkis, which was a month’s journey away. Ifrit said he could deliver the throne as long as Sulaiman stood up and sat down. And the man who had knowledge from the Book delivered the throne in less time. I read in the tafsirs that the jinn was going to fly across the sky, bending around the curvature of the earth. And the man was moving along a chord directly through the Earth. Perhaps this was not the case. Nevertheless, the power of man’s knowledge was placed by Allah above that of the mighty jinn. And that is enough.

  • Episode 25. The world of jinns and magic. The division of the inheritance?

My harnesses often, especially at the beginning of my journey, went hard. The demons told me they had a pact with these people and they, these people and even their children were their property.
That snitch once brought a little boy and his mother. The boy was crying ravishly, and my dua had no effect on him. Sensing a trick, I asked what his mother was doing. She was fortune-telling, and the jinn, who were helping her, said that she and the boy belonged to them. And that I could walk through the woods and not turn around. The beast was not yet a viceroy then, and there was little experience either. Nevertheless, I said that I didn’t give a damn about any treaties anyone had with anyone. The baby wouldn’t stop crying, and they left. I found out later that he had calmed down as soon as they drove off, though they had not been able to calm him down for hours before that. In the end, it worked. The beast just killed all the demons, and that girl would have to look for new ones. If she finds any.
Another case. A very pretty girl with the strongest defeat when the genie was already inside. Made dua for her from the night before, she didn’t feel any better. I was very surprised. On the second day, I met her in person. It turned out that her mother also read the cards and had given the girl into slavery to the jinn since she was a little girl. The jinn freak simply raped her and did not let her marry. I had to kill him in a particularly brutal way, as no one before. For future reference. The girl came to her senses immediately and has not complained since. And the reason she had to meet her was because of the man who had come with her. When I remembered it later, I realized that this man had been knocking for a long time and willingly.

  • Episode 26. The world of genies and magic. Strength in faith? Apparently

The beast usually reads the first chapter of the Koran and all questions about magic and demons are closed immediately, alhamdu lillah. So why, if the same Fatiha is read by others, does it not work?
A condition of acceptance (one of the conditions) is a person’s faith in the postulated principles. It is said about the Fatiha (the first chapter of the Koran) that it works for what it is read for. It has many features. It is the magic key to any door.
But people don’t believe it. Or doubt it. They’re looking for some sacred spells and special prayers. Well, good riddance, and good riddance.
Fatiha alone would outweigh the entire Koran (without Fatiha) sevenfold on the scales. And the Koran itself is the quintessence of all the other Heavenly Scriptures — the Taurat, the Zabur and the Injil (Torah, Psalms, Gospel).
The reason for this elevation of the Fatiha (the mere fact that it opens the Last Heavenly Book suffices) is the direct desire of Allah Himself, which, according to His custom, has clear for people and visible expression in the reasons…
The ruler of Byzantium, Heraclius, sent to Khalif Umar a letter. Apparently, we are talking about the grandson of that Heraclius who technically moved away from answering the Prophet and was branded «g’aduu llah» — «enemy of Allah» by him. So why did his grandson, also Irakli, need Umar, the successor of the Prophet and the real viceroy of the world (not a phony one like some)?
Heraclius learned that there must be a chapter in one of the Heavenly Books that did not contain the seven letters of the alphabet (he listed them in his letter). After reading, even once, this chapter, one is assured of Allah’s guidance of that person on the righteous path — the main task of any spiritual unit of the universe. You can have the ability to perform miracles and be led astray, far from the path of Truth. Heraclius clearly understood this, and the issue clearly troubled him (a very commendable quality, kudos). He gathered all the monks and priests and ordered them to check all three of the Christian scriptures — the Torah, the Psalter, and the Gospel. Nothing was found there.
Then he sent a letter to Umar with the same request. Umar gathered all the Prophet’s companions and asked them the question. It turned out that the specified seven letters of the alphabet (you can check for yourself) are not present only in the first chapter of the Koran. So Irakli embraced Islam. And the praiseworthy Internet resources don’t like to spread on this topic.
Then why the misguided 72 groups (out of 73 groups of Muslims) who recite Fatiha in their prayers will not find guidance on the path of Truth? Because — they themselves do not want it. When Ali and Ibn Abbas admonished the Kharijites, they did not accept. When Ali told the Shiites that he was not «God,» they did not accept it either.
When people themselves are not interested in the Truth, as such, no prayer or anything will help them.
Irakli was interested.

  • Episode 27. The world of jinns and magic. Continuing the conversation

But the first chapter of the Koran is not so simple. The fact is that in Fatiha is encrypted the Greatest Name of God — Al-Ismul-Agh’zam. The same one that everyone is looking for and wants to find. To — get the Absolute Power. For all prayers mentioning this Name will be accepted by God. Therefore, naturally, Allah does not reveal this Name to the lunatic maniacs. Smile.
I do not know personally any person who knows this Name. And I don’t know it myself, although I was ordered to know it over 20 years ago. By the way, bummer for the fantasists. The number 666, which for some reason they obviously want to give to Dajjal-Antichrist, is directly related to this question. We have already said about the number 13 that it has no connection with the devil. Otherwise why would God have left 13 questions for Prophet Sulaiman to solve in order to make him a king?
But it is useless for people to talk about it. They will say their own thing. Then let them not be surprised to hear otherwise from the beast.
Proceeding from this peculiarity of the first chapter of Koran, it is prohibited to read it in the state of defilement — after copulation, excretion of sexual products, during menstruation and afterbirth in women. Until one has bathed completely, wetting the entire surface of the body so that there is no dry spot the size of a tailor’s needle spout, the recitation of Fatiha is forbidden.

  • Episode 28. The world of jinns and magic. At the end of the conversation

One more Fatiha-related episode, for the completeness of the narrative of the first chapter of the Koran.
The Prophet Zulqarnain was the lord of all the world, capturing lands in the East and the West. The possessor of the Two Horns is the Arabic translation of this Koranic character’s nickname. Either because he conquered both the West and the East. Or because he possessed both hidden and obvious knowledge. Allah subdued light and darkness to him.
No, he was not a Macedonian. Though their names were both Iskander. Zulqarnain lived about five thousand years ago, around the time of the Prophet Ibrahim.
The ruler of the whole earth decided to find a source of Living Water, from which you can become immortal. Having mounted an army to the Dark Place on Earth and having chosen only five-year-old mares, who can best see in the dark, he set out on his quest.
Upon entering the Dark Place, he began his quest. But Allah allowed only Prophet Khizir, the battle general of Zulqarnayn’s army, to drink from the source of Living Water. How did Khizir (alias Abu Abbas or al-Khadir) deserve this honor?
One day Hızır heard about a chapter from Allah’s Holy Scripture and wanted to read this surah because of the great rank of this chapter before God and the great benefits given to those who read it. But Allah informed Khizir that this chapter is from the Last Book of Heaven, which will be sent down just before the End of the World. And because of the reverence that Khizir gave to the first chapter of the Koran (and it was the Fatiha), Allah ordered Khizir to drink the Living Water so that he could live to this day. So he lived until the time of the Prophet Muhammad, found him and swore an oath to him, learning to recite sura Fatiha.

  • Episode 29. The world of genies and magic. Severe case histories

Most often it has to do with the collusion of the sick man with demons. When he himself wants to be with them, and his kin are clamoring for a cure. In the words of the film character: «It’s not the war that’s chasing you, but you are missing the war». Yes, Watson, it’s not my qualification or my power. It’s about you. In such cases the beast washes his hands of it. It’s easy to understand: when the beast’s harnesses don’t go — that’s the first point of the program. If you kill those demons, the sick person will find new ones, and it will get even worse. I used to step aside. Now I kill the djinn and organize problems for the man for bullying not the beast (who needs the dick), but the viceroy of Earth. There will be no pity there. But not my pity. And — Allah’s…
The second point for the problem patients is the bad emotions of that party in relation to the beast (hatred, envy disgust, etc.). Difficulties also arise when the injured party feels pity for the torturer and does not want to hurt him. Due to soft-heartedness, banal stupidity or lack of understanding of the essence of what is happening. That side is like a maniac with an axe in his hand who has no intention of stopping or regretting anything. And I’m prevented from taking the axe away from him, at the very least, forgetting that it’s just not enough — he’ll find a new one. I almost want to take a toy from a child, and he will cry. Then I usually give a choice — either suffer yourself, or stay out of the way to punish the freaks. If the question is about married women, my husband’s permission is enough, because, he is the official guardian of the woman before God.
Alhamdu lillah. If all of these conditions are met (there is also the direct Will of Allah, which is not subject to anyone but God Himself), Allah usually allows the beast to decide all matters. Solving them Himself, without my involvement. The highest complexity included. And with magicians-wizards, and with demons.
The power of the magician can be determined by the time of his reversal, if there is one.
If a beast destroys someone’s magic with Allah’s permission, the sorcerer begins to have withdrawal symptoms similar to those of a victim of his sorcery. Naturally, the sorcerer tries to fight back and read or do something. In this case, the patient may have a repeated attack, usually within half an hour. This is if the magician is very strong and trained. If this was not the case — the sorcerer either died, or a severe attack, adequate to his atrocity, blocked him.
It is the same with witches of all religions and philosophies who practice witchcraft.

  • Episode 30. The world of jinns and magic. The demons, long ago and finally…

These are all the ones I’ve already killed. Or will kill soon, insha Allah.
The devil, being a genie, never called himself «God» anywhere. He has seen Paradise with his own eyes and wants to get there. Without monotheism it is impossible. Monotheism is the antonym of atheism (complete denial of God) and paganism (polytheism in any form). Thus, the task of the devil, who hates people as the cause of his fall, is to drag as many people as possible into atheism and paganism to carry out the revenge he promised God.
Many modern scientists, proud devils, even prouder than the devil himself, are well suited to carry out the plan for atheism. They will be the driving force behind this part of the program.
There have always been dumb and proud genies to carry out the plan for paganism, declaring themselves «gods» here and there.
Remember, if someone says they have seen God, they are either a liar or a lunatic, or they have seen some freak pretending to be «God». Who will go to the bathroom, eat and sleep. That’s not a «god.» We’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: God — needs no one, but everything needs Him; has no likeness to Himself, no wife or son; He alone created all of creation, and besides Him, no one has ever created anything or anyone anywhere. In brief.
No ruler of any country will allow any impostor to call himself ruler of that country with appropriate punishment for that person. So why is anyone surprised by the cruelty of the beast toward such clowns? The beast is the viceroy of this earth, and he doesn’t like someone pretending to be «God,» and he doesn’t understand why he should pity such corrupt clowns. Because God is obligated to be merciful? Wow, how quickly the «philosophers» change their ways.
Yes, that’s exactly what Allah is. Gracious and Merciful. He can tolerate idols in His Sacred House — the Kaaba — for 20 years, waiting for the repentance of the infidels and the misguided. But after an exhortation in the person of the Prophet himself, with the best exhortation possible, Allah ordered the Prophet to cleanse the Kaaba and kill anyone who wanted to obstruct it. No one got in the way.
The plan.
To kill the devil himself and his biological children is impossible. They received a reprieve from Allah Himself until the Day of Judgment. But it is possible to torment them so that they will regret that reprieve, insha Allah. Also. The Devil and his lackeys will burn in Hell, not carry out the torment of others. It is not worth trying to propitiate this crowd.
On the nihilistic scientists. I will not kill them, but I will ask God to remove them from the face of the Earth, so that they do not drag others to Hell after them, except those who can return to the path of Truth by the grace of God, insha Allah.
Demons who pretend to be «gods» around the world, I will kill, insha Allah. Except for those who are needed by God for istidraj — luring slaves to the doomful end in such a way that they will not feel it.
P.S. Why is the beast so cruel? He is not cruel. He is a surgeon. You don’t want to see the beast and deal with him — don’t bring yourself to surgery. Lest your illness drive the rest of the world into the grave because of your unwillingness to heal, I have no desire to pity you. I pity the others.
One more thing. When people tell me that I have no right to kill stray rabid dogs, because God gave them life and only God can take it away, I answer as follows.
I am strong, I can stand up for myself. But a little kid can’t. And if it was your child, then you won’t forgive me for not killing the rabid dog that attacked and killed your child. Shall I explain?
I’m not against atheists and pagans. I am against the suggestion that only «retarded» people believe in God, and that adhering to His injunctions and prohibitions is «just the height of indecency» because modern society has «different foundations and values». I didn’t declare war on anyone. I was the one who declared war.
In other words, I am against atheism and paganism as — a phenomenon and an idea, — not people who practice them and do not pry into the lives of others, teaching the whole world how to live.
I do not touch those who do not touch my Allah and my master. I have no task to set people on the right path. My task is to destroy wickedness on earth. I do not bring order to the earth, everything is fine here according to the wishes of Allah. I am simply destroying wickedness.

  • Episode 31. The world of genies and magic. The sorcerers and demons of the world await Dajjal-Antichrist, their king

This clown will declare himself «god.» And almost the whole world will follow him. It will happen, according to my rough estimate, in 10-12 years. The world will be filtered. There will be no neutrals. And that includes Muslims. Who is only lip service to it. And heard about the scholars of Medina, who will go out to him, but will become shaitans, part of his infantry. And now they probably lecture the whole world about «Islam». What is this «Islam» that will lead them into the army of the Antichrist?
I don’t care about any of that. I do my part as best I can, alhamdu lillah. When Jesus and Mahdi for that prick show up, they won’t need my advice. And I will return to Allah and the master, insha Allah.

  • Episode 32. The world of jinns and magic. About the owls

Robot and I call owls a special kind of woman, like witches, only worse. They oppress people with their presence, their companionship. Even the memory of them depresses people. They don’t even need to go to witches to do something, although they can go and do it. They have enough on their own already.
The owl has two attributes. The first. Thinks she is the most beautiful thing in the world, with or without a base. Second. She thinks all women are slutty. I guess she sees herself in them. Don’t get involved with them. They’re stubborn and stupid. Blood-sucking parasites.
Robot’s in charge of the owl shop. And the head of this shop, Goldilocks, is occupied by the beast.

  • Chapter 102. How to resist magic? A Beginner’s Guide
  • Episode 1. Confronting Magic. The basics are the big leagues

The scariest magic is that done by ministers of religion, reciting prayers and not attracting jinn. This requires at least a serious level of religious knowledge and specialization in the occult with an innate predisposition. This type of magic is rare, the beast supervises all the specialists of this level all over the world, in each country there are 2-3 people at most, or maybe not at all. At the moment there are only 2 such sorcerers in the world, one breathing a shade, both are agronomists.
Then there are the ministers of religious cults, who are not smart enough to be among the first. But they had enough opportunities to subdue the jinn-giants, who also take part in their magic machinations, duplicating on their level the prayers read by the sorcerer. But even these are very few. All of them are supervised by the beast, killing them without warning if necessary.
Against these two brigades, even the religious adepts of average and above-average development have no chance, let alone the rest of the people. Not even Robot can stand against them with his Level 4 Limit, and that is enough to describe the danger. The beast has also had its hands full with them, especially in its younger years, and it has had its hands full. Their impact resembles a missile-bomb attack, and mere humans cannot resist it. That is why there are anti-missile defenses from among the trained servants of Allah who watch over the situation in constant monitoring of the planet.
These levels of magic are directed primarily against the figures of the eternal world. But they are not squeamish about the kings and oligarchs of the mortal world. Personal animosity, rooted in the first two resources, is also not excluded.

  • Episode 2. Confronting Magic. Warlocks of the third and fourth levels

The best representatives of the magical departments of the special services of the world are included here. Also more or less advanced ministers of cults and philosophies. Trying to read prayers and make contact with demons. The consequences are mostly deplorable if they do not go through this in the process of learning from the first two groups of sorcerers, and do it themselves, as a private study by trial and error — reading texts and gaining experience from the predecessors. These groups usually end up insane or will be killed by demons for disobeying them in exchange for the clairvoyance and other services provided by the jinn. Clairvoyance of one’s own is a rather rare thing, involving the discovery of one’s spiritual centers — lataif — such as qalb (heart), ruh (spirit), sirr (hidden), khafi (secret), and ahfa (the maximum unattainable concealed). Even the discovery of the first basic level of the heart takes decades of spiritual practice with the right intention, where gaining the heart is a side bonus of moving toward God. So, even here among the millions of clowns, it’s hard to find a hundred normal ones.
Returning to the sorcerers of these levels, I note that there are quite a few, and they are considered to be the tip of the magical iceberg, although they are as far from it as the equator from the pole. Here, basically, the self-regulation mode of the system is turned on, with the destruction of individual characters by the beast if necessary.

  • Episode 3. Confronting Magic. The fifth and sixth levels of witchcraft are the bottom of the magical world

These are the common znakhar and those who reach for religion.
Witch doctors are divided according to the rank of their demon suzerain, whose vassals are actually all human witch doctors. If the demon is an ifrit or a dev, the highest rank of jinn, these witch doctors are the strongest in their ranks. They can be countered by the likes of them. All others are much weaker and usually don’t mess with them.
Basically, these people have no serious religious education and are ordinary footballs, which the jinn kick as they want and whose opinion is not taken into account.
The sixth level is people who read prayers from books in transcribed translations. Nevertheless, this has an impact as well.
Usually most people encounter the magic of these levels, less often the third and fourth. Encounters with the first two are rare.
When I was young, I was already doing namaz and practicing spiritually as much as I could. During a minor disagreement with the ifrites, they just put me to sleep for a couple of seconds. I remember passing out, but I don’t remember how I turned on, how much time passed, etc. Judge for yourself about the power of these creatures. And this despite the fact that they didn’t intend to kill me, they just wanted to put me in my place. As a result, Allah showed them their place. For after this incident, that znakhar, their vassal, became silky. Apparently, the ifrites were told in plain language that this kid better not be touched.

  • Episode 4. Confronting Magic. Inconsistencies?

The reader is confused about levels and ranks. So I’ll explain from life.
Dedok was only a 2-star general of black magic and at the same time was the roof of the magic world, holding a marshal’s (5-star) position. But that didn’t make him a marshal. There were six people of different religions in the Absolute Five until six months ago, and the beast killed five of them, leaving them alone. So why do the misguided get such fantastic ranks and titles from Allah? So that the level of the enemies would match the level of Allah’s servants on the front lines. This is His custom. That is why Abu Jahl was worse than Pharaoh and Nimrud and any tyrant of any Prophet. For he was the worst enemy of the Prophet Muhammad, the greatest of all the Prophets of God. And this in spite of the fact that there were also Waleed, Ubay, Umayyah, Ghutba, and a host of other egregious scoundrels.
And even though the beast is a six-star general (for the first time in 150 years) and a Viceroy of the Earth, he is just an ordinary slave of Allah doing the functions assigned to him. Like bakers baking bread. Like engineers who build houses. As doctors who treat the sick. As military men who protect civilians. Nothing more.

  • Episode 5. Confronting Magic. Basic Conditions

Usually demons, the main driving force of the world of magic, activate after sunset and before the beginning of morning dawn (about an hour and a half before sunrise). The first thing one should do to protect oneself from demons of all ranks is to recite the following Zikr (remembrance of God) 10 times after sunset (preferably not too long):

La ilaha illa Llahu, wahdahu la sharika lahu, lahul mulku wa lahul hamdu, yuhyi wa yumitu, wa hua haiyu la yamutu, biyadihil khoyru, wa hua g’ala kulli sheyin qadir.

From now until morning dawn you will be guarded by an armed guard of angels. Thus, the most dangerous time of activity for demons will be blocked against you. But it does not help against magic made with prayers.
Next is already from the magic of prayers. It is the last two chapters of the Qur’an that can destroy magic. You can read them from time to time if necessary.

Bismi Llahi r-rahmani r-rahim.
Qul ag’uzu biRabbil falaq,
Min sharri ma kholyaq,
Wa min sharri ghosiqyn itha waqob,
Wa min sharri naffathati filg’u qod,
Wa min sharri hasidin itha hasad.
Bismi Llahi r-rahmani r-rahim.
Qul ag’uthu biRabbi n-nas,
Maliki n-nas,
Ilyahi n-nas,
Min sharril wasuasil khonnas,
Allathi yuwasuisu fi suduri n-nas,
Minal jinnati wa n-nas.

Before leaving the house read:

Bismi Llahi, tawakkaltu g’ala Llahi la haula wa la quwata illa biLlahi.

Say Bismi Llahi before you eat. If you are afraid you may be poisoned or fed with magic, then you should recite:

Bismi Llyahi llyathi la yadurru mag’a smihi sheyun fil ardy wa la fi s-sama’i, ya Hayyu ya Qayyum.

After the meal, say alhamdu lillah.

  • Episode 6. Confronting Magic. Is it permissible to turn to healers?

I advise against it. Most of them have no idea what they do. Especially since most of them are connected to genies themselves, even if they’re not shaitans from the devil’s army directly.
Naturally, there are normal healers in the world, too. Who have been properly trained by a master and given permission to practice. Most of the clowns who now pass themselves off as specialists only arouse the beast’s disgust. For money and PR, they are ready and able to do anything. You will go to them still relatively healthy, but you will come back permanently sick. They will take dirt from one and load you with it, because they work with demons, and there are such rules.
I trust the religious even less. Or rather, I don’t believe at all. Either they do not deal with their egos, or they do not recognize Sufism («yuzakkizim» of the Koran). Or, if they are Sufis (assassins), then they are greedy for money and spiritual levels. I hate those the most. They will read the Koran for hours and years, explaining all sorts of bullshit for a long time. Although there is a maximum of 40 seconds to read the Fatiha.
If after reading the first chapter of the Koran you are not feeling better, there are three options for what happened.
First. You have a serious problem with God, and He does not want to help you.
Two. The level of the healer is not right.
Three. This is fate.
Nevertheless, if necessary, you need to go to a specialist. I can’t recommend anyone. But if you are pressed and have no choice, choose the one whose face you like and whose words you like. In case you have a strong magical defeat, the face and speech of that healer should be determined by other people whom you trust.

  • Chapter 103. The beginning of events? When will they begin?

There are many events. And they happen without a break. I don’t remember everything, and I don’t write about everything. For a variety of reasons.

  • Accomplishments by the middle of the 4th year of the beast’s reign

A quarter of the magical world has been destroyed. Sorcerers, wizards, sorcerers, ifrites and demons. Sixty percent of those killed belonged to the first and second divisions (the commanding staff) of Dajjal’s army, awaiting the arrival of their lord. I’m not going to stop any further. Though variations are possible. As Allah wills.
That mob won’t stop, and it’s not going to. They will have to be stopped, insha Allah. Everyone is doing his job as best he can.
The entropy of the system increases especially toward the End of the World.
All land and water has come under the full control of the beast, and the same thing happened to the air environment this afternoon. The full transition of power was done smoothly due to the exceptional rage and wrath of the beast when needed. It needed time. Time to get used to it. For God’s mercy precedes His wrath. What should we, His slaves, who mean nothing and represent nothing, do?

  • There are no ghosts. There are demons capable of killing

The souls of the dead are in Barzakh after death. Nor is it the mortal world, or Dunya. Nor is it the eternal world, or Akhyrat. It is an intermediate world. In which are the souls of those who have not yet been born. And also the souls of those who have died and are awaiting the Day of Judgment.
After death, the souls of sinners are in their graves and are subjected to torments, which is the beginning of the suffering of Hell. If the suffering in the grave is enough to erase sins, Allah can stop them.
If one was righteous, however, his soul can wander the world either as a soul or even as a body (in very rare cases).
Thus, souls are not suitable for the role of ghosts. Genies, on the other hand, are.
Maybe we’ll talk about Lemuria and Hittida next time. The beast is not interested in human affairs. So why should it be interested in the affairs of genies before humans appeared on Earth? Not yet. Not yet. At least not yet.

  • I can’t lose. I can’t

The beast does not care. But the viceroy of the world has no right to be defeated. So I will kill sorcerers and demons next. They subjugate the will of man, the only thing humans have at all. Allah does not need helpers and assistance. And we simply do our work according to our nature and intentions.

  • People are indoctrinated into a bloody thicket of ideas and values

Thank goodness there’s Hollywood and more. And a bunch of corrupt or nutty writers with childish complexes of the unknown.

  • An indiscriminate stream of thought as the lust of the mind

For reference. Lust is a particularly strong desire from the desires of the ego. The enemy of the spirit and its rebirth from the ashes, if one is lucky and his spirit has not been permanently blocked in the Koranic «Allah has sealed their hearts to them.»
The task is not to produce thoughts, as some think. It is to stop them. The task is not easy. Simply impossible. Nevertheless, they say many have succeeded. Not so much for me. But I have my own schedule.
When my thoughts are stopped — the water stops churning, the turbidity settles, and everything becomes immediately visible. That is the goal. Of intermediate accomplishments.

  • Writing a gripping magical thriller didn’t work out?

I don’t know. The reader will decide. Robot said it would be a bestseller, insha Allah. I write as it comes and as it goes. Listing events, without much description or in-depth analysis. How interesting it could be, I have no idea. Copying someone is not interesting and will not work. Never read anyone in particular, and didn’t like to watch any magical anime, preferring ordinary everyday life. Maybe that’s the point. Not to be like that. Not to copy the scripted moves. And the life of the beast is much more interesting than any anime or comic book, even though he himself doesn’t think it is.

  • We’ll have to knock three quarters of the consumption boom at least for the next 2-3 years

Commercial fairy tales have swamped everything. People are told that they urgently need to buy a second frying pan along with the first one at a discount. The rich want to get even richer. And, as usual, at the expense of the poor. It will be necessary to reduce the impact of advertising on people by three-quarters, to reduce the income of greedy dwarves of the golden dungeons of the underworld. They’re pissing everybody off. With their cheapness. And empty beautiful words about what we should do to make them even richer. Why don’t we just pour molten gold down their throats like the Scythians? Maybe they’ll calm down. No? They won’t? Or don’t pour it down their throats? Then how about Hemingway’s cellophane scheme, of which I am not a fan? What do you say? Pull over. There’s still time. Greed, though, is the branch of a tree whose root is in Hell. If you grab the branch, it will lead you to the root. Bon voyage, cheese mice.

  • About the agony of the grave. See just above

A guy went to his father’s grave and had a conversation with him. His father was a cool religious scholar and apparently in good standing with Allah. One day the father stopped responding to his son. As an aside, what rank did the young man have to be to talk to the dead man in the grave.
Let’s continue.
And so it went on for seven years. The son went to the grave every day, but received no answer. After seven years, the father started talking to his son again and told him this.
On the last day a sinner was buried next to him who had been severely tortured in the grave. So the scholar was transferred to another place. But yesterday the sinner’s wife took his son to the mosque, where he repeated the phrase Bismi Llahi r-rahmani r-rahim after his teacher. For this his father in the grave, who had never seen him, for he died before his son was born, was forgiven by Allah. As was promised in the hadith of the Prophet.
Investments are different. Invest in eternal things, at least.

  • People have sunk into wild nihilism. Or rather, they are deliberately plunged there by the supposed Schrödinger equations and Pauli principles (although they, in fact, lead normal people to God)

That they didn’t even know about the electromagnetic wave before, because they couldn’t measure it — who cares now? Every last peep of science is passed off as a pinnacle. But then the details show up, aka the bummer, and everything goes back to hell.
They can’t even deduce alpha from formulas, only empirically. They show off, though, and say I don’t know much math. But they know it well.
People are training and gaining strength to conquer something again. Or the whole world, at least. They hatch plans to have the power and money of the world all to themselves. That’s nothing new.

  • People want adventure and are bored in the office at work. Are they ready for a challenge?

I don’t know about others, I wasn’t ready. I’ve been stuffed since I was a kid, on the verge of killing myself. The desire to die, to make it all go away, was quite frequent and boring.
There are adepts who have decades of spiritual practice that amaze the angelic world, but are nothing in front of God. Because of the wrong intention. God gives the intention to whom He wills. Without it, you are nothing but a beautiful plastic Bruce Lee mannequin, unfortunately worthless.
Hollywood action movie dreams don’t solve anything. Know this. So as not to die in vain. On the fields of unnecessary battles. But much worse, in the empty dreams of fools.
If God has not entrusted you with a job, but you have done it yourself, you will be responsible for the outcome.
But if Allah Himself has entrusted a slave with a task without asking his consent, expect the most unimaginable things, against which even the most desirable comic books are nothing…

  • The old score of the beast

I am the beast. And every beast needs a master. Beasts were few. Very…

  • Chapter 104. Accomplishments. All sorts and things
  • Achievements of the beast? There are none

Some have invested in the worldly life, from their youth unsparingly. Some, with the same or greater diligence, invested in eternal life, in search of Paradise and eternal bliss. And what did the beast do?
As a young man, wandering and stumbling, he hung his cleats on the nail, refusing to mondial. Best thing that ever happened to him, by the grace of Allah. Not to be distracted by mortal cheese. In the form of power, money and the rest of the world’s legacy under the moon. And not to be distracted by the cheese of eternity. In the form of Paradise, Gurias and eternal pleasures.
Allah wanted the beast to find Him. And only Him. The master was happy about it too and ordered the beast to move on, for it wanted to stay with the master on the lower levels. But both Allah and the master wanted different things. And it is only their desire that counts, alhamdu lillah.

  • When you don’t know what to do is the hardest?

And this happens a lot in life. A person doesn’t become wise and experienced right away, if at all. That’s why the coaches in the corner tell the fighters what to do. Both during the fight and during the break. Allah shows and teaches by example. Wherever you turn your head, there will be an answer to your question. And whatever you are talking about, you are talking about your main obstacle. Which is what your Vector indicates, screaming about your essence and nothing else. People don’t want to hear. And if people don’t hear others because they can’t, the beast doesn’t listen to others. He needs to hear himself and work on his mistakes. He can’t change his essence. It doesn’t have to. People will not see me the way they want to see me. I hope Allah will see me as He Himself wanted to see me. And He Himself will make me that way, insha Allah. Ya Rabb.

  • People want to live the way they want to live

People are interested in the highs of this world. And eternal life in it. I’m talking about those who choose to live a mortal life. That’s the vast majority. But there are also those who want to live in Heaven. Yes, there are some, but not many. We don’t know much about Allah’s mercy. He decides as he wishes. It was so before, and it will continue to be so. There are also rules that people have been made aware of. And there are rules that people have made up for themselves. They have nothing to do with the beast, alhamdu lillah.

  • Don’t want to die? I do. But I don’t think they will

That’s the way it is. The beast is tired of this life. Tired of the empty chatter of empty people about mortal and eternal things. And all the more the stupid chatter of stupid people about God. But if God put up with them, I had to put up with them. Although, as it turns out, I don’t have to. For I am a beast. And must do the dirty work. Like a hangman’s axe. And no more.

  • Has anything changed by the end of the world?

Not really. All the rules remained as they were. And opportunities to work on exceptions were included. Which are just part of the rules.
Nothing people want to know as much as their future. Though of their future it is better to know only the essentials that Allah wills to inform the slave. People live in illusions. And all it takes is one fool to say something, and everyone will pick up on it. Know that these are fallacies. The real thing doesn’t make its way in a hurry, staying for the velvet season. When you have only the loyal and time-tested ones by your side. Although there are strangers among them. But that is not a problem. You already know all of them, observing the norms of decency and not giving them a ticket to your heart hall. It will get worse afterwards. When Allah endows you with power and worldly goods. That’s where everyone will gather. Give them what they came for. For Allah Himself gathered them for it and endowed them with it. They wanted it, He gave it to them. And it is not your sorrow that, what you want, no one is interested. Almost no one. But there may be one here, too. And others with him. Whoever wants it. Each, at the level God has given him. To fulfill his destiny. As you fulfill it. No, it’s not a dumb idea without meaning. That’s what only dumbasses think. Even the demonic cocksuckers know it ain’t so. For they will burn in Hell. Burn in Hell for all eternity. The agony of which cannot be described. And there is no death there. The righteous also know this, waiting for Paradise. An eternal Paradise in which they will spend eternity. In the end, everyone knows it. But only forgotten. Death will remind. To each she will remind and present her own.
But most have lost. They stayed in Hell. Or getting high in Heaven. But they haven’t found God.
The beast has found it, alhamdu lillah.

  • Can’t you philosophize? I didn’t try

I was not a fan of Kant. Though it is admirable that in his old age he went to services in the temple, that people used to check the time by him. But even he was pre-critical and post-critical.
As a young man I postulated nothing and was known to a narrow circle of people. Many of whom are still impressed. If they don’t lie. Smile.

  • Injuries incompatible with life

At that point, I was already more or less in close contact with Robot, although these were only the beginning stages of our collaboration. They had tried to kill him, and he had been hurt badly. He was no longer any good. And the question came up: either he would be killed or me to save him. I needed the robot for one job. I couldn’t do it alone. But he could. So I decided it was better for him to live.
At the time, the beast’s killing technology was still very far from the right conditions. I needed to see the Robot visually, so the enemies’ blows were coming at my back. I was still afloat. I was surprised by the surprise of those types, which turned from incomprehension into fear. They all kept saying the same thing about the beast: «Why doesn’t it die?»
In the end, the beast didn’t die. Its master didn’t let it die. Completely frightening the world of magic. It became obvious there was a new player. A hitherto unknown. Ruthless and powerful. And worse, incomparably worse, unkillable. Coming out of nowhere. Going nowhere. Silently killing. Not interested in the number of enemies or their strength. A man who sweeps away everything in his path. A man of whom little is known. There’s no chance of finding out anything about him. He doesn’t know himself. No access to his files.

  • The backstory to the megahits

There’s usually a backstory. Why it all happened in the future and became necessary and possible in the first place.
It’s told either at the beginning. Or in the course of it. Or at the end, as a last resort.
There’s no such thing in our book. It’s written as it comes to mind. The book is more for leisurely reading. When there’s no rush. Or run. Or need to understand something. And for this, it’s time to stop and at least look around.
I can’t. Life drags on. That’s what life is all about. And it has to do its job properly. Which it eventually does.
But there are chances. There are chances. Allah gives them to people. How much can we use them?
A sleeper can read a text later. But the mailman has to open the door, and sleeping won’t work in that case.
The resistance game gives us a chance. A chance to get on the bench. Might as well play, eventually. I don’t know who needs it. I don’t even know if I need it. My opinion isn’t usually asked for. There’s no need to make it public. It is God’s decision that flows into the heart of the beast in 1.48 seconds. It’s final.

  • Different rhythms of life

The strong fight for gold medals and corporate profits. They have the strength and skills, they wanted the fight and the results. Others care for the sick by simply taking them out for a walk on a schedule. Their schedule of life is different. Perhaps they didn’t want to or weren’t ready. But both — everything — happens by the Will of Allah. And there is no other reason. The visible sauces under which Italian spaghetti is served are many. But the dish is the same.

  • The burdens of life

The world has sorrows and sorrows under the moon. They have an impact in one way or another at one time or another. A person can be crushed.
The story is told that the Prophet’s grandson Hasan saw the Prophet Jesus in a dream. He asked Jesus what kind of engraving to do on his ring? Jesus advised him to engrave the following zikr from the sadness and sorrow of the dunya (the mortal world):

La ilaha illa Llahu,
al-Malikul Haqq’ul Mubin.

The sorrows are as good as gone. Once I read it myself and was amazed at the power of it, alhamdu lillah.

  • All algorithms?

The beast is in the skin of the weak and the sick, the poor and the old, the forgotten and the unwanted. Knows the kitchen from the inside and has experience. To be cruel and fierce afterwards. Cruel not because of injustice, as it may seem at first glance. All is just in this world. For Allah, who forbade injustice to His servants, forbade it to Himself. Only fools and infidels do not understand this. Mostly because they don’t want to understand.

  • New Permissions

The beast was given permission to kill 4 billion people at once in one fell swoop if necessary. He asked for 3, Allah gave permission for 4. Just now. So what’s going on? The insolent ones have gotten naked and gathered into the eternal world in such numbers? I didn’t know there were so many. Or will there be more coming…?
The Antichrist is sick, oh, sick. Alhamdu lillah.
Is something coming? Wa Llahu aghlyam (only Allah Himself knows about it)…

End of Book 3

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